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Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
"Pour la Horde"Multiple09-02-21776-2197
5eme chapitre "Prise d'hurlevent"Multiple11-09-14586-5637
Aïra Pvp Rogue 70-79 PrécataRogue10-12-09462-7273
Algalon 10 Man Vs. Fortes AnimaeDruid09-09-20151-6566
Anniversaire des Rolling Crew 2007Multiple07-12-14118-3068
Archion - vol.1 [lvl 60-62 Paladin 0/2Paladin07-03-272931.424718
Arkh - Naxx By Clàdia - Arcane Mage PoMage09-01-29737-9784
Arkh Vs. Malygos - Arcane Mage PovMage09-02-04128-3164
Arkh Vs. Malygos - Arcane Mage PovMage09-02-05128-8004
Arkh Vs. Sartharion 3 Add - Arcane MagMage09-02-19154-7013
Atramédès 10 hmMage11-03-19263-4004
Augure vs Kil'jaedenMultiple08-11-09307-82041
Augure Vs. ArchimondeMultiple08-07-04157-68857
Augure Vs. Illidan StormrageMultiple08-07-04225-89237
Augure Vs. MalygosMultiple09-01-26198-106481
Battle for Mount Hyjal (Caverns of TimMultiple08-10-26765-69557
BE paladin 66-70 (Trailer)Paladin07-03-13194.437762
Believe in FrostMage08-06-052533.148691
Chambellan forteramure 10 hm vS MohrMage11-10-09316-5235
Chimaeron 10 hm VS MohrMage11-05-18313-3362
Chimaeron HM VS MohrDruid11-03-22108-3841
Conclave du vent 10 hm VS MohrMage11-04-30314-5724
Conseil de ferPriest09-05-06179-3948
Deathknight solo Al'Akir ( bring to p2Death Knight12-01-10160-14960
DK solo full NaxxDeath Knight12-01-18559-21919
Dk Solo Lich KingDeath Knight14-08-19122-30595
Dk Solo ValithriaDeath Knight14-08-19140-61698
Duel with MobiusHunter07-08-1050-5107
Dwarf PoetryWarrior07-12-04652-2089
Elemental Shaman. Laniac 1Shaman11-09-13410-6907
Elementary Shaman bg/duel insane zoneShaman12-11-21351-14511
Epilepsia vs Maloriak - 10 HeroicPaladin11-05-25428-4966
Eternity CDO Vs Leotheras The BlindMage07-06-11300-4446
Eternity Vs Black TempleMultiple07-11-12554-4348
Eternity Vs. MorogrimMage07-06-01244-2852
Euphoria VS Baleroc 10Death Knight11-08-17265-4077
Euphoria VS Ragnaros 10Death Knight11-10-06374-5399
Euphoria VS Shannox 10Death Knight11-08-15354-3475
Event PvP - Battle of StormwindMage11-09-24530-5314
Faction champions 25 man HM NocturaMage09-10-15311-4580
Feral Hunt pvp arena saison 9Hunter11-07-01241-19554
Festergut overmind touchPriest10-01-10179-7335
Fire Spirit, Fire Mage PvPMage10-05-04769-9554
Fortes Animae VS Yogg Saron - 25Warlock09-06-24275-14771
Fortes Animae Vs. Algalon 10Druid09-09-19151-4517
Halfus 10 hm VS MohrMage11-04-12261-4984
Halfus 10HM Vs MOHRDruid11-03-05116-4191
Helgrim Sulfuras Dwarf Warrior Rp/PvpWarrior06-06-12237-5348
Hodir overmindPriest09-05-06179-3667
Hommage Arkh 3.2 Fa Vous attendMage09-08-06255-13859
How to Skip ValithriaDeath Knight14-08-2589-17178
How to solo RazorgoreDeath Knight14-08-1972-14371
How to wipe in Naxxramas using beerMultiple08-12-21794.81422451
Hunter funUnknown07-06-23183.002486
Hypnose - Recrutement SSC du 10 févrieMultiple08-02-12118-3345
Kadaj. Mon pet et moi Vol.1Mage08-01-28144-3900
Kael'Thas By HypnosePaladin08-06-05304-2727
krom is deadPaladin08-09-17419-3448
kyou 0 let's PlayRogue12-04-22219-3837
La Grande armee 2Multiple07-09-0286-1979
la main d'argentPaladin09-05-036981.7210740
La vrai histoire de mimironWarlock09-05-0794-4089
Lord Ryolith 10 |Annihilation|Shaman11-10-03558-4745
Mage is not cheatin'! I'm a noob!Mage06-10-23733.114137
Magmagueule HMDruid11-05-04127-4997
Magmaw 10 hm vs MohrMage11-03-27316-3693
Maloriak 10 hm Vs MohrMage11-05-20315-4336
Marrowgar (10) Expiation 1st try ( howMage09-12-16464-5616
Memories of a travellerDruid07-09-171274.699239
Mimiron expiationMage09-12-01449-4313
Montaron 2Mage09-08-16472-10741
Montaron 2Mage09-08-17369-6776
Myst CDO - ICC 10- PutricideShaman10-03-17240-4604
Nath'anae, Elehancement ShamanShaman08-10-07692.8511964
Nefarian 10 hm Vs MohrMage11-06-18416-3814
Neidrah - Pew Pew MasterHunter11-03-131902-119696
Neidrah 2 TrailerHunter11-04-3069-41083
Obviam Dei Vs. Sartharion 10Paladin09-04-01488-2785
Ogon II EvolutionMage10-10-03689-16628
Omnotron defense system 10 HmMage11-04-13315-3688
Overmind NightbanePriest07-05-19157-1924
Overmind VS Blood Princes 25Priest10-01-26179-8660
Overmind Vs. MIMIRON HM 10Multiple09-08-17402-5659
Pandemoniums MovieMultiple06-06-02150-5030
POM PYROMultiple08-08-314623.826513
Pvp minifraiseRogue09-09-27122-5786
Qohagan PvP (Blackrock)Mage06-11-05193-3365
Radical vs NefarianHunter11-04-27127-4994
Recrutement guilde Hypnose (old)Hunter11-11-29120-6829
Rhyolith 10 Hm Vs MohrMage11-07-31312-4049
RMSP - Näas I - 2k3+Priest11-01-25253-46932
Rotface 10 overmindPriest10-01-16179-5912
Rotface 25 VS OvermindPriest10-01-17177-6785
Run & Jump 2Hunter11-02-01139-72254
Run & Jump : Hunter 4.0.1Hunter10-11-14440-51743
Savage Pvp on Cdo(eu)Unknown11-07-09117-4581
Screaming in AgonyMage10-03-16102-18411
Shadows of Dalaran cityMage10-01-13271-8987
Shannox 10 Hm Vs MohrMage11-07-29312-5214
Shannox 10 |Annihilation|Shaman11-10-03403-3808
Shiandayo IIIShaman08-01-073282.675189
Shiandayo! ArenaShaman07-06-30913.336215
Siege of Orgrimmar - O&C guild moviePriest14-09-06296-11074
SunWell PlateauDruid08-02-111533.9142375
Surreal : AscensionMage06-07-073454.4110745
Tempest KeepMultiple08-03-146105.0072105
The Darkened CloudsDruid10-05-26344-6832
Thorim overmindPriest09-06-15178-6462
Throne of Thunder - O&C guild moviePriest13-09-15209-12093
ThunderStorm FunShaman11-09-2651-4326
Titanium Vs. OgrimmarWarrior06-09-133503.766404
Trailer French team 3c3 AreneDruid08-09-063673.505613
Trailer, Nath'anaeShaman09-10-25137-6351
Trailer: TK, COT3 & BTMultiple08-02-1587-47614
Ulduar part 2 vs Arkh by ClàdiaMage09-05-28778-4617
Valiona & Theralion 10 hm Vs MohrMage11-06-02312-5082
Vlád PvPPriest08-02-12499-3755
Void ReaverMultiple07-11-05275-1586
Voidim CdoMage10-12-04171-4169
Vordn HexolieMage06-09-241934.115284
With the meeting of the shadePaladin07-02-08313.046358
World in TitaniumMage07-01-21238-3316
Xeven Live in FireMage07-01-022273.635420
Xeven mage 18/0/33 movie 2Mage06-06-1390-3158
Xeven mage rank 13 PvP movieMage06-08-07972.783644
Xeven pvp mage 18/0/33Mage06-04-24762.503509
XT-002 HM OvermindPriest09-07-22179-7305
[Trailer] Ogon II EvolutionMage10-08-1756-7001