Server view : Azuregos

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
4.0.1 Rogue BG/DuelsRogue10-10-25318-9488
Al'Akir 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-23123-4538
Alysrazor 10 ppl heroicPriest11-08-211646-4966
Amber-Shaper Un'sok 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-28348-6431
Aswer 1Warlock12-03-02144-4748
Atramedes 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-1691-3024
Azuregos Phoenix Halion 10 HMMage10-11-2169-10852
Baleroc 10 ppl heroicPriest11-09-0190-4827
Beth'tilac 10 ppl heroicDruid11-09-13112-4632
Blade Lord Ta'yak 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-20368-5279
CD-Guild promoMage10-07-3041-5381
Cho'gall 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-15130-8940
Conclave of Wind 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-18525-3385
Conclave of Wind 25 Heroic by Second WHunter11-04-19454-3916
Council of Elders 10 ppl heroicPriest13-05-10378-10146
Elegon 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-08385-5728
Elegon 25HDruid13-02-08125-13358
Elemental Shaman 90. Duel vs Rogue - EShaman12-12-12510-12075
Feng the Accursed 10 ppl heroicPriest12-11-06458-5384
Feral Druid / Disc Priest 2v2 PvP /STRDruid16-04-091534-46228
Galakras 10 ppl heroicPriest13-10-14281-16373
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 10 ppl heroiPriest12-12-08258-6852
Garalon 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-25330-6307
Grand Empress Shek'zeer 10 ppl heroic_Priest12-12-29586-7038
Guild return TrailerMage10-07-3023-7581
Hagara the Stormbinder 10 ppl heroicPriest11-12-291307-6137
Hels 2.5 - 100 Fire Mage PvP WoW DraenMage16-03-16364-22985
Horridon 10 ppl heroicPriest13-05-08514-7460
Hunter solo MaexxnaHunter11-03-22317-13731
Hunter solo Naxxramas - The Plague QuaHunter11-03-22817-13235
Hunter solo OnyxiaHunter11-03-22492-7849
Hunter solo Patchwerk (hunter world fiHunter11-03-25483-20847
Immerseus 10 ppl heroicPriest13-10-07421-16892
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-15357-9134
Jin'rokh the Breaker 10 ppl heroicPriest13-05-08274-5493
Kor'kron Dark Shaman 10 ppl heroicPriest13-10-17204-16906
Krao - The BeginnningMage07-04-093892.582942
Lei Shen 10 ppl heroic_server 1stPriest13-06-12541-8380
Lei Shi 10 ppl heroicPriest13-01-27320-8505
Lord Rhyolith 10 ppl heroicDruid11-08-02729-3872
Lord Rhyolith 10 ppl heroic_2Priest11-08-17724-3442
Madness of Deathwing 10 pplPriest11-12-03198-32248
Madness of Deathwing 10 ppl heroicPriest12-03-14238-6472
Majordomo Staghelm 10 ppl heroicPriest11-08-26138-5022
Maloriak 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-16139-4291
Maloriak vs Eklektika 10. 2 POVMultiple11-01-11599-12754
Megaera 10 ppl heroicPriest13-05-29336-11033
Nefarian 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-16137-3405
Prof HM 25 vs Wild at HeartPriest10-07-2280-7564
Protectors of the Endless 10 ppl heroiPriest13-01-14317-9655
PTR Spine of Deathwing 10 pplPriest11-11-26101-12295
Ra-den 10 ppl heroic_server 1stPriest13-06-15347-17473
Ragnaros 10 pplPriest11-08-171431-4157
Ragnaros 10 ppl heroicDruid11-11-16154-13952
Rebrad 25 HM гил Priest10-06-0349-6591
RMP Rok.kis RogueRogue10-02-12341-11091
Rock'n'Rolla vs Ascendant Counsil 25 HMultiple11-06-02101-4967
Rock'n'Rolla vs Madness of Deathwing 1Multiple12-03-08241-6508
Rock'n'Rolla vs Ragnaros 25 HeroicPriest11-10-201311-5032
Rocknrolla vs Lich King 25 Heroic(firsPriest10-10-26562-6343
Rogue Mutilate 3.3.5a 44/2/25Rogue12-07-24446-12755
Sha of Fear 10 ppl heroic_server 1stPriest13-02-14854-12087
Sha of Pride 10 ppl heroicPriest13-10-14372-26042
Shannox 10 ppl heroicPriest11-07-30491-3752
Sinestra 10 pplPriest11-09-24885-3950
Spine of Deathwing 10 ppl heroicPriest12-02-22174-4893
The Spirit Kings 10 ppl heroicPriest12-11-23468-4719
The Stone Guard 10 ppl heroicPriest12-10-24287-5466
Thok the Bloodthirsty 10 ppl heroicPriest13-10-31216-50318
Topick WSG fight (1.12) PVPWarrior16-02-07411-4194
TR: Prot Pally PvPPaladin10-09-10389-7657
Tsulong 10 ppl heroicPriest13-01-22341-8404
Twin Consorts 10 ppl heroicPriest13-06-10472-6619
Ultraxion 10 ppl heroicPriest11-12-25475-4181
Valiona and Theralion 10 ppl heroicPriest11-06-18958-2972
Warlord Zon'ozz heroic 10 pplPriest11-12-2289-3469
Warmaster Blackhorn 10 ppl heroicPriest12-02-07104-4274
Will of the Emperor 10 ppl heroicPriest12-12-13535-6048
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 10 ppl heroicPriest11-12-14138-20685
[LEG] Destro warlock and Fire mage PvPMage17-02-161158-27661