Server view : Doomhammer

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
- Warlock PvP Movie -Warlock06-07-231032.286862
1.5 Nopai [Druid Restovolution]: Cry tDruid08-05-1180-6151
1vs3 warriorWarrior11-10-11137-8320
3 Horde Vs OrgrimmarRogue05-08-04613.167507
5 man maidenHunter07-07-0376-3292
A Druid's PvP Restovolution #1 Cry to Druid08-04-22842.4113520
A Night In Deadmines (Forte Version)Paladin05-08-15494.408305
Ahn'Qiraj promotion movieMultiple06-12-0927-3947
Aiao Vs. General Vezax 10 manPaladin09-05-04136-8390
Another Feral DruidDruid07-11-021273.6712628
Another normal day in Ex CineribusMultiple11-08-2572-7274
Asmoday doing ZGMultiple07-06-15502.443450
Auriaya 25man - PTR 3.1.0Hunter09-03-25218-12615
Balance - 1st MCHunter06-05-3153-4137
Be our BretherenMultiple05-05-18394.559406
Blood QueenMage10-02-1582-6600
Brewfest - Vodka [lvl 80 ETC]Unknown09-09-2154-11484
Broken Fate - Rogue PvPRogue06-05-241753.947943
Cataclysm - Improved SheepMage10-07-1358-87117
CoT, Up the wallsPaladin06-04-0414-4074
Craigpatton Presents - Lethality Vol.IRogue10-03-15214-5079
Déjà Vu vs Al'ar Phoenix GodShaman08-10-13230-5090
Deja Vu vs Yogg-SaronMage09-09-2092-4703
Dev Gaming: Fall of the Lich KingDeath Knight10-06-27397-7447
Die Safe Vs. Blackwing LairMultiple06-11-30188-4733
DM West ghost farming for Libram of FoWarlock06-03-0224-16119
EG kill Anub'RekhanMage06-08-02234-2608
EG kill Heigan the UncleanMage06-08-24243-2649
EG kill Instructor RazuviousMage06-07-30894.005787
EG kill Noth the PlaguebringerMage06-10-08128-2539
EG kill PatchwerkMage06-08-18147-2712
EG Vs. Al'arWarlock07-06-07408-7859
EG Vs. ArchimondeWarlock07-09-10127-17536
EG vs. AzgalorWarlock07-08-193114.5027258
EG Vs. BrutallusWarlock08-04-083374.8128172
EG Vs. Eredar TwinsWarlock08-05-143064.2046384
EG Vs. FelmystWarlock08-04-144394.6722953
EG vs. Gurtogg BloodboilWarlock07-08-193174.8318004
EG Vs. High Astromancer SolarionWarlock07-06-051134.389824
EG Vs. Illidan StormrageWarlock07-09-241275.0032643
EG Vs. Illidari CouncilWarlock07-09-11127-18754
EG Vs. Kael'Thas SunstriderWarlock07-06-285134.9530126
EG Vs. KalecgosWarlock08-03-303374.8124283
EG Vs. Kaz'rogal (3rd Hyjal Summit bosUnknown07-07-10236-17719
EG Vs. Lady VashjWarlock07-06-03289-10154
EG Vs. Leotheras the Blind (warlock taWarlock07-05-152855.0032542
EG Vs. MIMIRONShaman09-04-22659-2601
Eg Vs. MimironShaman09-05-13659-1890
EG Vs. Mother ShahrazWarlock07-09-10127-11529
EG Vs. Naj'entusWarlock07-07-112784.679371
EG Vs. Rage WinterchillUnknown07-06-29297-13556
EG vs. Reliquary of SoulsWarlock07-08-19357-20630
EG vs. Shade of AkamaWarlock07-07-14135-8171
EG vs. SupremusWarlock07-07-14352-7958
EG Vs. Teron GorefiendWarlock07-07-17204-8416
EG Vs. The Lurker Below (warlock P.O.VWarlock07-05-192915.0026067
EG Vs. Void ReaverWarlock07-06-032734.639921
EG Vs. Zul'Amans endboss ZulJin 2.3 PTWarlock07-10-161264.8634955
EG Vs.Hydross the Unstable (pre 2.1 paWarlock07-05-243255.0020695
Egays Go West (Music Video)Multiple06-08-01824.1819573
Emalon the Storm Watcher 25manHunter09-03-28285-12809
Emanate Vs. Fathom-Lord KarathressShaman08-09-26112-2699
Emanate Vs. Leotheras The BlindShaman08-09-26118-2381
Emanate Vs. Rage WinterchillShaman08-09-2596-2906
Eternal Gathering vs Lich King HeroicDruid10-06-21280-6392
Eternal Gathering Vs. Halion 25 HeroicWarrior10-07-07464-17748
Eternal Gathering Vs. Halion HeroicDruid10-07-05366-6294
Eternal Gathering Vs. Lich King 25 HerWarrior10-06-20292-6458
Eternal Gathering Vs. Yogg Saron 25mShaman09-05-12524-2057
Ethernal Gathering VS Kil'JaedenDruid08-08-19343-4379
Everyday Normal GuyPaladin08-05-13442.7512891
Faceroll Easymode 1Paladin09-09-07149-10699
Farewell Wotlk - Expansion in ten minuPaladin10-11-13382-21183
Feral Instinct Rank 13 DruidDruid06-03-011484.387402
Fereh - multiclass pvp trailerMultiple10-04-0613-26556
Flame Leviathan 25man - PTR 3.1.0Hunter09-03-25309-17035
Flame Leviathan 3 manRogue09-08-2220-7569
Fwinchent - Warrior PvPWarrior07-09-013173.3018429
Gate of setting sun pt 1Death Knight13-01-27189-4534
Gate of setting sun pt 2Death Knight13-01-27328-9645
Gate of setting sun pt 3Death Knight13-01-27136-4340
Gruul - by desecrationPaladin08-09-26378-2514
Halls of Stone - Random HeroicHunter10-04-09127-9175
Hidden stormwind photos, and behind baMage11-01-2681-18462
Highlights of Wotlk trailerMultiple09-07-3171-10406
History of the ImmortalityMultiple11-05-08252-4310
Hunfufu, lvl 70 shadowpriest mixed PVPPriest07-12-181212.308412
Hunter epic questHunter06-08-0671-3777
HYDRA vs. ArgalothMage11-01-12501-4571
Icecrown Shakedown 3/4Paladin10-12-07209-23572
Immortality (Doomhammer EU) vs Magmaw Multiple11-05-03514-4450
Inevitable 1 Year AnniversaryShaman08-04-2525-2642
Inevitable Vs. AuriayaRogue09-05-26239-4052
Inevitable Vs. BrutallusRogue08-04-11228-5440
Inevitable Vs. Eredar TwinsRogue08-06-192124.176630
Inevitable Vs. FelmystRogue08-04-30370-4641
Inevitable Vs. FreyaRogue09-06-01266-6539
Inevitable Vs. Gurtogg BloodboilRogue07-10-30127-3100
Inevitable vs. High Warlord Naj'entusRogue07-11-04208-3411
Inevitable Vs. HodirRogue09-05-28227-4021
Inevitable Vs. IgnisRogue09-05-16179-3931
Inevitable Vs. Illidan StormrageRogue07-12-05708-4815
Inevitable vs. Illidari CouncilRogue07-11-24389-3944
Inevitable Vs. Iron CouncilRogue09-05-24273-7075
Inevitable Vs. Iron Council (Hard ModeMultiple09-06-16306-59524
Inevitable Vs. KalecgosRogue08-04-07242-4393
Inevitable Vs. KologarnRogue09-05-26195-7223
Inevitable Vs. MimironRogue09-06-02426-6703
Inevitable Vs. Mother ShahrazRogue07-11-14255-3319
Inevitable Vs. RazorscaleRogue09-05-13249-4115
Inevitable Vs. Reliquary of SoulsRogue07-11-07250-3555
Inevitable vs. Shade of AkamaRogue07-11-03171-3144
Inevitable Vs. SupremusRogue07-11-15273-3673
Inevitable vs. Teron GorefiendRogue07-10-28127-3208
Inevitable Vs. ThorimRogue09-05-29237-6807
Inevitable Vs. XT-002Rogue09-05-19233-7467
Inevitable Vs. Yogg-SaronRogue09-06-10451-15109
Infidels Vs. Gruul the DragonkillerHunter08-02-15126-2875
Izzo, 60 Rogue, PvP MovieRogue07-01-04111-4652
Jaeron PvPWarrior08-02-267234.6137564
Jonone PvPPaladin06-08-29136-2695
Khold - I LOL On Your GraveMage06-09-202064.3110854
Khold - Uden LoMage06-10-172633.905518
Kunmercey - Hearth Of A KeroRogue11-03-2582-6033
Lakupaavi Warrior (trailer)Warrior11-01-19232-4266
Lawbringer? Byebye!Paladin06-06-0919-3087
Lich King (movie style)Paladin10-11-06225-13251
LoA VS Twin Emperors!Druid06-05-20228-10969
MCR - Dessert Song WoWPaladin06-08-1355-3446
Mimiron 25man - PTR 3.1.0Hunter09-03-241744.7120299
Minuscule MurderRogue06-09-082803.135907
Molten Core - Garr ( Protection PaladiPaladin09-01-05151-3982
More Dakka - Doomhamer EU - Cho'gal 10Warlock11-06-07140-6360
Mozart - The First Symphony - Young inWarlock07-02-211192.586656
Nature's WrathShaman06-03-212103.002375
Negligent Discharge vs Gara'jal the SpRogue12-11-03162-28296
Negligent Discharge vs The Spirit KingRogue12-11-0492-58484
Never say NeverRogue09-06-15149-7825
Never Say Never 2, What Rogues are RolRogue11-03-2497-8606
Ni HaoMultiple17-04-271568-21627
Ni Hao Vs Mimiron HMPaladin09-08-25493-6114
Ni Hao Vs RazorscalePaladin09-06-08360-4920
Ni Hao vs Tomb of SargerasDemon Hunter17-11-071839-20042
Ni Hao Vs. FreyaPaladin09-06-07420-2179
Ni Hao Vs. General VezaxPaladin09-06-08435-3972
Ni Hao Vs. Ingis The Furnace MasterPaladin09-04-29569-2878
Ni Hao Vs. Kel'ThuzadPaladin09-02-18277-1759
Ni Hao Vs. MimironPaladin09-05-12572-2181
Ni Hao Vs. XT-002 DeconstructorPaladin09-06-08171-4764
Ni Hao Vs. Yogg SaronPaladin09-06-08876-5133
No Surrender No RetreatWarrior06-07-243273.502243
Nordanvind Vs. C'thunMage06-11-28175-2875
Nordanvind Vs. OuroMage06-11-23239-2194
Nuxe in your face! Arms PvPWarrior10-08-01154-7099
Ogre doing PavarottiUnknown05-05-0834.5417810
One little gnomeRogue07-12-05451.283266
Onyxia ( Protection Paladin Solo )Paladin09-01-05165-3782
Paladin 101Paladin06-06-09269-3123
QE vs Baleroc + preview of the new unlPaladin11-05-18455-12799
QE vs Conclave 10 heroic.Rogue11-02-16274-9812
Quelm Vs. Assembly of IronMage09-08-12156-5995
Quelm vs. HodirMage09-07-2976-5163
Questionable Ethics vs Alysrazor (PTR)Warrior11-05-18118-5962
Questionable Ethics vs Atramedes 10 HCDruid11-04-04379-6608
Questionable Ethics vs Beth'tilac 10 MDruid11-07-16540-9469
Questionable Ethics vs Chimaeron 10 HCDruid11-04-16452-23353
Questionable Ethics vs Conclave of theRogue11-04-1485-17023
Questionable Ethics vs Magmaw 10 HCDruid11-03-28513-7799
Questionable Ethics vs Maloriak 10 HCDruid11-04-04621-12315
Questionable Ethics vs Nefarian 10 HCDruid11-04-02700-8690
Questionable Ethics vs Ragnaros 10 NorMultiple11-07-03810-18816
Ragnaros 10, Rogue PoVRogue11-07-17402-5730
Ragnaros Solo'd - Warrior, SíléncéWarrior10-06-19139-7465
Rayde 85 DK PvP - Incureable Plague 2Death Knight11-04-02178-8658
Reign of Fire Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerWarrior08-05-01447-2880
Return of the GnomeWarrior07-11-011273.655100
Return of the GnomeWarrior07-11-011273.547042
Revolt - Gruul the DragonkillerRogue08-05-28123-5079
Revolt - NightbaneRogue08-05-22115-4363
Rising Dreams Vs. ArchimondePriest07-11-20325-2528
Risng Dreams vs. MorogrimHunter07-09-16127-2083
Rogue Rage part 1Rogue06-05-1648-2459
Rotten & Nuzzy 2v2 Arena Rogue/LockWarlock11-10-07157-8130
Ruby Sanctum the MoviePaladin10-10-0161-10151
Ruthless Demise Vs. GrobbulusDruid09-01-15306-1595
Saphired 80 Warrior DoomhammeWarrior09-03-05100-2570
Sartharion10+3 Drakes killed in 71 secRogue09-04-101145.0013174
Scarlet HallsDeath Knight13-01-28602-7126
Shield of Azeroth - The Druid DanceDruid07-05-28912.388666
Sindragosa 25 HeroicWarrior10-05-12139-3896
Sinestra 10man by Questionable EthicsPaladin11-04-21151-11532
Síra does KarahzanDeath Knight09-01-31437-6573
Skyline promo - Senseless stuntsPaladin09-09-0670-7422
Some Stupid Shammy ThingsShaman06-07-09424.163585
Tharr N' Zar's FreakshowMultiple06-08-08543.824903
The A-Team (4 man the Gnome King)Rogue08-06-16972.3310947
The DreamWarrior10-09-2879-9044
The Frozen Memoriam - SpoilerUnknown10-02-1555-8943
The Journey of Doom - WoW Movie Part 1Unknown11-01-01160-8531
The Real ArenaRogue13-05-08152-9049
The WarriorWarrior10-09-2043-20169
Thorim Easy mode-Jeraiya hunter povHunter09-06-18166-5473
TNL vs LK 10 hcRogue10-10-30551-6551
To Reign of Fire with love!!!Multiple06-08-15523.755847
Unknown Vs. Kaz'rogalWarlock07-12-21146-2193
Unknown Vs. Lady VashjWarlock07-12-20530-2885
Unknown Vs. LeotherasWarlock07-12-21290-2149
Unknown Vs. Lurker belowWarlock07-12-21168-2299
Waking UpUnknown10-03-1088-7748
Warrior - Priest 2v2Warrior11-09-29396-12084
Warrior - Priest 2v2 vs Warrior - ret Warrior11-10-0567-9146
Warrior bg . WSGWarrior11-09-29254-5431
Warrior wotlk duelsWarrior14-01-17406-9689
Why So Serious Vs. Gothik The HarvesteShaman09-01-2033-1705
World of Warcraft - Quinta Alba -Multiple08-03-3114-2200
Wotlk the Movie - Icecrown Citadel parPaladin10-09-28598-8343
Wotlk the Movie - Icecrown Citadel parPaladin10-09-28225-7557
Wotlk the Movie - Icecrown Citadel parPaladin10-09-26758-7392
WoW 85 Death Knight Rayde PvP - IncureDeath Knight11-03-20415-9639
WoW 85 DK Rayde PvP - 4.1 CataclysmDeath Knight11-05-07762-11713
Xanato 70 Mage PvPMage07-07-171583.566918
Xanato 70 Mage PVP 2Mage07-11-032573.9353756
Yippi - The life of a twinkWarrior06-06-061472.179226