Server view : Burning Legion

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
#5 on BG - DK 3v3Deathknight09-06-015851.172764
10 Primal Fire / hour! 2.3 Bug!Mage07-11-15134.0525421
1v3 Arena - Shimazaki Mage PoVMage14-01-02234-63541
2 Shadowfang Keep bossMage06-07-3018-2330
2000+ 5v5 Season 3 | Mage PoVMage07-12-282603.8855719
2x Hunter 3v3Hunter08-04-17954.0115279
6 ways to beat a Frost MageRogue11-12-01457-4346
A farmers dreamRogue05-06-22554.6439549
A Warriors MemoriesWarrior06-09-09231.194505
Adventures of HellFire - Vol1. Journy Multiple09-02-01170-4658
Akuza Lord Of DestructionWarlock05-10-141154.458373
Akuza Lord Of Destruction 2Warlock06-01-15121-3617
Akuza The MovieWarlock05-07-022413.905365
Algalon the Observer 25 vs theDustPaladin09-09-25469-5412
All You Can Eat - Rogue PoVRogue10-04-04335-8903
Allonas Movie - TrailerMage09-12-0516-3017
Allys Eagle Pwned!Shaman06-10-12262.644670
Amaranth's Fall - WoW MachinimaUnknown12-12-2072-4310
Antril Rank 12 Hunter PvPHunter06-10-052073.086215
Anubarak Mad Skill DestinatonPriest09-11-01361-3029
AoE Hero practiceMage06-04-0244-2609
Arathi Basin 10-14lvl Mini-montageRogue12-01-18266-2210
Arathi Basin 15-19lvl PvP BracketRogue12-01-28847-1905
Arathi Basin 25-29lvl PvP BracketRogue12-03-11179-2277
Arathos at AB, paladin with Soul!Paladin06-04-18384.002916
Archonus 48 PvP TrailerMage08-01-0715-4488
Are u Breathing Now? Vol.2Rogue05-11-12614.224208
Aspect versus Zul'GurubDruid05-12-244194.8716914
Assaulting stormwind with 15 man!Paladin10-07-17136-3656
Attention Wh*reMage10-03-09132-13186
Aurora Vs. Gluth Naxxramas HeroicWarlock08-12-07127-4553
Aurora Vs. patchwerkWarlock08-12-05152-5890
Awar & Dpriest 1500+ 2s!Warrior13-10-2898-10258
Balance - Day in Arathi BasinDruid06-12-152893.948724
Balance druid on battlegroundsDruid06-06-152682.507646
Battle for Mount Hyjal TNT GuildPriest08-01-19138-2784
Beep - Destruction PvPWarlock11-01-27652-7774
Beth'tilac 10 Man Resto Druid POV - HDDruid11-11-05169-3108
Betonica a Warrior PvP MovieWarrior13-02-08778-4688
BG DK 70 lvl Burning LegionDeathknight12-07-1278-2426
BL Onyxia SlainMultiple05-04-282284.7536918
Blackfathom Deeps Dungeon RunRogue12-03-07856-2551
Blazing Phoenix vs Broodlord LashlayerShaman06-01-1856-3585
Blazing Phoenix vs Icecrown Citadel - Deathknight10-01-04657-22442
Blazing Phoenix vs Vaelastrasz Double Shaman06-01-1645-4305
Blood QueenWarrior10-03-20330-3380
Blood Queen Lana'thel HM vs InnominateRogue10-03-23398-7498
Boobs speak too or what girls need in Mage10-03-29186-26148
Boomkin Oneshot MacroDruid12-12-2780-19228
Boomkin PvP Guide - By ThyrazDruid13-01-29129-41222
Burning Legion Undercity RaidPaladin05-04-19572.8217842
Burning Legion's LeeRoy VideoPriest05-08-0891.668704
C9 Sindra 25 HCPriest10-09-20122-3703
C9vsLord RhyolithDruid11-07-21678-3320
Cashasty's PvP (Unfinished project froMage09-08-08250-5622
Cataclysm raidingMultiple11-04-28508-2947
Cataclysm: Maiori CedeHunter10-11-2319-17969
Circle of Nine vs Lich King 10 - Man -Priest10-10-06752-3799
Cold Blooded AssassinRogue06-05-053663.201743
Colliseum: Anub'arak 25HC: Maiori CedeHunter10-01-08349-3524
Conclave 10HC by Infernal DimensionDeathknight11-06-0387-4043
COW - Cows of warMage07-12-112-4342
Crit ninja!Warlock06-10-1029-3213
Crying Hearts vs Al'Akir 10Multiple11-06-10103-2091
DC During Hydross fight. Logging alt!?Priest08-04-01211-2597
Deathbringer Saurfang HM vs InnominateRogue10-03-02376-6201
Deathbringer: Maiori cede: Speed KillHunter10-01-09230-3379
Default Vs. BloodboilRogue07-07-26157-2506
default Vs. M'uru (moonkin pov)Druid08-07-01254-6808
Devilbozzo lvl 85 Retri Paladin World Paladin11-06-22192-23976
Devilsaur KitingShaman06-01-1828-3610
Dirtybeatz 1 - Rogue / Mage 2v2 ATRogue12-05-061573-12161
Divinity - Mage PvPMage06-03-291054.378900
Divinity IIMage06-05-142794.756535
Doomed Vs. Twin Val'kyrShaman09-09-18210-6929
Double Warrior 3v3 - patch 4.3.4 (SeasWarrior13-03-13902-5856
Ei saa peittää 5v5arenaHunter08-04-202473.752879
Eneda 4 - Polish Priest 2.7k expPriest13-06-0939-6329
Enhancement Shaman 85 Hybrider Duels VShaman11-04-2267-8460
Epic Mass Spell ReflectionWarrior13-12-1188-72258
Evilfish gets mountPaladin07-12-17362.052412
Excesse Versus Illidan HimselfShaman07-12-14580-5422
Excesse vs AQ40 Pt 1Shaman06-03-061504.346789
Excesse vs AQ40 Pt2Shaman06-03-26131-3639
Excesse vs Battleguard SarturaShaman06-05-2951-2995
Excesse vs Battleguard SarturaShaman06-03-0151-7694
Excesse Vs. DoomwalkerShaman07-11-30213-2239
Excesse Vs. Eredar TwinsMage08-05-03298-3321
Excesse Vs. Kel'ThuzadShaman06-12-275414.755821
Excesse Vs. M'uruMage08-06-27420-3674
Excesse Vs. Nax Spider WingShaman06-07-19249-4060
Excesse Vs. Void ReaverShaman07-06-01310-2184
Extreme Solo PVEMage06-03-242224.2528950
Extreme Solo PVE 2Mage06-05-034024.5012259
Extreme Solo PVE 3Mage06-06-193114.0734727
Faithles vs Moo 3v3 World PvPPaladin10-08-01144-4953
Fankriss done Hi Goat styleWarrior06-04-23754.9120960
Farewell to World of Wacraft by DreghoShaman08-11-05130-1921
Faridin vol. 1Paladin07-01-10112-2911
Festergut HM vs Innominate - Rogue PoVRogue10-03-18363-6136
Festergut: ICC25 Maiori CedeHunter10-01-2395-3810
Fire MageMage05-05-07611.616966
FiRe of DUNE BRM Ninja GangbangPaladin06-07-31771.744465
Fire of DUNE Vs. PatchwerkMage06-07-2768-4307
First kill FiremawDruid06-02-0651-3832
Fleash: I am not alone. Rank14pvp warrWarrior06-06-062263.662360
FunRaiders vs Ragnaros 10manPriest11-09-28174-2561
game overMage10-09-12108-9799
Ganking Allies B*tchMage11-02-06104-9121
GigaSlave (teaser)Warlock09-08-0168-6909
Glamouring WoW -Money Honey WoW parodyMage10-02-0348-5310
GND vs Halion 25 HCDruid10-08-15387-5020
Going Dziko 1Rogue10-11-209-2876
Golemagg in a BIT other way :)Priest06-08-0943-2657
Grand Marshal Warrior @ AllianceRogue05-10-1512-4547
Halfus 10 Man Fire Mage PoVMage11-02-07257-3797
Halion 25 HC vs SignumPaladin10-07-18372-3915
Halion Heroic vs Innominate - Rogue PoRogue10-07-15352-20090
Halion RS25: Maiori CedeHunter10-07-1491-5226
Headshot's at SSHunter05-06-08143.055277
HellFire clan recruitment moviePriest08-11-1656-2786
HellFire Clan vs High King MaulgarPriest07-09-21127-3226
HellFire Clan Vs. Gruul the DragonkillPriest07-10-25127-2803
HellFire Clan Vs. KarathressMultiple08-04-01216-2710
HellFire Clan vs. Prince MalchezaarPriest07-08-20166-3941
HellFire Clan Vs. Void ReaverPriest08-01-28236-2675
HFC vs Guardíans wipe ;)Priest12-12-13203-2650
High Warlord Naj'entus by The Chain ofWarlock08-04-20194-5148
Hiril Amarth vs Al'akirPriest11-02-13310-2749
How to Rogue vs Hunter!Rogue11-11-09148-3261
How to solo Araj The Summoner as LevelMage06-11-01214.7112799
Huhuran tastes the drama of White RoseHunter06-08-0371-3029
Hunter pets CAN dance!Mage08-11-11214.8816113
Hurt -WoW music videoMage10-03-0185-6111
Hysteria Vs AzgalorWarlock08-08-1286-3324
I like big buttsUnknown08-01-30883.442668
I'm GMMage10-05-17115-9295
ICC25: Blood Council Maiori CedeHunter10-01-29118-4209
ICC25: Blood Queen: Maiori CedeHunter10-02-13112-3695
ICC25: Lich King: Maiori CedeHunter10-03-19678-5030
ICC25: Professor Putricide: Maiori CedHunter10-01-27162-4559
ICC25: Sindragosa: Maiori CedeHunter10-02-17169-3016
ICC25: Valithria Dreamwalker : Maiori Hunter10-02-04112-3942
ICC25HC: Blood Queen: Maiori CedeHunter10-04-04263-7188
ICC25HC: Deathbringer: Maiori CedeHunter10-04-03212-3644
ICC25HC: FestergutHunter10-03-30320-4483
ICC25HC: Lady Deathwhisper: Maiori CedHunter10-04-18169-5087
ICC25HC: Professor Putricide: Maiori CHunter10-05-25123-5738
ICC25HC: SindargosaHunter10-05-23151-5665
ICC25HC: Valithria Dreamwalker: MaioriHunter10-03-31431-3205
ICC: End Of Era Maiori CedeHunter10-10-291022-5618
Illidan Stormrage Solo - WarriorWarrior13-06-01321-15726
Illmyrins 2nd PvP MageMage06-04-1693-2954
Imba ToCMage09-11-1020-3472
Immortal Dawn of ImmortalPaladin08-04-3081-3456
in KarazhanMage09-05-3136-1811
In your face!Warrior05-09-13444.704635
Ingame WeddingPaladin06-05-18874.3113260
Innominate - Gate of the Setting Sun GShaman12-12-27182-7305
Innominate - Scarlet Halls Gold RunShaman12-12-18850-2810
Innominate - Stormstout Brewery Gold RShaman13-01-17825-4994
Innominate vs Atramedes HeroikMultiple11-02-17306-4299
Innominate vs Beth'tilac The Red WidowDruid11-07-17110-3149
Innominate vs Chimaeron HeroicShaman11-01-21667-2801
Innominate vs Cho'gall HeroicMultiple11-03-26603-2760
Innominate vs Council of Elders 25 HCShaman13-04-24126-6346
Innominate vs Durumu the Forgotten 25 Monk13-05-020-2130
Innominate vs Elegon 25 HCShaman12-10-31541-2741
Innominate vs Fankriss the UnyieldingPriest06-05-1582-2807
Innominate vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker HeroiShaman11-01-02297-3341
Innominate vs Jaraxxus Heroic - Rogue Rogue09-09-19312-4679
Innominate vs Magmaw Heroic with vt (mMultiple11-02-02126-2310
Innominate vs Maloriak HeroicShaman11-02-05445-2617
Innominate vs NefarianShaman11-01-02414-3211
Innominate vs Nefarian HeroicPaladin11-03-13592-2726
Innominate vs Omnotron Defense System Shaman11-02-10564-3557
Innominate vs Tortos 25 HcMonk13-05-020-1848
Innominate vs XT-002 - Rogue POVRogue09-04-26265-4486
Innominate vs XT-002 Hard mode.Rogue09-05-28439-5610
Innominate Vs. Algalon - Resto Shaman Shaman09-08-28234-6769
Innominate Vs. Anub'arak - Resto ShamaShaman09-10-25334-5454
Innominate Vs. Freya - Hard ModeRogue09-07-15370-6349
Innominate Vs. Halion Heroic - Resto SHunter10-07-15199-3387
Innominate Vs. Hodir - Rogue POVRogue09-04-21332-5828
Innominate Vs. HydrossWarrior07-04-20409-2539
Innominate Vs. KazzakWarrior07-04-0566-2747
Innominate Vs. Kologarn - Rogue POVRogue09-04-23225-4298
Innominate Vs. Lich King - Resto ShamaShaman10-03-05564-6859
Innominate Vs. Lich King Heroic - ServShaman10-06-12483-10049
Innominate Vs. Mimiron - Rogue PoVRogue09-05-02444-6536
Innominate Vs. Northrend Beasts - RoguRogue09-09-17450-4748
Innominate Vs. Thorim - Rogue POVRogue09-04-24387-5098
Innominate Vs. Twin Valkyrs - Resto ShShaman09-09-18231-3756
Innominate Vs. Yogg-Saron (0 keepers) Shaman09-11-18435-4769
INNOMINATE: Professor Putricide HeroicDeathknight10-04-06142-4432
Instinctivè 2350 rated DK.Deathknight09-05-223371.4921188
Invalid Target vs FelmystPriest08-08-08434-2891
Ironforge gank with 20 peoplePaladin10-07-29262-3645
Jaws... Is he back? Maybe its a traileUnknown07-10-10601.6014457
Juicy Fruits Vs. Professor Putricide 1Warrior10-03-22379-4465
Just some ExploitsPriest06-06-28682.102031
Kalecgos By Bellum Pax, Resto Shaman PShaman08-06-14823-6372
Kanrethad - Warlock Green Fire Finall Warlock14-04-13449-6979
Karazhan, Tower of MedivhUnknown06-02-14594.5720218
Kazzak does StormwindMage05-06-06224.5464870
Kazzak new lord of StormWindHunter05-06-05164.5017330
Kel'Thunzad Untouchable Burning LegionHunter09-04-17213-1722
Kel`thuzad KillDeathknight09-03-09181-1691
Kiss of deathShaman06-07-2725-1992
Kiss the Girl - WoW parodyMage10-02-1754-12188
Koci teh cow - Enh. shamanShaman06-07-07123-4090
Kult - The AwakeningPriest07-12-012712.344176
Lady Deathwhisper : Maiori CedeHunter10-01-05417-2831
Learn to jumpPaladin06-05-22460.8910575
Leave it to the paladinsPaladin06-10-02257-2139
Lechium Vs. FelmystHunter08-06-09487-7030
Lich King HM Vs. Innominate - Rogue PoRogue10-06-27267-9374
Life RouletteMage10-01-3168-4847
Linear vs. HKMWarlock09-06-0852-3463
LK 25 HC Vs. SignumPaladin10-07-07344-6723
Loftenword PVP I - Dead EndPriest08-01-064044.4223427
Lord Marrowgar HM vs Innominate - RoguRogue10-03-26369-5848
Lurds & Mymlu Warrior Arms and Shaman Warrior12-11-20456-6093
Lurker 2nd Kill of DvShaman08-01-31241-1777
Lurker Vs. ElegantWarlock08-06-14127-2197
Magtheridon Vs. DejaVuShaman08-04-17141-2188
Maiori Cede vs Maloriak 25HC (second kShaman11-03-13495-4093
Majordomo 10 Man - Resto Druid POV - HDruid11-11-04164-2369
Malygos 25manShaman08-12-13204-5771
Malygos 6 minPaladin09-04-10364-3325
Mantrid theNinja Mage PVP videoMage05-08-172764.64171644
Mar'li Slain - Mutation Team (Burning Warrior06-04-236-2133
Maraudon Solo (Full Run)Mage06-03-091843.509625
Marry Christmas - RaindeersWarrior08-06-19234.384463
MCN Vs. KJDruid08-11-10497-3767
Midello Warrior PvP Vol. 1 End of SeasWarrior12-09-16164-2320
Mind control fun!Priest08-11-252642.576678
Mordred - The Dark ProjectRogue06-08-253383.304461
Most epic arenas in WoW historyMage11-11-10106-3888
Music Video - CrazyRogue06-11-0214-2055
My wife, the dummyWarrior05-03-18103.687139
Nairogue WSG 20-29Rogue05-12-16943.572667
Nerothos - Frost Mage on Burning LegioMage05-09-132404.595106
No T5-6, We gets the bear!Multiple08-07-041186-2384
Northrend Teaser fanmadePaladin08-04-30531.673724
Not another Hyjal movie (It's fun tho)Paladin06-06-0868-2730
Not another low budget moviePaladin06-05-30461.267473
Nunnan IPriest07-12-11157-2970
Oblivion vs Northrend Beasts 10 ManMultiple11-05-1298-3596
Oblivion Vs Northrend Beasts 10 ManDruid11-05-1498-5538
Old Ironforge in colorWarlock05-04-05123.345245
Orgrimmar Raid (Burning Legion EU) 27/Hunter08-01-292184.563604
Outcasts Mount Hyjal SummaryWarrior08-06-1882-5532
Outcasts Vs. ArchimondeShaman08-02-2160-3185
Outcasts Vs. Illidan (first kill with Warrior08-07-035675.0032700
Outcasts Vs. Kael'thas SunstriderShaman08-01-20248-3036
Outcasts Vs. Shade Of AkamaShaman08-01-24124.002773
Outlaw Legends - PatchwerkShaman09-03-0858-1798
Pam1, MLS@2650, Shaman PoVShaman10-06-01607-9595
Patchwerk 10 man naxxShaman08-12-10248-6390
PC Rambo - Zawisz PRO (Ret 90 PvP)Paladin13-11-15471-94649
Permanent VS illidanWarlock08-07-25559-2665
Permanent Vs. kalecgos(warlock)Warlock08-09-13153-3283
Permanent Vs. kalecgos(warlock)Warlock08-09-13153-3451
Pierozeczek ft. Pydek, Destus, JasmineMage11-12-31457-2445
Polish Warrior - 5.2 Warrior PvP (HirnWarrior13-03-1394-5091
Priest falling to a safe death!Mage08-11-1214-2165
Princess Huhuran vs InnominatePriest06-07-1386-1886
Protection / Fury Warrior PvP - FULLWarrior07-12-013274.1261569
Ragefire Chasm dungeon runRogue12-02-05735-1874
Ragnaros 10 Normal by Asinum IgnisDruid11-07-15250-2757
Ragnaros Down Before SonsRogue06-02-1439-2473
Ragnaros Killed by NihilumPriest05-05-12954.3562506
RATPWNAGE in Mists of PandariaHunter12-09-05208-6905
Razorgore Killed by NihilumPriest05-08-0460-19999
Retri pala vs Warrior TBC 10.000 gold Paladin11-05-23140-6506
Road Trippin' - TehpwnRogue06-07-11273.924959
Rogue Action - Top 20 TrailerRogue07-03-06113.8414547
Rogue PvP arenasRogue12-08-04193-2338
Rogue Solo Guide High Priest Thekal (TRogue10-09-02110-7611
Rogue vs Frost Dk (How to) SRNRogue11-11-24730-4090
Rogue vs Ret Paladin Strategy Guide SRRogue11-11-17851-5948
Rogues vs Rogues (Tips)Warlock12-01-051145-2177
Rogues vs Warlocks (Tips)Rogue12-01-17336-3375
Rogues vs Warriors How to! (SRN)Rogue11-12-15138-17753
Rogues vs YOU (The Player)Rogue11-12-09646-14592
Rotface HM vs Innominate - Rogue PoVRogue10-03-24381-4915
Rotface: ICC25 Maiori CedeHunter10-01-23100-3219
Sartharion 3D 10 Man Speed KillShaman09-08-2648-8361
Save giant moonkinsUnknown10-03-1911-15661
Say You'll Be ThereMultiple07-02-1542-1644
Screwing with lowbiesRogue05-05-1563.353944
Seed of Corruption PowerGrinding!Warlock07-02-03234.005618
Seymour PvPWarlock06-12-03385-1340
Shadowfang Keep Dungeon RunRogue12-02-24201-2429
ShadowPriest Hybra - WfPriest06-08-301183.663326
Shaman+Dk 2000+Shaman09-03-31213-9305
Shandris Kite by Barbarzyncy ;-)Multiple11-02-27569-3689
Shotu+ggknight Take 2Multiple09-04-01425-1814
Signum vs Chimaeron 25 HeroicPaladin11-01-19119-2762
Signum vs Conclave of Wind 25 HCPaladin11-01-16174-3141
Signum vs Heroic Al'akir 25Paladin11-04-17666-4784
Signum vs Heroic Ascendant Council 25Paladin11-04-03455-7643
Signum vs Heroic Cho'gall 25Paladin11-03-10144-4632
Signum vs Heroic Magmaw 25Paladin11-01-31515-3186
Signum vs Heroic Nefarian 25Paladin11-03-14144-7429
Signum vs Heroic Omnotron Defense SystPaladin11-01-29764-2871
Signum vs Heroic Valiona and TheralionPaladin11-02-17132-4641
Signum vs Maloriak 25 HeroicPaladin11-01-16531-3895
Signum vs Sinestra 25 (Realm First)Paladin11-03-261094-4491
Sisters - A Gnomes TaleWarrior10-02-2362-4904
Sisters Of The Moon Against Orcish ArmRogue10-08-1133-4632
Slave Pens New Special BossWarlock08-06-27154-1605
Smok 2.0.1 Resto ShamanShaman06-12-314133.6411802
Sneakeh 3: RogueRogueRogue09-07-14457-42164
Sneakeh Rogue PvPRogue09-04-186153.3010867
Sneakeh Rogue PvP 2Rogue09-05-165254.0810819
Sneakeh Volume IV (2.1k+ RLS)Rogue09-09-05460-43347
Sokkt, 29 healing twinkPriest07-03-2136-2556
SoliduS 2400+ rated Mage PvpMage07-11-241683.3313278
Squirrels vs. Twins Val'kyr 25 HC RestShaman09-11-28476-3403
Steeringwheel MageMage10-11-17144-487832
Stormwind Stockade Dungeon RunRogue12-03-12198-2695
Stratholme VengeancePaladin05-04-131064.6824213
suasion vs maloriakShaman11-04-15265-2118
Sub Rogue 80 lvl PvP - (Pre Cata PatchRogue11-03-18266-4478
Swifty + Healer vs Shimazaki 1v2 arenMage14-01-1251-22042
Syndykat Guild Promo Movie vs Morchok Druid12-08-28178-4000
Tauren ate my grandma Vs. WinterchillPaladin08-04-07158-1518
Tauruso, the Balance DruidDruid05-11-201694.1416497
Teh Nuub ShammyShaman06-09-051743.985808
Terror run Ungore CraterPaladin06-05-31148-5686
Test MovieMage09-11-0111-5178
The forgotten painDruid06-04-11338-2912
The legend reborn does karathressRogue08-04-01306-2385
The Lich King 25Warlock10-04-05197-4243
The Masked HeroRogue06-11-143363.435859
The Naked RunRogue07-08-1920-4037
The Path of HellFireMultiple08-06-262274.568208
The real Nairogue 3Rogue06-06-20143-1946
The secret way to CthunWarlock11-02-02164-18562
The secret way to Kil'jaedenWarlock11-02-07190-21173
The World is ToxiqHunter06-01-17133-2516
Thebreed part 2 shs 2k+ arena sp/rogueRogue08-05-033063.397304
Thebreed PvPRogue07-09-141273.453807
theDust Immortal moviePaladin09-04-18409-1984
theDust vs Algalon 10Paladin09-09-10342-4128
theDust vs Blood Queen Lana'thel 25 HaPaladin10-03-14321-4247
theDust vs Freya (Hard Mode)Paladin09-08-23614-4521
theDust vs Mimiron (Hard Mode)Paladin09-08-29517-4021
theDust vs Profesor Putricide 25 Hard Paladin10-04-15412-4645
theDust vs Sindragosa 25 Hard ModePaladin10-04-05404-4355
theDust vs Thorim (Hard Mode)Paladin09-05-29434-3258
theDust vs UltraxionHunter11-12-25285-2287
theDust vs Warlord Zon'ozzHunter11-12-14243-17354
theDust vs Yor'sahj the UnsleepingHunter11-12-30178-3243
theDust Vs. General VezaxPaladin09-04-28418-2944
theDust Vs. General Vezax (Hard Mode)Paladin09-07-09539-4925
theDust Vs. Hodir (Hard Mode)Paladin09-05-25305-3024
theDust Vs. Iron Council (Hard Mode)Paladin09-05-17367-3545
theDust Vs. XT-002 DeconstructorPaladin09-06-14569-3844
theDust Vs. Yogg-saronPaladin09-04-30620-2148
theDust Vs. Yogg-saron (Hard Mode) ParPaladin09-08-20491-3989
theDust Vs. Yogg-saron (Hard Mode) ParPaladin09-08-20430-4875
Thiefcraft 3Rogue06-02-26212-2422
Thiefcraft 4Rogue06-03-113563.343466
Thorne PvP 70Druid08-02-15163-2853
Thunderfury for ArctictouchMultiple11-07-19283-3508
Thyraz - 3v3 Moonkin ActionDruid13-01-14156-18357
Thyraz - Boomkin Destroying 2v2Druid12-12-24187-7293
Thyraz - Boomkin/Ret 2v2 VS Feral/RshaDruid12-12-22219-5358
Thyraz - Moonkin World PvPDruid13-01-24157-10475
TotGC 25: Anub'arak vs theDust + TribuPaladin09-10-30477-5569
Trustmenot IWarrior13-06-12445-3844
Tutorial: Sony Vegas - Use of Masking Unknown08-07-041023.9414520
Twin Val'kyr 25 (Hard Mode) vs theDustPaladin09-09-30325-4916
UD Warrior is using a farming bot!Warrior06-02-26252.7916529
Ultima Ratio Vs. Kel'thuzad naxx 25Priest09-03-05247-1413
Umbra Draconis vs Argaloth 10m by SentHunter11-01-0392-3486
Unsterblich ! World of Warcraft:CataclWarrior11-11-1957-4243
Unsterblich World of Warcraft:CataclysWarrior11-05-18148-3830
Unsterblich.. Arms warrior PvPWarrior11-05-19164-3274
V-A PromoWarrior10-03-22187-2699
Valithria Dreamwalker HM vs InnominateRogue10-03-28381-5327
Victorinox spell damage paladin PvP PrPaladin06-07-232183.7361995
Vision in Razorfen DownsPaladin05-02-26864.0911034
Voidreaver vs DungeonMage08-08-1876-1668
Vuurer Arcane Fire MageMage07-09-151272.092891
Wanna raid nowMage10-05-0485-5833
Warcraft compilationMultiple08-04-1225-1632
Warcry vs Lady Deathwhisper (25 HC)Deathknight10-05-17215-3843
Warcry vs. Lady Deathwhisper 25.Paladin10-04-26188-2769
Warlock in TBC was OP !Warlock10-07-1353-5112
Warlock solo Algalon the Observer (UldWarlock12-12-0467-7271
Warlock solo Archavon the Stone WatcheWarlock12-08-1127-3270
Warlock solo Archimonde (Hyjal Summit)Warlock12-05-0776-10451
Warlock solo Assembly of Iron HM (UlduWarlock12-10-1659-4056
Warlock solo Auriaya (Ulduar10)Warlock12-09-0959-3100
Warlock solo Chess Event (Karazhan)Warlock12-11-1080-17142
Warlock solo Emalon the Storm Watcher Warlock12-09-1642-3969
Warlock solo Flame Leviathan HM + 4 ToWarlock12-11-1052-13081
Warlock solo Freya (Ulduar10)Warlock12-10-0595-5432
Warlock solo Freya HM + 3 Elders (UlduWarlock12-12-0173-4863
Warlock solo General Vezax HM (Ulduar1Warlock12-12-1862-11038
Warlock solo Grand Widow Faerlina (NaxWarlock12-08-1535-5171
Warlock solo Gruul (Gruul's Lair)Warlock12-08-0619-2604
Warlock solo Gunship Battle HC (ICC10)Warlock13-01-0872-20487
Warlock solo Halion HC (RS10)Warlock13-01-0877-28565
Warlock solo High King Maulgar (Gruul'Warlock12-08-0631-5767
Warlock solo High Warlord Naj'entus (BWarlock12-09-1324-12199
Warlock solo Hodir HM (Ulduar10)Warlock12-11-2146-5725
Warlock solo Ignis the Furnace Master Warlock12-09-0758-4304
Warlock solo Illidan Stormrage (Black Warlock12-09-0573-12153
Warlock solo Instructor Razuvious (NaxWarlock12-09-1038-13377
Warlock solo Kael'thas Sunstrider (TheWarlock12-11-08114-14271
Warlock solo Kel'Thuzad (Naxx10)Warlock12-04-24128-9862
Warlock solo Kil'jaeden (Sunwell PlateWarlock12-09-220-8311
Warlock solo Kologarn (Ulduar10)Warlock12-08-2369-12437
Warlock solo Koralon the Flame WatcherWarlock12-08-0649-2243
Warlock solo Lady Deathwhisper HC (ICCWarlock12-12-1165-7642
Warlock solo Lady Vashj (SSC)Warlock12-11-0298-31187
Warlock solo Lord Marrowgar HC (ICC10)Warlock12-12-0891-13013
Warlock solo M'uru (Sunwell Plateau)Warlock12-09-2155-4268
Warlock solo Maexxna (Naxx10)Warlock12-09-0841-7554
Warlock solo Magtheridon (Magtheridon'Warlock12-04-2568-5223
Warlock solo Malygos (EoE10)Warlock12-04-26137-7034
Warlock solo Mimiron (Ulduar10)Warlock12-09-10145-4875
Warlock solo Mimiron HM (Ulduar10)Warlock12-12-01138-9927
Warlock solo Onyxia (Onyxia's Lair 10)Warlock12-09-0561-6794
Warlock solo Ook-Ook HC (Stormstout BrWarlock12-12-12140-11110
Warlock solo Patchwerk (Naxx10)Warlock12-09-0737-6961
Warlock solo Razorscale (Ulduar10)Warlock12-09-0142-4182
Warlock solo Reliquary of Souls (BlackWarlock12-09-17187-5123
Warlock solo Thorim HM (Ulduar10)Warlock12-11-2783-24350
Warlock solo XT-002 Deconstructor (UldWarlock12-08-1664-3393
Warlock solo XT-002 Deconstructor HM (Warlock12-10-2360-6613
Warlock solo Yogg-Saron HM + 0 Light (Warlock13-01-01102-35044
Warrior PvP movie Battleground TerokkaWarrior09-10-25147-5047
Warrior pvp. decent editing. Sosober lWarrior09-12-06550-4137
Warsong Gulch 15-19lvl PvP BracketRogue12-01-26745-3027
Warsong Gulch 20-24lvl PvP BracketRogue12-02-17199-1956
Warsong Gulch 25-29lvl PvP BracketRogue12-03-09206-1956
Watch Him Die - 2xHoly Wrath KitingPaladin09-03-0379-6366
Why do the rogues need Intellect?Mage06-11-1625-4190
Word Of Warcraft :The Raid Era TrailerPaladin10-06-2883-3810
World 4th Iron Councill Hard ModeRogue09-05-082863.2512456
World of CowrunWarlock06-06-08461.005668
World of Noobcraft Episode 1: Meet NavRogue08-09-26243.078839
World of PokémonPaladin06-05-31340.9937417
World of Warcraft - Shadow of the NecrUnknown12-01-30128-9839
World of Warcraft Death Knight 85 LVL Deathknight13-04-07458-4063
World of Warcraft [Rogue leveling] - ERogue11-12-25714-2691
World of Warcraft [Rogue leveling] - ERogue11-12-26690-2169
World of Warcraft [Rogue leveling] - ERogue11-12-26717-2044
Worlds highest Shadowpriest dps (NethePriest08-07-0888-13379
WoW - The Deadmines runRogue12-01-31207-2153
WoW GOLD FarmMage07-09-11224.45182757
WoW Radioactive (a story)Unknown13-08-0839-11646
WoW [Battleground] - Arathi Basin 10-1Rogue12-01-16850-2042
WoW [Battleground] - Warsong Gulch 10-Rogue12-01-14880-2644
WoW [PvP Montage] - Warsong Gulch 10-1Rogue12-01-16185-2116
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 10: SpiRogue12-01-22856-2108
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 11: LakRogue12-02-05867-2874
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 12: LikRogue12-02-08203-2024
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 13: BraRogue12-02-10869-2356
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 14: RenRogue12-02-18862-2253
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 15: DriRogue12-02-22335-2282
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 16: TheRogue12-02-28835-1722
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 17: GotRogue12-03-02206-2384
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 18: TheRogue12-03-13836-2090
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 6: HoggRogue11-12-31800-2102
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 7: FurbRogue12-01-03868-1820
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 8: HarvRogue12-01-04783-2739
WoW [Rogue leveling] - Episode 9: FeedRogue12-01-20207-1861
WoW [World Event] - Darkmoon Faire ParRogue12-01-07595-1913
WoW [World Event] - Darkmoon Faire ParRogue12-01-07597-1866
WoW [World Event] - Love is in the AirRogue12-02-16209-2117
WoW [World Event] - Lunar FestivalRogue12-01-24151-2360
Wrath of the Lich King (Glamour) -TraiMage10-02-1331-4515
WRW Rank 14 MontarloWarrior06-06-04782.632527
Xevian and Vojaczek - Double Frost MagMage10-04-08418-16449
Yogg- Saron: Maiori CedeHunter10-05-25296-5909
ZA 2 Healers Timed Run / Tomme does itShaman08-02-27446-4995
Zetalot - 'Journey To Lvl 90'Mage13-01-29724-6478
Zetalot - Mage AddictionMage13-06-04123-4017
[World 1st Bugfree] Warlock solo ThaddWarlock12-10-1836-25773
[World 1st] Warlock solo Anub'arak HC Warlock12-11-0370-9973
[World 1st] Warlock solo Faction ChampWarlock12-10-3070-17174
[World 1st] Warlock solo Lord JaraxxusWarlock12-10-2853-3491
[World 1st] Warlock solo Northrend BeaWarlock12-10-2798-3460
[World 1st] Warlock solo Toravon the IWarlock12-10-0745-5198
[World 1st] Warlock solo Val'kyr TwinsWarlock12-10-3147-5215