Server view : Frostwhisper

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
- Trailer - Daggerstorm - Veni VIdi ViRogue06-07-2857-2748
/Golfclap III: A Christmas StoryMage05-12-204813.9518214
/Golfclap IVMage06-01-273554.664191
2 Man Naxxramas TrashHunter06-10-1928-5401
29 Twink - Jallatroll PvPHunter07-08-201463.585568
2v2 - Frost Mage & Frost MageMage08-01-21862.7510119
5v5 Arena Priest PoVPriest07-05-152163.9618336
A Death Knight's TaleUnknown09-07-01407-53230
A Stranglethorn Vale AdventureUnknown08-07-1464-2439
Above Ironforge 2.0.1 + HS 5min CDHunter06-12-22422.504848
Akasakojiro - 2100+ rating 2on2Hunter08-01-011084.1650944
Akasakojiro - Beast & Bow - FrostwhispHunter07-01-0470-3665
Akasakojiro 2 - 2200+ Hunter and LockHunter08-05-164083.7153933
Almost Skilled Vs. BrutallusMage08-04-08864-2341
Almost Skilled Vs. MagtheridonPriest07-04-22252-4420
Apparatus PvPHunter09-08-13249-15373
AQ Gate Event (not opening)Shaman06-02-15160-2901
Archimonde by DismalPriest07-10-21127-2651
Arena Masters Goodbye TributePaladin11-10-20109-35657
Arena Masters ReunitePaladin11-10-0882-48893
ARNOLD GOES PVE!!! GET DOWN!!!Paladin11-10-14205-29504
Art of Ten Vs Maloriak 10man heroic, pPaladin11-03-25602-2750
Art of ten Vs Valiona and Theralion 10Paladin11-03-24558-3185
Art of the Vs Magmaw 10man heroic, proPaladin11-03-25521-3063
Azgal Gone WildRogue09-10-15204-7490
Back to the Season IVRogue09-10-23547-4864
Bad to Glad. Warrior Resto Shaman 2v2Shaman12-11-19498-9316
Black Forge solo runMage06-10-2042-2960
Boboka - PvP IRogue06-11-0374-2128
Cape Productions - Promo MovieUnknown10-01-0583-23165
Casually Serious 1 - MLSShaman11-09-11541-11055
Cerviel PvP final - Time to StrikeRogue06-06-184794.003213
Cerviel PvP Part 1Rogue06-05-142254.383473
Cesoir Fury-DW PvPWarrior06-09-283403.766737
ChaoZ Vs. Archimonde - Through the FirPriest08-07-20123-8074
Cho'Gall 10m normalDruid11-01-20134-2544
Chronicles of Fragile Classes 1.0Paladin10-01-18144-24097
Chronicles of Fragile Classes 2.0Paladin10-06-17137-52297
Chronicles of Fragile Classes 3.0Paladin10-10-02501-25582
Complete Stormwind RunMage05-08-14594.164673
Conspiracy Addicts Vs. BWL - The ConspPriest06-12-13368-2696
Conspiracy Addicts Vs. Vem and Co (firPriest06-09-29108-2160
Core Formation Vs. Leotheras the BlindRogue07-11-153274.174334
Core Formation vs. The Lurker BelowWarlock07-10-21127-2578
Cryph - [Trailer]Warrior10-05-1583-3560
Culling of Stratholme: The RetaliationMage09-08-161034-142586
Culling of Stratholme: The RetaliationUnknown09-07-0660-21987
DarkDemon Vánoce 2009Unknown10-01-06148-3444
Day of a ShamanShaman05-10-03972.504634
DeVil BoZZo IIPaladin10-08-301035-5336
Dexterity Vs. HydrossMage07-07-10327-3030
Dexterity Vs. The Lurker BelowMage07-06-25334-2718
Dismal vs. BloodboilPriest07-10-29127-2633
Dismal Vs. Kael'thasPriest07-10-03127-1830
Dismal Vs. Kael'thasPriest07-10-04127-2584
Dismal Vs. RoSPriest07-11-01181-2370
Dismal Vs. Teron GorefiendPriest07-10-31134-2623
DM In The Eye of EternityDeathknight09-07-02173-8815
Dokthar, a elemental shaman memoirsShaman09-05-10228-9138
Doomkins v1.0 TrailerDruid07-12-052713.386417
Drama: On Love, Loss, and Getting On WMultiple06-01-03564.658411
Duel of Faith - The Epic Azerothian DrRogue11-02-1816-3513
Enhancement Shaman PvP - KanibalosShaman07-10-20422.9410556
Epic FuryMultiple06-06-2358-2460
Eternity's EndMultiple09-07-26144-32680
Example of the vanish bug in PVERogue07-09-1413-2189
Fexy 2v2 Priest/Mage 2400Priest09-11-18388-27961
Fleak & Fleaver: The Untamed BladeUnknown08-08-31954.506404
Floff vs Molten core part 1Warrior10-06-19126-3251
From Beginning to EndDruid10-01-22292-9252
Gauntler - Summonbot 2000Warlock06-03-171664.665427
Gauntler II - The return of the gnomeWarlock06-05-151194.684348
Hardly Dead - WMPr, 3v3Mage11-01-291341-5240
Highest 70 Warr EU - The 3v3 Journey tWarrior11-09-2667-5557
How To Burst As Frost Mage MOP patch 5Mage13-06-13146-32290
How to fly and attack peopleMage07-04-09134.1463404
How to get and Arena Partner!Paladin11-09-28110-29025
How to get ontop of OrgrimmarWarrior06-06-14180.794997
How To: Boglash solo as Frost MageMage08-08-1217-2877
Hunter Power ShadowlabsHunter08-03-05791.775867
Hunter/Shaman 2400 ratingHunter09-04-178972.318891
iddqd - 70 Guild PromotionShaman10-04-23140-23376
Ihqdaa - fokrougeRogue09-07-19173-29633
In Excelsis - LoathebWarlock06-09-291795.0011629
Infinity Vs FiremawPaladin06-04-1114-2331
Infinity Vs RazorgoreWarrior06-04-1233-3047
Insignia Frostmage PvPMage06-07-28972.194789
Jaraxxus 25man TotCMultiple09-11-1695-3194
Jin'rokh the Breaker vs. iNukeDruid13-06-22320-3523
Jump from Teldrassil to DarkshoreShaman05-06-30374.165968
Justica Maloriak 25 ManMage11-01-21205-3170
Katana The MovieRogue05-12-111432.203419
Katana The SequelRogue06-01-141594.835758
Kjellan - PVP MovieMage11-05-16146-4253
Kylteg II. "Jump, Push, Fall"Rogue09-12-07163-6128
L70ETC - Allehelgends Død I Helveds RiUnknown09-03-27219-4432
L70etc Dødsferd (Dimmu Borgir)Unknown09-04-032304.064129
Last Refusal Vs. Rage WinterchillWarlock08-07-3147-1879
Lock/Rogue 2v2 ApornasapaWarlock09-12-09140-4687
Lurcif goes balanceDruid08-06-17361.923796
Lv39 Priest Twink PvPPriest06-12-011051.7212828
lvlonetwink at FrostwisperRogue07-10-30127-1693
Machinima: No Country For Goat MenHunter14-08-2273-2539
Magtheridon 3 MannedDeathknight09-01-24173-6070
Malum vs Chimaeron - 10 man Heroic ModMultiple11-01-22428-2512
Malum vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker - 10 man HPaladin11-01-22349-4024
Michael Jackson TributeDruid09-07-0765-3376
MORE Savannah CleavePaladin11-11-2033-7605
Mouline Rogue IIRogue06-01-113234.253971
Muz PvP 2.01Rogue06-12-29353.323416
my first wow movie (dutch subbed)Hunter08-08-11168-1727
Nefarian 10 manDruid11-02-051315-4445
nerf gibson Chimaeron 10 man HCPriest11-01-27662-3734
nerf gibson Conclave of wind 10m HCWarrior11-03-02296-3711
nerf gibson Magmaw 10m HCPriest11-02-26120-3103
nerf gibson Omnotron Defense System 10Priest11-02-13128-3247
Nerf Gibson v Festergut HeroicMage10-03-10212-3600
Nerf Gibson v Professor PutricidePaladin10-03-09280-3151
Nogg Aholic: Bye, Bye Nogg The Movie 2Unknown07-02-01852.784259
Ojox - The GauntletHunter07-01-072824.252444
Old Spice ParodyPaladin11-10-1811-39603
Onyxia vs RogueRogue06-06-21942.503432
Paladin / warrior pvp SkirmishPaladin09-09-20573-6836
Pandemic's Arena Vid 2100~ S3 (Not TeaPriest07-12-266234.4472956
Possessed by Naaru, 280 mp3!Paladin07-01-1483.296160
Prettiest Retribution UIPaladin09-10-1860-5693
Prince of PersiaMage06-03-241654.222988
Protection Paladin/Arms Warrior 2200 2Paladin09-07-06570-23062
Public Enemy VS Valiona & TheralionHunter11-01-13104-2508
PvP in StylePaladin11-11-0849-40698
PvP rogue ank 10 DreconRogue07-01-03190-1481
Ránkoné - life of a 85 twinkMage13-01-081024-5176
Rawthang I - Destro Lock PvPWarlock11-01-08393-83141
Red Defined Vs. Magni BronzebeardPriest07-10-0880-2496
Revollaer - Affliction 3v3 - DotastatiWarlock12-03-24857-4743
Rise of The Forsaken - Chapter I: MythMultiple09-03-223284.608433
RMP mmr 2000-2500 S8 Priest PoV - DárPriest11-02-1861-9051
Rogue casual BGs il541Rogue14-04-24394-7513
Rome vs Heroic Jin'rokh the BreakerPaladin13-05-15284-11529
Rxr - 60 Twink TrailerWarrior09-05-241274.7773296
Rxr goes Insane - Part 1Warrior09-05-308944.79160392
Rxr goes Insane Part 2 - TrailerWarrior09-07-2992-85015
Samansverginga vs. Nefarian 10 manMultiple11-04-07164-2974
Savage oneRogue08-03-175033.584937
Savage v2 - Appearance Isnt AllRogue08-05-206523.654171
Savannah CleavePaladin11-11-04229-116211
Savannah Cleave Trailer?Paladin11-10-3077-30848
Schyte Vs. Galantz - TeaserRogue09-03-27534.856375
SEED vs IllidanWarrior11-07-11439-5601
Severance vs Lich King (25 Heroic)Priest10-09-09738-16918
Severance Vs. IllidanWarlock08-02-18517-3384
Severance Vs. King MaulgarPaladin07-03-17153-1822
Shaman MuzShaman07-04-181962.5811439
Show-off WMTUnknown09-09-25141-21185
Silwyth PvP movie R14 WarriorWarrior06-10-166313.257439
Slowly Going Insane!Paladin11-10-0385-38375
Solid Versus MajorDomo (well worth a lPriest05-09-261282.754050
Solid Vs. Anub'RekhanMage06-06-30221-2100
Storm, Earth and FireShaman06-10-05126-4090
Swedish Syndicate Vs. Morogrim TidewalMage08-03-24248-1920
Synergy Vs. Maulgar (Frostwhisper)Warlock07-03-07104-2507
Taca 2v2 arena 2700 (RM+SP/M)Mage10-02-27442-252050
Tainted souls 4-manning MaulgarShaman11-04-10514-3129
TALKING CAT on Arathi BasinPaladin10-05-03146-11337
Tappâd Surv hunter 2.1Hunter09-02-184044.3124604
Teleport TrickHunter09-07-0143-8601
The Culling of StratholmeUnknown09-06-032794.4824472
The Fat Cow 8Druid08-11-022914.78194872
The Fat Cow 9Druid09-01-154434.80560777
The Power of Icelance IIMage08-08-121011.4521584
The Ultimate Machinima Noob TutorialUnknown10-01-2243-38713
The Warden's GameMage11-02-0259-72569
The WorgenUnknown10-01-05380-93386
Theador Fury PvPWarrior06-09-23493-1919
Theadór Fury PvP vol.IIWarrior06-10-051912.704905
Thug Cleave #1 Hunter/Rogue/PriestHunter12-12-01846-7483
Thug Cleave #2 Hunter/Rogue/Priest MoPHunter12-12-01648-4211
Tiger Boss Zul'Gurub Farm Guide 3.3.3 Unknown10-04-20176-7299
TimeLapse Trailer/Short moviePaladin10-12-2662-3191
ToH 25man BeastsMultiple09-11-1684-2992
ToH doing Beasts of NorthrendMultiple09-10-2995-3239
ToH ICC Lady DeathwhisperMultiple10-03-02149-3714
Top of The Chain Feral Druid PvP MoPDruid12-11-24853-15390
Ultimate AoEPaladin07-06-251282.867333
Ultimate AoE 2Paladin08-05-16125-2610
Under OrgrimmarShaman07-10-1831-1884
Untamed ArmsWarrior06-06-26172-1854
Untamed FuryWarrior06-06-272213.703015
WallWalking 3.3 with Whitekidney & HunPaladin09-12-16143-6619
WANR guild promo movieShaman09-02-222245.0011245
Warrior 80 PvP Movie - SkeelzWarrior10-06-0768-3955
Warrior 85 pvp madnessWarrior11-01-2246-3715
What to do when a priest doesn't wannaMultiple05-09-02213.594325
World of Warcraft 2 guys in Character Unknown07-11-1213-1641
World of warcraft patch 3.2.0 UI and BShaman09-08-1131-7456
WoW Comedy - Keep BrowsingMultiple09-02-021454.5338573
WoW Gold Guide - How I make 100k a dayPaladin12-07-14403-7144
Wrathful Gladiator Triyox - Arena TourWarrior11-07-20737-11110
Wtf to doMage06-09-152864.6611172
Xelitez PvPMage06-10-032493.914940
Yosei - Mage PvPMage06-06-15412.632488
Zarkolix Rank 13Mage06-12-052594.675593
Zodiac Explores Zul'AmanPriest08-03-1378-2055