Server view : Balnazzar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
5v5 Balnazzar @ 60 Oldschool days.Warlock09-08-09296-12250
Akhmed VS Blood-Queen Lana'thel (DPS)Druid10-05-0667-4588
Alpha WoW Guide: Boring ExploringWarrior10-10-05200-22629
Amphitheater of Anguish -wotlk betaDeathknight08-08-21404.5822472
Angelby pala PvPPaladin06-11-09248-2327
Arena 2 Vs. 1Mage06-12-24105-1933
Axiom vs frost mage sub rogue vs frostRogue11-11-06253-3909
Axox And Sahari Playing 2vs2 On BalnazMultiple09-02-18315-7787
Balnazzar-Eu 60 horde Vs. 40 alliance Druid08-07-062483.577129
Cannings - 2K DPS Arms Warrior ROSWarrior07-07-281813.8019956
Celebrity vs IllidanWarlock11-09-15708-12185
Celebrity Vs. Fathom-Lord KarathressWarlock07-05-13187-4079
Celebrity Vs. Gurtogg BloodboilWarlock07-06-112074.6347772
Celebrity Vs. High Astromancer SolariaRogue07-05-101403.3510399
Celebrity Vs. HydrossWarlock07-05-16127-3783
Celebrity Vs. Hydross the UnstableWarrior07-03-023254.8315251
Celebrity Vs. Illidan StormrageMultiple07-07-176915.0052585
Celebrity Vs. Illidari CouncilMultiple07-07-072254.2029590
Celebrity Vs. Kael'thasWarlock07-06-052694.679505
Celebrity Vs. Lady VashjWarlock07-05-282334.8821250
Celebrity Vs. Leotheras the BlindWarlock07-05-17177-3976
Celebrity vs. Mother Shahraz - Swivel Paladin07-07-29159-5850
Celebrity Vs. Reliquary of SoulsShaman07-06-142164.8813613
Celebrity Vs. Reliquary of Souls - SwiPaladin07-06-16139-9373
Celebrity Vs. Teron GorefiendShaman07-06-12134-6302
DarK Light vs Prince MalchezzarPaladin07-03-06141-3623
DarK Light Vs. NetherspiteWarrior07-03-1965-2907
Darrqar & Carrion Ret/Rogue 2v2Paladin09-09-27280-22769
Deathbringer Saurfang HC VS Fused "BalDruid10-06-29212-7105
Demboyz 1 - Rogue/Druid 2v2 ArenaMultiple08-10-105292.6612916
Desert RaceUnknown07-03-31133.1110359
Dróne & Sixwheel 2v2Druid10-05-30829-20148
Druids of Azeroth - Shapeshift Skins MDruid08-03-101244.74117781
Durotar 5v5 PvPPriest06-09-06924.324361
Eden Vs. BloodBoilRogue08-10-01214-3590
Elem frag movieMage08-09-23190-1924
Esoteric vs LichKing 25Multiple10-03-19161-5156
Esoteric vs Madness of Deathwing 25 HCMage12-02-13683-5982
Fail Fails: RenderingMage09-04-2794-5762
Freaks Vs. IllidanMage08-10-22140-3317
Freya Hard mode (10man) - MidgardMultiple09-05-28363-4795
Frost Mage and Elemental Shaman ArenaMage09-05-231371.2518663
Fused VS Blood-Queen Lana'thel 25Druid10-05-22356-5331
Ginkgo - With no close living relativeRogue06-12-103694.6910310
Ginkgo With no close living relatives Rogue15-10-25378-5827
Gnimsh - Elemental mageMage06-09-19442.464321
Got the Munchies Vs Ragnaros (10 men HDruid11-11-13619-5604
Got the Munchies vs. Alysrazor - 10manWarrior11-07-05216-4303
Got the Munchies vs. Alysrazor HC - 10Warrior11-08-09342-6174
Got the Munchies vs. Atramedes HC - 10Warrior11-06-24161-3126
Got the Munchies vs. Baleroc - 10man (Warrior11-07-06133-5538
Got the Munchies vs. Baleroc HC - 10maWarrior11-08-15145-7273
Got the Munchies vs. Beth'tilac - 10maWarrior11-07-02168-3378
Got the Munchies vs. Beth'tilac HC - 1Warrior11-08-23177-6483
Got the Munchies vs. Chimaeron HC - 10Warrior11-06-24129-3761
Got the Munchies vs. Halfus WyrmbreakeWarrior11-06-24118-4591
Got the Munchies vs. Lord Rhyolith - 1Warrior11-07-02133-3193
Got the Munchies vs. Lord Rhyolith HC Warrior11-07-29130-3761
Got the Munchies vs. Magmaw HC - 10manWarrior11-06-23182-5997
Got the Munchies vs. Majordomo StaghelWarrior11-07-13175-2941
Got the Munchies vs. Majordomo StaghelWarrior11-08-04214-6007
Got the Munchies vs. Maloriak HC - 10mWarrior11-06-24222-3017
Got the Munchies vs. Ragnaros - 10man Warrior11-07-08262-4455
Got the Munchies vs. Shannox - 10man (Warrior11-06-30193-7124
Got the Munchies vs. Shannox HC - 10maWarrior11-07-16112-5086
Got the Munchies vs. Valiona & TheraliWarrior11-06-29181-2755
Guardians Vs. HighKingMaulgarRogue07-09-26213-2925
Hancon Episode 1Rogue06-07-18234-3436
Hancon PvP 2: Natural LifeRogue06-11-272744.727614
Hancon PvP 3 Natural FreakShowRogue07-01-01387-2417
Hancon PvP 3: TrailerRogue06-12-14116-4381
Hancon PvP 4Rogue07-04-135132.785104
Hancon PvP 4: TrailerRogue07-03-1042-4430
Healhaul 39 Twink Priest PvPPriest07-03-205644.4245055
Hodir hardmode 10 man, by midgardShaman09-05-11140-5568
Hoewoe - The MutilatorRogue07-01-163754.1822290
How to do Garrote -> RaptureRogue08-10-02334.0610203
ICC 10HC speedrunPriest10-06-101223-25427
immortal outlawss Vs. auchnavonMultiple09-11-07397-6861
Independence vs. CuratorRogue07-08-19296-1952
Independence vs. PrinceRogue07-08-18289-1963
Inedible, destrolock movieWarlock07-01-12253-3836
Iron Force Guild Nelf VideoHunter06-11-19202-2413
It's OVER 9000!Rogue08-01-25453.058499
Jeinna 1 - Naab going for Glad (Made fWarlock09-07-10409-16296
Jump over the fence - AB Ally sideWarrior07-01-16283.3413964
KrabbaN^ 2600 CykLoneMage09-08-0618-6541
Kspree IIIRogue08-10-015283.8344737
Ksv introRogue07-06-1237-1827
League of Justide - Opening TrailerUnknown08-11-1218-4345
Legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's ResWarrior11-07-29103-6076
Level 80 Berserking Fury WarriorWarrior09-02-241863.9928349
Lich King 10 man HeroicPriest10-11-02175-5844
Milacious 2Rogue09-04-10392-3278
Milacious 2 trailerRogue08-08-0543-2978
Milacious TrailerRogue08-03-28341.674429
Milacious twink PvPRogue08-04-254383.446000
Moroes - Killed by RullekebabWarrior07-02-0864-10780
Naitsabes Shaman PvPShaman06-05-25814.433917
Noams in the moonlightUnknown07-01-1648-2101
NoDlake FrostMage 85 lvl pvp NoGear HiMage12-12-07234-5812
Odis 1.5Warrior07-01-111063.677870
Omnotron Defense SystemPriest10-12-22511-5123
Panic Guild - 5 man OnyxiaRogue08-10-2788-4099
Papa Vs. Yogg-Saron Enh Shaman PoVShaman09-04-233815.0018722
Paparazzi and the Gunship BattleMage10-02-22192-5846
Paparazzi and the Wrath of the Lich KiMage10-09-19304-40346
Paparazzi and Valithria DreamwalkerMage10-02-28227-6081
Paparazzi V. Sartharion + 3 drakesMage09-03-24221-3125
Paparazzi visit OrgrimmarMage08-09-201824.752850
Paparazzi vs Blood-Queen Lana'thelMage10-03-07319-6447
Paparazzi Vs ChimaeronWarrior11-01-17376-4120
Paparazzi vs Chimearon HC - prot paladPaladin11-01-21658-5129
Paparazzi Vs Halfus WyrmbreakerWarrior11-01-15314-4399
Paparazzi vs Lady DeathwhisperMage10-02-22389-3837
Paparazzi vs Lich King 25M HeroicWarrior02-01-01267-17444
Paparazzi vs Lord MarrowgarMage10-02-22237-5616
Paparazzi Vs Omnitron Defense System 2Warrior11-02-01496-8743
Paparazzi vs Professor PutricideMage10-03-13583-9787
Paparazzi vs SindragosaMage10-03-08596-12800
Paparazzi vs The Lich KingMage10-05-17894-21884
Paparazzi Vs. Al'arMage07-06-19409-2295
Paparazzi Vs. AlgalonMage09-09-03313-5842
Paparazzi vs. AnetheronMage07-08-26127-2648
Paparazzi Vs. Anub'arakMage09-10-09479-6031
Paparazzi Vs. ArchimondeMage07-10-19127-2917
Paparazzi Vs. AuriayaMage09-05-12249-3293
Paparazzi Vs. AzgalorMage07-10-12127-3445
Paparazzi Vs. Beasts of NorthrendMage09-09-15172-4972
Paparazzi Vs. Blood Prince CouncilMage10-03-07383-7086
Paparazzi Vs. BrutallusMage08-04-02146-5182
Paparazzi Vs. Deathbringer SaurfangMage10-02-28201-6810
Paparazzi vs. Deathbringer Saurfang (2Warrior10-02-2279-8241
Paparazzi Vs. Eredar Twins - ReverseShaman08-05-081504.585230
Paparazzi Vs. Faction ChampionsMage09-09-15180-5846
Paparazzi Vs. Fathom-LordMage07-05-09239-2728
Paparazzi Vs. FelmystMage08-04-07253-5780
Paparazzi Vs. FestergutMage10-02-28147-6229
Paparazzi vs. Flame Leviathan 4 TowersMage09-06-30196-5711
Paparazzi Vs. Freya - Knock, Knock, KnMage09-08-17336-6044
Paparazzi vs. General Vesax Hard ModeMage09-06-30243-9452
Paparazzi Vs. GruulMage07-04-24160-2614
Paparazzi Vs. Gurtogg BloodboilMage07-10-12127-4713
Paparazzi Vs. HalionMage10-08-30356-11144
Paparazzi Vs. Hodir Hard ModeMage09-05-11201-4082
Paparazzi Vs. HydrossMage07-04-24260-2603
Paparazzi Vs. IgnisMage09-04-25219-3432
Paparazzi vs. Illidan StormrageMage07-11-26509-3328
Paparazzi Vs. Illidari CouncilMage07-11-02127-3933
Paparazzi Vs. Kael'thas SunstriderMage07-08-23430-2368
Paparazzi Vs. KalecgosMage08-03-29149-4482
Paparazzi Vs. Kaz'rogalMage07-09-14113-2974
Paparazzi Vs. KazzakMage07-04-2332-2905
Paparazzi vs. Kil'JadaenMage08-09-204524.757603
Paparazzi Vs. kologarnMage09-04-28164-3390
Paparazzi Vs. Lady VashjMage07-06-04350-3448
Paparazzi Vs. Leotheras the BlindMage07-05-31281-2774
Paparazzi vs. Lich King (25N) Fury DPSWarrior10-02-13155-8198
Paparazzi Vs. Lord JaraxxusMage09-09-15102-6177
Paparazzi Vs. LurkerMage07-05-19313-2199
Paparazzi Vs. MagMage07-04-24284-4077
Paparazzi Vs. MalygosMage09-03-24317-3817
Paparazzi vs. Mimiron - FirefighterMage09-08-15386-10596
Paparazzi Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerMage07-05-292654.083394
Paparazzi vs. Mother ShahrazMage07-10-28124-3754
Paparazzi Vs. MuruMage08-08-243674.334531
Paparazzi Vs. Naj'entusMage07-09-07127-2884
Paparazzi vs. Rage WinterchillMage07-08-25127-3251
Paparazzi Vs. RazorscaleMage09-04-25150-3158
Paparazzi Vs. Reliquary of SoulsMage07-10-24127-2956
Paparazzi Vs. RotfaceMage10-02-28165-8893
Paparazzi Vs. Shade of AkamaMage07-08-3184-2707
Paparazzi Vs. SolarianMage07-05-181953.948026
Paparazzi Vs. SupremusMage07-09-07127-2292
Paparazzi Vs. Teron GorefiendMage07-09-07127-2670
Paparazzi Vs. The Assembly of Iron - HMage09-05-19307-3640
Paparazzi Vs. Thorim Hard ModeMage09-05-08302-5061
Paparazzi Vs. Twin Val'kyrMage09-09-15175-5299
Paparazzi Vs. Void ReaverMage07-05-11281-2689
Paparazzi vs. Xt-002 - Hard ModeMage09-06-08323-6565
Paparazzi vs. Yogg Saron 1 WatcherMage09-08-15362-7350
Papparazzi Vs. DoomwalkerMage07-04-2389-2873
Peanut Butter Jelly TimeUnknown06-09-29242.465411
PF Vs. AnubRehkanMage06-07-18244-3148
PF Vs. FaerlinaMage06-07-1983-2443
PF Vs. GluthMage06-08-27132-1959
PF Vs. GothikMage06-09-29126-2361
PF Vs. HeiganMage06-08-16105-2048
PF Vs. LoathebMage06-10-1988-2072
PF Vs. Noth the PlaguebringerMage06-07-28184-2381
PF Vs. PatchwerkMage06-08-05142-1913
PF Vs. ThaddiusMage06-10-11173-1998
Phenomenon Vs. ArchimondePriest07-08-24127-8937
Phenomenon vs. AzgalorPriest07-08-05158-9552
Power Word: Shield - Prot Warrior + PrMultiple09-08-11224-17445
Primal - A Shread of HopeDruid09-12-19636-19671
Professor PutricideHunter10-03-11106-5008
PvProt II - Preview!Warrior09-12-07118-13165
Ragnaros 25 HM - Arcane Mage POVMage11-10-181927-4267
Rank 11 Fire Mage PvP. FirrenMage06-05-082884.6811074
Revolution - The Gods of ZulAman ArcadMultiple08-03-04344.424360
Rullekebab - Attumen the Huntsman & NiWarrior07-02-1759-8847
Sanctum Chimaeron KillMage11-01-03569-2275
Sanctum Cho'Gall 10 manMage11-01-05127-2997
Scamming/ninja mats from pplDruid06-05-02112.068217
Shades Verus VanndarMage12-03-2088-3994
Shartan - Elemental ShamanShaman10-04-08130-6161
Shawtty Level 19 Semi-Twink HunterHunter08-10-13167-3839
Sjakil - 60 Mage - PVPMage06-04-21422.004966
Snytra - RMP XIPriest15-05-10778-8866
Stygian PVPRogue08-03-23168-2585
Supremus - Ahma GuildPaladin08-04-23203-2922
SW - Westfall exploitDruid07-08-08531.9517913
TBC - FlyDruid06-11-15434.5029047
TBC - Fly Reloaded (Mounts)Druid06-11-21354.8115608
TDT Vs. Assembly of IronWarlock09-05-02246-1910
The Battle of LordaeronRogue07-01-053933.859216
The Dragonfell Tribe - Emalon casual rWarlock09-05-03205-4038
The Dragonfell Tribe - Sartharion 3DShaman09-04-05358-1872
The Wannabe - Tryst 60 Pally PvPPaladin07-01-203913.7211612
The War3 Story About The Lich KingUnknown07-08-121274.2222534
Therdus - 70 Fire mage PvPMage11-04-1983-4583
Thorim hardmode 10 man by MidgardShaman09-04-29281-5173
Tillt 2Druid07-12-095793.818392
Trashin'n'Crashin Naxxramas 25Multiple08-12-31643.604943
Tryst 60 Pally - Cant Touch ThisPaladin06-12-015464.483497
Tryst: the trailer - Pally PvPPaladin07-06-06714.279062
Unbroken Vs. Akil'zonDruid08-02-1870-3317
Unbroken Vs. Jan'alaiDruid08-02-17109-4489
Unbroken Vs. NalorakkDruid08-02-1817-3018
Unlimited PoM + Frostbolt bug!Mage06-01-10514.6630910
Untamed PvP Movie #1 WSGWarrior07-11-242932.286912
Void ReaverWarlock07-05-131794.657519
Voodoo does Twin EmpsRogue06-05-18305-2641
WGL vs. The Lich King (semi-PuG)Druid10-11-17249-4700
WIP - Heart of the Wild - Ursoc's HymnDruid08-05-201864.4810374
World #1 Warrior,Warrior,Priest - Was Priest09-10-28362-30204
World of Warcraft - Hugmeplz Dance VidShaman07-02-0383.697992
Wotlk IntroPriest11-05-2415-4862
WoundarBloodcleave #1 - Fury Warrior PWarrior11-06-26149-4410
WoW at its finest: Boring Exploring #2Warrior10-08-13735-30235
WoW at its finest: Boring Exploring MiDruid12-05-01286-37049
WoW Mass PvP (Aniwow - Berserk Realm)Mage07-11-1937-9980
Zerinath Chapter 1 - WalljumpingRogue08-03-08193-3756
Zhar (Priest) Isle of Qual'DanasPriest08-08-1673-3547
Zhar - Some fun outside IFPriest08-08-181263.304295
Zombie MadnessRogue08-10-2940-3750
Zvenn 2 - Fire Mage PvPMage10-07-30957-104318
Zykros LvL 80 Death Knight pvpDeathknight09-10-23298-9093