Server view : Shadowsong

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
10 Druids in Blackwing Descent of DruiDruid11-11-09578-29156
10 druids in Heart of Fear Part 1Druid13-05-11185-11855
10 druids in Heart of Fear Part 2Druid13-05-15100-10409
10 Druids in Vaults: Feng the AccursedDruid13-04-12100-13355
2v2 arena retri paladin montagePaladin12-11-09178-2137
3am version 1 - Mennu the betrayer solHunter07-03-191603.202946
3v3 RMPPriest08-04-18852.037563
Actar 2Rogue09-09-12568-10194
Adzanimal (NE rogue) PvPRogue07-01-01147-1719
Akércy PvP - Rogue & MageMultiple10-06-1058-3696
An Orcs Point of View - BlizzardMultiple13-09-18351-9692
Animashka bgRogue09-02-245852.403339
AQ20 SoloDruid09-04-29102-2051
Arcane MageMage09-10-06257-25200
Ashen PVP #1Warlock05-12-172504.9022438
Ashen PVP #2 - Ashes to AshesWarlock06-02-172344.828370
Ashen PVP #3 - Dust to Dust (Warlock)Warlock06-05-192354.8336655
Atramedes 10-man heroic by PXIMultiple11-02-27348-3920
Automatic vs. Gurtogg BloodboilRogue07-08-25127-3393
Automatic Vs. Leotheras The BlindMage07-05-31171-2725
Automatic Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerMage07-05-30153-3403
Beyond Infinity in Sunwel Part 1Hunter08-11-09656-3273
Blood Elven BladesRogue07-11-071781.835062
Blood Elven Blades 2Rogue07-11-261472.489034
Blood is BalancedDeathknight11-12-07107-7174
Blood is Balnced 2 (v2)Deathknight11-12-15999-31453
Bloodknights 1Paladin08-09-14411-3767
Bohemia UIMage09-04-29138-2158
Bony - Rank 12 ShadowpriestPriest07-01-11353-4305
Bring out the batDeathknight09-09-28163-5978
Cataclysm Warrior Guide Arms 4.0 - 4.0Warrior10-11-300-12938
COI - Black Temple MovieDruid08-03-094285.0014488
COI vs M'uru (resto druid)Druid08-07-23221-6147
COI Vs. Thorim10 (Hard) - Resto DruidDruid09-05-13212-3491
Core of Insight - Zul'Aman SpeedrunDruid08-02-02970-15414
Core of Insight Vs. BrutallusDruid08-04-22207-6997
Core of Insight Vs. KalecgosDruid08-04-05195-4724
Core of Insight Vs. Kel'ThuzadRogue07-05-312653.565243
Core of Insight Vs. LeotherasPaladin07-05-30168-2569
Core of Insight Vs. Morogrim TidewalkePaladin07-05-30199-2725
Cratuu (lvl 60 shadow priest pvp)Priest13-09-23788-7770
Criticised vs Maloriak (10)Paladin11-01-27338-2262
Crusade Gaming PvPMage11-01-24138-5099
Dance for the Horde!Rogue05-07-10214.5911229
Death GripDruid10-06-27183-16011
Decus 5 - Fire ForeverMage10-07-25525-74446
Decus III: Balls of FrostMage09-10-02371-40177
Decus IV - Fire & Frost PvPMage10-04-23620-37156
Deepholm - Frost Mage PvP | VacationMage11-01-1735-2662
Demolock pvpWarlock09-02-06173-5665
Derwnil - Fire Mage PvPMage09-12-21537-21777
DM as a mageMage06-02-0914-3275
DM east with 2Warlock05-12-2340-3701
Dragons of the NorthPaladin09-01-14530-2344
Drelob - You just got frapsedRogue07-11-20373-1988
Drelob - You just got frapsed !Rogue07-11-19373-1879
Druid Raid in ICC - Part 2Druid10-08-05373-9381
Druid-Only Flex SoO: MalkorokDruid14-02-05121-27089
Druids of the BeastDruid14-01-14137-36304
Druids of the Beast Druid raid in ICC Druid10-07-13103-17009
Druids of the Beast funniest festergutDruid10-09-1893-10890
Druids of the Beast More Dots achievemDruid10-07-15167-5915
Endless Vs. Halazzi (warlock PoV)Warlock08-05-1270-4980
Endless Vs. Rage WinterchillWarlock08-06-08108-1696
Faceroll: The way of the engineer!Paladin09-03-212304.5023389
Feral Druid in Troves of the ThunderkiDruid13-03-1925-4504
Feral Druid in Troves of the ThunderkiDruid13-03-300-9281
Feral Druid in Troves of the ThunderkiDruid13-03-3173-7115
Firefighter 10-manMage09-08-26221-5273
Firemage BattlegroundsMage13-06-171050-3742
Firemage BattlegroundsMage13-06-161050-4179
Fury Vs Blackhorn HCDruid12-04-021158-3147
Fury vs Halion 10 HeroicPaladin10-07-1091-4354
Fury vs Heroic 25 PutricideDruid10-06-29258-4088
Fury Vs Heroic Blood Queen Lana'thelDruid10-07-01176-3716
Fury Vs Heroic Lady DeathwhisperDruid10-07-03199-3327
Fury Vs Heroic SaurfangDruid10-07-03140-2558
Garrosh's Defensive LineUnknown13-10-29123-11545
Going Down?Druid09-02-2210-3344
Good Bye, Nogg AholicWarrior07-01-10114.7111797
Heroic 10 Blood-Queen LanathelMage10-03-07193-5635
Heroic: OrbituaryMage09-07-04146-4336
Hive vs Conclave of Wind 25 HCWarrior11-05-21463-2548
Hive vs Nefarian 25 HCWarrior11-06-14154-3537
Hive vs Omnitron Defense System 25 HCShaman11-05-23132-4694
Hodir HardMage09-06-26100-5817
Horned Gnome ElixirMultiple10-06-17160-4509
Hotaru - Kel'thuzad 10 man killHunter08-12-1187-3288
How to get behind the locked portal inWarrior05-11-23364.0712073
How To SOLO tame the bat from ZGHunter06-01-101053.9414071
I Am EleqzWarrior11-11-07434-2812
IF's Airport whitout wallwalkingMage06-02-137-4329
Illidan Stormrage 3.1 AchievementPaladin09-07-1297-5732
Illidan vs Beyond InfinityHunter08-08-10275-2587
Insane health regen demoWarrior06-04-221041.754743
Introducing: Troll the Trolling Troll Rogue12-08-2040-2462
Ironman: Troll the Trolling Troll MagiRogue12-08-2095-2445
Kailan Vs. LihapullaMultiple08-01-1031-2054
Kilwaz - Warrior BurstWarrior08-01-08463.468788
Kodama: Devil Beside Me (PVP)Warrior08-11-171594.134942
Laclol & Morreh 2v2 arenaMage07-08-203434.6287537
Laclol 1v2 arenaMage07-07-142723.9239208
Lailha 1Mage08-09-29982.372792
Mage FightsMage09-10-06137-5946
Mage vs Rogue duels, 60 gear.Rogue10-12-09347-3651
MCO vs The Lich King heroic 10manWarlock10-06-24382-5967
MCO Vs. Fathom-Lord KarathressMage07-11-07218-2274
MCO Vs. Maiden of VirtueMage07-03-0427-2628
MCO Vs. SolarianMage07-11-10199-2158
Moonkin mounted on top of a Worgen durDruid10-12-13285-41276
Morreh 2v2/3v3 ArenaRogue07-11-264084.3360706
Nefarian kill movieRogue06-02-21193-3239
Nightspider Vs. MagtheridonPriest07-11-07154-2553
Nightspider Vs. maulgarPriest07-11-01123-2384
Nothing Seriuos Vs. Gurtogg BloodboilPriest08-03-18176-2535
One Man OnyxiaRogue06-12-20531.7651455
Only-Druids Paragons of the Klaxxi [FlDruid14-08-191196-10231
Only-Druids Paragons of the Klaxxi [FlDruid14-08-1857-5899
Original vs Lich King Heroic 25Hunter10-10-30227-6881
Original vs The Lich KingHunter10-05-08240-3676
Original Vs. FaerlinaRogue06-11-11116-1882
Original Vs. Fathom Lord KarathessHunter07-07-05330-3261
Original Vs. Hydross the UnstableHunter07-06-28387-2569
Original Vs. Leotheras the BlindHunter07-07-04237-3043
Original Vs. The Lurker BelowHunter07-07-04127-3015
Pending RedemptionMultiple11-06-30154-5009
Priest/Rogue 2200+Priest09-08-28557-22402
Questionable Things in WoW (WoW MachinUnknown13-09-2795-8488
Raid to UbrsMage05-10-24424.664272
Resto druid onyxia soloDruid09-07-29278-5558
Rogue dueling video (ft. Sjokokuler)Rogue11-02-07237-3358
Roikon 19 lvl PvPRogue09-07-09192-7909
Sartharion + 3 Drakes zergShaman09-07-21146-9935
Sartharion 4 manHunter09-08-08166-6950
Shadowsong - The Stormwind raid - PvPShaman05-09-281033.136428
Shotaro Warrior PVP movie Shadowsong EWarrior08-04-16102-1740
Solkaner PvPWarlock06-10-272034.679977
Soul of the Fire - Molten Core TrailerWarlock06-04-10214.9711876
SoulStealer - Unholy dk pvpDeathknight10-04-10127-7322
SP - frost 2s 1750 ratingMultiple12-10-1666-3042
Steelbreaker LastWarrior09-06-28101-5682
Survival Hunter crits over 11k in Kel'Hunter08-12-2831.2110354
The Lich KingMage10-03-12908-6185
The Molten Core - SotFWarlock06-04-154104.887251
Thorim HardMage09-06-27121-4203
Two Battles At Once (WoW Machinima)Unknown13-10-11106-11500
Uberness in WoW: A Farmer's TaleWarrior09-08-2067-4454
Unforgiven vs. High king maulgarWarrior07-08-1337-2184
Vari: Arms in the MistsWarrior14-10-291601-15031
Walk with me in hellHunter07-07-052254.5416664
World Of Warcraft Warlock PvPWarlock10-05-1158-7873
Wrath vs Kil'jaedenPriest08-08-254904.655349
Wrath Vs. BrutallusPriest08-04-27296-4583
Wrath Vs. EredarTwinsPriest08-04-283013.954827
Wrath Vs. FelmystPriest08-04-27377-4727
Wrath Vs. KalecgosPriest08-04-27236-3842
Wrath Vs. Kil'jaedenPriest08-08-274904.173732
Wrath Vs. MalygosPriest08-11-29674-9822
Zmierzch Lordaeronu vs Sindragosa 25-nHunter10-05-17100-4521
Zmierzch Lordaeronu vs Valithria DreamHunter10-05-1980-3830
Zul'Aman Timed RunDruid09-08-06808-4844
Zypra | WoD impressionsDruid14-11-18158-3123