Server view : Test Server US (PvP)

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1v1 TournamentMultiple11-02-14153-4178
2.1 PTR MadnessPriest07-05-08383.054444
25 Orc Warlock Vs. 31 Dwarf PaladinWarlock04-11-18262.2911417
259k Crit - Stormstout Brewery InstancWarrior12-05-01773-6950
5 Man Kara - PTRDruid08-09-171473.509995
5.3 PTR Enhance Shaman PvPShaman13-05-20544-47752
5.4 PTR Enhancement Shaman PvPShaman13-07-311648-88670
62 Feral Druid PvP - The Burning CrusaDruid06-10-291394.7029096
85 Destruction Warlock PvPWarlock10-09-29356-34125
AGB Cause Havok (Duo Rogues)Rogue05-01-01223.2944187
All-Star TR Dueling Tournament - All 2Multiple10-05-20740-116813
Anarchies 4.5 - Die HardWarlock11-06-03312-215290
Battles of Outland: The Hellfire FortiMultiple07-08-2249-7888
BC Instance - Underbog - Feral DruidDruid06-11-06150-10434
Beast Mastery Adventures - BC PVPHunter06-10-31273.0632386
Belligerentz 1 - Nerd Cleave on the TRPaladin10-05-02311-237182
Black Temple: An Inside LookPaladin07-04-242284.3156731
Blackrock Caverns Pt. 2Warrior10-08-11402-8872
Blood Furnace Final BossPriest07-01-0913-3404
Blood/Frost/Unholy Death Knight PvPDeathknight08-09-211033.51139057
Bucho 4tehwin 2Warrior04-10-20543.8010727
Buddhist 1.12 TrailerRogue12-04-0546-83186
Buddhist goes to the Sunwell PlateauRogue08-02-13884.7013022
Burning Crusade 61 WarriorWarrior07-01-09302.295635
Burning Crusade pt. 1Druid06-10-25325-4668
Burning Crusade PvP Video Part 2 : MarHunter06-11-12513.5622855
Cataclysm - Fury Warrior PreviewWarrior10-08-19505-53986
Cataclysm Beta - Blackrock Caverns Pt.Warrior10-08-09298-14712
Cataclysm Season 9 PvP GearMage10-11-189-32822
Defending the HomelandMage04-10-22714.0526164
Destruction is backUnknown12-05-25191-3118
Dethz 0.5 | 5.2 Rogue 3v3Rogue13-03-09215-12307
DIE PVP OneRogue04-10-17121.6522887
DIE Recruit VideoUnknown04-11-29354.6619888
Die: Total WarUnknown04-10-01772.8413072
Disiplyn Takes Over TRWarrior09-08-23533-5567
Disiplyn Takes TRWarrior09-08-27296-7034
DK Solos OnyDeathknight08-10-243004.2525185
DK's OPd NO WAYDeathknight08-08-16411.8619451
Drazonlól - Rogue/Lock 2v2Rogue09-03-043271.942603
Druid / Paladin Multi-Class PvPDruid07-05-102971.929897
Druid 2v2 Arena PvPDruid06-11-013894.406144
Dueling a GM on BetaHunter08-09-25303.0350780
Eastern Plaguelands PvP TrailerMultiple06-08-23284.7225709
Eazy ModeWarrior08-04-176661.083787
Elemental Shaman 85 in Alterac ValleyShaman12-03-09272-4810
End of Beta Event - Burning CrusadeUnknown07-01-15454.8745992
Engel and Montel do BadlandsMultiple04-10-01833.3320720
Enhancement Shaman / Frost Mage - ArenShaman11-05-13766-8951
Enter The NetherstormMage06-11-112364.6911884
Eye Of The Storm (BG)Mage06-11-071684.3767123
Fauxy / Kelberotz / Nerrisa - 3.2 PTR Priest09-08-04449-43942
Feral Druid in Slave PensDruid06-10-281354.706404
Flexma 1 2900+ Mage - Tournament RealmMage10-05-24684-58255
FoE raidMultiple04-10-11512.757979
Hacking WSGHunter06-07-2785-2104
HeatBurst I - FireStarterMage11-04-08110-3916
Hellfire Citadel Bosses - Burning CrusMultiple06-11-06904.3815805
Henimz - Warsiriums Druid Restoration Druid11-04-01243-7270
How to Warrior (how to paladin parody)Warrior09-10-2141-6806
Howtowin - Test Realm fun :pMage05-05-26114.6865183
Huge PvP Battle MovieMage04-10-061903.9590348
Immortality ChallengePaladin04-10-13984.0719520
Infliction and Destiny IPaladin11-07-22155-7925
Into The Nether 3 (TBC-Era Mage PvP)Mage12-03-03239-8838
Intro CinematicUnknown04-11-02184.2828491
Invasão dos Cangaceiros as SWMultiple10-01-20199-6561
Jayde's Deathknight Duel SchoolDeathknight08-09-285174.0030854
Journey to StratholmeMage04-10-111924.0629591
Just a PvP Raid by KckoPaladin04-12-06753.5616979
Karazhan PreviewPriest06-11-215674.6845718
Kobemask I - MLD ft. Zirax n SeltyckaWarlock12-07-12357-14558
Laarah - WOTLK Resto Shaman ArenasShaman11-08-13236-9616
Lectrin on a priestPriest09-06-3052-4927
Lelastar Vs. JansporterMultiple09-10-2295-7641
Level 80 Death Knight/Siege PvPDeathknight08-09-241954.50259895
Lock/SPriest TRWarlock09-03-18592.645376
Magisters' Terrace Heroic (2.4 PTR)Hunter08-02-131383.8126604
Magisters' Terrace Heroic - The Guide Hunter08-02-162364.7520915
Massacre - Le massacre totalWarrior11-12-121053-18880
Missile Barrage - Level 80 Mage WOTLK Mage08-09-30494.1428526
MLG PC Circuit 3v3 Arena feat; Frag DoMultiple08-06-162574.8497677
Netherdrake riddenDruid07-04-1518-5427
Newbie Hunter: Part 1Hunter04-10-11172.5018162
No HonorRogue04-10-152132.7116266
Nurfed WoW 4Multiple04-10-131123.5010221
Nurfed: Kylie and TivoliMultiple04-10-01934.349290
Oneshot 2 - LvL 90 MM Hunter PvPHunter14-05-20168-50269
Phinxyo 2 TrailerRogue11-06-1728-12925
Pigtailzz Arena Tournament SkirmWarrior09-03-193021.173118
Presidential primary debate excerpts fUnknown07-12-12364.646789
Project Axium - ScrappedMage13-07-07128-76141
prot warrior with 1000K HPMage14-06-2472-10348
PvEasy Volume 1: 2 Man Heroic Slave PeDruid08-10-133794.447621
PvP Battle Hillsbrad.Mage04-12-282313.9322018
PVP ShamanShaman04-10-17443.8712163
Raddy - Mage Duels on TestMage07-05-022203.5828085
Raid WreckingRogue04-10-17263.849185
Rakrakk | Enhancement PvP Arena Movie.Unknown14-07-17324-21766
Random 1Mage15-05-30365-83975
Raynor: RvR DuelsRogue09-05-05824.136353
Rokannis Roksu`irl Hillsbrad StyleRogue04-10-31594.5828500
Rokannis Roksu`irl IIRogue04-10-31774.5612453
Scaling TeldrassilWarrior05-02-26114.139308
Seldomis 4Priest11-05-301151-142148
SGF Best of 2008Unknown13-02-25279-9852
Shadowflame preview vidWarlock08-07-241294.4425378
Shaman Elemental 85.PvP in Alterac ValShaman12-02-08294-6669
short clip i made on arena and ptrRogue09-07-2422-4794
Shutup and Dance!Multiple04-11-03574.1033366
Skumarg - The Harmony of War - World oWarrior14-02-16485-5668
SOB PvPHunter04-10-302683.8024452
Southpark - Make love, not WarcraftRogue06-10-061274.94226288
SPAM kills NefarianPaladin06-04-2548-2710
Stress Test Game MoviePaladin04-10-07172.2715835
TBC Beta SpoilerMage06-10-213314.8899629
TBC Beta Spoiler Part IIMage06-10-253314.7523710
TBC: 62 Druid PvP Video - Duels & ArenDruid06-10-303894.6714574
Test Realm Rogue PvPRogue06-07-24511.304323
The Adv. of Setz and Plexx:2 (Part DeuPriest04-09-251834.88121895
The Adventures of Setz and PlexxPriest04-10-011404.8047948
The battle for AzerothRogue04-11-211704.5457024
The Big OneRogue04-10-133023.0510980
The HuntedRogue04-10-24573.829098
The Killer Space Chicken of Doom!Druid08-09-28854.2414841
The Life of a Naked GnomeMage04-10-14314.1121390
The Rewind Project : A ClassicRogue10-10-18371-13412
TsG Arena TRPaladin10-05-08210-16272
Tyrass Fire pvpMage12-04-12720-3236
Vesutio! 2.3 - Gladiator Duels & PvPRogue07-11-07733.004291
VS - Anarchies & EvolasWarlock13-02-1887-104078
Warrior 3.0 PvPWarrior08-09-172302.1412604
Warrior PKing VidWarrior04-10-21304.0519363
Waterboy / Doll 70 TBC MageMage13-07-09643-7369
WoTLK Dalaran Sewers Arena - First GliWarlock08-09-19374.2838831
WoTLK Demonic Circle Preview!Warlock08-08-241524.6276187
WoTLK Destruction 70-74 PvPWarlock08-08-315814.2325788
WOTLK Exploration FlightHunter08-09-0745-3813
WOTLK Feral PvPDruid08-09-181554.1222678
WoTLK Naxx 10 man - FaerlinaWarlock08-09-1597-14780
WoTLK Naxx 10 man - GothikWarlock08-09-16144-10952
WoTLK Naxx 10 man - LoathebWarlock08-09-15221-15215
WoTLK Naxx 10 man - RazuviousWarlock08-09-1561-17588
WoTLK Orgrimmar Arena - First GlimpseWarlock08-09-19804.23159764
WoTLK Rated Arenas - DestructionWarlock08-09-236014.5324861
WoTLK Rated Arenas 2v2 Destro/DemoWarlock08-09-245753.8217941
WoTLK Warlock Beta Preview!Warlock08-07-232984.59132958
Wrath beta utgarde keep prince kelesetMage08-09-1920-4581
WSVG07 China Finals WoW Pandemic vs FnUnknown07-05-042512.9857149
WWI 3v3 Arena TournamentUnknown08-07-012684.6042283
Xetti Frost PVP 1Mage11-07-221905-23548
Zantetsuken 2k+ Bg 9 Rogue arenaRogue09-01-165563.2415088