Showdown vs Satharion Hard Mode. Deathknight MT PoV by Domin
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Showdown Kazzak EU Satharion Hard Mode (3 drakes alive) farm kill.

Deathknight tanking is fun ;) The spec i use for this encounter is 23/7/41 ( due to the heavy stamina needed.

Encounter itself is preety straight forward from tank PoV. Apart from calling lava walls on vt my job was to stay alive :) which is hard due to +100% fire dmg taken aura and -25% hp aura. When the third drake lands and opens its portal that spawns a disciple everyone gets a nasty debuff that increses fire dmg taken by additional 75% and reflects dmg. Thats why i stop attacking when that happends and use best cd's since the breath he makes during that time are in 50-60k range. Without Anit-Magic Shield or Icebound fortitude and high stamina your one shotted. Timing and cd management is crucial and requires absolute focus.

You can check my gear on armory ->

29151 HP in frost presence unbuffed (had more in the spec i use for tanking this enounter)
~27k armor in frost presence unbuffed
24.1% dodge unbuffed
22.1% parry unbuffed (32.1% actual since blade barrier uptime is almost 100%)
541 defence.

Song used :
"Command and Conquer Red Alert - Hell March".
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