Malygos 5 Minute: A Tutorial by Kyth (StratFu)
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Turalyon ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary

The movie is still valid, but you need to read the strategy guide to understand the critical changes to the timing with the new patch:

Malygos in Six Minutes: The Strategy

The Movie

This narrated video, the third in StratFu's video guide series, explains how to get the You Don't Have An Eternity achievement by killing Malygos in five minutes.

The Strategy Guide

Our strategy page for the fight explains additional details that couldn't be conveyed well in text. The fight is only five minutes long, and it's hard to explain everything in such a short time period -- especially the "why's" not just the "what's":

Need tips on regular Malygos?

The narrated movie:
The strat:

Want more like this?

I'm announcing new strategies and videos, as well as strat tidbits for the current fights in naxx on my strats blog:

FuStrats: Strategies, Guides, and Movies

There's an RSS feed available if you prefer to just get notified when there's something new.

Hey, Sweet UI! What Addons Did You Use?

Thanks! I made an interactive imagemap and a page of not just all my addons, but also links to download them, special features of them, and full details on how to use them at:

The Movie

Through text, graphics, and voiceovers, the details of the fight are explained and highlighted to make it easier to grasp the strategy details of the fight.

I cover:
- raid composition
- positioning
- how to manage moving the sparks if you screw up
- when and how to choose to wipe
- the right number of sparks to use (hint: it's not "as many as possible!")

About me

I played a Warlock in TBC, and now play a Mage in Wrath.

I have been making movies for MMO's for about seven years now, and this is my third fully-narrated tutorial.

My time now is taken up in trying to develop StratFu into an excellent resource for raiders.

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