Server view : Nordrassil

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
4.1 - Now You See Me: UnhappyDruid11-04-25701-6977
Adamas the InvinciblePaladin08-10-237502.7920942
Al'Akir 25 Test VidPriest11-02-2575-2992
American IdiotWarrior06-03-1313-4181
Banished part 1Warrior07-10-27127-2480
Black Temple - The MoviePaladin07-11-144274.1821018
Blackwing LairRogue06-12-06587-1863
C'thun kill by MortalisMage06-09-152434.406726
Canon RockMultiple06-06-03232.009435
Cookie Brigade - Maloriak 10man HCPaladin11-02-28449-3325
Devilsjr - ApolyadinPaladin10-01-24364-10108
DevlReD 3Mage07-01-30473-2106
Dojo vs ChimaeronPaladin11-01-29220-2593
Dojo vs. Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10m HCDruid11-03-1083-5171
Easyraiders TributeMultiple07-12-2431-2975
Euphoria: Attumen The HuntsmanMage07-07-1737-1575
Fallen Legion vs. Omintron Defence SysShaman10-12-18137-4001
Fallen Legion: Void ReaverWarlock07-06-26425-1900
Flush 24Man Heroic Fester SPriest POVPriest10-09-1584-3882
For Swifty: How to Cleave / Heroic StrWarrior10-04-26211-16283
Fortuna ICC 10 HeroicRogue10-06-13114-4290
Freya Hardmode 10 man. Momentum, NoShaman09-08-02217-4776
Game of Thrones Warcraft IntroductionUnknown13-12-14158-16586
Gelroth IShaman08-07-021463.728539
Gluth WipePriest06-11-0312-2385
Hali The Pally 1: Tha SlackadinPaladin06-09-11254-2025
Heigan The UncleanPriest09-09-03172-7961
Hodir kill by Wolf GuardsDeathknight09-09-22336-7260
Horde Empire Vs. KalecgosDruid08-07-1136-2129
Horde Empire Vs. Kaz'rogalShaman07-12-1366-3670
How to gank gnolls & HoggerMultiple07-01-01312.672906
Hunters Way Of Pulling - Zul'FarrakHunter08-11-15155-6653
Jolah DK 1 vs 2 ArenaDeathknight09-01-062923.2019231
Kel'Thuzad WolfGuardsPriest09-09-03266-4139
Koralon The Flamewatcher NordrassilPriest09-09-04181-4176
Last Legion Lady Deathwhisper 25 man HWarlock10-09-19471-5381
level 19 warrior pvpWarrior11-10-11136-3603
Level 74 2h Enhancement shaman PvPShaman11-09-27219-5757
Loatheb Naxx10 WolfGuardsPriest09-09-03151-6561
Lord Jaraxxus 25 Heroic - The GauntletShaman09-11-05231-4305
Mental - Nordrassil EU - Nefarian 25maMultiple11-03-24158-4300
Mental vs Atramedes 25manPaladin11-02-02276-2368
Mental vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25manPaladin11-02-06158-2535
Mental vs Maloriak 25manPaladin11-01-19364-2791
Mental vs Omnitron defense system 25maPaladin11-01-19495-2927
Mental vs Valiona & Theralion 25manPaladin11-02-06193-3986
Missing youDruid10-04-2164-4920
Mortalis Vs. LoathebMage06-11-16127-2741
Mylast Undead Warrior Prot PvPWarrior11-02-17466-4853
Mystic vs Eredar TwinsPriest08-08-31187-3240
Mystic vs. Halion 25Mage10-07-03410-3236
Mystic vs. ZA timed event 2008Mage11-05-07561-4155
Necrono 2v2 ArenaWarlock08-09-177073.605733
Nerf Priest - 2 Disc/Holy Priest 2on2Priest08-05-293604.3611353
Nocturnal and Lore kills The LurkerWarlock09-02-26309-2254
Nocturnal clears KarazhanWarlock09-02-23301-2207
Nordrassil Radio Arena EventPaladin08-07-292864.294897
Northrend Beasts 10m HC worst kill eveMultiple10-01-31161-4981
Not OP at all! Zul'Aman (Arcane Mage)Mage11-05-01514-6018
Now You See Me: Now You Don'tDruid11-04-21762-6651
Operation Fresh Start : Level's 10 - 2Shaman13-05-06546-4336
Overcard vs. Cho'gall Heroic 10-manHunter11-06-29152-3689
Overcard vs. Magmaw Heroic 10-manHunter11-05-31118-3779
Overcard vs. Majordomo Staghelm 10-manHunter11-07-02512-5760
Overcard vs. Valion and Theralion HeroHunter11-06-19688-4191
Palar 1 | Multiple Class PvP | Full HDPaladin12-08-251435-2236
Palar 1 | Multiple Class PvP | Full HDPaladin12-08-251714-3326
Paranoia take on GruulWarlock07-05-1880-3040
Paranoia vs. High King Maulgar.Warlock07-10-20127-3070
Patchwerk Naxx10 WolfGuardsPriest09-09-03105-4505
Phoenix Lich king killDruid10-06-04170-4132
Portvs Cale Vs. MagtheridonMage08-04-22209-2873
Portvs Cale Vs. NalorakkMage08-03-0753-3542
Portvs Cale Vs. Prince MalchezaarMage08-03-08134-3464
Portvs Cale Vs. The Lurker BelowMage08-04-22317-2647
Postmortem VS Gurtogg BloodboilHunter08-07-23140-2575
Precedent Guild Vs. The Lurker BelowMage07-05-062554.648922
Precedent Vs. Al'Ar (warrior PoV)Warrior07-06-11340-2808
Precedent Vs. Hydross the UnstablePaladin07-04-19318-3791
Precedent Vs. Illidan - Server First (Priest07-08-29127-2976
Precedent Vs. Lady VashjWarlock07-06-03213-2931
Prepared Vs. TotC CompilationMultiple09-12-05120-3624
Rarepic WoW PvP lvl 85 Rogue Patch 4.3Rogue12-06-25200-4158
Rogue priest 2vs2 ArenaPriest08-07-03114-8247
Shake itDruid10-04-2243-5349
Silentarrow vol.4 - PvP montage (playiHunter14-04-07260-16095
Slthew - 19 Twink MovieRogue08-11-08164-3353
Sunwell part 1Warrior08-08-06244-2788
Synergy vs Ragnaros 10 HCDruid11-11-24575-4671
Tale of a Frost Nymph [Preview]Druid10-07-03123-7235
Thastors Dreams II (Duels VS GladiatorWarrior12-11-29146-5177
The Council Vs. Shade of AranMultiple07-02-1655-3269
The Opening of Ahn'Qiraj on NordrassilRogue06-04-10102-2977
The Veterans - Episode 1Multiple10-10-19217-5452
The Veterans - Episode 2Multiple10-12-09407-8098
TMB Vs Lady and Marrowgar 25Paladin10-09-05268-4422
ToTC 25 heroic - Beasts of Northrend -Shaman09-10-26581-4281
Twin Val'Kyrs 25 hc - The Gauntlet - DShaman09-11-03295-5147
Twin Val'Kyrs 25 hc - The Gauntlet - DShaman09-11-10206-5010
Valio Vs. VashjPriest07-09-23127-3637
World of warcraft gold farming low levPaladin10-02-15127-4942
WoW 300Unknown11-12-3158-4854
Wrathchan in Halls of OriginationDeathknight11-04-27353-6093
Yogg Saron 25 man kill by Momentum - NShaman09-07-30353-5537