Deathknight Arena PvP Trailer by Hatebreed666
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Das Konsortium ( Sturmangriff )
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that vid was planned as a preview for the pvp part of a moviei´m working on.. thats why the editing is not really in there.. i thought it might be a help for players who startet to play dk and lvld to 70... but than u have to choose...playin mainchar or making dk my new main?.... for me it was a hard decision after mage and rouge but i loved questing as a dk and tryed pvp with 70 and i also loved it^^ thn i made my decision and lvld the dk... but i´m still in a learning process with this "new" class and i´m tryin different skilling versions nearly every day to see my class in evry facette... i don´t care about opinions considering my talent specc ore else because my goal isn´t to play "mainstream" i want to give the class my own touch and play how its the most fun and success for me...

This is a little preview of the DeathKnigt Gameplay at lvl 80and for a movie i´m gonna make in january..
there will be more editing and more arena 2on2 action

at the moment im working on my final movie...made already an beginning and ending with blueboxing...also cleaned my interface for the final movie.... but i dont have arena vids for it already because the season starts next will only released with an rating of 1800+ video footage..if i never reach this, the movie will never be released^^

and NO im not a clicker..i just spamm buttons on my logitech g15 1sec before they are ready^^

pls be nice.. i´m a movie virgin :)

Addons i´m using:

Iced Hud

I have finished The editing part of the movie!
But the music in it isnt the final music^^
I have no idea wich songs i should put in it...
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sorry that comments are german....
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