Server view : Khadgar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Hodir done easyMultiple09-07-2783-4922
Abyss Vs. One Light 10-ManPriest09-08-15401-7956
An Introduction to PhysicsMage07-11-17624.523591
Another WoW Music Video Korn: Twisted Unknown07-07-20212.645056
Anub Arak 10-man Hard Mode by AbyssPriest09-10-23154-8414
Archelous - 2v2 ArenaWarrior08-08-088043.6721623
Baron Mount Run for WarriorsWarrior08-04-304564.1411572
Big Bad Bald Mofo - Prot PvP - The 70sWarrior13-04-05460-4972
Burn #4 (Death's Sting + 5/5 DDE) - ThRogue06-05-253184.11339614
Burn - Modus Operandi Part 2Rogue12-10-17222-69939
Burn: 8,000 dmg. in 1 sec. (6k+ evisc)Rogue06-11-14394.29124874
Burns Modus Operandi - Part 1Rogue06-10-153634.3741858
Celadon For KingHunter06-02-0299-4055
Dabu - A Tribute to SkillWarlock10-03-29259-5665
Dabu Guild vs Heroic Valiona & TheraliShaman11-05-03354-7092
Dabu Guild vs The Lich King 10mShaman10-05-03259-6221
Dabu vs TOGC10 TeaserWarlock10-03-28236-4607
Dabu, The Lich King TrailerWarlock10-04-04195-6527
Demonology PvP IntrepidWarlock10-09-04158-12911
Doomwalker lvl 70 boss- Death Kinight Deathknight09-02-2888-5851
Dorf ninjas BenedictionPriest05-10-05282.097310
Drakoon's TyphoonWarrior05-11-111644.163569
Elandrian: Hand of Justice (Ret WotLK)Paladin08-08-163323.2818027
Epic Hunters Griefing - A Night at theHunter06-06-24852.664769
Fury of the GnomeRogue06-01-102934.5822668
GIANT DINOSAURS Recruitment VideoMultiple08-09-241623.676266
Gladiator Mage Peńceman DuelingMage09-04-08631.257524
Heroic Lord Marrowgar 10m StrictShaman10-05-09350-5190
How To: Heroic V&T Subtlety RogueRogue11-05-02492-10571
Hunter Shot RotationHunter08-02-091414.1165237
I've got BEEF - Feral PvPDruid13-08-19186-7150
illidari council Vs. RemnantWarlock07-12-06262-3866
Intrepid 1 Warlock pvp/story TrailerWarlock09-12-0967-7824
Intrepid 2: Dead End. Destruction PvP Warlock11-02-2446-7697
Legit Solo OnyxiaPaladin08-05-308154.59239315
Mortem PvPWarrior05-12-19504.356228
Owning the HordeHunter05-07-16292.189742
Post 2.0 Retribution Pally - SarutobiPaladin06-12-173902.922634
Prof Put Tutorial 2Paladin10-04-02196-5449
Prot Pally.. Melts FacePaladin07-07-11201.1611146
Raiinmaker's DebutPaladin08-08-13564-4526
Rebirth Khadgar - Kalecgos First KillMultiple08-09-06262-3272
Rebirth Khadgar - Kalecgos First KillMultiple08-09-061151-2916
Relapse Vs. H Alysrazor (10 man feral Druid11-08-26174-4652
Relapse Vs. H Shannox (10 man feral taDruid11-08-2565-6057
Remnant Vs. Noth - Warlock PerspectiveWarlock06-09-30167-2626
Remnant vs. RoSHunter07-12-17151-3773
Separate ways - JourneyMultiple12-01-3037-8468
Sideswift 85 enhancement shaman pvpShaman11-01-22570-26942
Sike - Warlock PVPWarlock06-01-223644.6611453
Sonic IIIWarrior06-08-17994.445816
Sons of HodirDeathknight09-02-06584.4513733
Spider WalkMage05-03-12303.507138
Spoon - 2h Fury PvE (Illidari Council)Warrior08-02-031204.9433386
Taith - A Farewell to ArmsWarrior08-05-153984.3956140
Taith 2 - Drop It Like It's ProtWarrior08-08-125694.77123016
Team Envy - 10 man FirefighterPriest09-08-04412-8212
The Chival WarMultiple08-09-0423-2043
The Endless :: Blood-Queen Lana'ThelPaladin10-05-29120-10222
The Endless of Khadgar - The MoviePaladin10-01-20441-9141
The Mandelbrot TrickPaladin07-12-13242.176514
The Phantom of WoWUnknown08-08-21344.319034
Two Man ZG-Thekal (Tiger Boss)Warrior08-07-071164.6717406
Valiona & Theralion, Heroic, 10 ManDruid11-04-12104-19686
Warriors Rank 14 PvP VidWarrior06-06-202341.8624292
Warsong FunMage05-09-031084.158294
Where the hell is DrakHunter08-06-3051-4149
WoW Movie Retro TributeMultiple08-04-30363.305897