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Here is the creme de la creme of WarcraftMovies, content and users with reputation superior to anything else, rounded up for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
Top 50 Skilled
1Vurtne 60-66 Mage PvP3,297
2Noone 3 - Frostmage2,040
3Saru & Tharbad 2on2 Double-Frostmag...2,016
4World #1 2v2 Druid/Hunter1,748
5Grim - Total Annihilation1,572
6DrakeDog 81,435
7SK|Neilyo - #10 HARP (Hemo AR Prep)1,394
9Neilyo14-#1 2v2 on 3 bgs.976
10Incredible Warrior Tricks 2 Reloade...942
11Gforce 3:My name is warrior(3.0.9)926
12Drakedog 7889
13Acrono - Shadowstep Tricks881
14Nerf Sap 10 - Rogue/Rogue/Lock 3v3 ...878
15Xmo and Xtk TCB870
16Lewt carries Buddhist in 2v2 (Balan...846
17Hydra 7843
18Buddhist And Mahiko 2v2807
19Sonny 3 - #1 rated druid in the Wor...807
20Unmercey 6: Encore768
21I Suck At PvP 2766
22Flekz Fire Mage PvP 4738
23Xmo & Eazey 2300+ Mage/Rogue732
24Dahis 7: 2700+ War/Druid #1 BG9724
25Vaelisious Destruction 2200+717
26Pat PvP3706
27GforceII - Haven towards left, Warr...696
28Neilyo 14.5 BrutalVeng Glad692
29Buddhist 3v3: Ming must die!691
30Tosan 4 - Trying Too Hard664
31Eviscerate: Arenas Vol. V664
32Tosan Twos: Renataki Twins (Rogue/...660
33Neilyo 11 - RIP Harp658
34Buddhist Enlightenment654
35Tuska 4 ft. Boozt - World #1 Spries...610
36Six Silent Shadows- (ft. Akrios, Bi...605
37Krymu 4 - Rogue PvP602
38Boneshock vol.2586
39The Fat Cow 6572
40Lecken licks fire 3568
41Garthd V - Who Am I (Arena PvP)568
42Very Last Hope Dazz, Tharbad, Tra...568
44Hydra 6558
45Nihilum Arena 3vs3 Beasteh, Cherez,...552
46The Fat Cow 7550
47Neilyo 13 - Random 2v2549
48Acrono - Shadowstep Tricks (Preview...546
49Sonny/Runehx double PoV 2v2 2600+545
50Eviscerate: Arenas Vol. IV536