Server view : Kilrogg

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
#1 2v2 Bg9 Prot War/Prot pal #8 PallyPaladin09-06-203841.49114549
20-29 WSG PvPPriest06-09-07652.213294
39 RvR PvP SexalityRogue09-01-193564.4214268
5 Priest Strat Scarlet runRogue06-09-07111-2619
80 Ele Shaman PvPShaman09-04-101361.4019507
Aftermath Guild Promotion VideoMultiple08-02-0137-2611
Alterac Valley Bum rush - Horde perspeWarlock07-05-1559-1717
Alysrazor vs. Grandeur 10 (Normal)Hunter11-07-13181-4019
Baleroc vs. Grandeur 10 (Normal) HunteHunter11-07-16374-4584
Baron is backWarrior06-09-26204-3535
Bloodhealer 2v2 s5: The BeginningPriest09-01-044283.7971788
Bloodlust RevampedShaman07-03-054062.504405
Bloodlust the BeginningShaman07-02-133182.954309
Coldwind (Frost Mage)Mage12-01-0324-3499
Conquest 2006Warrior06-12-01934.7814006
Da`kor Vs. Al'ar the Phoenix GodMage07-06-07394-1692
Da`kor Vs. Void ReaverMage07-06-01148-1801
Deathwing Highlight Montage Heroic - GMultiple12-05-01898-30798
Dior Warlock PvP and FUnnzWarlock10-08-25451-4018
Dire Maul West Ramp FarmingMage06-04-23453.9714007
Doomguard EnslavementWarlock05-04-22743.3728503
Draknia - lvl 70 Hunter PvPHunter07-10-271272.2911913
Draknia 2 - Hunter PvPHunter08-02-212343.008297
Drek'Tharon KeepShaman08-08-13116-6200
Druid Of Claw - 4 - BETRAYDruid06-07-181924.6235651
Grandeur vs Alysrazor 10 Normal WarlocWarlock11-07-15461-5113
Grandeur vs Alysrazor Heroic 10 PlayerWarlock11-09-21440-5183
Grandeur vs Baleroc Heroic 10 Player WWarlock11-10-01271-5932
Grandeur vs Beth'tilac Heroic 10 PlayeWarlock11-10-07328-5345
Grandeur vs Lord Rhyolith Heroic 10 WaWarlock11-08-08211-6753
Grandeur vs Majordomo Staghelm Heroic Warlock11-08-30354-7595
Grandeur vs Shannox 10 Player Heroic WWarlock11-08-02242-5116
Grandeur vs Yor'sahj the Unsleeping HeWarlock12-01-01416-9069
Grandeur vs. Majordomo Staghelm 10 NorHunter11-07-13112-4033
Hall MonitorHunter07-09-23117-3398
Hall monitors vs Morogrim TidewalkerHunter07-10-28127-2990
Hall Monitors Vs. Lurker Below (hunterHunter07-09-20185-3007
Hall Monitors Vs. MagtheridonHunter07-10-10127-3176
Hall Monitors vs. Void ReaverHunter07-09-29127-3046
HC Zon'ozz vs. Grandeur 10Hunter11-12-30300-4395
Heroic Alysrazor vs Grandeur 10 (HunteHunter11-09-16165-4095
Heroic Hagara vs GrandeurHunter12-01-14374-4803
Heroic Lord Rhyolith vs. Grandeur 10 HHunter11-08-04328-4164
Heroic Majordomo Staghelm vs. GrandeurHunter11-08-27618-5619
Heroic Morchok vs Grandeur 10 (Hunter Hunter11-12-23242-5364
Heroic Shannox vs. Grandeur 10 Hunter Hunter11-07-29361-5188
Heroic Ultraxion vs. Grandeur 10 (HuntHunter12-01-20275-5183
Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn vs. GrandeuHunter12-02-11338-6444
Heroic Yor'sahj vs Grandeur 10 (HunterHunter11-12-19461-4038
Holock music videoMage12-06-18126-6595
Holydin/Retadin 2v2 S6Paladin09-05-294833.3030101
Hotman 5 - A symphony of Frost and FirMage07-02-026934.889349
How the Troll owned Winter VeilUnknown07-12-241214.395968
Illuminati discovers Holy NovaPriest06-04-0332-3720
KHNM vs Blackwing Lair (Tutorial)Multiple06-06-174744.4514428
Landing in LondonShaman06-08-3092.794715
Last Call Vs. Kael'thas SunstriderWarlock07-10-3132-2047
Late Night Kilrogg Yogg Saron 25Shaman09-11-28208-6312
Lucies RET PvP 1Paladin09-01-226512.9028119
Madness of Deathwing vs Grandeur 10 (NHunter11-12-06907-5785
Magifoo PvP DragonfyreMage07-10-264004.2130112
Mercy Severity - Ulduar, KologarnPaladin09-04-21550-6648
Murmur 3 ManWarrior07-08-08732.637131
Non clicker for the poorPaladin10-04-1655-11409
Paladin - 1340DPS solo and self buffedPaladin07-04-18432.974818
Post Mortem vs 25 Heroic Garrosh HellsMultiple14-01-07369-11177
Post Mortem vs 25 Heroic Paragons of tWarrior13-11-26792-21535
Post Mortem vs Siegecrafter Blackfuse Multiple13-10-30117-10191
Post Mortem vs Thok the Bloodthirsty 2Warrior13-10-151395-13500
Pug vs. ArgalothMage11-01-05119-3257
Pwninator's PvP videoWarrior08-03-26381-2720
Ragnaros vs. Grandeur 10 (Normal) HuntHunter11-07-22672-4920
Real abusive PvPShaman06-11-24351.895771
Rotface HeriocPriest10-05-11356-4246
Solo Paladin AoE 1 PullPaladin07-02-2616-3254
Still Life Vs. Illidan StormrageDruid07-10-24626-3678
Stormwind GankingPriest10-03-1982-7452
Tempest vs FankrissPriest06-04-1061-2720
Tempest vs VaelastraszPriest06-01-1232-4624
The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi: EMultiple05-02-04194.4117424
The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi: EMultiple05-02-10234.6218151
The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi: EMultiple05-02-21503.6620188
The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi: EMultiple05-03-23424.5715894
The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi: EWarrior07-08-0613-3303
The Bridge - TeaserMultiple16-01-1846-20585
The Chalice of Silvermoon- Episode 1Paladin06-03-06864.8143412
The Fallen Son in UlduarMultiple09-06-2979-2407
The Hall Monitors Vs. HydrossHunter07-12-04149-3320
The Scarlet Crusade (Preview)Shaman06-11-23224.429124
The TouchMultiple05-04-25403.006138
TI vs Heroic Ruby Sanctum 10MShaman10-09-26399-6098
TI vs HLK 10MPriest10-09-14677-4225
TI vs SaurfangPriest10-03-14106-4252
Total Protonic ReversalShaman11-07-0178-5894
Total Protonic Reversal vs Majordomo SShaman11-07-04688-8185
Tyneestalker 10 - Frost Mage PvPMage09-07-15505-13854
Tyneestalker 11 - Frost Mage PvPMage09-09-02248-10795
Tyneestalker 7 - Mage PvPMage08-06-022531.835962
Tyneestalker 8 - Mage PvPMage08-11-144011.194247
Tyneestalker 9 - Fire MageMage09-03-243494.008675
Volchan SoloMage05-04-11143.948022
WoW over the phone!Warrior06-07-18242.604608
WTF? Greatest bug ever?Priest08-04-2771.4369030
Xrave - Sulfuras ShamanShaman06-07-15804.7294974
Zeemma Season 8'sRogue11-01-26890-7948