Server view : Gurubashi

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
10g + 100 mageweave/h@lvl 57Shaman05-06-30141.5120542
22k Holy Pally CritPaladin11-02-1020-11268
25k+ Ambush No Berserker BuffRogue08-05-23654.78365139
2v2 Arena (Paladin and Warlock)Paladin07-07-111151.444554
2v2 Ptr 2.0Warlock06-12-06150-1763
39 Mage PvPMage06-12-06762.008055
79 MAGE PWNS 85 WARRIORMage11-09-03205-6242
8k+ Ambush No Berserker BuffRogue06-12-12174.47137469
Alexdin 59 paladin PVP video ( previewPaladin09-05-1854-5705
Alexdin Part 1 59 PallyPaladin09-06-08247-4872
Alliance Caught Using a BotShaman05-07-11222.2441283
Allypunisher - Brutal Gear 70 HDWarrior11-12-28266-5155
An Engineer's Tale: Nitro BoostsPaladin09-11-2198-6407
Arena BattlePaladin07-01-012753.942125
AX vs. IllidanDruid07-09-13127-2659
Azralon - Warlord Zon'ozz 10Man HC [ToPriest12-07-24213-4179
Bad's Inferno FunWarlock07-07-26444.1829250
Bada Bing First Bear run attempt (NaloMultiple08-08-1095-3639
Brotato 1 - 3v3 TR 2200+ MMR PHDDeathknight10-06-08703-26404
Brutalbarbie 1: Ret arena 3v3 2600+Paladin11-03-24785-31078
Burning Sands 2Mage06-07-081074.672427
Cannibalized - OneRogue08-03-093684.065693
Chronicle of the Annoying Quest: Ep. 3Unknown08-11-19414.9644984
Confraria vs Lich King 10 manDruid10-06-23210-4548
DeathKnight FrostDeathknight11-03-1626-9858
Direnight2 Arenas 2v2 Shadowpriest/FroPriest09-07-23980-87750
Disiplynary MethodsWarrior08-02-022083.165099
Druid solo Al'arDruid11-01-20169-4908
EC Vs. WorldMultiple06-11-2148-1741
Engineer's Tale 2: Two Is Better Than Paladin11-04-13146-7010
Engineers are so coolHunter08-02-16163.585511
Enhancement Forever - GodmodeShaman06-07-01923.113985
Eviscerate - Arenas by AkriosRogue08-08-053854.69186029
Eviscerate 3 - Thunderfury, Full DD RoRogue07-01-102493.2780311
Eviscerate 4 - Gladiator, T4, TF rogueRogue07-03-202964.21207063
Eviscerate 5Rogue07-06-193114.26190454
Eviscerate 6 - Merciless Glad Rogue PvRogue07-09-114734.55196238
Eviscerate 7 - World PvP, DaggersRogue08-03-216404.79504542
Eviscerate 8: Apocalypse T6 Mut, StoryRogue08-06-165974.90369696
Eviscerate Thunderfury 4/5 DD rogue - Rogue06-08-075003.8198488
Ex Vs. Illidan StormrageDruid07-09-13127-3137
FDM Vs. MimironPaladin09-04-29658-2643
FDM x Freya (25 man)Paladin09-04-27429-2923
FDM x Malygos 25man (6 minutes AchievePaladin09-02-09135-3477
FDMx General Vezax (25 man)Paladin09-05-01428-4203
Felweave - Metamorphosis PvPWarlock08-11-084092.8013851
Fire Mage PvPMage06-12-04223-2618
Frozen Sands 4Mage07-01-13200-1591
Fun with SheepDruid05-07-19883.634863
Fury of the WildDruid09-02-181822.077409
GM Orrah 2 Paladin PvpPaladin06-06-141394.588561
got sheep?Unknown05-07-13354.4943704
Horde works with AllianceMage06-06-13203.252454
How to kill unflagged low level playerHunter08-01-28224.0815147
Ice Cubes of PrincipleMultiple07-08-141664.664713
Ikthriaz FrostPvPMage06-06-01654.7622178
Insert's Hot Boy RemixRogue09-01-224021.203957
Invasion 2 Hunter PvPHunter06-01-073704.3418866
Invasion 3Hunter06-01-253894.82133347
Invasion 4Hunter06-06-172754.7817525
Invasion 60 Hunter PvPHunter05-12-282604.2830045
IRONY Vs. Al'arRogue08-04-1069-2189
IRONY Vs. FLKRogue08-04-1040-2182
IRONY Vs. HydrossRogue08-04-1135-3245
IRONY Vs. LeotherasRogue08-04-1148-3313
IRONY Vs. TidewalkerRogue08-04-1143-2727
IRONY Vs. Void ReaverRogue08-04-1137-2886
IRONY Vs.SolarianRogue08-04-1138-3631
Jezębel Death Knight PvPDeathknight09-01-172872.176375
JonSpencer helps Blizzard (trailer)Priest08-04-13301.159711
Jrb Yet another Frost mageMage08-07-191572.705231
Jrb/Opaque- The Lotus ChildMage08-09-13208-2775
Just a day of two vee two - Priest + HMultiple07-08-043183.335644
Kordan PVPPriest06-05-1674-1902
Ladyduffman elementalMage06-07-10993.223752
Last One VS Lich King 25 HardmodeWarrior10-11-06661-5513
Last One vs. Lich King 25 HeroicDeathknight10-11-13662-2217
Last One x Anub'arak 25man Hard ModePaladin09-12-05236-6893
Last One x Heroic Lord JaraxxusPaladin09-10-17241-4831
Mage AoE Grinding DemoMage05-07-12283.4015743
Mage PvP vid, Ice and FireMage06-01-021074.634200
Moonwalk(Aka: Kitten Video)Shaman05-07-10343.846048
Morchok 10M Heroic - Disc Priest POVPriest12-03-10182-3100
Mu Guild Vs. Sarth3Paladin09-03-0692-4707
Murloc Quest - TrailerMultiple06-01-1774.4111573
Najik Warrior Arms lvl 85 - Xtreme HDWarrior11-02-08100-4774
Naxx nice loot/bossUnknown06-06-099-3863
Negotiations with an AssassinRogue08-06-18287-1509
Nerf Groups (the tribute)Rogue06-04-1095-2615
Obstrol 4 - Guerreiro das armasWarrior12-04-17534-3251
Orrah 1 Paladin pvpPaladin06-01-31794.4310458
Paladin Code: Don't Ask, Don't Tell...Paladin05-07-18222.645979
Pee vee Pee: Stormherald + Av = Fun!Warrior07-10-061272.393864
Phoenix Exile VS General Vezax Hard MoWarrior09-08-02162-5861
Phoenix Exile Vs. Mimiron Hard ModePriest09-08-26307-6833
Plaids TeaseRogue08-02-0410-1757
Priest/Mage Gladiator PvPMultiple07-09-081273.7319440
Printz0r 4:Mage07-11-113684.2636901
Printzor 3Mage07-06-091953.3122820
Printzor IIMage07-03-162512.196869
PTR 2 Pallys - Arena 3v2 2v3Paladin06-11-272534.2726678
Quailman Mage PVP S1-S2Mage08-11-15131-3555
Razor CutRogue08-01-27349-3505
Reborn Vs. Illidan StormrageWarlock08-06-16371-2952
Ret/Rogue 2v2 TrailerMultiple09-10-2436-8710
Rise Thunderfury!!!Paladin09-04-1137-2545
Rmd (not rogue,mage, druid) world PVP/Rogue11-12-07486-3901
Rogue Kiske PvPRogue09-02-044011.526195
Rogue: What you didnt see in EOS videoRogue06-07-052194.166647
Sarrky frost mageMage10-08-2068-4737
Sarrky Frost PvP 2Mage10-09-03209-5817
Sartharion + 3 Drake UPWarrior09-01-30254-1511
Sidekick II TrailerPriest09-10-30223-5459
Sidekick Priest Mage with a twist 3.2Priest09-08-13429-26068
Spidy and Frekkles DayWarrior06-07-3148-2566
Tete - Fire mage PVPMage07-01-17158-1784
Tha Todes SongMage08-02-18759-2587
the Balance of Light and ShadowPriest05-09-11734.166863
The Brothers TaurenUnknown06-10-17924.9125884
The World of What 2Unknown07-04-14464.503266
Tipss PreviewMage07-01-14171-2013
Tribute To YakitRogue08-06-14454-1945
Trumper HemoRogue06-03-011601.795670
Ultimato vs AnetheronWarlock08-07-24100-3403
Ultimato Vs. GruulShaman07-07-2636-2898
Ultimato Vs. The Illidari CouncilShaman08-06-13357-3152
Ultraxion 10M Normal Shadow Priest POVPriest12-01-30124-3958
Undergeared Vol. 3 TrailerMage07-11-25213.334554
Undergeared Vol. 4: Escape From IronfoMage08-04-121273.7810961
Undergeared Volume 3Mage07-12-041783.4210321
Vagrent - Female Dwarf Rogue PvPRogue06-06-033733.439083
Valefic: Field of StrifeWarlock07-01-1020-4852
Viven - AfflictionWarlock07-01-04492.062369
Warcraft JumpShaman05-07-0992.706443
Warlods Of Draenor - Daemonhunter - 3vHunter14-12-21546-27471
We Will Not Be BrokenMultiple08-01-022634.758422
When Farmers Attack!Warrior06-05-1073.904151
Wotlk by Onix - Part 1Deathknight10-02-05121-15425
Wotlk by Onix - Part 2 (Final)Deathknight10-03-10932-32286
Yakit PvPWarlock07-09-17127-1832
Zalor pvp pt1 30/0/21 elemental 5TS 1SShaman06-07-073084.667985
Zetox 1 - PHDHunter10-07-29386-74539
Zizek 3v3 TR PvPWarlock08-06-254484.4311030