Server view : Gorefiend

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1500 Heroes TrailerMultiple11-05-24215-5409
20-29 wsg - Pieman styleHunter06-02-23223-3242
24: Episode 1Mage07-07-14144.6714399
2v2 Arena Dual Pally ShockdinMultiple08-03-052701.196018
3200 DPS wotlk PTR BoomkinDruid08-10-07691.5252136
39 Twink LunchablesDruid09-01-093952.324562
52 Gnome Mage AoE GrindMage08-05-1822-2129
60+ kills in 5 minutesMage10-05-0145-10118
A Complicated SongMage07-02-06244.5023962
All Mages Die 1Mage06-10-211594.614704
Annihilation - PyroMage05-08-141014.194230
Arch Druid StaghelmRogue06-07-18424.5612634
Art of WarMage05-05-10483.165058
Bankrupt - Exploits and GanksRogue09-07-03132-15469
Bankrupt l - Blame it on the lag NOOB!Rogue09-11-2392-16985
Bankrupt: Ele Sham & Rogue 2v2Rogue09-11-0595-7317
Bocyphilis - 29 TwinkHunter06-11-2492-1844
Brokeback ChristmasMage06-12-22234.1714709
Brokeback WarcraftMage06-08-11294.5025991
Children of GnomesMage07-01-11494.228567
China farmerUnknown07-05-2932.003512
Citizen Soldier - WoW versionUnknown08-02-2236-1885
Coup de Grace - 10A Vs. 40HUnknown06-06-13204.7663901
Cramps - PvPMage06-12-04281-1867
Danas - Feral/Restoration Druid PvPDruid05-12-081063.9816172
Dark Portal OpeningMultiple07-01-13172.672137
Defending Tarren MillMultiple09-01-13211-1538
Desperate Measures Part IRogue05-01-12344.3932077
Desperate Measures Part IIRogue05-04-12194.45197995
DI Vs. Void ReaverDruid07-07-0574-1944
Don't Stop Me NowMage07-08-12374.2022960
Drakx The Comeback Pvp warriorWarrior09-03-266612.344805
Druid 2.1 Force of NatureMultiple07-06-11342.692840
drukqs - Warrior World PVPWarrior08-02-293533.9510721
Ebonroc 4min 20secondsDruid06-01-2080-4746
Emberstrife's ReignHunter06-05-26454.005668
First Look: Illidan Stormrage!Mage07-04-17203.2031623
Five Box Shaman Farming MechShaman08-05-08933.314287
Florelene Hunter PvP: Part OneHunter05-07-161704.398075
Gear Dont Mean Sh*tRogue06-08-04992.425139
Gnome ThicknessUnknown05-04-2532.894462
Gorefiend AQ 40 PugMage07-01-0424-2453
Grand Theft Shaman IVMage07-05-15114.0114219
Hazror and Vuze Double Frost MageMage09-04-01921.333136
Herk - Frost mageMage06-09-23511.253958
Highlord Kruul Owns IF!!Multiple07-01-11554.216212
How to kill High Warlord Naj'entus (SpHunter08-04-2370-10907
How to Kill HoggerMage06-10-12634.7377606
How to Reduce a Warlock's ePeen by 1Mage06-12-20124.449424
Huge Crits! - Wreckin - Level 80 ElemeShaman09-09-22257-10100
Hunter PvPHunter05-05-081084.64140420
Incursion BWL Video (Gorefiend)Priest06-10-2362-5433
Interpolation Part IRogue05-01-18603.2114998
Interpolation Part IIRogue05-02-241003.45122246
Interpolation Part IIIRogue05-06-06714.3238463
It's a Kruul WorldMage07-01-12424.7911399
Kintorr's first PVP videoWarrior06-09-02335-2334
Kiting Hogger to Human Starting PlaceMage06-08-28364.4344074
Leeroy is Serious BusinessMage07-02-16373.5812012
Level 63 ArenaDruid07-01-26971.256932
Lichuid Poisons (all blue Hemo rogue)Rogue06-06-011594.278144
Limbo Vs. HydrossMage07-05-20208-1732
Lockout 3Rogue07-05-033733.084681
Lockout 4 - ArenaRogue07-09-021273.6311682
Lose Your Life GorefiendMage07-01-0539-2831
Lowbies Killing 70'sWarrior08-08-07213.163714
Mage AOE mania in AVMage06-01-091254.163504
Mooncraft 2100+ 2v2Druid08-05-162784.8326406
Mta - Arcane PvPMage10-07-12797-9093
My Dick in a BoxMage07-04-15203.9215808
Nerf WHAT - Paladin PvPPaladin06-03-072043.7738499
Nightbane Exploit: No Phase 2Mage07-05-01333.879936
Nyaghert Level 28 Mage AoE ExampleMage05-04-1584.6313914
Oem PvP - Sulfuras Paladin on GorefienPaladin06-08-283453.759547
Omen - 25 Man Sartharion 3D (Guild FirWarrior09-01-23139-1815
Orcx 70 PvPWarrior07-11-21299-2483
Paladin 2v2 PTR ArenaPaladin06-11-2424-9332
Playing With Fire! Exploding Bunnies!Rogue09-03-27784.718005
Priest Vs. WarPriest08-05-0441-1810
Protagonists Vs. FiremawHunter06-09-0436-4012
PvE Shadow Priest 2.0 Thadius Naxx KilPriest06-12-19574.254387
Random WoW Movie (Trailer)Druid08-07-267-2785
Redcell Vs. BloodboilPriest08-01-10102-1888
Relentless Gorefiend 95 Minute KarazhaMultiple08-04-29470-3042
Remedy Vs. SapphirionMultiple09-02-2867-1696
Rerolltroll - 59 fire mage twinkMage09-06-1939-14397
Revelationz - ThunderlordPriest07-01-0636-2246
Rhok & Lok'n LoadHunter09-10-31284-7250
Scootert PvPWarrior06-07-182094.265116
Shadow Priest level 60 moviePriest05-06-0684-14487
Sinister Vs. LoathebRogue06-10-1571-4475
Sinister vs. NefarianMultiple05-12-03322-6115
Sinister vs. Noth the PlaguebringerRogue06-07-0665-5206
Six man MC -- the lighter sideMultiple06-05-27604.5124010
Slauterhouse PvP movie #1Shaman06-11-26396-2207
Sleeping Soul VS Heroic Lich King 10 PDruid10-11-08126-4790
Snakes on a ZeppelinMage06-08-2894.6348121
Sneakums - Completley UndergearedRogue08-05-0669-2028
Summoning Portal PranksRogue09-10-1989-6065
T E A M - 25 man ICC Deathbringer SaurMultiple10-01-06307-5919
Team Matt Damon PromoMage07-03-26173.506388
That Boy Could DanceMage06-08-06414.7316606
The Gladiator ArchivePaladin07-03-28264.577614
The Hunt part 3Rogue05-09-01824.409553
The Hunt Part 8Rogue06-09-284674.7230673
The Hunt Part 9 Shockadin/Rogue 2s 220Rogue08-08-294404.50102931
The Ruins of Lordaeron - New Arena on Hunter07-04-1792.549757
The Unstoppable Force Vs. The ImmovablMage06-08-25194.62147818
Theflea PvP 2Rogue06-11-27237-2024
Tiaan 3 - The Flaming Claw of FuryWarrior06-03-18259-3872
Tiaan 4- Fury warriorWarrior06-06-022482.823389
Tiaan's pvpII, Noggen fogger and otherWarrior05-11-051282.903603
Tigersmith Revisited - Gorefiend PvPWarrior06-09-06743.196704
Tiriaen 2500 M/R 2v2Mage10-09-20330-16370
Tool - Sober - PreviewWarrior06-10-10162.525726
Treasure Cove ExploitUnknown06-09-28464.6311648
Ventrilo, Raids, Fan of Knives, and SeRogue09-04-302113.5812181
Vizar and Jiddle 2v2Rogue09-06-11921.818418
Vorkar - Lose Your Life Dance Video GoPaladin07-01-0579-2922
Warrior PVP movie, by TiaanWarrior05-09-131464.3912116
Wet Secrets: Guild BondingPriest08-01-071884.495197
White Flames - Mage PvPMage06-12-292034.095758
World of PokécraftMage06-08-31294.5921789
World of Warcraft: Massively AddictedMultiple05-03-12484.3511149
WoW MasterCard CommercialMage06-09-0654.4916863
Wreckin - WoW Arena 2v2 Skirmish - EleShaman09-11-18254-15016
Wreckin - WoW PvP - Level 80 ElementalShaman09-09-21257-9196
Wreckin - WoW PvP 2 - Level 80 ElementShaman09-09-23248-8649
Xinterp vs Hederine Initiates (Short FRogue06-07-199-6302
Xinterp vs Hederine Slayers (Short FilRogue06-07-1959-7758
You're PitifulMage07-03-10254.6719554
[HD] Wreckin Goes Berserk - 20k+ CritShaman09-12-02204-6700
[HD]Wreckin - WoW Arena 3v3 2k+ - ElemShaman09-12-03465-8971
[HD]Wreckin - WoW PvP 3 - Level 80 EleShaman09-09-30394-8821