Server view : Runetotem

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
10-man PutricidePaladin10-03-18169-4081
2-man Onyxia on PTR (retri-pala and diPriest08-10-024343.675456
5 Boxing Heroic MechMultiple08-10-03217-5145
5 Boxing Heroic MechMultiple08-10-04232-3609
Archimonde DownWarlock08-11-07227-1763
Awaiting WSGWarrior06-05-195-3701
Beds Are BurningMage07-12-19553.255205
Beliar - Let the fire of hell touch thWarlock06-03-012124.594779
Beliar PVPWarlock12-04-22217-4175
Bit - ConfessionsWarrior07-06-011853.793284
Bit - Warrior PvPWarrior07-01-044594.005894
Blood for the BloodgodPriest05-10-101404.2811057
Blood Prince Council 25-manPaladin10-04-05119-4750
Blood-Queen Lana'thel 10-manPaladin10-03-10155-4690
BRAVE Vs. DarnassusMultiple08-08-04142-1752
BRAVE Vs. Sartharion (10) with 3 drakeMultiple09-03-23198-2014
Brave Vs. Yogg-Saron 25 (Normal mode)Shaman09-06-16331-6112
Brave | UlduarPaladin09-07-0483-7159
Brinoc - Prot PvP(WSG fun)Paladin09-09-18145-12850
Crazy Flying TricksMultiple08-06-21112.757616
Da purrin' priest, mon!Priest07-09-19176-6532
Dear Santa...Multiple07-12-24502.755754
Deknosh - Beast Mastery Arena BurstHunter12-11-05349-4551
Deknosh - Beast Mastery Arena Burst #3Hunter12-11-14270-5141
Deknosh - Beast Mastery Arena Burst voHunter12-11-07317-4112
DK PvP 85 Tafad PreveiwDeathknight11-01-2786-6496
Dracarys Vs. NalorakkPriest07-12-1387-1705
Dragon Soul - Madness of Deathwing 25-Paladin11-12-01166-9430
Dragon Soul - Morchok 25-man Heroic MoPaladin11-12-08389-4433
DragonLance vs Atramedes 25Priest11-02-24355-3159
DragonLance vs Magmaw 25Priest11-02-24310-4199
Dreadsteed: Defending the summoning ciWarlock05-05-131453.8810857
Dreadsteed: Summoning the DreadsteedWarlock05-05-16284.6123367
Drunk ICC10 PuG's - RunetotemMage10-06-09284-3295
Enhacment Shaman DPSShaman09-11-1814-7155
Enigma - Beyond The Dark PortalShaman07-12-20182-5548
Eranikus killed on RunetotemWarlock06-01-191724.9411623
Exploration of GreywallHunter06-08-2211-2018
Falling from the SkyMage07-02-262444.657005
Falling from the Sky - Vol 2Mage07-06-092634.5519337
Falling from the Sky - Vol 3Mage07-07-102614.1915410
Fanatik - WoW (5.4) - Mage PvP - InsanMage13-11-1375-64448
Feral druid 8.8k dps on XT-002Druid09-07-10131-30609
Fireblood & MissankaMage10-05-23125-6996
Fireblood Arcane PvP 2Mage10-05-30333-10328
Fireblood goes alliance PvPMage10-07-21245-5204
Fireblood The Movie 1Mage10-06-27373-8724
Flame Levithan By BorderlineDruid09-04-23552-2163
Foenix Trailer - RunetotemMage06-10-1666-3421
Foenix Vs. C'ThunRogue09-02-01446-1636
Forsaken vs. AnetheronShaman08-08-23277-6033
Forsaken Vs. MagtheridonShaman08-05-01192-5233
Forsaken Vs. NalorakkShaman08-03-12165-6119
From the Cold - Undergeared Mage PvPMage08-03-16902.063239
Frost Mage PvP 90 - [Fanatik]Mage12-11-12191-10667
Frost Mage PvP 90 - [Fanatik] #2Mage12-11-13176-14581
Frost Mage PvP 90 - [Fanatik] #3Mage12-11-14203-6016
Frost Mage PvP 90 - [Fanatik] #4Mage12-11-14152-6511
Frost Mage PvP 90 - [Fanatik] #5Mage12-12-05163-6353
Geeky TrollsShaman07-12-201053.814714
Gehennas on RunetotemMage05-07-07643.885873
Genesis - Runetotem - vs. DeathbringerMultiple10-01-06100-4486
Genesis vs Festergut 10 man, Special EPaladin10-01-27225-4467
Genesis vs Lady Deathwisper, 25-manMultiple10-01-10238-3021
Genesis vs. RazorscaleMage10-01-11143-3342
Genesis vs. Saurfang 25Mage10-01-17139-4530
Genesis, Runetotem EU, vs Marrowgarr 2Paladin10-01-09169-4419
Gnome Race for The Burning Crusade BetMultiple06-11-09344.7325990
Gunship Battle (25-man)Paladin10-01-15131-4581
Harrison Jones And The Temple Of UldumShaman11-06-14633-5270
Helevorn, the beast withinDruid07-06-14486-3105
Heritage Recruitment TeaserMultiple09-11-0869-4252
High Quality Assembly of Iron (incl. CMage09-06-08521-5838
High Quality Auriaya (incl. CommentaryMage09-05-11550-4592
High Quality Emalon the Storm WatcherMage09-05-01431-5634
High Quality Flame Leviathan (incl. CoMage09-04-262514.336723
High Quality Freya (incl. Commentary)Mage09-05-22542-4681
High Quality General Vezax (incl. CommMage09-06-08480-6518
High Quality Ignis the Furnace Master Mage09-04-23652-5244
High Quality Kologarn (incl. CommentarMage09-05-07392-4145
High Quality Mimiron (incl. CommentaryMage09-06-05591-5539
High Quality Razorscale (incl. commentMage09-05-055524.7014181
High Quality Thorim (incl. Commentary)Mage09-06-19445-9438
I Requìem reclutano!Paladin10-11-2528-4697
Illidan, Knights of Honor first killMage08-04-16361-3544
Kaelthas Sunstrider Vs. Knights Of HonWarlock07-11-30318-2519
Kjuller - Fury/Prot Warrior - PvPWarrior11-02-17368-7710
Kjuller - PvP MovieWarrior11-02-19221-12410
Legio Septima Vs. Al'ar - Fase 1Priest08-06-09730-2438
LK kill by UTMage10-04-16256-3257
Looking For RaidMage12-01-021590-8549
Lowcost FlightpathRogue07-04-181884.789592
Nefarian - Knights of HonorMage06-06-08177-2816
Newcomers From HellShaman08-01-24165-7578
Nightfall Vs. Sartharion 3 drakesWarlock09-03-12227-2426
Noob mage owning ThunderfuryMage05-12-2192.386390
Noobiest 3 rogue twinkRogue07-10-261272.836210
Noobiest twinkie Rogue 83%dodgeRogue07-05-071002.5211230
Northern Sky Is Storming The CitadelMage10-06-05731-4994
Operation IronforgeDruid06-05-1371-2156
Pandaren Starting AreaMultiple12-05-01567-6142
Patch 3.3 trailer (fanmade)Unknown09-11-09103-11671
Rapture IntroPaladin05-07-04184.205788
Requìem vs Yor'sahjPaladin12-04-281194-4887
Reveille and Guidrigildo PvP (Under Shaman07-11-24157-2036
Revolution VS GunshipsDruid10-01-2954-3887
Rogue mage arenaMage08-07-2465-8797
Silence - Furag, Elemental ShamanShaman07-07-111302.3810414
Slackers do KurinnaxxPriest06-03-0256-3715
Smack my Drood up!Druid07-11-1032-1945
Snakepliskin's Epic MoviePaladin09-01-2768-1610
Solo: The Ata'mal Terrace (Shadowlord Hunter07-06-10313.885834
Solo: Varedis must be stoppedHunter07-06-04893.9212217
Sry i can't heal - Im in shadowformPriest06-09-28137-2319
Tears Of The Dragon : Gold RushRogue06-08-19222.792244
Temple Of The Jade SerpentMage12-05-06163-23840
The Armadillo PvP MovieWarlock07-10-09127-1602
The CoreMage07-12-19413.564006
THH Vs. GruulDruid07-05-17124-1841
Time To EndPriest12-02-03117-8602
TMP vs Blood Prince CouncilMultiple10-01-29130-5040
TMP Vs. XT-002 DeconstructorMultiple09-05-06232-4368
Toravon 25 manPaladin10-02-1350-3469
Twin Emperors by Knights Of HonorWarlock06-10-03218-3904
Two passengers flying mountPaladin11-04-25139-4865
Vanilla guild promo presummer announceMultiple11-06-07425-4387
vanilla guild vs Atramedes 10 man normPriest11-02-17171-4467
Vanilla Guild vs maloriak 25 man normaPriest11-02-18167-3990
Voice of war Vs. maghterionPaladin07-08-2997-1954
Warlock Soloing Jekyll FlandringWarlock05-09-131384.324730
Warlock Soloing VolchanWarlock05-08-02203.379336
White and NerdyMultiple06-12-18222.083319
World of Warcraft - MoP (5.3) - Frost Mage13-10-2780-6406
World of Warcraft - MoP (5.4) - Fire MMage13-10-27139-16561
World of Warcraft - MoP (5.4) - Frost Mage13-10-27107-28503
World of Warcraft - MoP (5.4) - Frost Mage13-10-27150-19845
World of Warcraft 5.4 MoP - Rikimaru iRogue13-10-3098-18880
XT-002 DeconstructorMage09-04-23353-5053
Yogg-saron 25man by MachineMage09-05-15672-3472
Zolc - Ex GrandMarshal WarriorWarrior06-09-14201.374819
Zolc - Grand Marshal WarriorWarrior06-09-10201.3825918
[Dragon Soul LFR Guide] Hagara The StoPaladin12-02-02412-4750