Enti's Quenched Sword 2: Solo RFC by bob007
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : US - Gorgonnash ( Rampage )
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First off, before there's any confusion; I didn't kill any bosses. I basically went in there with the sole intention of farming the trash for huge amounts of XP (and it is quite huge, I went from level 10 to 12 in 5-ish minutes). I mainly through this movie together with a few clips I had, I solo all the trash up to the first boss, including taking on that room with 3-4 creatures on you.

Obviously solo'ing RFC doesn't seem to impressive, nor is it, really, but just so you can get an idea; I'll outline an important fact:
I'm only level 10 (though I do level to 12), meaning not only am I soloing multiple elites, but they're either orange, or red to me.

Hopefully it's entertaining (that's what I was ultimately shooting for). I thought it was quite funny running in there on a level 10 warrior with 0.65 melee swing and ripping through the place.

Music (also listed at the end of the movie):
The Prodigy - Fuel My Fire
The Prodigy - Jericho

Sorry for overusing The Prodigy, but it just felt "fitting", to me.

NOTE: DO NOT USE THE YOUTUBE LINK! Youtube is homo, and turned the audio off. Please use the filefront link..
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