Server view : Stormreaver

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1.8 BM PetHunter06-04-08262.884098
2 Vs. 2 Arena Action - RoguesRogue06-12-011413.7612685
2800+ holypala arenasPaladin11-09-02157-7778
3v3 Arena PvP Paladin Warrior Death KnDeathknight11-06-04424-8938
3x Combat 2600+ mmr!Rogue10-06-2828-5944
5.3 2v2 Arena Enhancement/ RogueShaman13-06-11170-7796
5.3 2v2 Arena Enhancement/Frost mageShaman13-05-25157-11344
5.4 double Enhancement 2v2 arena ownaShaman13-10-22133-17963
5.4 Double Enhancement 2v2 arenaShaman13-10-24209-37696
60 Priest pvp trailerPriest09-08-04132-5678
60 pvp - PraestPriest09-08-051064-7388
8 man Onyxia HordeShaman06-03-262934.78263608
80 Priest Twink World PvPPriest13-03-2836-6439
80+ world pvp rogue montageRogue11-05-2166-4594
85 Feral Druid PvP - BattlegroundsDruid11-03-04287-5035
A Day in the life of a PaladinPaladin06-01-021344.6110620
A Molten CoreWarlock05-11-26310-3808
A pain in the butt!Warlock06-11-08984.649197
A taste of BGDruid05-06-2925-5251
Aasgard exploring Hyjal Pre-tbcMultiple08-04-1090-2479
Aasgard the MemoriesMultiple08-04-0182-2090
Aasgard Vs. HakkarMultiple08-04-06147-3026
Aasgard Vs. RagnarosWarlock08-03-3163-2762
Abominationn & Caniheall - Mage - PrieMage09-05-311783.066374
Adahle lvl 90 Frost Mage PvPMage13-08-02592-8456
Affliction Warlock PvPWarlock12-03-2651-7621
Akilleuz - Final Cut HoneyWarrior06-10-162894.8219081
Akilleuz - Panzar Come BackWarrior07-05-144004.7383099
Akilleuz Rank 14 WarriorWarrior06-05-052334.6977410
ALPERT 7 - Dance of the DevilRogue11-08-231614-18288
Alysrazor 25 HC - The MagnificentPaladin11-08-161780-3606
Another naked noobcake duelingWarlock07-10-301272.104765
Antsu & JantsuDruid08-02-25378-1668
AoE Grind in DustwallowMage06-01-03452.509104
Arctica vs Spine of Deathwing HC 10 - Priest12-03-03682-3267
Arctica VS Tsulong 10M HC (legit kill Priest13-01-29360-6077
Arctica Vs. Vashj (Fury warrior PoV)Warrior08-02-17148-9091
Arikashi - A real sob storyPaladin07-09-131272.578690
Arikashi - dru/war/ret arenaPaladin08-02-154753.6938471
Arms warrior pvp 60-64 bracketWarrior11-03-27310-3446
Asioidenhoitotoimisto - The Lich King Multiple10-11-11181-4022
Astee 2 DK 2on2 Movie w/ IzoyoDeathknight14-02-19208-185505
Ayreon - Sail away to Avalon (short vMultiple08-04-14364.174352
Ayreon - Day One: VigilUnknown08-02-0244-2564
Ayreon - Loser (A WoW Machinima)Multiple08-01-311994.565255
Badaku 1 - Going HAMWarrior14-02-22497-6034
Baleroc 25 HeroicPriest11-08-15310-2640
Beastial Fury - Rank 13 Druid QizmoDruid06-02-062654.8451918
BEST 1vs3 EVER! Thastors Dreams III LaWarrior12-12-09130-20523
Beth'tilac 10 HC a close callHunter11-09-1273-4642
Blood-Queen Lana'thel 25 manDruid10-01-31203-3671
Bovine Intervention - Ignis the FurnacWarlock09-04-28381-1855
Bovine Intervention Vs. Kael'thasDruid08-06-04123-2514
Bringing it back - World PvP With GladWarrior12-07-09278-4934
Catacid DestructionWarlock09-02-264403.3627945
Catacid Destruction 2Warlock09-03-235064.1639419
Catacid Destruction 3: Drunk ShadowFurWarlock10-06-25186-5671
cbb naxx 10Warrior09-06-08385-2465
Cendo 2: SP/R 2.6kPriest10-02-08768-71889
Cendo arena (priest/rogue + retri/roguPriest09-08-24230-14365
Cendo shadow/rogue 2v2 2.5k+Priest09-10-31222-79711
Clicked - Path of the MilkRogue07-03-254242.9912083
Colour Stormreaver EU - Hagara the StoMage12-01-21612-2299
Colour Stormreaver EU - Hagara the StoMage12-01-23611-3078
Colour versus Rage WinterchillWarlock08-07-23285-1678
Colour vs Lich king 25man normalDeathknight10-05-12570-4234
Colour vs. Lich kingPaladin10-12-07371-2677
Da Voodoo ShuffleWarrior10-03-24287-5166
Dark Ritual vs Anetheron 1562.3 DPS RePaladin08-02-101393.5610233
Dark Ritual Vs. Freya Hard mode 10-manWarrior09-05-20379-6323
Dark Ritual Vs. General Vezax Hard ModWarrior09-05-20346-7229
Dark Ritual Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerWarlock07-06-151884.087678
Dark Ritual Vs. Teron Gorefiend - RetrPaladin08-01-092495.0020329
Deadly Struggle undead Rogue PvPRogue06-06-09113-1989
Decólith - Mage PvP Pwnage ( Frost )Mage12-03-08285-1856
Diablous Enhancement shaman random gamShaman11-12-17131-4787
Diablous Enhancement shaman random gamShaman11-12-31425-5322
Diah - Rage Within, Fury spec.Warrior06-10-301783.8032500
DK 2on2 Movie w/ Shaman -TheNoodlesFacDeathknight13-08-19708-242373
Dk PvPDeathknight09-01-244061.817604
DR Vs. Fathom-Lord KarathressWarlock07-06-24222-7104
DR Vs. Leotheras the BlindWarlock07-06-20240-7445
Drood CrapDruid11-11-10348-4027
Druid tanking onyDruid05-12-1273-10970
Dryyds wayDruid10-04-07389-4932
Dryyds way 2Druid11-03-23691-4263
DW Shaman TrailerShaman07-01-09684.087716
EL vs FiremawRogue05-10-17133-10804
EL vs. Eredar TwinsShaman08-10-15255-2549
EL Vs. IllidanHunter07-11-07641-3828
EL vs. Illidari CouncilHunter07-11-03406-4064
EL Vs. LoathebWarrior06-12-07154-1673
EL vs. Mother ShahrazHunter07-11-11215-3614
EL. Vs. KelThuzadWarrior06-12-023914.214972
Eldarenbengt - Playing with fireMage11-09-07117-2965
Ele/affli/disc - FUNSUCKS elemental PoShaman12-01-28279-6219
ele/affli/disc 3v3 arenas - elemental Shaman12-01-04211-6740
Elemental PvPShaman06-07-21541-2594
Emdee 3Mage11-01-311458-149189
Enha shaman tr 2400+ mmrShaman10-06-05263-14047
Entropy vs OuroShaman06-06-08121-3054
Entropy vs. OuroShaman06-05-22121-2801
Epic focus on bg!!Monk14-06-27211-5575
Epic multi class time, Thastor Weekly Multiple11-10-18286-6032
Epic Thunderfury time!Rogue12-07-26166-11507
Escapist V Mage Rogue 2.5+ on Arena-ToRogue12-02-16814-45114
Everfrost vs Lich King 25Multiple10-12-0189-2054
Everfrost vs Lich King 25 2/2Multiple10-12-0168-2598
Exploding Labrats 4 horsemen prebcRogue09-03-18376-3010
Exploding labrats Versus BrutallusWarrior08-04-23399-4066
Exploding Labrats Versus Sartharion +3Warrior08-12-214274.385187
Exploding Labrats Vs. Professor PutricShaman10-03-31133-6079
Exploding Labrats Vs. XT-002 DeconstruShaman09-06-02342-2415
Exploding Labrats Vs. Yogg SaronShaman09-04-30690-2243
Explosive Labrats - Gruul & DoomwalkerPaladin07-03-0596-3770
Fall of the Lich King by Brotherhood oPaladin10-04-12542-4531
FAP vs Magmaw 10man NormalMage11-01-16367-3465
Fast and esay gold!Druid10-03-31189-7140
Feral DPS 3.3.3 (HD) 6900 "Top dps"Druid10-07-2477-5488
Final Fantasy 8 World Of Warcraft RemaMultiple06-03-28483.162878
Flare vs Anub'arakPriest09-11-08322-3062
Flo : Beast WithinHunter07-01-171644.1410812
Fluffy Bunnies at Gruul'sShaman07-08-16165-2606
Forrest GumpdkDeathknight09-02-2569-6287
Gamers worst nightmare!Paladin05-07-28134.285135
Gank or Die! 2Warrior06-06-245894.7732752
Gank or Die! Thunderfury-Warrior, OutdWarrior06-03-013274.6874429
Gank or Die!3Warrior07-03-165444.28108918
Ginnunga - Professor Putricide 25 manDruid10-01-20275-3325
Ginnunga PatchwerkMage06-10-151014.772543
Ginnunga Versus the Blood PrincesDruid10-01-24161-3629
Ginnunga VS Anub'arakDruid09-12-20506-3249
Ginnunga VS The Lich King 25 HCMultiple10-11-19493-2990
Ginnunga vs. SindragosaDruid10-02-11283-3679
Gladiator Ele shaman s11 3on3/2on2Shaman12-01-02760-46263
Gladiator warrior 3on3Warrior07-08-084961.337737
Gnakilya Vs. Twins hc 25manMultiple09-11-02322-3322
Goopy goes HUGEShaman06-05-2448-3723
GoV In MCWarlock08-03-31177-3041
Grand PvP - 31/8/12 120 NrjRogue06-07-314084.203113
Grandmaster PvP 2 - nothingRogue07-03-265353.9511333
Grandmaster Pvp 3 - Not enough energyRogue07-07-284953.866244
GRBB - Ragnaros KillWarlock11-11-26465-3149
Grous PvPWarrior06-09-05863.483363
Grozz 3 MutilateRogue08-05-164224.4417552
Grozz UD RogueRogue06-11-123904.309143
Grubbstrom - Destruction Warlock PvPWarlock08-02-093724.0141780
Grubbstrom 2 - Destruction Warlock PvPWarlock08-05-274414.1036218
Guardian Druid Solo Onyxia 10manDruid12-10-28594-5910
Hammer Of Justice 3Paladin12-03-30156-3679
Heist Vs. FelmystRogue08-03-313683.159517
Herculator - OP BM Hunter Burst MontagHunter12-10-2372-5380
Heroic Lord MarrowgarPriest10-11-0256-2544
Hokamania 2 - warrior pvpWarrior07-09-043073.5719991
Hokan 7 - Warrior PvPWarrior08-02-151694.3010860
Holydiver 2 - 5/5 Gladiator, Deep ThunPaladin07-06-295803.4130278
How to Elemental Shaman PvPShaman11-12-29110-5354
How to: Resto Shaman PvPShaman11-12-2847-4080
How To: Solo Zul'Gurub Mount BossesMultiple09-10-08197-10145
How We RollWarrior05-05-221024.0017202
Hyposis - Ragnaros kill 10-manHunter11-07-10418-5387
IF bankers, after the patchRogue05-06-06102.504765
ilni 2 pvpMage09-07-17682-18453
ilni pvpMage09-07-15651-3922
Imba Hunter (For sure!)Hunter07-10-16544.6233792
In flames- Come clarity Music videoDruid07-08-1344-1631
INFLAMEZ 3 RoWoWWarlock10-09-06141-5745
Ingineru 2Mage10-10-24477-10299
Ingineru 3Mage10-12-07239-8990
Ingineru Frost Mage pvp 1Mage10-08-09398-12106
insane gold farming with fishing DarkmShaman12-07-1254-3900
Instanseliten - The Lower SpireHunter10-02-16162-4752
Jogurtti PvP #1Druid07-01-18200-1945
Jogurtti PvP #2 - The Final ShowdownDruid07-10-021271.792763
Kakku - S*ck it b*tch ! MLS / RMMage12-01-142015-23743
Kakku - You block'd me on facebook ? RMage12-01-10967-18159
Keelhaul Vs. FelmystWarlock08-05-07325-2120
Keelhaul Vs. KalecgosShaman08-04-243104.928139
Keepers of UlduarWarlock09-06-15832-6175
Kill with fireMage05-12-061274.503304
Kzn 3 - 2300+ 5v5 in BG3, Mage PoVMage07-06-284273.2111465
Kzn4 - Top5 5v5 in the BG9 of EuropeMage07-07-103943.4537053
Lapio lvl60 warrior quit WOWWarrior06-06-1016-3103
Lich King 10man 4.0.1 Holypala PoVPaladin10-11-02148-4513
Lords of Ironhearts Vs. The Black TempMage08-11-08562-2397
Lun - VITNOJ Ret PvPPaladin09-03-049893.2042698
Lun, Power to Purify (70 Paladin PvP)Paladin07-05-02924.0315228
Lvl 1 to 5 in 1 secPaladin06-01-30143.0089579
Maagelaa PvP 2Unknown06-10-262193.882467
Mage PvP movie Noobed by TrestMage06-05-243514.504177
Magmaw First Kill - Known IssuesMage11-01-09362-2938
Makezi Fire/Frost mage trailerMage11-08-1273-2526
Makezi I: The Beginning Teaser TrailerMage12-05-0246-4830
Marylin Manson - This is HalloweenUnknown08-03-2368-1638
Massive does NefarianRogue05-10-142074.5527179
Massive ImbalanceRogue05-09-293014.508364
Meshuggah the Warrior, beyondWarrior07-09-03127-1876
Minority vs Cho'gall Heroic 25Rogue11-05-28577-6257
Minority vs Lich King 25hcRogue10-10-11305-11354
Mists of pandaira 5.2 Enhancement shamShaman13-03-22418-7563
Mists of pandaria 2Hander enhacnement Shaman13-02-23381-8944
MM Hunter pvpHunter12-02-0146-4614
Moonkin pvpDruid12-02-06452-33001
Moonkin pvpDruid12-04-1356-7667
Moonkin pvpDruid11-12-08141-3811
Moonkin pvpDruid12-01-0481-9866
Moonkin PvP - OrluginDruid11-11-30340-3548
mop 2v2 arena enhancement shaman/RetriShaman13-04-21253-7690
Mop 5.2 2v2 BeastcleaveShaman13-05-0584-3958
mop 5.2 Enahncement/retribution 2v2 juShaman13-04-06122-3830
mop 5.2 Enhancement shaman pvpShaman13-03-16553-23488
mop 5.2 Enhancement/shadow priest 2v2 Shaman13-04-10225-6571
MOP beta moonkin pvpDruid12-05-0633-12482
mop enhancement pvpShaman13-03-05396-6427
Morchok 10 Heroic - Frost dk PoVDeathknight12-02-22118-3428
Morchok 25M HC Holy Priest PoVPriest11-12-15327-16640
Naked versus MagtheridonShaman07-08-3124-2505
Naked versus Void ReaverWarrior07-09-011274.333959
Nefarian on FarmstatusMage06-06-17131-2921
Ngor, warlock pvp sm/ruin.Warlock06-06-142023.862686
Nightmare Inc HaxWarrior05-02-25174.3617357
Nite & Brainz in: Deep deep talk!Deathknight09-01-2319-3213
Nite & Brainz in: Happy Toystore superDeathknight09-01-2517-4116
Nite & Brainz in: Ze Brains!Deathknight09-01-2272-3167
Noobed 2Mage06-07-123424.074295
Norse Elites Vs. Flame LeviathanPaladin09-04-28166-3916
Norse Elites Vs. RazorscalePaladin09-05-05208-1706
Nosco versus Kael'thas *First Kill*Warrior07-12-17519-5744
Nosco versus Kael'thas - Official CineMultiple08-01-14369-6846
Nosco versus Professor Putricide 25manMage10-09-06149-3461
Nosco versus Putricide 10m heroicWarrior10-05-10469-19220
Nosco Versus SupremusWarrior08-02-06341-8195
Nosco Versus The Lich King 10m HeroicMultiple10-11-09298-4634
Nosco versus The Lich King 10man normaWarrior10-04-06710-6522
Nosco versus The Lich King 25mMultiple10-05-01280-3419
Nosco vs. AlarWarrior07-10-16127-3527
Nosco Vs. Fathom Lord KarathressPriest08-01-08153-1578
Nosco Vs. High Warlord Naj'entusWarrior08-01-28249-5887
Nosco Vs. Hyjal TrailerPaladin08-01-2746-6400
Nosco vs. Morogrim TidewalkerMultiple07-10-28127-1919
Nosco Vs. Shade of AkamaMultiple08-02-0667-6596
Nosco Vs. Teron GorefiendMultiple08-02-06128-10059
Nosco Vs. The Lurker BelowWarrior07-09-17127-3469
Not another Shaman movie!Shaman06-10-23911.555055
Ohr 2Hunter10-01-13585-36548
Ohr 71-80 Hunter PvPHunter09-03-116294.8119496
Ohr's Tutorials - Episode Four: The UsHunter11-02-04276-31492
Ohr's Tutorials - Episode Three: CatacHunter10-12-20277-20049
Ohr's Tutorials - Episode Two: DisengaHunter10-11-30173-24236
Ohr2 TrailerHunter10-01-0623-8629
Ohr3: Control Feat. Saso (Rank1 2500 HHunter10-10-09871-261495
Ohr: PredictionHunter09-08-25221-11404
Ohr: Prediction TrailerHunter09-06-09764.7518663
Oldschool TBC Illidan killShaman11-05-25918-5412
Olsen Twins go boom (Twin Emperors dowDruid06-06-08189-3000
Onyxia ninjaMage05-07-3141.4540863
Onyxia Vs. 10Warlock06-09-281204.384465
OP WARRIORS ! (JK) - Gladiator warriorWarrior12-01-25223-17652
ops, another Hyjal overview.Mage05-06-17714.6134664
Orc TalkWarrior07-03-0832.363199
Order Of The Muffin Vs. ThaddiusPaladin09-02-25144-1438
Orlugin - Balance Druid pvpDruid11-12-09557-18330
Outside IronforgePaladin06-04-02424.702841
Paladin & Rogue 2v2 arenaRogue07-08-311272.2526209
Paladin kills Vaelastrasz the CorruptPaladin05-08-30144.8246872
Party Like a Death KnightDeathknight09-02-13141.555156
Phelz Disc Priest MoP ArenaPriest13-08-31445-22827
Phoenix Krew V.S Kel`ThuzadShaman09-02-03373-2831
Pirates of the HordeUnknown05-07-31164.163909
Praest 2 PVPPriest09-09-24783-21349
Prot Warrior Duel Pre-TBCWarlock08-03-31653.196200
Pulling a devilsaur to CrossroadsRogue05-06-24894.7265094
PVE fire in bgz - BIGnumbers MANYFUNZMage12-02-23147-2917
PvP Rogue (Enslaved Rogue2)Unknown08-11-11553-2373
Qwxyo - ShatterplayPriest10-10-16397-4830
Ragnarok - Entering the CorePaladin05-08-121903.685693
Road to blizzcon, Enha shaman tr 2400+Shaman10-06-10306-17650
Rusentajá 7 2900+ The Fight ContinuesWarrior09-08-10135-11298
Rux 1, Retri PvP - Red angelPaladin07-05-105134.0659417
Rux 2, Retri PvP - FrostbornPaladin09-09-21378-31510
Sauna Vs. Illidan StormrageWarrior07-09-151275.0021697
Sauna Vs. Kael'thasWarrior07-07-043314.345857
Sauna Vs. Teron GorefiendWarrior07-07-132024.639233
Shadow priest PVP (Vanilla)Priest11-07-16155-128749
Siege of UlduarWarlock09-05-21646-2768
Sirocco Vs Conclave Of WindPriest11-02-27512-2259
Sirocco Vs Dark Iron Golem CouncilPriest11-02-27747-3433
Sirocco Vs Halfus VyrmbreakerPriest11-02-27104-2452
Sirocco Vs MagmawPriest11-02-05107-2142
Sirocco Vs MaloriakPriest11-02-13557-2311
Slärbä Firemage PVPMage11-06-13322-4476
Soloing RagnarosDruid05-07-28182.447694
Spells of Mass Destruction - TeaserShaman10-12-08116-4464
Spirakherit rank 14 shaman - WisQi AdvShaman06-05-203384.2825249
Stepbystep Warrior PvP Stormreaver!Warrior12-01-17775-3230
Stormreaver EU - Raiding IronforgeMultiple08-08-135492.672609
Stormreaver so BlueWarrior05-07-11624.7614432
Super Awesome PaladinPaladin09-03-08803.666063
Tactical Guide - Kael'thas Sunstrider Warlock07-08-188634.92529912
Tactical Guide - Lady Vashj Vs. Dark RWarlock07-07-012804.88492659
TCN vs Nefarion 10mPaladin11-04-07759-2573
Teach us how to facerollWarrior09-03-042402.008343
TEO takes Ahn'QirajWarlock06-10-18228-2899
TEO Vs. Kael'thasDruid08-06-24284-3839
Thastor - 2.8k paladin tipsPaladin11-08-15157-28780
Thastor 1 - Warrior 1on1/2/3/ Arena.Warrior08-06-255273.2620890
Thastor 10 - Trailer. Gladiator WarrioWarrior12-05-1888-3708
thastor 2 - cyclone 2600+Warrior09-08-02780-64157
Thastor 2.5 2700+ Eu cycloneWarrior10-09-19353-18935
Thastor 3 - 2750 Eu cyclone Trailer!Multiple10-09-24192-19197
Thastor 3 - Eu Cyclone 2700+ Arenas / Warrior10-10-26933-12972
Thastor 4 - 2770+ EU cyclone Multi claMultiple10-10-31531-15034
Thastor 5 - 2700+ Warrior EU cyclone, Warrior10-11-23480-23079
Thastor 6 - Warrior Arenas 2.4-2.5 EU Warrior11-02-07637-66295
Thastor 7 - 2.6k WLD / Multiclass TraiWarrior11-03-2387-20742
Thastor 7 - WLD 2.7k War PoV.Warrior11-07-01719-41768
Thastor 8Warrior11-08-02728-81664
Thastor 9Multiple11-09-18480-19301
Thastor Arenas!Warrior12-06-06189-3650
Thastor Christmas Special :)Warrior11-12-23204-6610
Thastor weekly 2.9k War Feat Jompx 3K Warrior11-11-18183-30488
Thastor Weekly Arenas!Warrior11-09-03217-16193
Thastor Weekly Shadowplay 2.4-2.5 :)Warrior11-12-15209-34824
Thastors Dreams I (1vs3 Gladiator WarrWarrior12-11-23165-5096
The Amazing TuskeluskeRogue09-05-2960-2933
The characteristic equationPriest10-05-18126-9652
The ClubMultiple06-07-0641-5131
The Core Crew vs C'Thun (3x weakened)Warlock06-06-07197-2624
The Core Crew vs Huhuran (0 deaths)Warrior06-04-15612.843761
The Core Crew vs Majordomo ExecutusWarlock06-06-0269-2270
The Core Crew vs Twin EmperorsWarlock06-04-30114-2890
The Defenders of Azeroth - Episode 1Unknown11-03-19117-9395
The guild Fixed vs Gluth.Paladin06-10-22160-1617
The Lich King 25 manDruid10-03-11565-3627
The Light and How to Swing ItPaladin05-09-171934.608178
The Light and How to Swing It IIPaladin06-11-112133.778617
The Magnificent - Recruitment VideoMultiple09-02-22209-4223
The Magnificent vs Alysrazor 25man HerPaladin11-08-051883-2839
The Magnificent vs Beth'tilac heroicDruid11-07-28997-3936
The Magnificent vs Morchok Heroic 25maPaladin11-12-1498-17037
The Magnificent vs Nefarian 25man HeroPaladin11-03-10556-2905
The Magnificent vs Ragnaros 25manPaladin11-07-081105-2794
The Magnificent Vs Ragnaros un-edited Paladin11-07-091465-3189
The Magnificent vs Warlord Zon'ozzPaladin11-12-1487-16089
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-01-2785-4696
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-03-25254-4444
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-01-2886-3370
The Magnificent Vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-01-22142-3821
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-04-25502-4772
The Magnificent Vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-04-24519-4564
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-02-16150-4240
The Magnificent vs. Icecrown Citadel: Priest10-02-27591-5571
The Magnificent vs. Kael'thas SunstridMage07-11-044575.006123
The Magnificent Vs. Lurker BelowMage09-07-0371-2292
The Magnificent vs. Lurker BelowMage07-10-2171-2412
The Magnificent vs. MagtheridonMage07-10-21120-2859
The Magnificent vs. The Bastion of TwiPriest11-07-18414-4298
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