Jolah DK 1 vs 2 Arena by Jolah
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nordrassil ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
This is a movie showing me playing some 1 vs 2 arena skirmishes.

I am by no means the best pvp deathknight around, and I am still learning this class and all it can do, this movie will not show the following:

1) Big Crits, I pvp in pvp gear and gem defensively, I also prefer to pvp in frost presence. This means my damage is lower, but my survivability is higher to offset this.
2) Top skills - I know there are certain things I do wrong in this video!
3) Fights against great players, let's face it if the players are great they shouldn't lose 1 vs 2 :)
4) Pro UI - I confess I have been a bit slack in putting together a nice UI so it's mostly the blizzard default one.
5) Fantastic Editing, i'll be honest this is mostly just footage strung together, maybe I will edit a bit more in my next video.
6) CD Squirreling - I use my CD's whenever I can, maybe some fights could have been won without or with less of them but I don't see the point to save most of them.

It will however hopefully be as entertaining as a movie of this nature can be.

Armoury link:

Spec I used in this video throghout:

Music Track List:

1) Sevendust - Shine
2) Atreyu - When Two Are One
3) Breaking Point - Show Me A Sign

There are some points I know I can improve upon, for example:

1) Using the ghoul stun better/at all, same for the huddle ability.
2) Sacrificing ghoul for health if it's going down.
3) Not using deathcoil when Gargoyle is up
4) Not using Mark of Blood when my opponent dies a second later

Any questions or suggestions I am all ears :).
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