Server view : Gordunni

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Fallen Protectors (25HM) +Sha of PridShaman14-02-11137-12199
28k+ dpsMage10-11-1296-52257
4.0.1 Shaman PVPShaman10-10-30627-13949
5.2 Warrior PvP (BGs / RBGs / 2's)Warrior13-05-020-3247
a Faceroll MovieMultiple10-12-05285-3635
A Tribute to Immortality 25 pplMage10-11-24247-8973
Apexmage Outland PvPMage11-05-23217-3007
Arcane Mage Siege of Orgrimmar NorusheMage14-09-21568-7081
Asterios Ru GuildWarrior10-11-1732-9578
Astrum vs Horridon 25HMultiple13-03-241844-4009
Astrum vs Sha of Fear 25HMultiple13-01-211588-3437
aWar&DsPriest - aRena 2x2 4.0.6Priest11-10-22269-6069
BEBEP 2: Revelations (PvP/Storyline)Mage11-05-131276-1360509
Blink To The Horizon Vol. 3 Dead ProjeMage10-11-10178-19189
Bloody coinRogue14-04-29873-33115
Boring WeekendPaladin10-07-13499-7352
Clicker on 2200+ 3v3Deathknight11-05-1019-8294
Destruction Warlock - Destruction for Warlock10-04-1691-8005
Destruction Warlock and Arcane Mage PvWarlock10-04-13848-10693
Deynao Vol.1Rogue12-07-02230-6590
Discoutz Warrior PvP. Part 1. Warsong Warrior13-07-27332-4472
DOUBLE BLOOD DKDeathknight11-04-1649-8721
Dragon Rage 3 (5.3 Warrior PvP)Warrior13-07-05237-8419
DRAGON RAGE ep.1 (Warrior PvP Movie)Warrior13-02-14989-11406
DRAGON RAGE ep.2 (Warrior PvP Movie)Warrior13-02-22545-4575
Dragon Rage: RebornWarrior14-04-161656-8741
Dual blood dk 2200+ cataclysmDeathknight11-04-1435-9599
Dueling Movie 80 (Druid vs Rogue)Druid11-08-22629-6016
Exploit vs. Lich KingMage10-10-02940-19983
Farewell 5.1, I enjoyed my stay as a WWarrior13-02-06250-3164
Force Majeure vs Maloriak Heroic 25Hunter11-02-19150-3731
Force Majeure vs Nefarian Heroic 25Druid11-04-21140-5517
Force Majeure vs Valiona and TheralionHunter11-03-191150-3706
Gank VideoMage12-08-18962-3287
Green fire Kanrethad Ebonlocke full PvWarlock14-09-30719-6579
Grondbog(Demo)Arcane Mage 5.4.8Mage15-03-12387-4843
guardian of the jungleRogue14-06-231095-4872
Guild ExplosiveMultiple10-05-10317-5150
Hello Draenor or world of lags !!!Paladin14-11-1818-10194
Horridon - 25 Man Heroic - V Elements Shaman13-08-10189-20781
How to beat feral druid ( Sp vs Feral Priest15-05-2016-8671
Hunter & Warlock | Jarlax & Vega arenaHunter10-10-15462-11499
Jin Kun - 25 Man Heroic - V Elements -Shaman13-08-10444-7164
Jin'rokh the Breaker - 25 Man Heroic -Shaman13-07-18113-6475
Ken: PvP MovieRogue10-10-21141-5213
Kor'kron Dark Shaman 25 HM Arcane MageMage14-10-04751-8988
Lavulka fun (Random arenas)Multiple11-06-29721-2994
Leviort.Path of AssassinationRogue11-01-24329-10019
Levitate world explorationPriest10-10-05234-5930
Mastmage - Mage/RogueMage13-04-12369-30858
Mastmage - Mage/Rogue 2Mage13-12-05179-137714
Mastmage AT - RMPMage13-05-28267-48373
Mimiron 10 Hard.Paladin10-06-22138-4426
Murloc Inc Files #1Hunter13-09-15997-86006
Murloc Inc Files #2Hunter13-09-301098-74420
Nefarian 10 menDeathknight11-03-10127-2761
New Avalon vs Cho`Gall 10Mage11-02-24111-3772
no one lives foreverRogue14-06-14845-20951
Onoe Rogue Revenge, Gordunni-EURogue12-02-28353-4403
Orf War s6Warrior10-02-03516-10193
PandaWoW (Russian)Warrior14-07-16258-12617
Pergik Fire PvPMage10-10-12216-9636
Pergik trailerMage10-10-1223-3474
Post Mortum IRogue11-06-03911-21555
Rawkfist IIMage11-01-121187-45907
REFLEX GUILD ICC25HM Fast RunShaman10-10-251197-6906
Reflex Guild Lich King 25HM - 1st GuilShaman10-11-02727-8410
Rogue and Hunter 39 vs frost mage 50Hunter12-02-0441-3675
Shadow priest and frost mage 2300+Priest10-11-06240-9636
Shadow priest. Run, pls, run!Priest13-11-23115-19646
Siege of Orgrimmar Galakras 25 HM (ArcMage14-09-26975-7182
Siege Of Orgrimmar Immerseus 25 HM (ArMage14-09-21500-8753
Siege Of Orgrimmar Iron Juggernaut 25 Mage14-09-26507-8949
Siege of Orgrimmar Sha of Pride 25 HM Mage14-09-21650-5889
Siege of Orgrimmar The Fallen ProtectoMage14-09-21645-7150
SPECTRA IIRogue11-08-04826-4157
Strength of Arms (MoP Warrior PvP moviWarrior13-07-22421-6394
Strength of Arms 2 (MoP Warrior PvP moWarrior13-07-31337-6370
team bugsDruid14-02-07187-5172
Tess'n'Hyxty Lock/Rogue ArenaWarlock10-10-19356-22610
The robo movieRogue11-11-09457-25629
The story of a rogue (Wow machinima)Rogue13-10-06325-12568
Trailer Ken PvPRogue10-10-2016-4919
triumvirate vs conclave of windPriest11-05-20101-2738
Unstopped vol.1Rogue11-08-13476-29517
World of warcraft cinematic music videUnknown14-11-1866-5650
World Of Warcraft WOD Fire Mage BrackeMage15-01-05189-10163
World of Warcraft WOD The Butcher FroMage15-01-16104-6245
World of Warcraft WOD Twin Ogron FrosMage15-04-15188-3690
World PvP on Gordunni EUMage12-05-29359-27334
World PVP vol. 1Rogue14-04-27521-8654
World PVP vol. 2Rogue14-05-05655-18077
WoW Battleground Twin PeaksRogue14-04-30470-9724
[Mythic] Beastlord Darmac | Elemental Shaman15-04-041501-3561
[Mythic] Flamebender Ka'graz | ElementShaman15-04-041129-3536
[Mythic] Hans'gar & Franzok | ElementaShaman15-04-041173-3060
[Mythic] Kromog | Elemental Shaman PoVShaman15-04-081041-4217
[Mythic] Operator Thogar | Elemental SShaman15-04-101840-5095
[Mythic] Oregorger | Elemental Shaman Shaman15-04-04936-2869