RajRaj - Old school DK PvP Frost by Anubiz77
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Edit: Felt that I needed to reply to some of the comments.
*The title "RajRaj - Old school DK PvP Frost " is badly phrased, yes.
But seriously...are you really that stupid? Cuz I'm pretty sure that you all got what I meant with the title before you wrote your comment about it. And if you DID know what I meant with the title in the first place, why the hell would you bother me with it?! srs Start by reading the summary - I explained simple what I meant with Old school. And if that is not enough for the morons, here is a comment from Shoat:

"Oldschool" simply means that it is PvP as it was pre tbc: No arenas or anything like that, but simple Battleground Fights recorded and edited with entertainment in mind. Your downrating because of ""oldschool" pvp with DK" is abuse of the Rating System Rivrenabc245 and does not belong here on wcm."

*I said in my summary
"...release this one asap, because I both want to be one of the first to bring some DK pvp to the table..."

Xelik comment
"First doesnt mean best and you certainly wont be remember for being first."

I also said that I want you to see improvements at my gaming in the upcoming ones - the clips in the movie is the very first stage of my pvp experience as a DK. But I do however agree that I probably should have put more effort into the editing(which I also wrote in the summery...) And Zyi said
"Your not the first DK to bring out a PvP Movie..."

I actually am the first one on WCM to bring lvl 80 none beta pvp. As beta is beta I'd say Proven Wrong!

*Death coil usage
I got two comments on my awful use of death coil from Ennsun22 and Lordocky.

Guys...I watched the whole film while only focusing the Death Coil button, and I could only find ONE time(at 3:53) when I was using Death Coil in close combat. The other times I was either kiting a spinning warrior or ranged and needed to dumb some RP before I throw in a Howling Blast or to kill a global cooldown - with that I mean it's better to use death coil at your foe when you are running towards him then to wait and do nothing until you reach him to use that frost strike...if you get what I mean.

*Presence choice
In the same comment from Ennsun22
"Well once i noticed you were pvping for the majority of the time in something other than unholy presence..."

It is said that Unholy Presence is the PvP presence. Unholy Presence - "...increasing attack speed by 15%, movement speed by 15% and reducing the global cooldown on all abilities by 0.5 sec..." But I'd like to share my thoughts on the presence choice;

Frost Presence (increasing armor contribution from items by 60%, total health by 10%, and reducing spell damage by 5%.): Versus melee presence - My philosophy playing a DK is that no matter what I will do everything to stay alive as long as possible. I can wear down most melee classes if I can stretch out the duel. Because of my 20% self heal by Rune Tap(30s cd) I should be able to beat every class that is not a healer IF I can stay alive long enough. As DK isn't bound to mana it's just a matter of time before I could kill a retpalla or enhan-shammy. And versus warriors/rogues that 60% armor increase is unbeatable imo.

Unholy Precence: Against casters, this is a pretty obvious chocie of presence as the armor increase from frost is totally useless. So I'd say this is the "versus caster presence", but the 15% moving speed is also nice for kiting - as I do against the 2 prot warriors. And some might say the 0,5 global cooldown is irreplaceable, and it might be...I just haven't really felt like global cooldown has been the problem for me.

Blood Presence: I won't say it's that bad for pvp as some does, but I myself wouldn't use it in PvP other then when I have the berserker buff and want to do a big crit!

side note: the talent Bladed Armor which increases Ap by the amount of armor you got is affected by the armor increase from frost presence. Have that in mind.

*Caeton wrote: "The few fights where you showed yourself kiting a prot warrior, really should be cut out. Nobody wants to watch that."

Perhaps you are right that those scenes are boring to watch, but I think this is an excellent way to show how to deal with warriors in general. And as there are almost no DK vids out I think it was right to put theme in there. I do understand that after tons of DK movies and everyone doing the same thing it gets boring(a speedup would have done the trick I guess...)

With that said - feel free to hate me, I told you my thoughts. And thanks for all the nice comments ofc
*should've put more effort into the editing >_
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