Absurdity I 44/27 by Leluu
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Hello and welcome to the first episode of my Death Knight series.
First of all, one thing you should keep in mind while watching, this is an alt character of mine, it's gear is nothing amazing, i'm wearing zero 10/25 man raid items, everything is 5man, solo or crafted gear.


The editing is minimal (not nonexistant), i prefer having a clean view of what is happening and skipping flasy effects.

The choise of music was completely spontaneous, if you don't like it, mute it, listening to it for the first time definately improves viewing pleasure, the video is edited to it.

The fights were mostly filmed during the same evening, a mix of world pvp, 1v1, 1vX, Wintergrasp and BG footage, you can call it a highlight/preview video.

Death Knight being a fairly new experience for everyone, there is still a lot to figure out about the class itself and 'cookie-cutter' specs whatnot.
The video showcases my 44/27 hybrid, it is very strong for solo pvp, with immense self healing ability via Rune Tap, Vampiric Blood, Mark of Blood and Lichborne.


I prefer my interface as minimal as possible, without custom action bars or unit frames (Blizzard gave me a hard time with the new vehicle encounters), I hope it is easy on the eye of the viewers aswell.


note: YouTube LQ stream is up, it is _NOT_ recommended, completely butchers the video quality.
FileFront MQ (161.71 MB) mirror is advised, i also uploaded a HQ FileFront (611.56 MB) version , it is for enthusiasts, as close to ingame quality as possible.

note#2: I have nothing else but the latest XviD codec installed and both the MQ the HQ verion runs perfectly with windows media player. VLC does not like it somehow, although it is mp3 encoded, nothing special..
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