Server view : Black Scar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
The conflict of Warchiefs (Blizzcon MUnknown16-08-3034-11589
"Ten angry men" vs Stone guard 10m herMultiple12-11-06690-4837
Тол Ба&#Mage12-02-06328-4672
11 DKs vs Xhul/Manno/Archimonde HEROICMultiple16-07-29321-9707
18teen boys hardcore frost actionMage12-01-22152-73527
2X2 PvP Moovie Fmage&RogueMage11-02-05111-11561
3v3 Warrior PvPWarrior13-03-02156-4677
5 DKs vs Archimonde HEROIC (World 2nd Deathknight16-08-07195-8134
5 DKs vs Mannoroth HEROIC!Deathknight16-08-08183-9087
60 lvl Warrior PvPWarrior14-01-01179-10752
80 Fire Mage PvP: Scar - DuelsMage12-10-19116-5196
85 Rogue Mastery PowerRogue12-11-125-5547
9 DKs vs HFC HC (Manno+Archi by 7 DKs!Deathknight16-08-081099-8705
AffliDubStep trailerWarlock12-03-1073-4047
Afinon PvP TrailerPriest11-06-3081-12796
Aiden - Episode one (Reload)Rogue16-10-1250-11356
Already overMage12-10-24143-4629
Apocaliptyn's RestWarlock12-04-05327-7435
Apocaliptyn's TOTAL EXPLOSIONWarlock11-08-21627-19296
Apocaliptyn's WickWarlock11-07-09243-8620
Arcane mage PVP BGsMage11-10-20991-4232
Arena 2 vs 2 (Brainstorm - Priest DiscPriest11-10-0555-4791
Arena 3v3 [Warlock / Paladin / ShamanPaladin13-12-16362-17166
Arena Hunter's MovieHunter12-02-28144-5857
Arena pvp Hunter MovieHunter11-12-1078-3730
Arena1800 warrior, death knight and paWarrior14-07-090-9617
Artamedes (HM)Multiple11-03-12459-3986
Ascendant Council 25Druid11-04-0262-3285
Ascendant Council Heroic 25 vs MisclicPriest11-06-07110-6825
Balenking - The traitor (Fire PvP/StorMage12-12-06372-8645
Battleground / 3v3 - Warrior PvPWarrior13-03-02232-3928
Beautifful PvPUnknown12-08-19126-4163
Benediction: Insanity (teaser)Multiple15-06-1386-6806
Benedictus I (Trailer)Priest11-11-26177-7522
Blizlike 2 trailerMage11-10-1640-14789
Blizlike vol. 1Mage11-04-261085-17480
Blood Death Knight on Arena #Legion PrDeathknight16-08-09308-10435
BM hunter pvpHunter11-06-07188-10708
Burst fire mage patch 5.1.0Mage12-12-0214-11901
Cataclysm, Metal and CritsPriest14-10-26557-7443
Chimerion 25 by NewHopeRogue11-04-10146-3813
Chip and Dale parody (A WoW Machinima)Unknown16-05-09114-9045
Conclave of Wind 25 by NewHopeRogue11-04-10319-3649
CyberMoonkins: Total AnnihilationDruid13-01-091290-61898
DaskOFF paladin 58 lvl PVPPaladin12-01-19316-3830
Death Stars - AwakeningWarlock13-07-210-102339
Deathmod II trailerWarlock12-01-1066-5047
Deathmod PvP Duels: Part 2Warlock10-10-1855-4468
Dekly PART IWarrior15-08-26250-6870
Derlol Vol. 1Mage11-08-22171-5347
Desmoond IIMage13-03-25540-72599
Desmoond IIIMage14-03-31786-141210
Doomleague 5.1 teaser (Unfinished)Rogue13-04-2195-6208
Doomleague Rogue PvP MutilateRogue13-07-27368-13514
Dotza/Mooze 2v2 Hunter/Mage ArenaMage10-11-02898-21882
Double Mage fire/frost 2v2 arenaMage11-02-17829-11252
Dream Fire mage world PVPMage12-04-12256-4220
Elem just elemShaman10-12-12107-10209
Elemental Shaman 2x2 patch 5.3Shaman13-07-23323-13704
Emil (frost pvp) trailerMage11-05-07261-16528
Emil (frost/fire) mage 80Mage11-08-211571-20932
Emil (minimovie)Mage11-10-20203-20248
EU-Blackscar Guild: Alfheim M: HellfirShaman16-01-19512-9683
EU-Blackscar Guild: Alfheim M: HellfirShaman16-02-18647-5716
EU-Blackscar Guild: Alfheim M: Iron ReShaman16-02-08422-7741
EU-Blackscar Guild: Alfheim M: KilroggShaman16-02-18350-5039
EU-Blackscar Guild: Alfheim M: KormrokShaman16-02-08461-8641
Evolution-X vs Twilight Ascendant CounWarrior11-05-09289-6226
Exploit vs. Chimaeron 25 Hard ModeMage11-01-20358-5064
Exploit vs. Cho'gall hmShaman11-04-09656-7928
Exploit vs. Nefarian 25 heroicMage11-03-23655-5834
Faceroll your t2 (3 dps)Rogue12-01-05696-11711
Fauran , razor bladeRogue12-04-12838-3209
Fenders vs KenwoodMage11-09-2263-6072
Fire Mage MOPMage12-10-25658-3703
FIRE MAGE PVPMage12-07-18248-5872
Fire mage PVPMage12-06-2732-4461
fire mage pvp 5..4Mage12-09-19788-8887
FIRE PVP 4.3.4Mage12-11-11182-10273
First BG MoviePriest11-06-08581-4339
Flufy Fire Duels 3.3.5Mage11-11-031565-6986
Frost 1v2 Arena WotLKMage12-07-281655-6083
Frost mage 1v2 Arena WotLKMage15-07-261655-10897
Frost mage 5.4Mage13-10-29128-26304
Frost/Retri 2v2 s11 Random GamesDeathknight12-10-0554-5640
FrostDemon Arena Movie 1700+Warlock11-01-05597-18376
Fun Rogue 80 lvl duelsRogue11-09-16117-3939
Funny arenaShaman13-10-21366-13220
Gank Lesson 3: CataclysmHunter11-01-18764-17020
Gank TBRogue11-02-23317-4643
Gankzor 3Mage11-05-06104-13331
GlimmeR 3: A new WorldRogue11-06-28186-8533
grayworld 1 tbc warlock arenaWarlock16-05-231335-49186
Guild manoeuvresWarrior11-04-12368-3717
Hener 2h enhancementShaman11-09-22163-33721
Hilsing 2Mage12-04-05160-3017
History of RvR: Vanilla-MoPRogue14-03-02827-93006
Holy Paladin + Feral Druid 1850+ mmrPaladin15-03-15328-22424
Humanz 1 : Justice.Warlock11-04-02408-10966
Improvex 3v3 Warrior Arena MovieWarrior11-11-301008-10583
In memoriesMultiple12-12-221168-8600
Injeprok - Arena TournamentRogue12-05-1393-4827
Invectum - Hunter\rogue 2x2 2kHunter11-10-28624-14234
Invectum 2 - Hunter\rogue 2200Hunter11-11-27210-55810
Invectum 2 - Hunte\rogue 2200 (trailerHunter11-11-1747-7986
Iron Mask - Oc vs LuckmePriest11-06-111027-5023
Jakermage frostmage PvP 2Mage12-02-16113-6157
Jilrock arenas ft. blizzlike & uchkaleMage11-09-04489-93250
Jilrock vs BlizlikeMage12-01-13891-35424
Jilrock vs Blizlike teaser.Mage11-12-1518-26238
Just Burst by OlymusRogue14-01-23617-22206
Kamikkadz - Fire PvPMage11-09-26712-26852
Kamikkadz - Fire PvP TrailerMage11-06-2517-11753
Kamikkadz - Frostmage 1Mage10-12-08387-8449
Kamikkadz fire pvp 2Mage13-04-06370-88042
Keelval v1 trailerPriest12-06-1827-3157
Kolhoznik 2 (Russian Fat Cow)Druid12-07-21614-22098
Kolhoznik TBC Feral PvP (Dedicated to Druid11-08-10457-65252
Korder 2Mage12-04-21769-11859
Korder 2 TrailerMage12-04-1532-2222
Kozloff vol.2 (trailer)Mage12-10-0283-17293
Kyltyo Pt.1Rogue15-03-26551-10136
Magmaw (HM)Multiple11-03-22109-4819
Maloriak (HM)Multiple11-02-22189-4492
Malykriss The Vile HoldDeathknight16-06-1399-6046
MIB twink's vs Ragnaros 10 HMDruid11-11-16694-8152
MIB vs Ascendant Council 10 HMMage11-05-21548-3853
MIB vs Atramedes 25HMRogue11-03-12326-3677
MIB vs Chimaeron 25 HMMultiple11-01-28341-3891
MIB vs Lord Rhyolith 25 HMRogue11-07-13360-5299
MIB vs Magmaw 25 HM arms POVWarrior11-02-27669-4893
MIB vs Majordomo Staghelm 25HMRogue11-08-10815-6620
MIB vs Maloriak 25 HM pov HPriestPriest11-02-06413-4582
MIB vs Maloriak 25 ppl HMWarrior11-02-05152-3975
MIB vs Nefarian 25 HMWarrior11-04-05486-5105
MIB vs Omnotron Defense System 10 HMDruid11-07-02819-3675
MIB vs Ragnaros 25Rogue11-07-06626-4655
MIB vs Ragnaros 25 HMMultiple11-09-25976-7331
MIB vs Valiona and Theralion (Sub roguMultiple11-03-22401-5373
Mihail CrugMage11-05-0843-9005
MoP 3dd 2400mmr - first weekPaladin12-10-08355-44033
MOP: Frost mage PvP gameplayMage12-08-16826-11968
Music Chairs (russ. ver.)Rogue13-10-26225-6647
My Little WorldDruid13-03-03738-43689
Narki 2Druid11-03-251252-149504
Narki 2.5Druid11-08-13310-84400
Narki 3Druid11-10-01772-108182
Narki 4Druid12-06-05677-148380
Narki 4 TeaserDruid12-03-1455-12303
Narki 4 trailerDruid12-05-0333-26790
Narki 4 UnpublishedDruid12-11-12684-64982
Narki the druidDruid11-02-14666-166327
Necroller Destruction Duels(tBC)Warlock12-04-161027-35357
Necroller LK PvP mix vol2Warlock12-07-19221-14638
Necroller Wtlk PvP MixWarlock11-11-11392-11265
Nefarian Heroic 25 vs Misclick PoVPriest11-06-07163-5152
Neiom IIPriest12-08-27428-14932
Nevermindme 1 - Best Russian DCPriest11-04-24408-92745
Oc (Iron Mask) vs JudjinPriest11-06-10754-2857
Path of vengeanceShaman13-12-230-9616
Prado musicWarrior11-01-1387-5800
Prot pally arena 2 vs 2. 6.2.2Paladin15-10-311283-17216
Psaiho 80 fire mageMage12-11-23330-3916
psoony ft. pwnyouplz (trailer)Warlock12-02-299-6596
psoony ft. pwnyouplz arenaWarlock12-05-07277-6546
psoony. last part arenaWarlock12-05-28323-7041
pvp Arena 2x2Hunter11-12-25225-3569
Pyrorage [fire mage]Mage16-04-2866-4455
Random moments fire mage pvp 85Mage12-04-30149-2777
Ranwind PvP MovieMage11-09-27201-4053
RBG - Arathi Basin vol. 1 (Guild Iron Warrior11-05-14273-4783
RBG - Gilneas vol.1 (Guild Iron Mask)Warrior11-04-23141-4689
RBG - Gilneas vol.2 (Guild Iron Mask)Warrior11-05-031922-4047
RBG - Gilneas vol.3 (Guild Iron Mask)Warrior11-05-03178-3500
RBG - Gilneas vol.4 (Guild Iron Mask)Warrior11-05-101873-3539
RBG - Gilneas vol.5 (Guild Iron Mask)Shaman11-05-17924-8272
RBG - Twin Peaks vol.1 (Guild Iron MasShaman11-05-101904-4896
RBG - Twin peaks vol.2 (Guild Iron MasWarrior11-05-14170-3347
RBG - Twin Peaks vol.3 (Guild Iron MasWarrior11-05-14116-3527
RBG - Twin Peaks vol.4 (Guild Iron MasWarrior11-05-161883-4493
RBG - Twin Peaks vol.5 (Iron Mask)Unknown11-05-171246-5329
RBG - WSG vol.1 (Guild Iron Mask)Warrior11-04-23257-5104
RBG rogue Shade vs SD Robertos 2.4mmrRogue13-01-21401-10694
RBG rogue Shade vs SD Vapsik 2 4mmrRogue13-01-18236-6623
Ret Hunt RdruPaladin14-01-25470-17467
Ret/Spriest 2v2Priest11-09-14979-12955
Retribution Paladin and Hunter 5.4Paladin14-01-20337-42507
Return to Origins Night Elf CampaignMage14-10-252063-63754
Rogue in picturesRogue12-02-1651-5116
ROGUEMAGEZ vol.1Rogue13-09-13435-46748
ROKPORT - TrailerRogue12-01-2137-13163
Rus1f1cat0r 3: The Last ShowDruid11-06-11462-18769
Sandman. The path of fire. (trailer)Mage12-08-2915-5174
Saying goodbye to the CataclysmMage12-07-08494-13432
Scar Symmetry+wow music videoMage13-10-27374-117948
Scarlet Execution (A Short WoW MachiniPaladin16-04-27444-7705
SEVENSHADOWS.RU | Street racing Ivent Multiple12-05-19487-6700
Shining ForcePaladin11-11-141171-31735
Sinestra Heroic 25 vs Misclick PoVPriest11-06-06715-7046
Skillz Mini Trailer Fire mageMage11-06-1053-4524
SkiWaiter - WoW:Legion PHPPriest16-10-11185-17941
Statis - The StoryMage12-01-07281-5442
Statis TrailerMage11-10-1850-4219
Steampunk PvP guild promoHunter11-07-14399-9914
TAYA - 1Rogue12-03-11174-2584
Tbk arena 90-99 lvlRogue15-01-20403-16392
teaser Dueling around the WorldRogue12-09-15132-3443
TEPPOP: we were born just for warMultiple10-01-07524-4558
The AMAZING pvp battle of the WarriorWarrior14-01-26195-10819
The LonerHunter12-12-15745-5084
The path of glory 2Hunter12-10-18342-7018
The Story of a Druid. Part 6.Druid09-09-28413-46197
The Story of a Druid. Part 7.Druid11-04-11541-43547
Tomage 5 Cataclysm Fire PvPMage11-02-02785-21749
Tomage Cataclysm PvP 2Mage11-07-141621-13574
Trailer Afinon BG+ArenaPriest11-04-1089-11313
tupikz 2 teaser (fury turbo 2600+)Warrior15-05-3091-32317
tupikz feat. zibarez teaserWarrior12-08-0636-29420
Tupikz vol. 2 (turbo 2600+)Warrior15-06-06892-30957
Uchkalektor 4Mage11-05-26553-59468
Unholy Death Knight 5.2Deathknight13-04-07246-9432
UNREAL WARLOCK DAMAGE in MOP (BONUS: WWarlock12-10-2285-57458
Unsun_whispers+wow music videoMage13-07-10290-45539
Valentine's DayHunter15-02-2283-37961
Vanchess & Farrik 2x2Paladin11-10-25400-40328
Vigi OneShot Macro Arms Warrior WarloWarrior16-02-19687-9604
Vuren 3 - TrailerMage11-06-1651-13734
Vuren 3: DuelsMage11-12-17127-46656
Warlock pvpWarlock12-03-15872-37207
Warlock Random Moments[Ampe]Warlock14-02-07146-8215
Warlock vs HuntWarlock15-01-1094-8054
Warlords of Draenor ( Machinima ) by SMage15-05-05532-16122
Warrior 14lvl WSGWarrior11-04-1610-6576
Warrior and Blood Knight Arena 1550Warrior14-06-24206-6942
warrior, paladin and death knightWarrior14-07-090-7041
Warriors on the beachWarlock12-07-17554-3294
World of Warcraft - R.t.O (Orc CampaigMage13-09-16855-86882
World of Warcraft - Return to OriginsMage13-05-19680-48893
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-04-22960-97057
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-04-222045-51008
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-03-23127-155160
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-09-252057-94361
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-08-0541-25110
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-07-182083-145238
World of Warcraft - Return to Origins Mage14-06-15113-106039
World of Warcraft Return to Origins ExMage15-03-041594-70629
World of Warcraft Return to Origins IIMage15-10-261939-59674
World of Warcraft: НоlWarrior12-08-26151-4377
WoW Music Video, Evanescence - My HearMage13-12-08320-63701
Wrath of the Horde (guild promo)Multiple11-04-2554-5451
Wrathion - Aladdin parody (A WoW MachiUnknown16-04-1191-38236
Xgane 3 RogueRogue11-09-14217-9665
Zack Fair II 2500MMR RP RMPRogue11-05-021602-23202
ZackFair Rogue Retri 2500 MMRRogue11-04-01229-20181
Zapilniy: Art of GankingRogue11-06-13358-17385
[Nostalgia] World PvP (300+ people)Mage11-06-12377-4319
[WOD] Darmisam#1 Destro warlock PvP 6.Warlock15-11-19202-9219
[WOD] Destro Warlock PvP 6.2.3Warlock15-12-28502-19707
[WOD] Destro Warlock PvP 6.2.3 Arena'sWarlock15-12-27273-13869
[WOD] Destro Warlock PvP 6.2.3 BG'sWarlock16-02-23246-17540
[WoD] Destruction Warlock BG PvP 6.2.2Warlock15-11-15179-13937
[WOW] Destro Warlock PvP 6.2.4Warlock16-04-27608-16941