Blood-Spec DK's through Old Hillsbrad (full run) by Bløødfiend
Class: Death Knight | Category: Underground | Server : US - Smolderthorm ( Reckoning )
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***This is a 5-boxing video, although it's not listed in the title***

As promised, here is another video (full run) through Old Hillsbrad. I have been working hard on the "run n gun" technique. Standing in one spot and getting ready for large groups is good in PVE, but if I ever plan on PVPing or preventing getting ganked by another large group, I had to think outside the box. I took some of the macro's on the forums and mixed/matched til I had something that I think works quite well.

You will see some good mobility here and the ability to switch targets on the fly. The big crits were sort of sacrificed for defense, which I am working hard on now. Trying to get to 540 for Northrend dungeons. Editing still isn't the greatest, but I added a little music, so hopefully it plays well. Hope you guys enjoy!.
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