Adventures In Azgalor X by kryticalDV
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
Hello there, thanks for taking the time out to check out my video. This is the tenth installment in a series of world pvp videos that i call Adventures In Azgalor.

You will not see *ANY*:
Arena footage
BG footage

I am not a Gladiator and do not feel like i currently have anything to add to the crop of Arena videos. Dual videos with neat tricks are cool, but this game's been out for years now. I don't feel like i have anything to add in that way, either.

You *WILL* see:
Somewhat-absurd burst damage from a better-than-average geared rogue
100-0% stunlocks, total shutdown of opponents
Flashy editing / editing in sync with music (flashes, zooms, picture filters, velocity filters)
Occasional unnecessary cool downs (they're my cooldowns, ill use them when i f#$king want.)

So with all that being said, i set out with the goal of making this video as entertaining and cinematic as possible. I tried to film cool looking locations in cinematic ways, and make this video as interesting to watch as possible in scope of editing. The level of editing is probably pretty high, but i hope no one would think overdone. I tried to be flashy, but tasteful.

In terms of editing, id like to thank Pathologist, Mute, Dance, and especially Kenion for "teaching" me how to edit and teaching me that there's more to pvp videos than just PEW PEW PEW LOL U DEAD. Chances are, you've already seen videos by these great video makers, but if not, please do check them out.

as far as the music goes, i decided to go with a SINGLE song for the actual pvp and an intro and outro song. i realize you can't please everyone with music, so i went with something i would personally be happy with.

intro: Hybrid - Choke
PVP: Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
outro: Thom Yorke - Analyse

I played two specs in this video, Mut/Prep and Shadowdance.

Finally, id like to remind you that i have *NO* control over the skill level or gear level of my opponents, and i do not work for Blizzard and as such have no input as to how overpowered a Rogue in World PVP may be. unfortunately it's true that some players here don't react at all when i get on them, it just goes to show you how bad world pvp has become and how lazy and pathetic the majority of the WOW playerbase has become. Im hoping to put out another video towards the end of Arena Season 6, by that time im hoping people will have enough gear to survive my initial attacks, i may even downgrade my gear to level 70 epics or something. this is strictly a *WORLD PVP* video.

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