Server view : Wrathbringer

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Arena 3on3Multiple09-08-02235-4953
70 Raid - BT, Supremus - Mage PovMage09-07-3072-6779
A Druid farms Lord RoccorDruid06-04-08274.5013938
Anathema Madness HeroicWarlock12-03-30211-4622
Arthas 25 normal vs BloodhuntersWarrior10-03-08263-8336
Atonement Priest vs. Volcanus (FirelanPriest12-01-12344-4869
Atramedes 25 hcWarrior11-06-2882-3564
bad voodoo - Ascendant CouncilShaman10-12-31292-4479
bad voodoo - ChimaeronShaman11-01-08260-4019
bad voodoo - Chimaeron 10 man heroicShaman11-01-25318-6189
bad voodoo - Cho'gallDruid11-02-08383-5937
bad voodoo - Council of Wind heroic 10Multiple11-02-18351-6639
Bad Voodoo - Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10 maShaman11-01-12294-6481
bad voodoo - Magmaw 10 hcDruid11-03-16502-8753
bad voodoo - Nefarian (firstkill)Shaman11-01-09407-3972
bad voodoo - Valiona and Theralion (luShaman10-12-28296-4152
Beastmaster KlinkxHunter11-02-15398-7657
Beavis - 70 Enhance Shaman PvP - 2Shaman07-12-102783.1267217
Beavis 3 Enhancement PvPShaman08-02-131593.4178043
Beavis goes BerserkShaman08-03-071024.31173102
Beavis goes Berserk IIShaman08-09-26824.46376642
Beavis goes Berserk IIIShaman09-06-10614.16135302
Beavis goes Berserk IVShaman09-09-18170-309018
Behind Lordaeron - 1.11Mage06-07-1742-3534
bh - SupremusMage07-09-08127-2495
BH ArchimondeMage07-09-26127-2365
Bh NajentusMage07-09-07127-2504
bh teron gorefiendWarrior07-10-0484-2801
Bloodhunters Vs. PatchwerkWarrior06-11-2484-2902
Bond. Big Bond.Multiple05-10-30164.7617721
Cryssio - Arcane PvPMage10-07-19506-38713
Edel´s Apocalyptica 70 1vs2 Arena PvPMage07-03-112642.1331123
Eine Geschichte - Wenn Könige fallenMultiple10-11-29382-5076
Elemental PvP TrailerShaman12-01-2964-6946
Elemental Shaman 2on2Shaman12-01-29226-6279
Enhancer Mage 2v2 2250+Mage10-05-18627-41484
Farmbot - JackassHunter06-10-1870-6360
Fimbulwinter - Warrior PvPWarrior06-09-052463.716475
First PvP Battleground Round with FrosDeath Knight17-05-19246-14474
FlameLeviathan Hardmode (10)Death Knight09-06-15204-19901
Flare / Wrathbringer `Eu vs. Zul`JinRogue07-10-16369-4254
Flare Vs. Azgalor - High QualityDruid07-07-21161-4697
Flare Vs. Zul'Jin (Final Boss - Zul'AmDruid07-10-153253.7957326
Generax - A Druid PvP MovieDruid06-10-02164-3828
Generax II - A Warrior PvP MovieWarrior08-11-083562.546166
Giselah I - SRMTHF GO !Paladin11-09-29448-8413
Herold Volazj 21 sec KillWarlock09-05-0817-2518
Highking Maulgar Vs. Gremio (Mage tankMage07-03-2476-4339
HolyHowTo - DM North first 3 BossesPriest06-09-011863.5112466
HorrorcorE GuildPromotionMultiple10-01-2116-6599
How to bug a FarmbotMage06-10-0979-3025
In Eternity vs Atramedes HC 10Priest11-05-28406-4117
In Eternity vs Rat der Aszendenten (10Priest11-02-11117-2535
In Eternity vs. Madness of DeathwingPaladin12-04-23961-4034
Its Never Enough-Elwynn has RebornPaladin07-12-29344.3018186
Just another Cavern of Time (after 1.1Mage06-06-26105-3051
Kabale & Liebe - World of WarcraftUnknown07-06-15334.6610622
Kael'thas BHWarrior07-08-31127-2547
Kaz'Rogal bhMage07-09-11123-2887
Kenji 3 - TrailerWarlock06-10-1737-4393
Leotheras by ZdGMultiple07-09-18161-2246
Let it happenPaladin08-10-22554.459017
Level 80 Deathknight AisensDeath Knight08-09-283443.7512439
Lirok and co. vs The Lich King (10)Rogue10-07-16184-6542
Lord at NightMage07-01-0485-4142
Lost Memories - Folge 1Priest09-06-1390-6856
Lost Memories - Folge 2Priest09-06-1545-5012
Lvl 90 Affliction/Destruction Warlock Warlock14-07-17120-12810
Lvl70 Hemorogue/ 1700 Ap Unbuffed.Rogue07-02-19642.4623771
LvL80-DK Beta-PvPDeath Knight08-10-125854.4164081
Mimiron Hardmode (10)Death Knight09-07-06337-10156
MultiBoxing 4 ShamansShaman07-09-031123.8815865
NEED vs Chimäron (HC)Priest11-05-21217-6837
NEED vs AtramedesMultiple11-02-1096-3166
NEED vs HalfusPriest11-04-10302-6682
NEED vs Nefarian 10erPriest11-04-04449-5986
NEED vs ShannoxDruid11-07-18504-6116
NEED vs ValionaMage11-04-10303-8292
NEED vs. BethMage11-07-22270-13269
Need vs. MagmaulMage11-01-13347-3874
NEED vs. MaloriakMage11-02-02248-3039
NEED vs. OmnitronMultiple11-01-27515-3410
NEED vs. SchimaeronMage11-02-15355-7552
Nefarian 25hcWarrior11-06-29119-5607
Obi unleashed (MS Warrior)Warrior07-04-142271.603891
Palas and the DAMAGEPaladin06-06-1140.903788
PvP Hunter - Lemby 2Hunter06-10-081863.373596
Reflection vs Lord MarrowgarRogue10-06-1748-5689
Reflection vs Lord Marrowgar and Lady Rogue10-04-28126-5881
Resurrection PvP 2200Rogue08-04-282992.156693
Resurrection Vs. Hydross/SolarianHunter09-03-16173-4293
Rethen IV - It Is Not Over Yet (TeaserMage11-07-3169-87053
Rethen IV - Mage PvPMage11-10-121322-514835
Rethen IV TrailerMage11-10-10115-51123
Rogue solo Karazhan on Cataclysm BetaRogue10-10-05969-11933
Sartharion 3D Solo - Mage PoV - Patch Mage12-01-18235-24968
Sartharion3d vs 1 Tank, 8 DDs, 1 HealDeath Knight09-04-041263.7224401
Satharion SpeedkillMage09-09-2775-5181
Scythe vs. Jin'rokhDruid13-04-06289-4652
Shaman PvP 70 (arena)Shaman08-08-25253-2411
Shockadin ArenaPaladin09-06-2863-11473
Shäde Part I - 70 PvPRogue07-03-162952.3715701
Singin TaurenWarrior06-08-133-3093
snuus - glance into the pastMage15-08-28146-10975
Snüüs - Pure Open PVPMage11-06-05514-10821
Snüüs 2 - Pure Open PvPHunter12-09-13221-10627
Snüüs 2 - Pure Open PvP *TEASER*Hunter11-08-0271-24862
Sunwell Plateau Full PreviewPaladin08-02-14423.9213308
Sunwell Sets PreviewPaladin08-02-18432.61270984
TdH vs. Ragnaros 10 man (nhc)Druid11-08-30451-6032
The Pain Vol.1 70NE rogueRogue07-03-021852.744720
think different Vs. HydrossPriest08-01-20117-2398
Time stands still - Merry X-MasPaladin07-12-24973.756979
Unredeemed - Triggered HarmUnknown11-04-2979-11001
Verona Warrior Druid 2v2 2300+Warrior09-08-29421-31093
Vezax Hardmode (10)Death Knight09-06-15220-7335
Warlock: Solo GrobulusWarlock12-02-1724-7035
Warlock: Solo KoralonWarlock12-02-1639-7430
Warlock: Solo Lord Marrowgar HCWarlock12-02-1575-9431
Weedzwin 2v2 ArenaWarrior11-06-01690-10508
Why Me vs Al'Akir 25 HC - Ohdamn PoVDeath Knight11-02-27679-11593
Why Me vs Al'Akir 25 HEROICMultiple11-02-26143-12573
Why Me vs Baleroc 25 HEROICMultiple11-07-14110-10904
Why Me vs Beth'tilac 25 HeroicMultiple11-07-14341-10331
Why Me vs Cho'Gall 25 HEROICMultiple11-02-01161-11603
Why Me vs Conclave of Wind 25 HEROICMultiple10-12-29594-25212
Why Me vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25 HMPriest10-12-20100-8526
Why Me vs Lady Sinestra 25 HEROICMultiple11-02-10132-20506
Why Me vs Majordomo Staghelm 25 HEROICMultiple11-07-19888-20848
Why Me vs Nefarian 25 HEROICMultiple11-02-18161-19756
Why Me vs Nefarian 25 Normal ModeMultiple10-12-19452-10152
Why Me vs Ragnaros 25 HEROICMultiple11-08-281485-48475
Why Me vs The Lich King 25men HEROICMultiple10-05-17291-25078
Winter NightPaladin08-12-23524.9215272
Wipe Out vs. Kriegsherr Zon'ozzPaladin12-04-27323-2868
Wipe Out vs. Ultraxion HeroicPaladin12-04-27372-4732
Wipe Out vs. Yor'sahj der UnermüdlichePaladin12-04-27280-3355
Ylang, Rank 13 Druid PvPDruid06-11-064053.503229
ZOMBIES - Invading KalimdorHunter08-10-231074.8113114