Server view : Illidan

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Arena Master Ret Paladin Montage: WarPaladin14-07-17611-8992
Arena Master Shadow Priest: WARLORDS Priest14-07-12925-25823
'Brugman 1 - The Next Chapter' WoW 220Multiple12-01-18466-3237
'Brugman II - Dare' Ft. KanderzMultiple12-04-19395-4061
1.10 Shadow Priest PvPPriest06-04-191323.007603
15x Multiboxer vs Illidan Horde @ HuolMultiple14-03-151096-6668
160k burst Rogue 1 Shadow Dance on resRogue11-12-095-8222
2 Man Heroic UnderbogWarrior07-11-201504.0412843
2600 Rogue Mage Reesez PiecezMage09-08-19687-135299
2H enhance shaman 4.3Shaman11-12-2332-52060
2H enhance shaman critsShaman12-01-07313-18382
3 DrakeHunter09-03-2695-1441
300% Hunter runspeed bug.Hunter06-01-29634.7115987
4 Elemental 1 RestoShaman08-01-121494.4713457
4.0 pre-cata FlashbackMage11-07-09115-4137
5 Boxing Warlock vs Nalak Patch 5.4Warlock13-10-14561-90448
5.2 Destruction Warlock Pvp | LockpoweWarlock13-04-09574-14906
5v5 Roaming Event- featuring RulerRogue06-05-111914.657245
70 twink: Wrath of the thundergod HDShaman10-08-2767-8612
7k dps on NetherspiteWarrior08-06-17573.3094685
90 Frost mage PVPMultiple14-03-07646-5338
vs. Halfus WyrmbrWarlock10-12-22465-3915
A Call to ArmsUnknown07-03-01234.686492
A Few Games of a 2700 Scatterplay vs aHunter11-02-21777-18966
A fish man movieMultiple07-05-281391.812633
a little meow - 1400ap 30% crit feral Druid06-11-202062.7516351
A Traveler's Tale - Part IUnknown12-03-02432-4768
A Twink's View on 10-19 WSG Part 1Shaman06-03-19483.346903
Abration - Hardcore TwinkingRogue07-06-021182.465873
Abub 13- shaTREEplay week 1Priest10-12-23937-67151
Abub 14 Shadowplay + Spriest/roguePriest11-03-22461-136978
Abub 15-Spriest pvpPriest14-08-23667-64216
Abub spriest positioningPriest15-06-14786-12643
Abub+Tosan Fire/Frost 2v2 funMage11-06-08352-80451
Achievement - Cleaning Up (Temple of TWarrior12-10-15280-6097
Adventures with DurnWarrior06-11-072862.265079
Aezian-Frostmage PVPMage09-07-13480-13836
Affinitii's In-Depth Priest PvE Power Priest12-02-29127-7439
Aftermath of Illidan vs BQ 25Multiple10-06-26172-1487
Age of Aggression - Heroic 25 PutricidMage10-07-0177-4295
Age of Aggression - Icecrown Citadel -Mage10-07-2644-4943
Age of Aggression - Icecrown Citadel -Mage10-07-2642-4994
Akrlos Eviscerate - Dpeception Arenas Rogue10-04-18828-41255
Akrlos Eviscerate Deceptions IRogue10-02-13372-90676
All About My Base [WoW Parody by SharmWarlock15-01-18160-48325
All Deathknight RBG ✗ Zombie ApDeathknight12-10-031834-7261
Alvers - Dissector Vol IRogue11-01-231470-76594
Angel of DeathRogue06-06-192544.6113623
Angry Vs. Brutallus - Paladin PoV w/VePaladin08-04-151603.7513582
Angry Vs. Hydross - Paladin PoVPaladin07-06-14203-5314
Angry Vs. Illidan - Paladin PoVPaladin07-11-24389-7546
Angry Vs. Illidan StormragePaladin07-11-22258-2942
Angry Vs. Magtheridon - Paladin PoVPaladin07-04-24135-5619
Angry Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerPaladin07-06-24240-4060
Angry Vs. Void Reaver - Paladin PoVPaladin07-07-01214-3109
AoE mage 36-40Mage07-01-02362.637097
Apropoz & ToogfyrreMultiple09-08-06108-13994
Archeon & Ramthis - Ret Arena 2vs2Paladin07-06-121753.5724887
Ardelin The Demon Barber of LEET st.Rogue09-03-116644.257887
Arena DK: 3v3 Shows how DKs can stand Deathknight12-01-27306-23786
Arena Free For AllPaladin06-10-291424.3510942
Arms Warrior PVP - Set FIRE to the raiWarrior11-10-04109-5162
Arptatron 10Warrior13-02-12899-4299
Arptatron 8Warrior12-08-02290-2750
Arthess 4 Cataclysm Mage PvP TrailerMage11-01-17221-20023
Arthess 4 High Rated Cataclysm Mage ArMage11-03-17921-85035
Atod - Unstoppable Elemental ShamanShaman06-08-122534.5773045
Attack of the GMPaladin05-10-01464.03112657
Azael 6 - 2900+ Team EG RLSWarlock11-03-10856-414351
Azhero PvP 1Mage06-08-18902.903789
Backrage vs RagnarosHunter05-09-07128-6396
Backrage vs. C'ThunWarrior06-07-103884.7810839
Backrage Vs. Hydross the UnstableWarrior07-05-07164-11528
Backrage Vs. OuroMultiple06-09-24256-5070
Backrage Vs. PatchwerkWarrior06-10-071434.9820881
Backrage Vs. Prince MalchezaarWarrior07-02-182104.8328982
Backrage Vs. ThaddiusWarrior06-11-22226-15023
Backrage vs. Twin EmperorsWarrior06-05-19189-8852
Bad Rogue PvP 1Rogue06-05-03764.6323542
Behind the Orgrimmar AHPriest05-08-09114.1414415
Belligerentz - 4 TSG Mirrors with CommPaladin11-06-06239-30165
BG MonsterHunter12-08-29139-52711
Birdman: Druid Moonkin PvPDruid06-07-052274.3023761
Blingtron 4000Unknown12-10-1262-6687
Blood Legion 3man vs Onyxia10Druid09-11-17121-8188
Blood Legion versus SolarianDruid07-08-09107-6300
Blood Legion vs Anub'arak Hardmode: USMage09-09-21152-21246
Blood Legion Vs. Anub'arak Hardmode: UMage09-09-22152-11368
Blood Legion Vs. BrutallusPaladin08-04-02454-9831
Blood Legion Vs. Kael'thasMage07-06-053724.4944709
Blood Legion Vs. KalecgosPaladin08-04-07307-6407
Blood Legion Vs. Kil'jaedenMage08-06-097414.8311387
Boocraft: Hunter PvP Vol. 3Hunter12-02-05720-51173
Break the Trees [WoW Parody]Hunter12-01-2852-5807
Brykon 2Hunter11-11-15453-15180
BurII:Revenge of the Tiz!Warlock05-06-051894.1113933
BWL Broodlord to ChromaggusHunter05-11-231884.389059
Cat drood is not meow lolDruid06-03-213324.2822579
Cataclysm Double Mage PvPMultiple12-08-26122-4106
Caunstantine 2: 'The Chronicles'Warrior07-03-171894.3420467
Caunstantine 3: The ConquerorWarrior07-06-114732.9934342
Caunstantine 4: The ArenaWarrior08-07-164733.2846979
Cheebah - Warrior PvP (Int)Warrior07-08-16103-4979
CHRONIC // 2.2k+ Ele/Disc 2v2 (Season Shaman13-09-06220-11243
Chronic 2200+ Ele Shaman 3v3 | Season Shaman13-07-10877-13134
CHRONIC 2: Can't Kill Us // Arena MastShaman14-04-08599-75949
CHRONIC ONE // Arena Master Ele 3v3Shaman13-09-061105-10321
CliffWalk This - Above IronforgeMultiple06-05-2082-3064
Combat Mode PvPRogue06-01-2657-3114
Combat Rogue Shuriken Toss OPRogue13-04-270-10496
Come Little Children (WoW Music Video)Unknown15-01-0149-11907
Conviction farms 25 3DrakeDeathknight09-04-05338-3398
Conviction Yogg KillHunter09-07-03219-3393
Crimsonmoon Mage PvPMage06-12-203013.173255
Ct - Elemental Shaman PvPShaman07-07-101333.9285078
Ct2 - Elemental Shaman PvPShaman07-10-225243.8424952
Current State of DKs in Warlords of DrPaladin14-07-17178-5567
D Machine - Ret Paladin's in 5.0.4Paladin12-09-18110-3153
DaGoat(Equilib) - Arenas, 2600+ 2'sPriest09-05-125092.576594
Dalfrost - PvP - EnhancementShaman06-09-18222.216905
Dark Ember VS Lord Rhyolith 10m (Prot Paladin11-07-24761-3349
Dark Ember VS Lord Rhyolith 10m (Prot Multiple11-07-22761-3340
Darkqt 79 PvP (Intro)Rogue11-04-2473-4238
Defiant Vs H Professor Putricide 25 - Mage10-07-17347-3969
Defiant Vs The Ruby Sanctum - Mage PoVMage10-07-15186-4479
Derek #10 - Team PlayDruid07-03-193673.2411722
Derek #9 - HealbottingDruid07-01-043713.633430
Desire Vs ThunderaanHunter06-01-20574.504561
Devilution Vol.1 - Rogue/Mage 2k ArenaMage09-02-053674.74214467
Devilution Vol.2 - Synergistic ArmsMage09-08-18600-298944
DISGUSTING VILE SCUMBAG 3v3 - DOUBLE HWarrior12-02-09799-6202
DK ReleaseDeathknight11-12-1589-18602
Doing Work Warrior PvPWarrior07-07-124653.6231342
Doms 1 TrailerMage08-05-15311.655057
Don't Die on Sinestra! Like me :-pPriest11-06-18114-2783
Double Gank in DarkshireRogue08-06-2512-4395
Double Warglaive RBGs 2600+Rogue11-02-2259-23127
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest: WSG OwnMultiple11-09-05275-10512
Druid pvp guide teaserDruid11-12-1387-20090
Duels Shaman 57 vs mixed lvlsShaman05-04-25263.008092
Durn the HungererHunter07-01-27343.727086
Dwarfkill & Flexinqt TrailerMultiple12-08-23150-3410
EG Vs Cho'Gall 25 HeroicWarlock11-03-26150-9492
EG Vs. Alysrazor 25Priest11-07-03152-5010
EG Vs. Beth'tilac 25Priest11-07-0398-3582
EG Vs. Majordomo Staghelm 25Priest11-07-02123-4291
Ele sham pvp: You're a wizard nowShaman13-04-07215-8814
Elemental Rage 2, lvl 70 PvPShaman07-05-221534.0632171
EMCL 2v2 Elemental/AfflictionShaman11-09-30337-20281
EMCL'S 3K rating 12x Glad/R1 TRIPLE SHShaman11-10-01879-18957
Encore Pre-WotLK City WarsRogue08-11-217694.547139
Encore Repeats "The Immortal" Pre-3.1Rogue09-04-22579-2371
Encore vs. FirefighterRogue09-07-11484-6636
Encore Vs. Flame LeviathanRogue09-05-04496-4205
Encore Vs. Flame Leviathan - Orbit-uarRogue09-06-11415-4988
Encore vs. Freya 3x Knock on WoodRogue09-07-26495-6774
Encore Vs. General Vezax - Hard ModeRogue09-06-22493-8906
Encore vs. Heroic Beasts of NorthrendRogue09-09-14504-5096
Encore vs. Hodir Hard ModeRogue09-05-25202-5205
Encore Vs. Ignis the Furnace MasterRogue09-05-04737-4373
Encore Vs. Kil'jaedenRogue08-11-03679-3401
Encore vs. MalygosRogue08-12-30565-6330
Encore Vs. Naxxramas Part 1 - The AracRogue08-11-29549-8507
Encore Vs. Naxxramas Part 2 - The ConsRogue08-12-06693-4808
Encore Vs. Naxxramas Part 3 - The PlagRogue08-12-08663-5473
Encore vs. Naxxramas Part 4 - The MiliRogue08-12-127532.169522
Encore Vs. Naxxramas Part 5 - The FrosRogue08-12-18621-5337
Encore Vs. RazorscaleRogue09-05-04651-3931
Encore vs. SteelbreakerRogue09-05-27331-5530
Encore vs. Thorim Hard ModeRogue09-05-25440-4262
Encore Vs. XT-002 Deconstructor - HearRogue09-06-07466-5652
Encore vs. Yogg-SaronRogue09-05-26806-4321
Epic Battle: Nuvas vs GuiltMultiple05-07-31894.819688
Epic Escape Maneuver - Nah, you can't Warrior14-03-1577-5511
Epic Warlock Murlockhomes-Bgs in blue Warlock13-02-18123-5667
Epiphany- 2v2 feat. Tiz/NuvasWarlock07-04-024774.3275177
Erosdotzh 1- TR 2200 RMPRogue10-06-03844-9356
Eternal Slumber of the Gnome KingMultiple07-12-27117-2748
Evilturley - Naxx Undying WipePriest09-04-0950-15057
Evolution Vs. AlarDruid08-01-19186-3078
Evolution vs. Kael'thas SunstriderDruid08-01-21228-4561
Excessive Gaming - Nefarian 25 Heroic Priest11-06-07296-5918
Excessive Gaming Heroic Madness (PhaseWarrior12-07-23170-5049
Excessive Gaming Vs. Al'Akir 25 HeroicPriest11-06-17120-3406
Excessive Gaming Vs. Cho'gall 25 HeroiPriest11-06-24130-3609
Excessive Gaming Vs. Twilight AscendanPriest11-06-2396-4028
Exodar Leader 3 MannedPaladin09-01-21894.758485
Explicit Vs. IllidanRogue08-05-05486-8513
Falnangel PVP Illidan I (Warlock)Warlock05-11-14904.136371
Fatal Desires Vs Heroic Lord Rhyolith Druid11-09-24288-7674
Fayejin Funeral VideoMultiple06-12-28210-5108
Fire Mage CATA PVP 4.3.4 (Random BattlMage12-05-25959-36906
Five D-GladMultiple09-04-233974.65103549
Frost Mage 8/8 Netherwind World PvPMage06-05-18741.749725
Frost Mage Montage #1: Self DestructMage12-11-16158-4168
Frown Vs. IllidanMage07-12-19620-6420
Frown Vs. Lady Vashj (Hunter PerspectiHunter07-10-03300-4663
Frown vs. Mt HyjalMage07-11-043713.925552
Frown Vs. the Black Temple -- Round 2Mage07-12-03396-6240
Frown vs. The Black Temple, Night OneMage07-10-21127-3436
Fun With Skirmishs 2: This time, its pMultiple10-05-30335-4332
Fury Warrior Vs. LoathebWarrior06-10-0489-3306
Garrosh [World of Warcraft Parody of GUnknown14-01-20158-98039
Gary Volume IWarrior07-01-181191.506801
Getnerded 4Hunter10-06-24809-113747
Gimp Affliction LockWarlock06-11-05133-3764
Glad War Nmx - Netherspite DPS RecordWarrior13-03-2257-10211
Gladiator Hunter Tuska 3s Arena --- caHunter14-04-10819-32236
Glitchcraft: Beyond WarcraftRogue06-10-31573.384831
Gnome of Roam: 1Warrior07-06-022734.135991
Good Riddance vs. Gnome KingMultiple07-10-2080-5596
Goodbye Cataclysm HDMage12-09-13155-3994
Greenbeamqt - Fire MLS vs RLS with ComShaman12-07-25467-4087
Grimoire of Sacrifice: How to Your PetWarlock12-08-306-24572
Guitarz PVP BG'sShaman08-07-16115-2673
Hamoudy IIMage11-09-22873-6641
Hauntings of our PastUnknown08-04-22482.252953
Healuseless PVP1Priest12-03-30160-5044
Heart to HeartDruid09-05-31138-2879
Heartbreaker - XT-002 Hard ModeShaman09-06-20337-5413
Hemo Spec Pvp RogueRogue08-07-293081.188810
HEYAZ 15x Multibox vs Blood Legion WarMultiple14-03-15120-4743
High Voltage and Hellfire: Elemental SShaman10-07-22292-26985
High Warlord Dropout - 60 warriorWarrior06-07-103263.793221
High Warlord Rogue PvP Hemo SpecRogue06-10-231224.356008
Hiji - LFG FunShaman06-05-05854.4711065
Hillsbrad HijinxRogue05-06-081644.007870
HM Lich King (10 man version)Hunter10-06-26216-5734
Hordok's Arena FunWarrior11-03-08222-10831
Hordok's BG timeWarrior11-05-10670-5908
Hotforms #12, Retribution Paladin ArenPaladin12-01-04387-4805
How to get across the broken bridge inUnknown13-10-08356-101534
How to Get fast reputation with The OrUnknown12-10-0923-22352
How to get to the Blazing Chest for yoMultiple13-10-0893-31236
Hunter [Open Collab] Music VideoHunter11-10-1893-6129
Huntercraft (45 Hunter Beating 60 RoguHunter06-06-08262.002838
Hunterkillers: 3 (or 2) Man RaidMultiple05-03-04454.007764
Hypnos Epic Frost DamageMage12-03-2383-3489
I got the powah!Paladin05-12-1331.504123
I got the powah! (Take 2)Paladin05-12-1463.004054
Illdan Fire Resistance TankWarrior08-08-22318-3436
Illidan - For the HordePaladin09-02-18224-3142
Illidan Anthologies 1Unknown06-10-06103-5468
Illidan Anthologies 2: Thou Shall RoamUnknown06-10-062584.257050
Illidan Anthologies 6: Rogues Stalk; BUnknown06-10-082643.246345
Illidan Kill Rogue POV Aegis of CairneRogue08-09-25240-4194
Illidan raids Aerie PeakMultiple08-10-23293.673106
Innate 2 - Resto Druid Arenas - High RDruid10-10-17642-29814
Invincible - Best of RulerRogue06-07-031024.7428070
Jak and Vlahd Episode 1Multiple05-01-171003.756025
JOEGENGSTA: A WARRIOR'S LEGACYWarrior09-11-08873-453736
Joyride Fire PvP TeaserMage13-07-06126-10100
Just another TUF WarriorWarrior06-03-261503.163615
Kanumagico Arena - RMMage12-01-10494-5867
Kasru 2 - 70 undead rogueRogue07-03-012463.957500
Kasru l l lRogue07-04-054492.975034
Kevlar's 3v3 2200 pushDeathknight11-03-19112-7449
Kevlar's 5v5Deathknight11-01-15207-5167
Keywork 60 Destruction Warlock: DeliriWarlock06-09-23713.186442
KFC 3v3Unknown12-10-2458-4433
Khassara! Where are my MOUNTS?!Priest11-06-03103-3468
Klawsqt 2: The Adventures of Klawsqt aDruid10-09-21892-84791
Klawsqt3: How to Druid/WarriorDruid11-02-231190-66901
Klawsqt: A Druid's LegacyDruid10-03-11892-216037
Kollektiv - SC/MLS/WLSShaman11-04-071073-312005
Koralon Solo HealDruid09-12-17172-5570
Kulthalas, 21arc 30 fire mage pvpMage05-12-1087-3559
Lady Deathwhisper HeroicShaman10-03-06124-5910
Level [Letomi & Gigi]Hunter12-11-12178-12765
Light 'Em Up [Open Collab]Unknown12-04-0987-6060
Lilstunnas last stuntMage06-10-24137-3010
Livid vs Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 10m NDruid12-01-16501-4227
Lock 3v3 Shadow Play vs RLS with PositWarlock12-03-02238-3391
Longview Volume IIRogue06-12-303484.422734
Lord Archeon's Passing JudgementPaladin08-01-182884.398526
Mackx 1 - Rogue/mage 2v2 (ft. Zilem)Rogue12-01-17115-8746
Mage Solo - Naxx outer ringMage06-09-27134-8294
Mage/Mage/Mage/Mage/Druid LBRS run!Mage05-12-2979-4805
Magic Rooster GiveawayUnknown12-10-203-2834
Majordomo By PriestPriest05-08-1084-5876
Mana Tombs Rogue Farming 1-200G/hourRogue08-01-31108-8883
Maphack1337 Response - Razer Naga and Paladin12-09-09624-21742
Massacre 2: Twice the CarnageWarrior06-05-19138-3096
Massacre: What have we unleashed?Warrior06-02-28208-4123
MC Tears it upPriest04-12-14242.0011178
Michaeleo (Ashkandi + Earthstrike) WarWarrior06-04-192594.6146949
Milkz - Arena Master Shadow Priest: NuPriest14-08-08245-19475
Milkz -ArenaMaster Shadow PriestPriest13-07-16100-75055
Mimiron's Head NinjaUnknown09-08-1511-119295
Mind Games vs H Atramedes (Mage PoV)Mage11-02-27344-4528
Mini Kodo Riding BatHunter06-11-0362.335014
Mission - Frost Mage PvPMage07-04-262094.1412489
Mission - Frost Mage PvP 2Mage07-05-115474.4320060
Mission 3 - TBC Mage PvPMage07-06-077794.3430239
Mission 4 - TBC Mage PvPMage07-07-067204.7490340
Mission 4.5 - Elemental Mage PvPMage08-05-071544.7573945
missioN Anthology - 70/60 Mage PvPMage11-04-171048-47797
Mission Elemental Mage TrailerMage07-04-13253.003966
MoG - 10HM MorchokRogue12-03-28114-2735
MoG - 10HM Yor'SahjRogue12-04-02446-3163
Monk solo cata raid. Big damage bag!Unknown13-03-19130-36958
Moo Like Tauren Ft. EmberIsolteMultiple13-09-11147-57925
MoP Aoe Spot 88-90 Townlong Steppes 5.Paladin13-03-07140-124265
MoP Bug 18 Million Healing Every 5 SecWarrior12-08-0442-11088
MoP Bug 180 % HP (Get Over 1 Million HWarrior12-07-2763-14023
MOP PVP Fire MageMage12-05-20598-7090
MoP Solo 90 Mage AoE Potential 45+ MobMage12-10-05137-9154
Moriat 2 70 PvPPriest14-03-111089-74022
Moriat 3 70 MoP PvPPriest14-08-301172-33483
Moriat 70 PvPPriest14-02-07331-63201
Morifen - Warrior ATR Arena PvPWarrior08-07-314633.9844971
Murth 2vs2 Prot Arena 2500 Rated With Warrior09-10-31626-151734
Murth 4 - 2 Hand Fury PVP v2.0.1Warrior06-12-202854.6356004
Murth 5 Arms PVP v2.0.6Warrior07-02-122364.1057020
Murth Protection PVP2 v1.10.2Warrior06-06-072874.229699
Murth3 Protection PVP v1.12Warrior06-08-281324.5325033
Murth6 - Prot PVP 0/20/41Warrior08-04-233684.47112606
Mørgein Drumstep 5.2Warlock13-05-20180-6057
Named Guild Us-IllidanDeathknight10-07-1249-6174
Nams , Elemental ShamanShaman05-11-262764.8840929
Natural NemesisWarrior06-07-292234.6447670
Natural Nemesis IIWarrior06-12-112954.8371402
Natural Nemesis III: ArenasMultiple07-05-273554.4568466
NdN 2 - Enhancement Shaman PvPShaman13-04-09362-19216
Neonix - Chapter 1 previewMage13-02-15341-4969
Neonix - The Awakening(A PvP Love StorMage13-02-23895-9170
Nerd Rage!!!!Mage10-11-24490-9821
Nerf Heroic Leap - BG Tricks and ExploWarrior11-08-20322-87817
Night Elf ERP [WoW Parody]Unknown12-05-2099-23563
Nolan's Rendering TutorialHunter09-04-085384.9475616
Noobnuggets Two ( 3.0.9)Rogue09-05-042664.3417842
Norunkai - 2200 Resto DruidDruid08-07-265123.76179876
Norunkai 2 - Resto DruidDruid08-08-166354.3862900
Nuade PvP 2.0Hunter06-02-191244.104871
Oliaxz 3 - RPS ArenaRogue13-04-22434-172394
One Giant CowHunter06-10-2284.385832
Ooglar : Huntar WeaponHunter05-12-311202.094452
Origin of a Gnome Volume IIWarrior07-01-251502.425602
Origin of a Gnome Volume IIIWarrior07-02-031753.067268
Origin of a Gnome Volume IVWarrior07-02-132273.9511452
Origin of a Gnome Volume VWarrior07-03-243782.889302
ORO - Rogue PvP Montage #2Rogue13-02-27428-11506
OSBO .5 - Promo video for livestreamWarrior12-06-1762-2654
Osbo and Hk do 2s. Warrior / DiscWarrior12-06-17135-4774
Overpowered? - Frost Mage - Insane CriMage05-11-161944.20259201
Pahtak triple shaman 3v3Shaman11-10-04861-20838
Pal DK War (TSG) vs. Prot TSG 3 Games!Paladin11-06-04228-25199
Paladin Resurrection - The Return of SPaladin06-09-284084.1144188
Paladin vs NefariusPaladin05-09-19173.007635
Paranoía - IllidanHunter09-05-02110-2243
Patch 5.3 Feral Mage 2v2 Montage: SmacMage13-06-01152-7606
Peanutbutter Jellytime 2200+ 2v2, MageMage10-01-27152-15062
Perdition Vs. Ad'al (Bugs out)Priest07-11-1472-3240
Perdition Vs. ArchimondeWarlock08-04-29336-3407
Perma's the Man Now Dog!Multiple05-11-291474.8817928
Pet Battles: getting level 10Unknown12-10-1649-4486
Pheq Vol. 1Rogue11-09-18645-50250
Pheq's Rogue Macro TutorialRogue09-02-074764.95253074
Pompalompa 1 2400+ Dk/Disc PriestPriest09-06-155082.9010429
Pompalompa 2 2500+ Priest RoguePriest09-08-02805-19920
Pompalompa 3Multiple09-11-17316-30391
Pompalompa 4Priest09-11-29310-6698
Pompalompa 4: Cavz Goes To WorkPriest09-11-28310-19280
Pompalompa 5.5Priest10-03-16185-15158
Pompalompa 5: RMPizzlePriest10-02-05306-40379
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Powerpunch CleaveMonk13-03-23502-7614
Proof of Feral Range BugDruid06-07-0844.545172
PvP Guild Recruitment VideoMultiple06-07-28363.783343
Ragnaros 3.0 - 3x Waves Of Sons and KIPriest05-09-131182.633903
Random 2's Frost DK/Disc PriestDeathknight11-07-2347-13684
Rank 11 Fire Mage - AzheroMage06-11-23903.715318
Raycharles - Warrior Pressure and AwarWarrior11-06-07869-102305
Reckful RBG owns PPL Double Warglaive!Rogue11-03-06563-26463
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Road Warriors ShortMage13-08-0473-4860
Rogue Kill Rate VideoRogue05-01-02163.7516266
Rogue Mage 2v2 TrailerMage09-01-09603.4228841
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Rogue PvPRogue07-03-13124-4825
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Ruler does WSGRogue06-11-02643.497857
Ruler Insane PvPRogue05-12-25352.5615461
Ruler SucksRogue06-03-25924.007943
RussellCrow Ret rogue 2v2 MOP 5.3 ArenPaladin13-05-29323-6771
Saga (Illidan US) Vs. Teron GorefiendRogue07-07-05217-6357
Saga v Kil'jaedenPaladin08-10-12703-3002
Saga vs Teron Gorefiend (fury warrior Warrior07-07-28205-4612
Saga Vs. BWLHunter05-12-151883.345405
Saga Vs. Mother ShahrazMage07-08-22365-3537
Saga Vs. Reliquary of SoulsMage07-08-08385-2734
Sartharion 3D 10 man - E Thugz - IllidMultiple09-02-18306-4850
Sated Vs Heroic morchok 25mShaman12-01-0486-3442
Scatterplay(2847) vs Dk/Spriest/Druid(Hunter11-03-01869-44709
Serenity Now Crashes e-funeralRogue06-05-311644.2724360
Severe - A World of Warcraft movie - SHunter12-05-2555-9888
Shadow Cleave- Leet heelz and KB stealDruid13-04-23207-10538
Shadow Priest 4.2Priest11-10-0266-7498
Shadow Priest PvP | Gladiator Abub BriPriest11-09-14179-17992
Shadowwrath In IronforgeWarlock06-07-072914.003513
Shaman of the Night Ep. 1Shaman06-03-25112-2764
Shamanistic HerpesShaman07-05-112792.509871
Shineshine - Gnome of Roam 2Warrior07-07-141764.1317614
Shineshine: 2v2 arenasWarrior07-06-053893.756510
Shipley 6 RevealedRogue11-03-12606-61976
Shipley 7: still a bad rogueRogue11-07-03682-33821
Shipley Cata 2v2 Shadowdance Rogue AreRogue10-11-05728-168290
Shipley Cata Arena & Duels 85 Goblin SRogue10-10-26469-76699
Shipley's bad rogue pvpRogue10-08-19527-41831
Shipley's R.I.P. Vanish (Shadowdance PRogue10-10-07682-62349
Slighter's Shadow BeatdownPriest06-07-273152.048683
Smoove - Monk PvPMonk13-08-03971-441549
Solo BRD Emp RunRogue06-07-093584.53169012
Son of RagnarosPaladin06-09-072884.4912076
Sorrow HillMage05-02-07954.85257203
Sorrow Hill 2Mage05-02-231004.32129560
Sorrow Hill 3Mage05-03-12994.88172531
Sorrow Hill 4Mage05-05-02784.53196750
Sorrow Hill 5Mage06-03-061074.73105996
Sorrow Hill 6Mage06-04-121054.8480300
Sorrow Hill 7Mage06-05-011304.57115197
Sorrow Hill 8Mage06-06-121494.7659530
Sorrow Hill 9Mage07-02-163874.54202657
Soulstar PvP 1Rogue05-06-08723.825931
Substitute PriestDruid06-07-062614.594066
Sum durid is catDruid06-04-301614.5312955
Sunndance PvP videoHunter06-02-27212-3924
Sunndance SlaveMak!Hunter07-01-032003.796258
Super Secret Club HouseRogue11-02-1457-5097
Superpally's PvP Video (Sulfuras/LokamPaladin06-07-103232.819642
Sweet DispostionUnknown10-09-2049-4409
Tang Dynasty RBGShaman11-11-07169-3095
Team Ice (with the power of orange) VsShaman08-07-21315-3674
Team Ice Vs Algalon (10 man)Deathknight09-06-22209-17079
Team Ice Vs General Vezax: I Love the Deathknight09-05-22327-10329
Team Ice Vs Professor Putricide (25 maShaman10-01-10278-26656
Team Ice Vs Thorim: Lose Your IllusionDeathknight09-04-27191-6184
Team Ice Vs. Algalon (25 man)Deathknight09-07-18212-12746
Team Ice Vs. BrutallusShaman08-04-27347-4355
Team Ice Vs. BrutallusShaman08-05-13208-4090
Team Ice Vs. Eredar TwinsShaman08-05-13208-5541
Team Ice Vs. FelmystShaman08-05-13308-3390
Team Ice Vs. Flame Leviathan: Orbit-uaDeathknight09-05-17250-7147
Team Ice Vs. Freya: Knock, Knock, KnocDeathknight09-05-15248-7887
Team Ice Vs. Freya: Knock, Knock, KnocDeathknight09-06-22255-11143
Team Ice Vs. IllidanMage07-10-11127-13400
Team Ice Vs. Iron Council: I Choose YoDeathknight09-05-15223-7941
Team Ice Vs. Iron Council: SteelbreakeDeathknight09-04-25215-22549
Team Ice Vs. KalecgosShaman08-05-12208-2455
Team Ice Vs. KalecgosShaman08-04-27385-2776
Team Ice Vs. KalecgosShaman08-05-13208-3506
Team Ice Vs. M'uruShaman08-05-28264-6195
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Team Ice Vs. Sartharian, Twilight VanqDeathknight08-12-15306-6312
Team Ice Vs. Sarthian, Of The NightfalDeathknight09-01-15357-3657
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THE BUTTON ( 4 Mage / 1 Priest )Mage07-06-02954.4536915
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The Lament of the Highborne [WoD EditiUnknown15-06-07155-24257
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Tier 3 Xmog Update (Tier 3 on BoA's!) Warrior12-06-12127-7851
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Tiz4: Battles RememberedWarlock05-11-171333.8928676
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Top This IIIMage06-05-193723.205643
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Turkish, 71 Monk Twink PvPMonk13-02-171249-12536
TWIC vs Lose Your IllusionMultiple09-07-20122-5026
Two Hand Fury PVPWarrior06-04-291283.756849
UI and hunter pvpHunter11-08-05305-5839
Undead Lock PvP: Delirium IIWarlock07-09-0462-6686
Unison - 10 man heroic valithriaPriest10-04-11311-3974
Untouchable 2: 5-man GruulRogue08-05-182084.87453612
Untouchable 3: Illidan StormrageRogue08-06-211184.83106977
Untouchable Rogue 1: Mother ShahrazRogue08-05-051324.77444744
Vellaria Affliction PvPWarlock07-10-151273.083086
Verthm frost mage PvP 2Mage12-03-21168-5028
Vexius 1 - Quiet Before the Storm (ArmWarrior10-11-19603-18217
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War is coming. . .Warrior12-08-1544-2299
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Warlock 1v2 ArenaWarlock13-03-02353-5768
Warlock TerrorismWarlock05-06-22504.7272095
Warpath Vs. Anub'RekhanPriest06-06-2873-4460
WarPath Vs. GluthPriest06-08-2484-4881
Warpath Vs. Grand WidowPriest06-08-12464.808933
WarPath Vs. GrobbulusPriest06-08-07146-2736
Warpath vs. High Astromancer SolarianWarlock07-06-23108-2938
Warpath Vs. Instructor RazuviousPriest06-07-02872.9615871
Warpath Vs. Kael'thasUnknown07-07-10265-2615
Warpath vs. Lady VashjUnknown07-07-15206-3571
Warpath Vs. Loatheb (GM Fury Warrior PWarrior06-10-0489-3419
Warpath Vs. Loatheb KillWarrior06-10-06103-2592
Warpath Vs. MimironShaman09-04-23250-2911
WarPath Vs. Noth the PlagueBringerPriest06-08-1181-4151
WarPath Vs. PatchwerkPriest06-08-0767-5841
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Welcome to Mists of Pandaria WanderingUnknown12-04-28278-3428
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Wheeliecool 4Warrior06-06-231374.502852
Wheeliecool 4Warrior06-06-291374.502972
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Wraith PvPRogue05-09-191404.695427
Wrath Small Group PVPPriest05-03-18754.079990
WSG and Twin Peaks Tricks Flag CarrierWarrior12-08-14337-11359
Xgen 31.8.12Rogue06-12-05209-4985
Xgen SF 120 8/8 NSRogue06-03-281944.307277
Yog-Saron 25 ManRogue09-05-18830-3873
Your Sword VS My DaggerRogue05-10-19892.003522
ZA [WoW Parody]Multiple12-03-0980-7910
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