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Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #5 - BajheeraWarrior12-03-14834-42422
Check Please vs Heroic Grand Empress Paladin13-03-09691-6355
Heroic Gurthalak - Ripsoul 3 ResurrecWarrior12-08-14370-4137
Khunaz 1 Rogue Arena MontageRogue15-03-01788-7064
Patch 5.0.4: Beastmaster Crazy Burst Hunter12-09-05113-22616
"I just proposed to my gf that I met oPaladin12-10-20216-12536
🎃The Ravenbane Network: ShadowWarrior13-10-18446-40294
★ WoW: "I'm Back To Play Da GameDruid12-09-2160-2545
☣ Mercyy - Wrath of a Vendetta 1Paladin12-06-11140-3814
♣ Sensus - Death Gripped "The BeDeathknight12-03-02266-21390
'WoW music Video' Alkaline trio - I FoRogue11-04-29210-11703
'WoW music Video' Foo Fighters - The PRogue11-05-28231-10002
( 5.2 ) Feral Druid PvP Opener GuideDruid13-03-2092-19078
(5.4) Feral Druid + Rogue 1v2 + 2v2 ArDruid13-09-27266-39786
(5.4) Feral Druid + Rogue 2v2 Arena PvDruid13-10-02183-33871
(5.4) Feral Druid 3v3 Arena PvP FT. ArDruid13-08-30329-59656
(5.4) Feral Druid Battleground PvP WorDruid13-07-31175-21808
(5.4) Feral Druid Duels PTR PvP World Druid13-09-02180-18500
(MoP 5.0.5) Rahtchet's Addons in WorldPaladin12-10-28155-23092
+My Demons+ | Propitious Gaming |Warrior14-07-27148-15011
1 v 2 arean as a ret pallyPaladin12-10-2631-4515
18.1K Shield Slam FunWarrior08-09-20723.7214588
2 Rogues vs. IronforgeRogue05-07-02964.5152187
2's Fun ft. DeathauzzieWarlock12-07-01152-2597
2's Lock MontageWarlock12-05-18191-4393
20-29 WSG priestPriest06-06-0487-2532
2150 FMage Darkspear PvPMage11-01-17292-19917
2200 resto shaman fireplayShaman12-09-18108-3164
2200+ KFC S11Paladin12-07-11360-3749
2300 WW Monk 3V3 (PunchASuccubus CleavMonk13-06-27914-41182
2300+ Rogue 3s/2s - RLS AND Ret/RogueRogue12-01-28104-2637
2400 Feral BattlegroundDruid11-06-10302-6353
2v2 Arena FT. Sacredshots (UndergearedRogue12-03-20324-2111
2v2 Arena Mage/Rogue FT. NamelessjokaRogue12-03-23236-2578
2v2 Rated Arena (Bouz) Retribution PalPaladin12-11-20330-3240
2v2 Rated Arena - Retribution Paladin Paladin12-11-17494-3484
2v2 Rated Arena Retribution Paladin / Paladin12-11-20208-4881
2v2/3v3/World PvP Rogue POV - Mini MonRogue12-02-17705-3077
3v3 Arena - Fire RMP Ownage!Rogue12-06-08302-3034
3v3 Arena - Multiple Comps With CommenRogue12-04-03368-2156
3v3 Arena - RLS is DaBestRogue12-04-28271-2064
3v3 Arena - Smokebomb Cleave FT. BajheRogue12-04-13278-3650
3v3 Arena'sPaladin11-02-06335-5088
3v3 Arenas - Nearing up on 1100 Subs aRogue12-05-23381-2335
3v3 RLS - Rogue PerspectiveRogue12-03-31308-4618
3v3 Rogue Arena - 2300 To 2400 Grind RRogue12-02-01165-2218
3v3 Rogue Arena - 2300+ RLS - "GettingRogue12-02-01151-3094
4.0 Arms PvP with ShadowmourneWarrior10-12-01260-7591
40 Multiboxer Shamans VS. SwiftyDeathknight13-06-09145-162475
5 Cool Dungeon MountsDeathknight14-03-17399-10203
5 Cool Exotic Hunter PetsHunter14-01-21311-11935
5.0.4 Best MM Hunter Talents and GlyphHunter12-09-13119-9688
5.0.4 Warrior PvP: Skeind. Dragon RoarWarrior12-09-04336-5841
5.0.5 Arms Warrior PvP: Skeind. Cya lvWarrior12-09-22295-6006
5.2 Affliction Lock PvP - RLS vs RMPWarlock13-04-03311-10907
5.2 Enh & Ele Shaman PvP 2Shaman13-04-27241-12224
5.2 Feral burstDruid13-05-07164-15926
5.2 Frost Mage PvP - Return of ChoclatMage13-04-03310-12214
5.2 Mage Arcane Burst One-Shot Macro: Mage13-05-20467-16573
5.2 Resto Shammy: HealBot at it's BestShaman13-04-270-17177
5.2 Unholy DK PvP Arenas - DK/wwMonk/DDeathknight13-04-03300-17319
5.2 Unholy DK PvP Arenas- Liberty CleaDeathknight13-04-03240-15163
5.2 Windwalker Monk PvPMonk13-04-0296-13020
5.2 Windwalker Monk PvP #2 (WoW gameplMonk13-05-21102-6754
5.3 & 5.4 Warlock 1 shotWarlock13-07-26487-28996
5.3 Affliction Warlock 1 Shot MacroWarlock13-08-09392-49447
5.3 MoP Elemental Shaman PvP GuideShaman13-06-151990-91990
5.3 Warlock Super-ShieldWarlock13-08-10483-38001
5.4 2v2 Arena WITH CommentaryShaman13-09-06117-115903
5.4 Boomkin PvPDruid13-08-21930-22038
5.4 Elemental Shaman PvP Arenas vs HunShaman14-04-22442-73359
5.4 Feral Druid + Enhancement Shaman 2Druid14-03-31291-22845
5.4 Feral Druid Battleground PvP - WorDruid14-03-18226-56496
5.4 Feral Druid Battleground PvP - WorDruid14-01-21154-27418
5.4 Feral Druid Burst Montage - GiveawDruid14-08-1367-19314
5.4 Feral Druid One Shot Macro GuideDruid13-07-18196-92682
5.4 Fury Warrior Thoughts and OpinionWarrior13-08-19130-15665
5.4 PvP Feral Druid PvP Opener Guide WDruid13-08-19134-94884
5.4 PVP Restoration Shaman Guide: TaleShaman13-09-30231-32623
5.4.7 Feral Druid PvP Arena 2v2 w/ RetDruid14-04-06285-14384
5000+ Dmg PvP Frostbolt crits!Mage06-03-25434.5681672
5v5 Frost and Fire Mage's #2!, ft JnxaMage12-04-03121-2996
5v5 Frost and Fire Mage's!, ft JnxakaBMage12-03-30138-2149
60 Ret 1v6Paladin10-07-1526-4149
85 MM Hunter Duels - vs. RogueHunter12-05-28334-3683
85 Sub rogue PVP (Wow Gameplay)Rogue11-05-1723-16439
90 Arms Warrior PvP Guide: Mist of PanWarrior13-02-16621-23575
90 Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 5.1 MPaladin12-12-29164-30034
@swifty: A Swifty ParodyWarrior11-06-18161-80520
A Beautiful EndMultiple14-02-191322-17260
A priest and a shaman vs. 3 alliancesPriest05-05-26214.4714160
A Rank One PVP MovieHunter14-08-1893-11501
A Warriors Pride (Part 2)Warrior13-02-16194-3317
Adnuk - The Rogue Who Stabbed MeRogue06-04-15673.364943
Adnuk - The Two Hour FlightRogue06-05-22184.7012916
Albis 3Mage05-12-181834.8819949
Albis 4 - TBC WorldpvpMage07-05-123844.57174228
Albis 4 TrailerMage07-05-06174.7016679
Albis 5 - domesticated pvp w/ LethiMage09-07-18268-115184
All For Killing - Lets Get This Party Multiple05-09-01391.789739
All Mages WSG OwnageMage06-03-12804.2744100
Amazing LOKI Guild on DarkspearWarrior09-02-08179-6300
Ample Pre-TBC pvp 51 fireMage07-05-11320-9708
Angel of Death | Ret Pally 5k SubscribPaladin13-07-11351-6638
Aphro 43-3-5 pre:bcRogue07-01-211474.253244
Arathi Basin with Athene and SwiftyPaladin11-07-27400-46616
Arena - Greed angers me - My thoughts Rogue12-07-12368-3812
Arena fun ft. Rahtchet, Kaze & ZgodfatPaladin12-10-1880-2638
Arena's With Kryptic Ep. 2 Frost DkDeathknight13-05-18158-4670
Arena's With Kryptic Ep.1 Frost dkDeathknight13-05-16166-6845
Arenas - Rogue PoV With CommentaryRogue12-04-05235-2371
Arenas - Sap The Kidney!Rogue12-05-11290-2421
Arenas - Why Joker Heff to be mad?Rogue12-06-18319-3398
Arms Warrior 5.0.5 PvP montageWarrior12-09-18113-5901
Arptatron 5Warrior11-08-08322-4578
Arptatron 6Warrior11-11-02233-3347
Arptatron 9Warrior12-10-27347-3716
Artamus Warlock PvP: DarkspearWarlock08-01-162562.318342
Askila-Faceroll Ret Funtime PvPPaladin10-06-02364-6325
Athene & Swifty bring back World PVPPaladin11-12-15174-49692
Athene & Swifty PVP Warm-Up before thePaladin11-09-14118-75605
Athene & Swifty will bring it backWarrior11-07-270-96391
ATHENE: "WCM I CHALLENGE U ALL"Paladin11-12-0883-63673
Athene: The Mists of PandariaPaladin11-08-10127-82585
Attack on Theramore Isle World EventHunter12-09-19294-5833
Bad to Glad - Disc Priest (Ep. 2)Priest12-05-31277-5276
Bajcletus #1 - THESE COLORS DON'T RUN Hunter12-07-031239-27159
Bajgrampy #4 - A Wizard's Duel - Epic Mage13-08-14880-108292
Bajheera & Swifty - BLADESTORM BLOODBAWarrior13-12-08725-59517
Bajheera & Swifty - MAXIMUM CLEAVAGE 5Warrior14-02-24539-34097
Bajheera - "2v2 Can Be Fun!:D" - 2v2 AWarrior12-02-02449-15726
Bajheera - "56-0 WSG Wreckage" - Fury Warrior12-01-29359-23577
Bajheera - "Cataclysmic Memories" - LeWarrior13-02-111125-52039
Bajheera - "Come and GET IT" - WarriorWarrior13-05-12981-35744
Bajheera - "One Single Action" - 3v3 AWarrior12-08-08867-15861
Bajheera - "Reckless" ft. Falling WithWarrior12-03-08569-9779
Bajheera - "Taste for Battle" - MoP ArWarrior13-02-15913-70242
Bajheera - 100K Subscriber Montage: ThWarrior14-04-062011-41931
Bajheera - 104-0 WSG Massacre - Level Warrior12-07-121179-30347
Bajheera - 3v3 Arena as WPS with HotteWarrior13-03-181283-14762
Bajheera - 3v3 Arena Commentary - S11 Warrior12-09-22661-3611
Bajheera - 5.0 Warrior Keybinds, MacroWarrior12-09-17642-94804
Bajheera - 5.2 Rage Gain Spec - 5.2 WaWarrior13-03-21154-83105
Bajheera - 5.3 Warrior Gems, Talents, Warrior13-05-24205-92681
Bajheera - 50k Subscriber Montage - "PWarrior12-08-02105-13571
Bajheera - 80K Subscriber PWN-TAGE - MWarrior12-10-241132-16197
Bajheera - 89K EXECUTE CRIT - "WarriorWarrior12-02-22140-8575
Bajheera - All In A Day's Work - WorldWarrior12-02-0159-7614
Bajheera - Animals ft. Bear Scout - 5.Warrior13-07-01454-41623
Bajheera - Aspect of Destruction - MoPWarrior13-02-271522-41182
Bajheera - DOUBLE GURTH MANCLEAVE w/ FWarrior12-07-07186-8725
Bajheera - Early Season 10 Montage - "Warrior12-01-29570-4730
Bajheera - EPIC 3v3 GAME - WLS vs DoubWarrior12-08-141195-10755
Bajheera - Everything Dies - WoW 5.4 WWarrior13-11-11459-86092
Bajheera - FURY OF ARMS #10: The Last Warrior13-09-291387-179672
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #5 Trailer - "Warrior12-02-08344-7977
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #6 - The KlindWarrior12-05-02979-34336
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #6 Trailer -Warrior12-04-04458-12562
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #7 - "A WarrioWarrior12-07-161447-28069
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #8 TRAILER - MWarrior12-11-2167-6740
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #8: A Warrior'Warrior12-12-221141-44744
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #9 Trailer: "TWarrior13-04-23122-13236
Bajheera - Fury of Arms #9: Temple of Warrior13-05-061765-77662
Bajheera - FURY PVP #12 -Warrior12-01-301060-37243
Bajheera - Fury PvP #14 - Mists of PWNWarrior12-06-021121-11678
Bajheera - FURY PVP #15 - Farewell CatWarrior12-09-301598-14197
Bajheera - FURY PVP #16 Trailer: DanciWarrior13-03-08405-56193
Bajheera - FURY PVP #16: Battle of TitWarrior14-03-271344-185761
Bajheera - GET SHIT ON Macro - MoP BetWarrior12-06-19211-74123
Bajheera - MoP 5.0 Arms Warrior PvP - Warrior12-04-241001-27152
Bajheera - MoP BETA 5.0 - SMF Fury WarWarrior12-04-271425-35710
Bajheera - MoP Beta 5.0.1 - Warrior SkWarrior12-05-01161-18637
Bajheera - MoP GET SHIT ON Macro 2.0 -Warrior12-08-30642-60655
Bajheera - Never Lose Hope - Epic 3v3 Warrior12-01-31428-4609
Bajheera - Not Giving Up - 5.2 Arms WaWarrior13-03-251136-126232
Bajheera - Pirates of the SotA-Bean - Deathknight13-07-10497-67073
Bajheera - Season 11 Montage - G4G FacWarrior12-09-081455-18839
Bajheera - Season 9 Arena CompilationWarrior12-02-02367-4189
Bajheera - Sharpening the Blade: 5.3 WWarrior13-08-07374-89055
Bajheera - Swifty MoP 5.0.5 Super BursWarrior12-10-18121-40135
Bajheera - The Power of a Solid Swap -Warrior14-03-151384-84327
Bajheera - The Return of Bladestorm - Warrior13-07-20536-131803
Bajheera - There Is Hope For UsWarrior12-04-19516-11773
Bajheera - Warlords of Draenor WarriorWarrior14-02-22510-58941
Bajheera - Warrior Tips - 3v3 Arena asWarrior12-08-29690-14814
Bajheera - When I Look at You - WoW WaWarrior12-01-2940-15459
Bajheera - WoW Patch 5.2 Warrior ChangWarrior13-01-111216-57061
BAJHEERA vs SWIFTY - Legendary WarriorWarrior13-12-051427-163005
Bajheera vs Swifty 2v2 Arena Showdown Warrior12-12-20457-20154
Bajheera: Reaper & Executioner - 5.3 WWarrior13-07-05515-42467
Bajheeroth - Nothing to Lose - 5.4 DK Deathknight13-12-191223-74037
Bajheeroth - The Prologue: Rebirth - WDeathknight13-03-161867-56172
Bajmonkobama #1 - The Beginning of a DMonk13-02-19823-76279
Bajmonkobama #2 - War on Warsong - LevMonk14-01-01217-29685
Bajquiqui #11 - Queen of the Backstab Rogue12-04-07573-12337
Bajquiqui #12 -Rogue12-08-121238-9408
Bajquiqui #13 - A New, Yet Ancient ChaRogue12-11-16153-10584
Bajquiqui #14 - "Quiqui on the Hunt" -Rogue13-04-09126-45019
Bajquiqui #15 - Rogue Lyfe - Rogue PvPRogue13-10-141146-28444
Bajquiqui #16 - It's Lonely at the TopRogue14-04-24942-134304
Bajuthor #4 - Pushed Too Far - Ret PalPaladin12-04-09812-29609
Bajuthor #6 - "Fighten fer Flaggeh" - Paladin12-09-031183-9735
Bajuthor #7 - Words of Glory, Acts of Paladin12-12-311136-31369
Bajuthor #8 - The Realm of the Fallen Paladin13-06-28145-143714
Bajuthor #9 - Battle of the Balls - RePaladin15-02-22217-26997
Bajuthor - "Dwarvengeance" - Prot/Ret Paladin12-05-14112-17750
Balance Druid BIS Gear, Gem, Enchant aDruid12-10-28167-8004
Balance Druid LSD vs PHDK Gladiator CrDruid12-06-02143-4440
Balance Druid PvP Spec Patch 5.0.5 | RDruid12-10-05196-8931
Ballmung I- World PvP movieRogue11-07-06107-7919
Ballmung- 2400+ Rogue pvpRogue11-08-21515-4000
Ballmung-2400+ Rogue PvPRogue11-09-0997-4605
Bandet 4Hunter11-04-221268-253455
Bandet 5Hunter11-11-15493-82953
Bandet 6Hunter13-01-19910-174278
Bandet AddonsHunter11-05-31187-35450
Bandet BGHunter11-05-11203-52975
Bandet MacrosHunter11-05-30319-27230
Bandler Arena 1Priest09-04-072033.6910069
Bangbangs montage of death 2Warrior14-03-2254-4610
Basic Pvp Guide Part 1 How to get Pvp Deathknight14-04-19747-15202
BATMAN AS A WARCRAFT MOVIE!Deathknight12-09-2165-5971
Battleground w/ Shamork!Shaman13-03-29311-4292
Battlegrounds - Twin Peaks BG Ownage WWarrior13-02-05894-16877
Best Warrior bug since Pre-BC Rampage!Warrior08-10-062084.1737157
BG's with Baj - Gilneas FunziesWarrior12-06-26192-3099
BGs with Kyin (arms warrior commentaryWarrior11-07-27314-5989
BIGGEST BOOMIE BURST WORLD!Druid13-08-1299-15479
Blizzard take action! - PvP CornerDeathknight12-09-07209-4228
Bloodlust Theorycrafters vs. ProfessorPaladin10-01-15238-4627
Bloodvein and Swifty Own it Up! | BalaDruid12-10-10582-6344
Bloodvein and Swifty RBG | Solar Beam'Druid12-10-19911-6851
Boocraft - 85 Arms Warrior Cataclysm: Warrior11-04-19249-46970
Boocraft Multiclass PvP ( Last Movie )Multiple11-07-29595-51838
Boocraft: Episode One TeaserWarrior11-01-28149-39138
BOOCRAFT: Multiclass PvP Trilogy EP 1Multiple11-08-301251-42847
Boomkin PvP: Road to Gladiator - RazerDruid12-05-12417-3071
Bottled Fury - Sneak PeakMonk14-06-15894-12454
Bouz & Arcanee - Ret/BMHUNTER 2v2 RatePaladin13-01-24183-5088
Bouz & EliteRanger MOP 2v2 Arena Ret/HPaladin13-02-17227-7350
Bouz & Mother MOP 2v2 Arena Special - Paladin13-02-19270-29708
Bouz & Nogy 2v2 Arena Part 2 Ret/BoomkPaladin13-01-28160-5023
Bouz - 2v2 Epic Arena Battles - KilledPaladin13-01-19210-25279
Bouz - 2v2 Rated Arena Action - Ret/BMPaladin13-01-24233-4728
Bouz - Epic 2v2 Arena Battle Ret/BoomkPaladin13-01-16247-6270
Bouz - Retribution Samurai - Nogy BoomPaladin13-01-24193-12344
Bouz 2v2 Arena Ret/Boomkin Part 2 + BoPaladin15-02-18108-10186
Bouz 2v2 PVP Arena Ret/Hunter Level 90Paladin12-11-17370-3866
Bouz Arena Mastermind 2v2 Epic Action Paladin13-01-24199-5070
Bouz Big Hits & Huge Crits - Level 90 Paladin12-11-17426-4303
Bouz Level 90 Ret Paladin - EliteRangePaladin13-03-13283-17069
Breakkfast PVP: ExhumationRogue11-09-021434-259516
Bringing Back World PvPMage12-07-25155-1901
Bunny Souls (A WoW Machinima)Deathknight15-06-0733-5870
Buttonbasher 1 Rogue PvPRogue12-05-30543-1898
Buttonbasher Arcane PvP MinitageMage12-08-22101-3459
Call of Thunder IShaman13-03-1779-9471
Carpe Noctem: 10-man Heroic Conclave oPaladin11-06-13222-3474
Carpe Noctem: 10-man Heroic Nefarian bMultiple11-07-04239-4943
Carpe Noctem: Defender of a Shattered Paladin11-03-02416-4271
Cartoon 1: The RevolutionMage11-05-31741-25875
Cartoon Mage Arena: Undefeated Rank 1 Mage11-07-17640-20708
Cartoonz & Neilyo Mage 2v2 MontageMage12-02-17285-12995
Cartoonz 2: The ConqueringMage11-11-18538-23183
Cartoonz Breaks Swifty's Crit Record -Mage11-10-2976-22477
Cartoonz Epic 40 vs 40 Battle RoyaleMage12-01-15365-3426
Cartoonz In-Depth Mage PvP Macro GuideMage12-02-28214-33418
Cartoonz Interview With Skill-Capped! Mage12-03-02318-18139
CATA-Succubus Knockback Bug fun *WhiplWarlock10-10-20289-9760
Cave of MadnessPriest10-12-15102-3328
Chatting With A GMDeathknight14-06-27180-8018
Check Please vs Heroic Imperial VizierMultiple13-02-16357-4409
Check Please Vs Heroic: Feng the AccurPaladin12-11-04398-6484
Check Please Vs Heroic: Stone Guard 10Paladin12-11-04302-3724
Check Please Vs Sha of Fear 10 ManMultiple12-11-22538-7747
Chelf - Balance Druid - Presented by ADruid06-11-29314.8262844
Chimaru - Warrior Slam Crits - World oWarrior13-03-25196-6101
Chipman Gold Complete TrilogyPaladin09-11-12395-32035
Chipman: An Infamous PaladinPaladin05-10-172254.2851117
Chrisbreezy 1 - High rated Shadow PriePriest12-03-3089-4093
Cooldown + Instance ExploitMage07-10-24402.287977
Cranos : Smoke Bomb CleaveMultiple12-08-07247-6336
Creation 1 - WoW PvPWarrior12-01-31273-3738
Cruuxe III - Reborn Once AgainHunter11-08-12465-7653
D Machine - 3v3 Arena - Road to 2200Paladin12-10-26459-13889
D Machine - 90 Ret / BM ArenaPaladin12-10-121292-8055
D Machine - Arena TipsPaladin12-10-24206-10951
D Machine - MoP Ret Leveling GuidePaladin12-10-1884-2330
D Machine - Ret Paladin PvP Macro and Paladin12-10-17392-20423
D Machine RET Crit Montage - With SkypPaladin12-09-2567-2282
D Machine Ret Leveling Guide - TalentsPaladin12-10-0484-4564
D Machine Ret pvp 5.0.5 - Live Skype cPaladin12-09-24379-4842
Dabausse - Awesome Subscribe Montage (Rogue12-06-23348-1903
Daemonhunter pvp video 3Hunter14-07-27541-9163
Daemonhunter pvp video dominating 2Hunter14-04-21718-7143
Daggers For LifeRogue06-06-0878-2307
Dahrkane 1Mage10-01-29261-6138
Daijozen VI - Enter the Shield pt.2 - Warrior11-06-08984-5615
Damadar 1Warlock06-07-272184.612499
Dara Mactire - ElementalqtShaman11-07-19213-6725
Dara Mactire Guild promoRogue11-06-1238-10884
Darkspear Gets Ganked I(I)Warlock07-08-31127-6887
Dat Spicy Chicken 3v3 Arena | Balance Druid12-07-31101-5071
Death Knight Dueling Tutorial (Mage)Deathknight14-06-14161-10856
Death Knight Dueling Tutorial (WarriorDeathknight14-06-14214-16750
Deathauzzie BG MontageWarrior12-07-16298-2404
Deathauzzie's Warrior MacrosWarrior12-06-2979-3285
Deathknights are Faceroll (PvP/MachiniDeathknight11-11-1727-182606
Deep Freeze 1Mage15-05-30448-7145
Dervin PvPMage05-12-14116-3690
Desecration Vs. MoroesWarlock07-02-26258-3052
Destro Warlock MoP MacrosWarlock12-09-1737-49855
Destruction Warlock & Holy Paladin 2vsWarlock13-05-30170-14515
Destructive RevengeWarlock06-12-10251-4017
Disc - Glad vs Resto Druid - Ret PallyWarrior15-02-18117-5154
Disc / Rogue 2sRogue12-01-26420-2913
Disc Priest - Ret Pally 1400 2sPriest12-10-26114-8433
Disc Priest Arena MontagePriest13-07-11351-7503
Disc Priest: Bad to Glad EP. 1Priest12-05-3074-4987
Discredo and Remik Tearing up Arathi BMultiple12-02-11291-3323
Dmachine - 2300 Ret (3v3 with Skype)Paladin12-12-02426-10385
Dmachine - 2v2 Arena (Mini Movie) - ftPaladin12-11-24285-3073
Dmachine - 2v2 Arena - Saving IslandgiPaladin12-11-06308-5518
Dmachine - 3v3 Arena ft. Hotted and SoUnknown13-03-19473-51060
Dmachine - Patch 5.1 Retribution PaladPaladin12-11-30153-6091
Dmachine - Ret Burst Montage - Thank fPaladin12-11-111449-19285
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Dmachine - Ret PvP Rotation GuidePaladin12-11-26154-5598
Dmachine - Retribution 3v3 Arena - FirPaladin13-03-22255-9953
Dmachine - Retribution 3v3 Arena - PatPaladin13-05-20414-21776
Dmachine - Retribution Paladin - 2 v 1Paladin13-07-31384-10178
Dmachine - Viable AgainPaladin13-02-18160-6437
Dmachine - Viable CompPaladin13-01-07241-5200
Dmachine Commentary - 3v3 - KFC vs WMDMultiple13-02-02165-8265
Dmachine IIIPaladin13-02-10544-42391
Doomguard FunWarlock06-05-15122-2221
Double Hunter Arenas in PVE armour.Hunter14-07-0996-15696
Double Mage PenetrationMage12-06-2387-3122
Double Ret Pallies VS. Double Ret PallPaladin13-05-27761-6823
Druid 4.3 PTR Changes ft. KakeisoDruid11-10-1959-4526
Druid Stag Travel FormDruid12-07-2828-3382
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Duels Versus Each Class - MONKPaladin14-07-161037-7702
Duels VS 2300+ t2 Warrior! ft. ExythDeathknight13-01-10334-6837
Dynasti PvP 60 Hunter (Vanilla)Hunter12-03-07314-27571
Dyrakos "Horde Disruption" (Arms WarriWarrior15-02-12492-11950
Dyrakos "To Swift For You" (Arms WarriWarrior15-02-20624-58434
Dyrakos - Arms Warrior/Fire Mage PvP WWarrior15-04-26431-51667
Dyrakos/Zoltrex Battleground DominatioUnknown14-10-13828-5915
Eerday I'm Kite'n | Boomkin / RogueDruid12-11-01266-3970
Elemental Devastation 1Shaman13-04-12276-31883
Elemental Shaman - The Scum Cleave? (PShaman14-05-21495-68273
Eleshammy BGShaman11-09-23227-3463
En V - Guild Trailer - AlbisMage07-01-19364.6320642
End Result - MaexxnaMage06-09-071011.002715
End Result vs. NefarianMage06-05-29362-2885
Enhance Shaman PvP: One night in WSG..Shaman07-10-111271.755842
Enhancement Shaman Montage #1Shaman15-01-1090-19015
Enhancement Shaman Montage #2Shaman15-01-10139-9384
Eniquity 1Priest07-07-123403.759191
Eniquity pvp videoPriest14-12-19348-14132
Epic arena comeback, mages aren't OP!Deathknight11-11-0638-4830
Epic Awesome Warrior PoV 2v2 ArenaWarrior13-02-06194-7730
EPIC Battlegrounds with Facecams!Druid12-07-14632-2549
Epic Boomkin PVP with Face CamsDruid12-07-21638-3035
Epic Monk Skills | Monk GameplayMonk13-02-0678-10792
EPIC World PvP - Dara Mactire and WorlPaladin12-12-04384-22890
Esephix- Tigereye brew addonMonk13-01-23151-13378
Evylyn - 5.4.7 Arms & Fury Warrior speWarrior14-03-13231-52135
Evylyn - Warrior Shields "the end of aWarrior13-09-16259-20717
Exalted downs GruulPriest07-04-18170-2809
Excellion - 6 Minutes of Mage PvPMage09-01-071224.1819592
Excellion - 7 Minutes of Mage PvPMage09-03-071384.3518944
Excellion 1Mage08-11-113784.5017097
Exodus - Trailer - The Arcade HackHunter14-03-1628-6753
Extramuscles Vs WARRORIERRPriest12-09-0558-3216
Exyth - Death Knight PvP | Run Away FrDeathknight12-12-09826-8926
Exyth - The Runic Corruption Ep.2Deathknight12-06-03380-6620
F2P Prot Paladin BGPaladin12-12-02721-4058
F2P WoW Starter Edition PVP (lvl20 ArmWarrior13-01-12477-8403
Fan-Made Warforged Nightmare TrailerUnknown14-06-2720-7008
Fatal Vision - Ascendant CouncilMage11-03-05776-3807
Fatal Vision - AtramedesMage11-03-17166-4450
Fatal Vision - ChimaeronMage11-03-17120-4929
Fatal Vision - Conclave of WindMage11-03-06166-3545
Fatal Vision - Halfus WyrmbreakerMage11-03-0699-4049
Fatal Vision - MagmawMage11-03-06230-3792
Fatal Vision - MaloriakMage11-03-17167-4301
Fatal Vision - Omnitron Defense SystemMage11-03-06195-3311
Fatal Vision - Valiona & TheralionMage11-03-06178-4554
Feral Druid + Frost Death Knight 2v2 ADruid14-04-02223-17891
Feral Druid 2v2 PvP Arena w/ Frost MagDruid13-08-29285-23264
Feral Druid and Sub Rogue 2v2 Arena MoDruid11-11-04192-4157
Feral Druid Assault Squad EP1 - World Druid13-08-25281-7094
Feral Druid Battleground PvP - WarlordDruid15-06-06118-4883
Feral Druid Battleground PvP 5.4.7Druid14-04-13266-16480
Feral Druid Battleground PvP World of Druid13-03-21447-6537
Feral Druid Leveling Series (1-10)Druid13-01-23238-4614
Feral Druid Leveling Series (10-20)Druid13-01-22294-5529
Feral Druid PVP Guide (4.3.2)Druid12-02-0924-17870
Feral Druid PvP Macro Guide World of WDruid13-04-04125-15330
Feral Druid PvP Montage! Epic BG PvP IDruid13-08-24322-43754
Feral Druid Vs Balance Druid 1v1 PvP WDruid13-04-04154-18584
Few against many! darkmoon ArenaRogue12-04-12103-2376
Fire in the Sky - AlbisMage06-02-102864.8579219
Fire Mage 3v3 Gameplay [4.2]Mage11-09-2799-8307
Fire Mage Basics PvP TutorialMage11-06-22479-15711
Fire Mage PvP Hansol In Flames 2 [4.2.Mage11-11-19373-18501
Fire Mage PvP! + AB 4.3!Mage12-07-25147-2103
Fire Mage PvP! + Battlegrounds 4.3!Mage12-07-25178-2743
Fire Mage vs Warrior Tutorial ft. SwifMage12-01-07287-9308
Fiveshot 3 (Incredibly Short)Rogue07-06-161372.443667
Fiveshot And Smashcake Vs. FlagRogue07-03-29881.305691
Fiveshot Volume 3 (Complete)Rogue07-06-241392.325699
Frogball- Destruction lock 3v3Warlock12-05-06630-5363
Frost DK PvP BG FunDeathknight12-12-12126-7765
Frost Mage Kills with 8 Ice Novas in OMage14-11-29105-129410
Frost Mage PvP Tutorial Ft. NexiusMage11-03-31369-16784
FTWitachi 5s Pwnage Hpally, Boomkin, TWarlock13-04-300-4258
FTWitachi and the Eerie Dreadsteed TheWarlock13-08-03202-9188
FTWitachi Livestream Footage Best RBG Warlock13-04-142482-5692
FTWitachi Quick Warsong And SilversharWarlock13-06-09529-5210
FTWitachi RBGs Complete Pwnage Ft SwifWarlock13-05-051014-6329
FTWitachi RBGs Temple of Kotmogu Ft. TWarlock13-04-09398-3431
FTWitachi The Movie- Change!Warlock13-04-04132-4704
FTWitachi The Movie: Unstoppable!Warlock13-06-25658-5323
Full 5.1/5.2 Feral Druid PvP GuideDruid13-01-20146-30585
Fundamentals of ChemistryMage07-04-19913.734494
Fury Warrior BG PvPWarrior06-01-091122.948336
Fury/Prot/MS: Horky 5.5 TrailerWarrior08-08-121454.4715015
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Genetic Video Clips TrailerWarrior10-11-0766-4225
Get Level 90 in ONE DAYMage12-07-12117-13834
Get On Top Of GnomereganUnknown07-07-01251.615478
Get out of the starting area on Ruins Unknown11-02-1236-6175
Gettin' JiggyMultiple14-04-2518-6120
Getting Onyxian Drake On Fourth AttempHunter14-07-09126-17222
GIVEAWAY | How To Deal Damage as a FirMage12-02-09215-4624
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Gold Guide: 1,500g An hour! Best Snow Warrior12-11-0595-55540
Gold/mount/pet/tabard GuideDeathknight14-03-08490-9841
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Good pvp mage video - 3 diff speccsMage05-10-10964.4117839
GravityKnight - Assassinations vol2 plWarrior13-04-12137-3700
Grimmsaw Blood PvP New Blood DestructiDeathknight12-08-31203-3090
Grimmsaw PvP Out of my BrainDeathknight12-08-2476-4722
Haiko Fire PvP Video 1Mage10-08-19126-5124
Halvic- Darkspear(Us)-Rogue Montage (BRogue12-08-03202-4290
Hansol 2: The ReckoningMage12-07-24320-21739
Hansol 4 - 4K intro by PsynapsMage13-11-1812-39999
Hansol Fire Mage In FlamesMage11-09-23169-15482
Haptik - Power of the Prot Warrior 3 MWarrior14-07-28290-31909
Harvey Chipman, Pally At LawPaladin05-12-312184.6728173
Heinous Acts 2Rogue06-03-172164.7823355
Heinous Acts 3 (Swifty gets his)Rogue07-01-032034.29117610
Helio Shadow Priest PVPPriest11-04-21375-11574
Hellemental Vol2Shaman11-10-181344-3964
Hellforce 1Rogue12-08-22756-3378
Hellforce 2Rogue12-09-181843-3549
Heroic Gurthalak - Ripsoul Weekly #2 SWarrior12-08-22158-3276
Heroic Gurthalak 2s - Weekly PvP RipsoWarrior12-08-16333-4997
Heroic Suarfang 25manHunter10-10-10262-4858
Heyaz - Solo Mage Adventures - TimelesMage14-03-13555-17613
Heyaz 15x Multiboxer vs Krazynate (10xMultiple14-03-14401-18915
Heyaz+Shake v.. Prepared 66x MultiboxeMultiple14-03-16101-8848
Holy Pally CommentaryPaladin12-09-14147-5355
Holypally Tips & Tricks 1Paladin12-03-17188-5478
Holypia 1Priest12-08-221081-19833
Honest Expression - AlbisMage06-04-082434.8052261
Horde Are luckyPaladin06-07-20104.6110166
Horky 3.5: 70 Prot Warrior PvPWarrior07-07-033723.6712782
Horky 720: Warrior PvP 64-70 Fury/ProtWarrior07-03-174533.9323808
Horky PvP and Custom DanceWarrior06-09-011644.4914779
Horky Trailer 4.5: Prot Warr PvPWarrior07-08-15754.1715023
Horky Warrior PvP Preview 2Warrior07-01-021584.726913
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Hunter Skillz Montage - AimxD | DaraMaHunter12-08-17312-4723
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I fight for no kingPriest06-05-28228-1931
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Iktharius 2Mage12-08-101092-7112
Iktharius 3: FrostfireMage13-04-25282-53319
Illgameshx IRogue12-02-08606-4555
Illgameshx IIRogue12-02-08530-4134
In-Depth Feral Druid PvP GuideDruid13-02-27415-12720
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Interface (albis)Mage05-11-171664.677837
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iSmack Music Video ( A World of WarcraWarrior13-11-0552-11003
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Jon PVPWarrior11-06-16301-18209
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Just For LOLS Double Mage 2v2 Arenas Mage12-06-0545-1745
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Kill Alliance Vol. 2Druid06-02-173124.5523036
Kill Alliance Vol. 2/3 TrailerDruid06-02-05403.164924
Kill alliance Vol. 3Druid06-07-284654.274834
Kirax - Warcraft TrailerWarrior12-10-21114-9622
Klitz Warrior PvP... TrailerWarrior12-02-0162-3576
Klowny and Langie Darkspear PvPRogue08-09-1538-2171
Korita28 - Bloodline Champions TeaserUnknown10-10-1279-6455
Kriidrom WarlockWarlock14-09-10138-7385
Kriidrom Warlock Destro the last vídeoWarlock14-10-08160-7128
Kryoz 3v3 ArenasMage12-08-04147-6442
Kulangot Arena/BG PvP PreviewWarlock07-07-2030-7347
Kulangot PvP introWarlock06-09-21144.329963
Kulangot PvP Vol 1Warlock06-10-06893.036224
Kyrre's BE Warlock PvPWarlock07-07-051372.862396
L57 Solo Tame LBRS Worg - WalkthruHunter05-11-23384.6411671
Lament of the Highborne Guild TrailerMultiple15-01-0518-6414
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Legend Of DarkSockWarlock13-06-1344-6156
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Level 90 Ret Paladin - Eye of the StorPaladin12-11-17551-2982
Lich King Legendary Ending!Deathknight15-01-11175-35160
Life of an Elemental ShamanShaman13-04-12141-10323
Lightning Filled Veins MoP EditionShaman12-06-19290-6546
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Lionel - The Untamed Rage (PvP video)Warrior06-09-262913.7131114
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Lionel's PvP videoWarrior06-05-112543.793225
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LOKI Vs. 25 Malygos Eye of Eternity - Warrior09-02-07400-6599
Lord of WarCraft Mage PvPMage06-12-053434.82103120
Lovecoil 1 - ShadowFrost | Unreleased Deathknight12-04-02234-4298
Low Level Warrior BG ShenanigansWarrior13-01-16142-5182
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LSD2 vs Jungle Cleave | Boomkin PvP ArDruid12-05-25159-4746
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Lvl. 60 Warrior: UBRS SoloWarrior13-09-231515-11457
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Maybe I want to be the bad guy!Unknown15-06-2242-3036
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Mighty SWD BlindPriest12-03-23238-3896
Mightyz - 2v2 Disc/Rogue Fun GamesPriest12-03-07327-2787
Mightyz - 2v2 Disc/Rogue Funneh GamezPriest12-01-01114-6529
Mightyz - Holy Paladin Pvp Guide 4.3Paladin12-02-22279-50382
Mightyz 1Paladin12-04-19505-3726
Mightyz- Ele/Lock/ H Pally Vs PHDKPaladin12-01-2679-3138
Mightyz- Legendary Herioc Vial RLSShaman12-02-0472-3928
Mightyz- RMP VS RMP 2400 MMR 2700+ EXPPriest12-01-26206-3510
Mightyz- TSG VS Feral/Spriest/HpallyPaladin11-12-2634-2525
Mightyzz- Pve to Pvp tutorial Disc PriPriest12-01-26142-4285
Mist of Pandaria Warrior Macro Guide pWarrior12-10-23308-19313
Mist Of Pandaria: Shaman ascendanceShaman12-05-28221-14752
Mograk arenas furyWarrior13-03-22195-3961
Mograk Fury warrior 5.1 pvpWarrior13-03-21162-3706
Mograk Fury warrior 5.2 (macro test)Warrior13-04-04162-10719
Moiravuses Horrible Dueling MovieMage08-11-201934.084533
Moonkin 85 pvp - Lunarstate #2Druid12-02-16477-25389
Moonkin Druid 90 pvp - Lunarstate partDruid13-02-12382-58170
moonkin pvp - lunarstate #3Druid12-02-24198-5294
Moonkin pvp - Lunarstate #4Druid12-04-10220-10019
MOP - 2v2 Arena- Retribution DeathKnigPaladin13-02-02237-4505
MOP - 2v2 RET Warlock Arena RetributioPaladin13-02-16185-8546
MOP - Bouz 2v2 Arena Remix Featuring EPaladin13-02-11291-5921
MOP - Double Retribution Pride 2v2 ArePaladin13-01-28242-6318
MoP - Rahtchet Introduces Ratchet the Monk12-10-30411-4133
MOP - Weekly 2v2 Arena Cap Ret/Bm - RePaladin13-02-01214-11147
MOP 90 Moonkin PvP 5.2 - Lunarstate paDruid13-04-01223-10328
MOP 90 Moonkin PvP 5.2 - Lunarstate VSDruid13-04-021101-32597
MOP Gold Making Guide with EnchantingWarlock12-11-18115-20129
MoP Paladin Burst Tutorial / 1 Shot MaPaladin12-10-18214-12423
MOP TSG w/ Skeetz & SacredhealsDeathknight12-10-2485-10365
MOP: Level 90 | Elemental ShamanShaman12-07-25126-3718
MOP: World PvP ShamanShaman12-07-0268-3786
Mutated Enhancement ShamanShaman11-01-19162-6124
Muzramp v1 PvE Geared Hunter PVP MarksHunter10-10-06317-4654
Mysteries in the Mists Feat. AttenbrahHunter12-09-07235-5789
Naked BGs w/ Chuck from Dara MactireWarrior12-07-28302-2999
Narraxx - Darkspear - PvPShaman08-03-062072.3310271
nDn - 5.2 Elemental Shaman PvP GuideShaman13-04-041241-22853
NdN - 5.2 R1 Hunter PvPHunter13-04-13297-11172
NdN: 5.2 Affliction Lock PvP - RLS 1Warlock13-04-10336-46516
nDn: Call of Thunder 2 - (5.2 ElementaShaman13-04-08289-5590
Neilyo vs. Mercader - Rogue Dueling GuRogue12-07-21381-27648
Nexius - The Road to Glory (Mage Rank Mage06-01-101834.0211919
Nocahsile - 39 twink warriorWarrior07-08-19542.8326787
Noki 2 ~ Trying to Find a BalanceDruid08-09-053871.836337
Not A PallyDeathknight09-04-14143-5582
Nove Darkspear Arathi basin pvp (AlliaMage09-03-042441.613483
Nox EternaeWarlock06-11-29205-1955
Obelisk PvPWarrior06-09-221894.809164
Omen 1Mage08-09-042744.004376
Omgitsgan's first montageDruid12-06-19340-2296
Omgitsgan's Second MontageDruid12-06-23353-2671
Once Was HordeHunter07-04-211564.0724389
Only the Strongest, My Tribute to BajhWarrior12-02-1384-5179
Orbs of Death 2v1 Arena (shadow priestPriest12-11-18111-5254
Ownage Time 5: Holy Paladin 3v3 CommenPaladin11-12-06963-10690
Ownage Time with Sacredheals!Paladin13-02-19334-7287
Pally Kiting 101Rogue06-04-1021-2720
Para PvP 1Paladin12-04-04695-2060
Para PvP 2Paladin12-04-041038-2664
Paradox Shadow Priest PvP introPriest11-08-1939-6524
Paralyzar 2, Reborn. (2200 RetributionPaladin13-07-061084-14073
Paralyzar 3, A New Hope. (MoP 5.4 RetrPaladin14-02-13321-58902
Paralyzar PvP (Headset Giveaway)Paladin13-11-23139-9243
Paralyzar PvP Weekend, Ret and EnhancePaladin13-07-19284-5796
Paralyzar Ret Pally PvP 4 Part 2Paladin12-02-25652-5624
Paralyzar Retribution Duels Vs Feral DPaladin12-11-13163-7889
Patch 5.3 Changes With Zanor - PaladinPaladin13-05-2822-7791
Paying it Forward - WoW styleDeathknight13-02-01321-22413
Powajyn BGs PVP Shadow PriestPriest12-07-12346-3893
pre 80 PvP Dino darkspear pvpRogue08-11-261221.429958
Preparing for ArenasHunter11-09-20182-19741
Priest and Shaman vs 5 alliancesPriest05-05-25214.4110073
Project Elemental - Elemental Shaman GShaman11-07-24979-6784
Protection Warrior PVP: Horky 4.5Warrior07-12-075394.5319663
Psymetheus (Allie vs. Horde)Paladin13-09-12232-82920
PvP Another VendettaMage11-02-1497-18094
QQ :: 90 Fire Mage PvPMage12-11-26340-14791
Questions 3Warrior10-05-21430-29494
Rage of Angels - Albis - Final videoMage06-09-092584.78176253
Rage of Angels - trailerMage06-08-31254.8738487
Ragecarrier 1Mage08-10-13443-3876
Ragecarrier IIMage13-09-07854-11929
Ragnaros gets HammeredPriest05-11-251164.694068
Random Fun 6 Ptr StyleRogue11-10-27252-4858
Rank 1 / 6x Glad Hunter ArenaHunter12-12-07569-10342
Rank 1 Spriest PvP OWNAGEPriest13-04-290-23876
Rank 11 Warrior PvP: Smash it with a HWarrior06-02-16533.828886
Raptorman BeginsRogue11-06-14435-3930
RATED ARENA 2v2 Retribution Paladin / Paladin12-11-20220-5207
RBGs - Sitting on that EFC - Rogue PerRogue12-04-20727-2495
Red Team is back!Multiple07-04-19165-2714
Red Team presents - Operation WanderMultiple08-01-192674.646760
Red Team PromoMultiple07-09-17924.403596
Requiem 1 - Frost DeathknightDeathknight11-05-24963-38979
Resto Shaman PvP: HealBot Edition (ParShaman13-04-280-12131
Resto/Elemental Shaman 4..2Shaman11-07-24310-6187
Ret Paladin BM Hunter - 2v2 Arena - 5.Paladin13-08-09641-33549
Ret Paladin damagePaladin12-12-07351-3678
Ret paladin one shot macro plus giveawPaladin12-12-23148-16481
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RLD 3's mix ( S2S )Paladin12-12-10479-3104
RMP FT. Sacredheals - (Sacredburns)Rogue12-02-28366-2242
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Robofox 1.0 (2300+ Windwalker Monk pvpMonk13-07-21784-57315
Robofox 2.0 (2400+ Monk PvP)Monk13-08-09344-106215
ROGUE 1 BUTTON KILLTAGE!Rogue13-04-291069-116184
Rogue Ench Priest 2050+ mmr 3v3Rogue12-03-09396-4864
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Rokkdem & Sokkdem - God of MenWarrior06-10-03319-4095
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Rwar pvpWarrior15-04-0489-5685
Rythmn's ReturnRogue11-09-11566-17387
Sab PvP 2Mage06-12-304024.673950
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Skeetzlol 1Rogue11-02-14374-5599
Skeetzlol 2 - Get crit on!Rogue11-04-02304-7418
Skeind The Beginning. Arms Warrior PvPWarrior12-08-02225-3151
Skeind. The Warrior Pride!Warrior14-03-30229-5829
Skippi 1 End of Season 11 (Montage)Deathknight12-08-19191-4293
Skippylol , Moreplox - 2V2 BeastcleaveHunter10-06-12244-5894
Skumarr-Darkspear: 4-5-48 89 Arms WarrWarrior13-06-28471-4128
Snugalicious 1 | Feral Druid PvPDruid12-08-12513-2487
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Solo Queue Arena in World of Warcraft Mage12-11-28122-20861
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Soulshardz - 2400 5's - 31-3 W/LWarlock11-11-05204-8952
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