NCA vs Malygos in 5 Minutes (Heroic) by Gaffer
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Crushridge ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
No Chicks Allowed's first completion of the Heroic: You Don't Have An Eternity achievement. Completing this achievemnt requires collecting and stacking the incoming Power Sparks and bursting them when Malygos is about to hit 50% (which should be on the 4th spark). Once the Power Sparks are killed, Heroism is used and Malygos is zerged while he sits in the air.

The slightly more difficult part of the encounter is pushing through phase 2 quickly while dealing with the incoming raid damage.

After that, you can finish burning Malygos in between phase 2 and 3 and then in phase 3 if necessary (we needed to).

Group Composition
1xProtection Paladin (PoV)

1xRestoration Druid
1xHoly Priest
2xHoly Paladins

3xBalance Druids
3xShadow Priests
3xFrostfire Mages
2xElemental Shamans
2xMarks Hunters
2xAssassination Rogues
2xDeath Knights
1xEnhancement Shaman
1xAffliction Warlock
1xFury Warrior

I was specced 0/50/21 for this encounter so that we had a 3% damage increase in the raid (since we dropped our Ret Paladin and had BM Hunters respec). To compensate for the loss of Hammer of the Righteous, I used the Shield of Righteousness(Rank 1) bug to fill in my 96969 rotation..
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