Huggles Vs. MgT Heroic by Noahdraron
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Azshara ( Glutsturm )
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[Please spare me your rants about how Deathknights are overpowered and whatnot, take that useless talk to the WoW General Forums. If you hate this class so much, just don't watch the video. Thanks!]

Thanks to some stalkers who will notice every time I set foot into an old instance I've been getting requests for either hints or running someone through them. So I though it would be a good idea to actually show people how to handle this content solo.

While I'm waiting for my raid IDs to reset I went out to clear Heroic Magisters' Terrace, which has still some desirable drops like the Phoenix Pet, the Chicken Mount, maybe one of the nice trinkets or a 20 slot bag.

This video includes all four boss fights in the instance as well as some general pointers on how to handle the trash, as the whole place is still somewhat of a challenge.

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Marilyn Manson - Mister Superstar
Rammstein - Feuer Frei
Rise Against - Injection
Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down.
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