Server view : Zenedar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
2v2 resto shaman/rogueShaman09-01-101033.3312878
3s Arena 2.2k achievementDeathknight11-03-28212-11891
42 Hunter vs 43 & 48Hunter05-06-24151.665594
5 rogues VS 1 orgrimmarRogue06-01-041541.005177
A Broken Gnome for ChristmasMage07-12-24135-4181
A Hidden WorldMultiple07-08-03283.085828
A New LifeDruid10-05-26172-8634
A Paladin CollectionPaladin08-12-121551.924413
A Trip To OS10Deathknight09-04-021622.672657
Adventures of zagolix trailer 2009Multiple09-09-0764-4578
Adyra - Frost Mage PvPMage10-11-03151-3776
Al'Akir VS MEL OG OST OG PIZZAPaladin11-04-14247-2810
Algalon the Observer by Taiga clanPriest09-11-25187-4369
Alpha Omega of Zenedar, Lady Vashj firPaladin07-12-10161-1861
Amber-Shaper Un'sok HEROIC by High TemPriest13-01-19839-5514
Angered vs Ragnaros 10-man HeroicPaladin11-08-31240-21970
Anub'Arak ToGC-25 most successful tryDruid09-11-27169-3414
Apocalypse TrailerMultiple09-05-25299-1863
Apocalypse:Hyjal MysteryMultiple09-05-25105-2008
Arena Retri/Disc/Arms. Warrior's PoVWarrior10-04-23125-6769
Arena Tournament - Warrior Duels Vol 2Warrior14-08-18212-5505
Arena trinket, lvl 40 hunter > 60 palaHunter06-03-11144.6515718
Aros - Wings of VengeancePaladin08-06-139013.1815120
Attunement to the Core - Soloed by a rRogue06-02-2443-5317
Azuregos slain on ZenedarRogue05-04-22513.637838
Blessed Be The DarknessPriest07-01-10230-2134
Blood-DK Soloing Scourgelord Tyrannus Deathknight11-01-03303-4137
Bringing back the goldRogue05-06-17933.0515502
BWPU Vs AzgalorPaladin08-09-0672-2326
BWPU vs shade of akama BY totyPaladin08-09-0621-2660
bwpu VS SUPRMUS by totyPaladin08-09-0677-2480
BWPU Vs. Anetheron by totyPaladin08-09-2234-3076
Caffeine Feral PvPDruid10-10-13723-6127
Caffeine Feral/Disc 2v2Druid10-10-11712-15869
Chaotic Dreams Vs. Illidan StormrageHunter08-04-11572-4916
Children of Hasselhoff Vs. Illidan StoMultiple09-09-22256-1284
Chimaeron Vs Wolf Pack [25man Heroic] Priest11-05-13101-2206
Cho'Gall 10 by Semper Eadem HDWarlock11-01-19140-3497
Contaminated in Mount HyjalPriest08-09-26156-2210
Crysipt vs Lich King 10 HC - Zenedar EDeathknight10-10-30208-3846
Crysipt vs Lich King 10man HC - Ele ShShaman10-10-30117-6010
CSI: OrgrimmarHunter06-07-05234.5420741
Culling of Stratholme Heroic PuGMultiple09-04-22398-3067
Davve goes pwntPriest08-03-0124-1913
DAWN - Guild RaidRogue05-04-03194.239679
Deadweight and ziqe 2v2/3v3....Warrior11-01-24316-5670
Death Knight battlemasterDeathknight09-09-05452-13985
Deleting character.Rogue05-08-11723.694499
Destiny of Fayte - Retribution PaladinPaladin09-08-05365-5400
Dirge of AshesMage06-12-173214.332476
Engineering The MovieHunter08-01-04684.625351
Epic critter kill squadWarrior11-03-305-24272
Epic That's a lot of bait achievementRogue11-07-3011-5303
Epic Warrior and Paladin Arena fightsMultiple11-11-07191-6893
Equus - me and myselfRogue09-04-064464.046465
Equus - quan[o] with a GRogue09-04-307164.1113877
Equus - The new shitRogue09-04-125034.1610501
Execratuz, Destruction Warlock MontageWarlock13-02-22446-5623
Execratuz, Destruction Warlock MontageWarlock13-01-12158-3158
Fayk PvPRogue05-05-17924.168283
fel synergy 1.0Multiple09-10-28754-9273
Fierce level 19 twinkRogue07-03-04641.485617
Flying Serpent kickUnknown12-04-0325-3810
Frost mage PvPMage06-05-1550-3018
Genesís Malygos and KT10manRogue09-03-08116-1246
Graish 1 Warrior PvPWarrior12-02-01226-2585
Grand Empress-Shek'zeer HEROIC 25 by HMultiple13-01-28664-4852
Grand Marshal RogueRogue05-08-122883.7986502
Grims DeathPaladin05-12-10401.594047
Havoc 3 - 90 Warrior PvPWarrior13-03-181152-3188
Havoc: North of the Wall - Rogue arenaRogue13-04-10199-3991
Havoc: North of the Wall 2 - Rogue areRogue13-04-17160-2543
Havoc: Relentless - A taste of whats tRogue13-03-28181-4269
Heroic: I Love the Smell of Saronite iShaman09-07-30389-5499
Heroic:Knock, Knock, Knock on WoodPriest09-07-30430-8067
Hexploration 0.99Mage07-01-111714.633184
High Tempest - Lei Shi Heroic 25Multiple13-01-16669-5061
High Tempest - Protectors of the EndleMultiple13-01-15112-4331
How to kill Gold Spammers and othersShaman08-05-09234.3014961
How to: become greenPaladin11-05-0872-25257
Hunter Epic Quest, All DemonsHunter06-02-261624.349036
Hunter PvP - Disguised SkillHunter06-07-06954.7934773
I See GirlsWarrior06-11-14494.2218599
Illizit - Frenzy ClawzDruid07-02-17162-2746
illizit - Rank 13 feral druid - unendiDruid06-12-28106-2590
illizit 4 - The Return (feral Druid PvDruid09-03-093104.3812529
Immerseus HC - PoV Frost mageMage14-04-021362-9765
In retirementPaladin12-03-13707-2031
Iprodz - Frost Mage PvPMage09-02-071914.1319562
Jato Vs LK 25manWarlock10-04-14204-4008
Jato vs Prof Putricide 25 manWarlock10-02-04140-3693
Jato Vs. Blood Queen 25Shaman10-02-23109-3869
Jato Vs. Lich King 10 (Fails)Shaman10-02-14460-2999
Jato Vs. The Lich KingShaman10-03-08209-6044
Jirr - Nature's CallShaman07-09-0861-1651
Joffa - Warlocks take no skillsWarlock06-11-201602.445841
Just PvP - A PvP MovieMultiple07-04-281474.002840
Kalecgos by UnpossibleDruid08-05-02206-5043
Kazzak slain on ZenedarRogue05-05-08464.1313927
Knadirs arena bowowShaman07-08-26841.934546
Krillock #1 Warlock PvPWarlock06-11-233454.224111
Krillock Warlock PvPWarlock06-08-25116-5393
KUNG DAMY AND FOLLOWERSRogue12-03-30231-2113
Leeroy's Unfinished BusinessPaladin07-04-14324.54348060
Level Up!Druid06-12-07354.89270252
Lich King Kill by Frantic (25)Warrior10-04-11162-5866
LivdelPvP Warrior 2.4.3 pathWarrior09-05-2810413.0010048
Lord Incendius soloed by a RogueRogue06-03-0120-4295
Luvr - beginner of the path - TrailerRogue10-05-0549-3857
Machete - WLS 3 vs 3 ShakitilarShaman11-04-09216-5037
Magmaw 25man heroic [Discipline priestPriest11-05-11362-2354
Maloriak 25man Heroic Vs. Wolf Pack [PPriest11-05-17160-3481
Méatwall 1: This Is War!Warrior09-12-25889-6425
MEL OG OST OG PIZZA vs Chimaeron 10manPaladin11-02-04286-1616
MEL OG OST OG PIZZA vs Cho'gall 10manPaladin11-02-23383-2777
Melanie Music VideoUnknown11-06-18194-11020
Mimiron hard mod 10Deathknight09-08-01166-4879
Mount rave!Rogue11-04-0526-3582
Mounting other PlayersPaladin11-04-02321-15953
Mysterious 1 (2v2 - 2500+ Shaman/WarloWarlock09-03-213384.3376853
Nagrand Arena ShowdownUnknown12-02-1634-18332
Naxxramas 25manDeathknight09-01-10731-2599
Naxxramas pt. 1Hunter08-12-2566-3885
Nefarian 10 down by Semper Eadem (ZenePriest11-02-02673-6109
Nefarian normal - Mage povMage11-02-23712-5247
Nefarian vs MEL OG OST OG PIZZAPaladin11-03-08373-2253
Nikeplektrums last Zenedar movieHunter06-07-15520.814836
No Shame FirefighterDeathknight09-12-08483-3293
No Shame Many WhelpsDeathknight09-11-21158-3286
No specc duels & TittiesMage10-06-27227-9395
Not Capable of LoveUnknown07-05-08564.6931329
Ouroboros Disc/Holy PvPPriest06-05-151022.855260
Ouroboros Shadowpriest PvPPriest05-09-171353.904650
Paladin with shovelUnknown12-06-278-15143
Part 2 death to the HordeRogue11-03-28232-4218
Prodzz - Mage 2v2Mage09-07-09185-11378
Prodzz Arena 2400+Mage09-07-20289-74248
PTR Patch 2.4 stats bug!Hunter08-02-25444.4210615
Puppeteers vs Ascendant CouncilWarrior11-01-27104-2980
Puppeteers vs Cho'GallWarrior11-01-27638-2743
Puppeteers vs Halfus WyrmbreakerWarrior11-01-15304-3113
Puppeteers vs MagmawWarrior11-01-19405-3033
Puppeteers vs Majordomo Staghelm 25hcWarrior11-10-26123-4463
Puppeteers vs MaloriakWarrior11-01-16273-2174
Puppeteers vs Valiona & TheralionWarrior11-01-16336-2993
PVP Night Elf WarriorWarrior14-06-2211-6040
PvP Ret PaladinPaladin09-04-1068-1555
Pydi PvPMage06-11-28189-1806
Pär Ultimate PvP II Beyond GodlikePaladin08-07-093661.556566
Qbtwo ele/dance 2s movieRogue12-05-30509-9763
Ragnaros slain by DAWNRogue05-09-123174.8015357
Rayler - Prot Dps 3on3Unknown09-09-11177-9949
Rébell & Xulkin 2v2Rogue08-09-024224.1418695
Reckoning - A Rogue StoryRogue10-08-02577-3418
Resir Duel and some critsMage12-02-28124-2510
Resir small editMage12-02-08109-2195
Resto Shaman TrailerShaman11-04-1253-3607
Roar of The BeastHunter06-12-02556-2056
Rocket of Love - Blizzcon 2010 GRAND PUnknown10-10-24214-47359
Rogue + Priest 2-Man Scarlet StratholmPriest06-06-26894.605901
Rogues Do it From Behind by MushangaRogue08-05-241314.4611511
Sartharion 3 DrakesWarlock09-02-25271-2478
Saurfang 10 HM Semper EademPriest10-08-07156-2836
Sha of Fear 25 HEROIC - High TempestMultiple13-02-27864-13766
Shaman PvP GothicsShaman06-11-291861.255824
Shartuul For DummiesWarlock07-08-141274.8123476
Showdown vs Atramedes 25 HCUnknown11-02-05103-5401
Showdown vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25HCUnknown11-01-23415-3938
Showdown vs Lord Rhyolith 25 HeroicDeathknight11-07-10265-4263
Showdown vs Ragnaros 25 HeroicDeathknight11-09-28582-5707
Showdown vs Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 25Paladin11-12-17404-17439
Silentviper - BeginningRogue07-02-13136-1487
Sjuksyster PMS 2300+Mage10-03-17432-15643
Slave Pens Full run on Heroic ModeWarlock08-07-10598-4711
Slave Pens heroic mode solo after parcWarlock08-05-2157-4196
Solarian TBCMultiple13-08-08124-4923
South Park - Kyle's MomUnknown06-02-25263.753943
Sp/rogue goes BOOM (2,3k+)Priest09-08-07318-15914
Speed hacker got FrappedWarrior06-02-1136-11270
Story of Méatwall trailerWarrior09-12-1048-6974
Stupid People FallingMultiple07-03-16214.003362
Syphon Filter vol 1Rogue05-12-161564.163008
The beastmaster twink 29Hunter07-06-10144-2462
The Endless war 4Rogue07-03-291112.0415394
The Flower of Carnage 2600+ arenaWarrior07-11-103013.9944664
The GankerUnknown06-11-09764.6199066
The Great EscapePaladin05-12-30224.283567
The Italian Job vs. Lord Marrowgar 10mHunter09-12-14168-5038
The Life and Times of Wilfred FizzlebaWarlock10-03-15249-27660
The Lost LoveRogue05-12-20884.103504
The Road to 2050Rogue08-07-083003.16164693
The Sisters: Getting EvenRogue12-03-1049-12253
The world we never knewMultiple07-07-30522.643870
This is MADNESS!Unknown07-04-1284.4615089
Timeless Isle Patch 5.4 World of WarcrMage14-02-0659-27106
Tsulong HEROIC 25 - High TempestMultiple13-02-23117-3951
Uffe ll Resto Shaman/Rouge 2v2Shaman09-01-211462.4010275
Unexpected Variable Vs Hodir(Hardmode)Rogue09-06-27126-5945
Unexpected Variable Vs Mimiron(HM)Rogue09-07-24524-4835
Unexpected variable Vs the assembly ofRogue09-07-19238-11356
Unexpected Variable VS Thorim(HardmodeRogue09-06-26377-8247
unfinished business vol. 1Deathknight10-07-04280-8993
Unlikely FriendsUnknown07-03-101953.669298
Urdead's RevangeRogue06-12-281513.462054
Usul pvp - dark pactWarlock06-06-272003.904290
Valiona & Theralion 25man heroic Vs. WPriest11-05-27141-3769
Vendetta Vs. Leotheras the BlindPriest08-03-1983-1902
Warrior in Alterac ValleyWarrior06-03-24462.257706
Warrior PvP TutorialWarrior10-09-06194-9120
We Are The Ð 1.0Hunter09-03-30176-6397
Wish upon a Gnome 2: The Purple Pixel Unknown10-02-24530-32923
Wish upon a Gnome Episode 1Mage08-09-031754.3313750
World of Warcraft in South Park!Unknown06-10-0264.8478554
WoW Best Rogue EURogue10-10-1065-65207
WoW Pet Battle System (Unofficial) - WRogue12-04-2030-15277
WoW's Largest Fireworks Display, ZenedWarrior06-05-1075-4873
WuaG: The Winter's Veil WhinersMage09-01-082164.759851
Wusokap PvP vol.1 The quest beginsWarrior06-02-05264.002792
XT-002 Deconstructor HeartBreakWarrior09-06-04101-1899
Zenedar - Chronicles Bye ByeWarrior05-06-22234.226744
Zenedar - Gurubashi DuelsRogue05-04-14433.259936
Zenedar Ahn'Qiraj gate openingWarrior06-03-0983-5848
Zinx pvpRogue05-08-21884.503678
Zul'Aman Bear run - DefaultMage08-07-153983.3128250