Server view : Darksorrow

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(S)killswitch Engage - TrailerWarlock07-12-10106-5465
1 VS 3 ArenaMage12-04-2849-3639
10 Balance druid twinkDruid12-04-0547-5815
10 Monk twink World pvp - "Duskwood JaMonk14-02-1960-9368
1vs2 Arena - Part 1 (Bluecross)Mage12-01-2776-13562
2 girls 1 nelfPriest09-05-276503.2218604
2Man: DeadMinesMultiple07-12-091673.003085
2man: Wailing CavernsMultiple07-11-17148-2654
40 man Halaa raidDruid07-10-1628-2367
54lvl warrior kills 60lvl wlock 1,5 tiWarrior05-12-1423-4627
666th sense IIIUnknown08-11-276224.1220959
73 Mage PvPMage11-09-2451-2695
8/8 DS Prefection 2Hunter06-06-082131.956275
8/8Ds Prefection OneShotHunter06-05-30222.786432
80 Ele. Shaman Twink PvP!Shaman13-06-17176-11052
88k high crit- Fangs of the Father - LRogue12-02-03166-22226
A Beautiful Day - Full MovieUnknown06-07-242484.267049
A Beautiful Day - trailerMultiple06-06-21264.365553
A Beautiful Day IIIUnknown07-08-191853.904189
A Gnomes truthRogue05-08-26104.194038
Activated 39 rougue - Never FinishedRogue09-10-2429-6091
Adventures of a Hero 3Warrior09-08-29772-26336
Adventures of Hero 3 (Revisited)Warrior10-06-10838-10479
Aegis - Blade Lord Ta'yakMonk13-01-15119-4599
Aegis - Spirit Kings 10 man HeroicMonk13-01-12150-5470
Aegis first night in SoOMonk13-09-14724-8099
Aegis vs. Duru the ForgottenMonk13-04-05597-5236
Aegis vs. Garalon 10 Man HeroicMonk13-02-18464-4258
Aegis vs. Garrosh 10 man normalMonk13-10-07603-29366
Aegis vs. Immerseus 10 man HeroicMonk13-10-14634-14185
Aegis vs. Iron Juggernaut 10 man heroiMonk13-11-05466-17682
Aegis vs. Iron Qon HeroicMonk13-07-08488-8349
Aegis vs. Ji'Kun HCMonk13-06-09141-6962
Aegis vs. Jin'RokhMonk13-05-09395-4593
Aegis vs. Lei ShenMonk13-04-22619-4443
Aegis vs. Malkorok 10 man HeroicMonk14-01-07407-17830
Aegis vs. Spoils of PandariaMonk14-01-16576-7461
Aegis vs. Twin Consorts HeroicMonk13-08-19632-7219
Aegis vs. Will of the Emperor 10 Man HMonk13-02-09762-4136
Aegis vs. Wind Lord Mel'jarakMonk13-02-19378-4880
Aglalon 10man by NinjapartioPriest09-06-132504.569256
Ahn'Qiraj Temple by Guild ReplicaHunter06-12-061514.756675
Anti DK Disc PriestPriest09-03-09187-3845
Antipathy vs. Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25HCShaman11-01-2575-1718
Anvil of Crom vs Lord Rhyolith Heroic Paladin11-08-0976-4685
Anvil of Crom vs Nefarian Heroic 10manPaladin11-05-24310-5119
Anvil of Crom vs Valiona and TheralionPaladin11-04-12421-3052
Arcatraz Chest ExploitRogue07-04-09864.5616832
Arnana BlackRock Caverns HC solo tankiDeathknight11-08-11574-2726
Arnana Stonecore HC solo tankingDeathknight11-08-12470-3717
Artificiose vs Lich King 10Warlock10-10-29363-4380
ASIANS REACT TO WOW WINMage12-01-0549-11527
B00MK1N FRAGVID p4.0.6 V.202.1K. NUKE Druid12-09-0753-2642
Back Passage RecruitmentMage13-05-09498-3767
Bad TrollMage13-07-15292-33558
Béryllium - Ret Rogue (Skype)Paladin12-05-12218-2301
BIGGEST CRITS - FROST MAGEMage12-02-0663-41211
Blood Queen Lana'thel 10man Heroic by Druid10-06-0275-3566
Bluecross - 2's Arena (3th highest teaMage11-12-30108-19705
Brax3 FireMage09-08-08507-8014
Brewfest 2009 by IdeaHunter09-10-28102-6377
Brutallus - Chuck and Boogieman Inc - Shaman08-09-04150-4206
Bubbleoseven and the avenger's shieldPaladin10-01-15309-5286
Byzantine 68-70 PvP à la Tom CruiseWarrior10-07-13141-4065
C'Thun first kill by Flying CircusWarrior06-05-193434.8213461
Cendrel - Arms Warrior - faceit 1Warrior09-02-211001.6614936
Chaos Theory Take Down HakkarPaladin05-11-15703.844088
Cheaters are all over the place...Rogue05-08-14552.115108
Cheeseballz vs Lady Deathwhisper (SetaShaman09-12-1866-4269
Chiona Hunter 2v2Hunter09-07-09502-37583
Chronicles of AraleRogue06-12-11180-2218
Community Service Vol.1 2400+Multiple09-12-01298-19906
Completely Different Vs Atramedes (NorWarlock11-01-24101-5437
cRAZY NOOBs VS N00b GOMMARMage12-04-14226-2967
Daerken - Best RRM in the worldMage11-05-23172-11425
Darkvalen 2 - Part 1 Hunter PvPHunter11-04-16651-14374
Daru-50 ShamanShaman05-07-09564.384389
Deathbringer Saurfang 10man Heroic by Druid10-05-23323-4296
Dejruv & Alicee - PeeVeePeeMultiple07-01-05288-3145
Dejruv - Epic Priest PvP !Priest06-06-151953.846212
Deltaball - Protection Pala PvP Vol 1Paladin10-06-21139-6925
Deltaball lvl 60 Twink Paladin videoPaladin09-02-193781.547392
Distturrbed - Arms Warrior 2V2 - WTFWarrior12-10-2235-2447
Distturrbed 1 - 90 Warrior PvPWarrior12-11-13155-4719
DK WAR 1700 ARENA FUNDeathknight11-02-27275-3357
DoMiNioN 1: r0xx0r noN BG RaNk 14 warRWarrior05-10-182724.65223995
Doppler - Doing It With Forms - Feral Druid07-10-211274.0519103
Downtime vs. Hydross the UnstablePaladin07-08-1845-2661
Draenei LoveUnknown09-09-08427-5317
Druid flying bugg.Druid13-02-06227-6366
Druid moonkin 4k critDruid06-04-2222.387362
Dun Morogh Aiport - The Long Way!Mage07-03-19434.154486
Ecrille III - Purpose of BloodRogue10-06-24115-5498
Elemental 5.0.5 - Insane Burst / DamagShaman12-10-1251-39732
Elemental PVP 2 - Insane Burst / DamagShaman12-11-0377-22704
Eltonowns - Shadow Dance Rogue PvP 4.3Rogue12-05-14110-7171
Eltonowns The Beginning - Shadow DanceRogue12-09-06122-11103
Eltonzthemovie trailerRogue07-07-2949-2053
Emßrace II | Warrior MoP PvPWarrior13-01-15570-9879
Emßrace | Warrior MoP PvPWarrior13-01-12704-9096
Eternal Blood vs ArchimondeMultiple08-08-20241-2644
Eternal Ownage! Imbazz (19 mage)Mage06-11-1044-2856
Everlasting 70 RogueRogue07-06-181722.705493
Evilive - PvP 1 (affliction)Warlock06-11-273064.5512918
Evilive destro PvP 1Warlock08-01-305544.1329122
Final Evolution vs. Magmaw 25 hmMage11-05-23142-3199
Fire - Kill them all TrailerMage13-10-13197-13277
Fire mage pvpMage07-04-21452.835375
Flying Circus does Blackwing LairWarrior06-04-082824.919774
Flying Circus vs NefarianWarrior05-12-06504.509441
Flying Circus?Multiple08-03-21102-2193
Forgotten Heroes Vs. Kael'thas SunstriPaladin08-02-1595-2827
FrameWalkers vs. Heroic Nefarian 10-maMultiple11-05-22460-3525
FrameWalkers vs. Heroic: Madness of DeMultiple12-03-02661-8375
FrameWalkers vs. Heroic: Ragnaros 10-mMultiple11-10-05631-2861
FrameWalkers vs. Heroic: Ultraxion 10-Multiple12-01-03301-2910
FrameWalkers vs. Heroic: Zon'ozz 10-maMultiple11-12-25280-2452
FrameWalkers vs. Ragnaros 10-man NormaMultiple11-07-06434-3813
Frost DK 4.3 BG Montage/Tutorial PointDeathknight12-06-11243-3439
Frost mage 1v2 arenaMage12-03-07241-5093
Full Audio Rebuild Project No1 - WorldPaladin09-06-24220-29032
Funny ScreenshotsUnknown12-06-0132-15680
Further proof of resto druids being ovDruid08-08-01563.2617361
Ganked by spider!Mage06-02-105-2831
Garuff Arms Warrior PvP #1Warrior11-11-0850-3540
Get Ontop of Orgrimmer and UnderneathWarlock05-08-08132.915807
GHEZ VS AL'AKIR 10 Normal, HolyPala PoPaladin11-03-0497-4101
GHEZ VS Cho'gall 10 Normal, HolyPala PPaladin11-03-03126-2647
GHEZ VS Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10 Normal, Paladin11-03-0368-2661
GHEZ VS Magmaw 10 Normal, HolyPala PoVPaladin11-03-0397-3631
GHEZ VS Maloriak 10 Normal, HolyPala PPaladin11-03-0391-2601
Gippix Sub Rogue - TrailerRogue11-08-3127-3886
Giving away epic dagger to a random plWarrior05-08-17213.8117664
Gommar & Bluecross 2's WITH SKYPE, HAPMage12-01-01207-5539
Gommar - (1v2) by BluecrossMage12-01-2833-3734
Gommar 1 TrailerMage12-01-1375-2652
Gommar Teaser by GuydMage11-12-20204-12005
Gyrocopters Molten Core / RagnarosMultiple06-07-11161-4321
Heist Firefighters (10man)Priest09-06-24410-15073
Helfire Farming in TanarisWarlock05-08-1283.346638
Hellzing 1 - BM Hunter PvP 4.3.Hunter12-06-2793-3133
High crits - Fangs of the Father - LegRogue12-02-17395-28304
Hit Mastery 5 TEASERRogue13-02-0285-7199
Hit Mastery IV - Rogue World PvP MovieRogue11-10-08472-24866
Hit Mastery: Last Breath - Rogue WorldRogue10-11-12520-34832
Hollaback GirlMultiple05-12-31253.754897
Holy Paladin Warrior 2v2Paladin11-01-31107-14933
How to farm the Deathcharger as a RoguRogue08-07-062703.9444944
How to Lock IWarlock10-06-23225-4821
How to Lock II Summer edition.Warlock10-07-18326-4712
How To Lock III Howling KuandralinaWarlock10-10-08280-6226
How To Lock IVWarlock14-07-090-6776
Human Male dance revealed!Unknown06-08-23252.8513497
Hunter FL Trash solo "Guide"Hunter11-08-07262-5884
I feel good(WoW style)Multiple07-04-05182.561883
Icaros - PvP Part 3 - Forgotten powerShaman06-08-044093.658846
Idea 2 - The hunt beginsHunter09-11-24584-50567
Idea 3-2v2-Rogue-hunter-1900 OpponentsHunter10-02-15333-33747
Illusion Vs. NightbaneRogue07-03-19343-5014
Illusion's Onyxia Triumph!Rogue05-10-04554.254807
In Gnomes We trustRogue06-12-0829-2715
In Ruins PvP Arena 2v2Warrior07-03-022022.172932
Insane 85 Arcane CritsMage11-05-15961-115890
Introducing Glad is BadMage12-01-1066-2884
Jacktrapper 4.03 MM Hunter PvP clipsHunter11-02-10645-42280
jÄmää 2 - Justice, a WoW PvP movie aboPaladin11-11-05466-4947
Kanye West - Runaway ParodyUnknown10-12-0585-25593
Kaosu IWarlock09-05-26194-6769
Kaosu II - The Final StruggleWarlock10-10-14606-9659
Kazman Moonkin +434 Spell DamageDruid07-01-17862.8416434
King of DwarvesPriest10-09-29874-7772
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang vol.1Warlock06-08-212014.022749
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang vol.2 Warlock PvPWarlock06-12-261313.619544
Kytkiñ, 45 PaladinPaladin10-03-04254-4471
Lagron : lvl 40 funny mining^^Mage09-11-2277-3902
Lament of Vaia: Part OnePaladin11-06-2672-9558
Lich King 25 Heroic by Visio@DarksorroShaman10-11-12486-4605
Light Feather'sMage05-10-16143.6311921
Little HondaPaladin11-08-1388-4002
Lorekeepers Vs. Lich king HeroicWarlock10-08-10591-9592
Lorekeepers VS. The lich king 25man (wWarlock10-02-22460-5485
Lvl 41 Warrior PvPWarrior06-01-01109-5727
Maado pvp i haz n0 pvp skillzRogue08-08-191722.777204
Macto Vs. The Lurker BelowMage07-09-1294-2090
Mage Guide (Patch 4.3)Mage12-02-2238-6874
MAGE VS GLADIATOR Episode #1Mage12-03-13108-2663
Mage vs Rogue 2500 (Gameplay/CommentarMage12-01-18276-5452
Mistweaver Monk Arena tryouts.Monk14-07-27611-4558
Mizou Mortal MadnessRogue07-06-18125-4787
Muhtek - Enhancement PvP 4.3Shaman12-06-26212-4921
Ninja jumps episode 1 (herioc rampartsMage07-08-21132.137251
Ninja walljumps: Thralls chamberShaman08-03-01501.947245
NInjapartio Vs High King MaulgarRogue07-02-13211-4137
Ninjapartio Vs. C'thunRogue06-10-31311-3269
Ninjapartio Vs. Maexxna & RazuviousPriest06-10-13200-3186
No mans landMage07-09-23423.505576
Noktyn 6Warrior12-04-211299-5486
Nsg TrailerMage10-10-0767-5025
Nylon Beat 5v5 2200 season 4Warrior08-09-104743.8327983
Oldscool footage Theie 666th sense 3Multiple11-01-19124-5496
Paladin 1-85 timelapsePaladin12-03-1711-2262
Paladins Path to Scarlet Monastry, armPaladin07-06-191593.206215
Playing with FireWarlock06-03-01904.598740
Playing with ShadowWarlock06-06-271173.3210929
Prefection GsHunter06-03-02210-3209
Prisim - LvL 67 RogueRogue08-03-042892.923441
Pro Warrior PvPWarrior13-02-1486-5682
Professor Putricide 10man Heroic by TeDruid10-05-08121-5382
Prot dps PTRWarrior08-10-0586-7456
Protection Paladin PvP 4.0.1Paladin10-11-0566-7951
PTR protection warriorWarrior08-09-272374.426918
Ragnaros 36 People.Mage05-09-16994.163987
Ráyman - The Daily GrindWarrior12-11-01125-8906
RC Tank ExploitingUnknown06-05-13434.8110271
Ret hunt VS Ret War 1800mmrPaladin12-05-1117-2114
Ret Paladin PvP (Trailer)Paladin08-02-03481.836302
Retri/Doomkin 2v2 (Tip clip)Druid11-04-1767-9299
Rewan Tactics of the AbsoluteWarrior07-07-18872.085991
Rise Of Eltonz - Lvl 70 dwarf RogueRogue07-08-12622.283053
Rithual Elemental PvPShaman07-01-16884.7521012
RockNRolla 2v2 warrior/hunterWarrior11-05-30569-12901
Rogue + Boomy Arena OwnageMultiple13-04-07181-3697
Rogue 1v2 Maximum SkillRogue10-11-1470-5556
Rogue Duel PVP 1Rogue12-03-25145-2537
Rsham/Ret 2400 - DontCareShaman10-03-18193-34932
RUIN vs NefarianPriest06-01-07224-3429
Saints Vs. Yogg-Saron, the first timeDruid09-05-09455-2907
Scythgaze PvPPriest11-10-25361-2671
Second Key Fragment (Kara Pre-quest) fMage07-08-1750-2872
Selaphobia bg massacre #1 - ret paladiPaladin13-06-21360-5083
Selaphobia short montage - ret paladinPaladin13-06-14201-6223
Serioz BizznezzHunter09-02-14102-5027
SETUP YOUR PVP VIDEO - Episode #1Mage12-01-2566-8471
Shadow Priest Point of View - NefarianPriest11-06-23111-7714
Shadowfaith 36 ud priestPriest05-11-20234.303548
Shadowpriest (& friends) Vs. IllidanPriest08-03-28365-3664
Shocked to death (Shockadin PvP movie)Paladin08-02-062872.388700
Short LawrenceMage06-04-2531-2970
Sinking ShipMage13-05-16242-5922
Sneakman vs GilneasRogue12-01-24144-2298
Soloing Barman ShankerRogue06-10-20781.545687
Sony Vegas TutorialRogue11-06-16557-4445
Sony Vegas Tutorial 1: Basics / overviUnknown12-03-29221-7649
Soppa Vs. Leotheras the blindMultiple08-02-06412-2206
Soppa Vs. The Lurker BelowMultiple08-02-05365-1942
SPEED ART - ELEMENTALQTMage12-01-2864-11325
Speedhitting with lvl 1Paladin07-09-1492.404161
Spharx - Frost Mage at DarksorrowMage08-04-222542.682756
Subtlety Rogue PVP - Proski - Volume 1Rogue11-03-24111-8720
Sunex and Failmastah, level 70 Twink PRogue10-05-05328-7396
Sunex PvP Part III: BattlegroundsRogue11-03-291840-4301
Sunex: Level 70 twink PvPRogue10-04-17308-7719
Surimate - WoW PvP - Season 11 ElementShaman12-01-28246-4459
Switch Vision PvP 1 TrailerRogue07-02-0233.104605
TEASER: Hit Mastery IVRogue11-02-2843-18023
Teddybear Club Atramedes 10manDruid10-12-25180-5778
The 666th SensePriest06-11-076084.5314613
The Boondock GeeksMage06-08-2346-4003
The day the ancients returned and killWarlock06-03-1932.504661
The fury of SinquahWarrior11-06-15213-17462
The King of StormwindMage05-09-1834.009090
The Lvl 1 who thought he was lvl 30Druid05-04-25451.788012
The power of a rogue - CuthroatRogue06-06-23573.002991
This Is Mage Boost - 1-60 in 10 hours Mage08-10-054094.0014769
Trailer! Destro lock pvp F.medicWarlock09-05-1374-6952
Trial of the Grand Crusader by LorekeeWarlock09-12-12844-10137
Twaenk - Faceroll MuchDeathknight09-09-2740-4859
Unforgettable vs Al'AkirDruid11-02-17281-3367
Unforgettable vs ChimaeronDruid11-05-01252-4180
Unforgettable Vs Magmaw 10 man hcPriest11-06-06270-3347
Unforgettable vs NefarianDruid11-03-10396-3450
Unforgettable vs Twilight Ascendant CoHunter11-02-0194-3244
Vrede in Molten CoreShaman05-11-281834.636694
VT - 2200 TR RMPPriest09-04-145744.8613018
Wanna know the secret of chinese goldfWarrior06-05-30411.003489
Warrior and Mage doing ScholomanceMultiple06-10-10226-2517
Warrior Druid 2v2Druid11-04-21153-11022
Warrior Solo Scarlet Monastary HC - SpWarrior12-10-07635-2994
Warrior Solo Scholomance HC - SpykrukaWarrior12-10-191185-6944
Warrior Solo Stormstout Brewery HC - SWarrior12-10-081382-16400
Watchkeeper Gargolmar soloDruid07-03-06212-3370
WCM Promo attemptMultiple13-01-242-4953
Weedo's Playground: Take OneMage07-04-07954.174440
Wella 2.5Warlock12-08-07185-5076
Wella I - Demonology PvP 4.3Warlock12-06-19577-4823
Wella II - Destro PvP 4.3Warlock12-07-24280-7584
Westfall AssaultHunter05-10-09304.403729
Why Thrall is the manRogue08-07-06742.575937
Windfury ZakkShaman05-08-25414.3010736
Wizards TrailerPriest10-07-28106-5683
WMV HellUnknown08-04-09893.823902
World of Wacraft Distturrbed Patch 5.0Warrior12-09-13335-2446
WoW - The Story of Hunter PVP 5.2Hunter13-06-1068-4498
Wow Arena SeriesMultiple13-04-06157-5752
Xaphire vs. Valiona & Theralion HCWarlock11-06-08117-3478
Xeilo - 3DPS (with Aprillia and Juide)Rogue12-04-03202-1972
Xew n Anelit 2v2Rogue08-09-301833.756701
Yogg-Saron by CABIPaladin09-05-01241-3131
Zeppin 2 Destruction warlock pvp 4.3Warlock12-03-26181-38639
Zilzai (The Legends of a Discipline PrPriest06-04-07574.396863
Zilzai - The Legend of a Discipline PrPriest07-03-202331.975688
Zilzai - The Legend of a Discipline PrPriest06-12-22862.672761
Zilzai The legend of a discipline priePriest06-09-141433.846075
Zilzai The legend of a Discipline PriePriest07-05-011782.385925