Server view : Xavius

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Orc Race to The HinterlandsWarlock10-06-19347-12549
3 Man The BeastMage06-11-29912.713598
Alda - Released Fury trailerWarrior07-01-03294.835864
Anubihs trailerPriest07-06-11472.754705
Anubīs - HIGH TEMPO! 4,2k backstab! SERogue07-07-051844.3523859
Azisa at AltitudePriest07-01-3010-2514
Battsz Goshimoshi & Wacku 3vs3 2200+ mPaladin10-01-12199-16960
Bennosuke - The CyanideRogue08-02-263783.249687
Bettycupcake's half naked random battlDeathknight11-05-11239-10033
Bettycupcake's super speedy, super sexDeathknight10-11-29472-5470
Billymaclure, World PvP and BG, Must SRogue11-01-17121-3578
Bloody Mess Vs. NightbaneDruid07-04-13127-3014
Bugged Freya Knock on WoodPaladin09-04-30219-2141
Burning Tendons DPS guide [Spine of DeWarlock12-02-19346-7575
Calm like a Bomb - WOW Warrior PVPWarrior08-04-281202.213373
Casting while runningWarlock08-01-2631.845326
Clarity Vs. Al'ArMage07-06-11311-6746
Clarity Vs. Fathom Lord KarathressMage07-05-0288-2870
Clarity Vs. Lady VashjMage07-06-08383-2646
Clarity Vs. Leotheras the BlindMage07-06-0188-2687
Clarity Vs. MagtheridonMage07-04-07164-4258
Clarity Vs. The Lurker BelowMage07-04-17132-5659
Clarity Vs. Tidewalker MorogrimMage07-05-10178-2769
Clarity Vs. Void ReaverMage07-05-04139-2571
Coming UndoneUnknown07-09-0739-1775
CoX - Alda: Path to ArmsWarrior07-03-101964.4829825
Destiny Awaits Vs. The Lurker (1st kilRogue07-07-18284-2823
Destro lock arenaWarlock09-07-2245-17309
Disko's KitemareRogue08-06-204003.2031412
Disks Of NorgannonUnknown08-07-011044.8442447
Dragon Soul - Starring Method GuildMultiple12-05-251704-72403
Dragon Soul Trailer - Starring Method Multiple12-03-22168-20214
Earth, Wind & Fire 25Paladin10-09-18355-3859
Ebay Elite ~2300 RMPPriest08-04-012724.2834716
Elithor Elemental Shaman XaviusShaman07-11-012843.1621557
Enerocs, Level 70 Marksmanship HunterHunter11-04-25444-5903
Fellowship of the Ring - Horbo's QuestMultiple07-06-16370-1391
Fjellsboe - Rank 14 RogueRogue06-09-263483.7630926
Flangi mustn't diePaladin09-08-02352-4732
Forkis 1Mage08-09-075594.387213
Forkis 2Mage08-11-066483.7911834
Foz Ud/Mage PvP &S3arena33(2000+)Mage08-01-013683.4330205
From hellMage06-06-0378-2464
Gamer by name OrcishWarrior10-01-0653-3300
GlimmeR Vol2 TeaserRogue09-12-0133-3354
Global Animation Show-offUnknown07-01-24794.8819695
Grand Marshal Velox, Warrior PvP - XavWarrior07-01-296414.6040538
Grifielicious Vol 1Rogue07-03-141273.423351
Harken's Random VideoDruid07-05-11884.562963
Hold your colour pikimaru arms warriorWarrior08-01-295493.434192
Hoodstar: Warrior Paladin 2.4.3Warrior08-12-266663.568165
How to be a GIANTDeathknight10-08-1180-51417
Hybrid TheoryDruid07-01-172274.057382
Jerassus' first MoP PvP VidWarrior12-10-26185-1667
Kakan v.2Mage06-10-02118-2124
l2p - Arena, begginers guide, s09ep01Multiple11-06-18837-8303
l2p - Fury Warrior GuideWarrior11-05-21219-17695
l2p - Keybindings GuideMultiple11-05-27160-36195
Lich King 25Priest10-03-06210-3598
Likemybubble Holy Paladin PvPPaladin10-07-14458-12154
LK HM 10 man Alliance first LEGITHunter10-03-22614-48441
love2p - Arenas (with commentary) S09Multiple11-06-29243-5912
love2p-Alysrazor GuideWarrior11-07-18126-3441
love2p-Baleroc GuideWarrior11-07-09727-4327
love2p-Beth'tilac GuideWarrior11-07-03499-3221
love2p-Lord Rhyolith GuideWarrior11-07-1596-3286
love2p-Majordomo GuideWarrior11-07-27496-3248
love2p-Ragnaros GuideMultiple11-08-16870-5947
love2p-Shannox GuideWarrior11-07-02459-3576
mad sk1llz part 10 previewShaman09-04-1531-1730
Magtheridon kill by DeathwingMage07-08-17132-2189
Method vs Halion 25m Heroic, enhancemeShaman10-07-15495-11800
Method vs Magmaw 25man Heroic World 1sMultiple11-01-22149-19226
Method vs Maloriak 25H World 2ndMultiple11-01-07591-6514
Method vs Valiona and Theralion 25man Druid11-01-11839-6535
Method vs. Ragnaros (25 Heroic) World Warlock11-08-02785-12485
Method | Sparkuggz vs Hagara the StormWarlock12-03-0283-3098
Method | Sparkuggz vs Morchok (25 HC) Warlock12-03-25627-7632
Method | Sparkuggz vs Warlord Zon'ozz Warlock12-02-19755-7694
Method | Sparkuggz vs Warmaster BlackhWarlock12-03-1392-4822
Method | Sparkuggz vs. Madness of DeatWarlock12-01-121553-7059
Method+Envy vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25maMultiple10-11-10101-21525
MM hunter ZG mount boss bug killsHunter10-03-3124-4680
Moonglade fightsRogue07-01-1651-1446
Mors - ICC 10 - Lich KingDruid10-03-24626-4778
My Littel Pwny Vs. ArchimondeDruid07-08-08453-7996
My Littel Pwny Vs. Lady VashjDruid07-06-05278-3129
n52 - Fire Mage PVPMage11-07-01401-3905
Nalak the Storm Lord KillWarrior13-05-16151-4786
Nemron Arised TrailerHunter06-09-17684.564954
Nightrive - T2 Hunter PvPHunter06-11-281433.825861
Noir killing VoidreaverMultiple07-10-06116-1377
Nyppan shows how to: ABShaman08-12-302043.816238
Obscure Vs. KalecgosShaman08-04-20102-1924
One Horde One Quest - The siege of IroDruid07-11-16700-4550
Paradox Warlock Xavius EUWarlock07-01-021962.636885
PinkPandaren: Method InterviewDruid12-02-03223-4351
Pre WoW Part 1Priest07-01-121254.8176172
Pre WoW Part 2Priest07-01-125374.8843049
Pre WoW Part 3Priest07-01-124244.8833712
Pre WoW Part 4Priest07-01-205084.9241426
Pre WoW Part 5Priest07-01-255684.9332692
Pre WoW Part 6Priest07-01-309194.9740862
Pre WoW Part 7Priest07-01-305654.9225851
Pre WoW Part 8Priest07-01-305654.9527466
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 1Priest07-01-303924.9423342
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 2Priest07-01-304444.9420573
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 3 FINALPriest07-01-301804.8927525
Presence of Mind BlastPriest09-08-30236-9138
PvE duelsMage11-02-1093-2292
Reyal - Typ00nDruid09-10-11172-6746
Rizz - PvP Frost/Arc.Mage06-04-0719-2786
Rshaman - Dlock arenaShaman09-07-22107-6276
Run, Enchanted, run!Mage07-01-09394.312851
Sarz' Pvp movieMage06-05-02504.142113
Scholes Stops Slacking - Shadow PriestPriest11-04-02726-7024
Shadez 2Rogue07-06-132713.7043161
Shadow PriestingPriest11-10-28675-5048
Shadowmage (PvP) ALL ON ME!Priest06-05-14484.382657
Shadowmage (PvP) PlaguedIIPriest06-05-18753.502283
Short teaser - WotLKUnknown08-03-20131.716124
Sindragosa 25Priest10-02-22128-3321
Snaxxarn Arms Warrior - Random BG, AreWarrior12-10-12339-2613
Sparkuggz [Method] vs. Alysrazor 25m HWarlock11-07-101125-8248
Sparkuggz [Method] vs. Baleroc 25m HC Warlock11-07-14107-5247
Sparkuggz [Method] vs. Beth'tilac 25m Warlock11-07-09609-5039
Spitty PvP #1Mage06-06-14613.002381
The 5 Steps To Make A Destruction WarlWarlock12-01-07159-2447
The 5 Steps To Make A Destruction WarlWarlock12-01-08159-22022
The EntertainerMage07-04-25212.396102
The Knock-Back ChroniclesUnknown11-10-0653-8528
TK: The Eye - XXXXX DPSPriest07-07-01464.006843
UC - exploitPriest06-12-0525-2152
Union Vs. Sarth 3DMage09-04-10389-3364
Unleash your Fury - 2Warrior06-08-315924.3411208
Unleash Your Fury - FinalWarrior06-10-133624.5931526
Unleash your fury 1Warrior06-05-132673.807225
Valcan - DestructionWarlock09-09-2522-15357
Valcan 2 - NightmaresWarlock09-09-30244-17316
Valcan 3 TrailerWarlock09-10-2916-9765
Velox 2 - Warrior PvPWarrior08-05-309803.8233788
Void Reaver vs Deathwing- ArcMage PoVMage07-07-28117-4143
Warlord Zon ozz 10HC PoV ShamyShaman11-12-23298-2978
What WOW-players do when they are not Unknown07-02-081252.581826
Whatever Vs. KaelShaman07-09-27127-1840
Without Wound Poison 1Rogue09-09-16775-5250
World 2nd Method vs Lady Sinestra 25maMultiple11-01-240-30425
World's First - Dragonwrath, TarecgosaDruid11-06-2956-14883
WoW Machinima Tool Tech DemoUnknown08-07-08934.9225464
Wow vs Rift , a review of Rift throughMultiple11-05-161379-30325
Xerofour Vs. Nefarian Heroic Rogue11-02-18502-6904
Yet Another Naxxramas MoviePaladin09-04-12553-2000
Zarkrifice 3Rogue06-12-062273.3511037
Ųrigins Xavius PvPDeathknight09-03-025512.8216474