Server view : Lightbringer

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1 Year World of WarcraftMage05-11-232544.267079
2.2-2.4k feral playDruid11-03-29523-15263
60 Hunter Kites Teremus the Devourer tHunter06-02-25853.344984
Algalon the Observer - SupermassiveRogue10-09-0951-27417
Anub'arak Heroic 25Mage09-12-17205-5094
Beer and the World... of WarcraftMultiple07-02-1613-2141
Blood AssassinRogue06-12-17257-2691
Blood To Bleed Warlock PvPWarlock07-01-08221-2067
Blood-Queen Lana'thel - LHunter10-04-28195-5858
Cataclysm Beta! Defeating Ragnaros / MRogue10-08-16395-30784
Contorted 2 l RMP l HQRogue12-03-10661-7349
Contorted Exhibition Vid Ft. DevinstatRogue11-11-17232-5141
Contorted I-End of Season RLS (With SkRogue11-11-291278-6863
Dark Legacy Vs. The Lurker BelowWarlock07-08-09222-1909
ER Vs. GruulPaladin07-03-05141-3690
Eternal Reign VS AlgalonMultiple09-07-27353-5678
Eternal Reign vs Halion 25H (Ret PoV)Paladin10-07-13420-11052
Eternal Reign vs LK 25H (Ret PoV) - PaPaladin10-05-19460-12786
Eternal Reign vs LK 25H (Ret PoV) - PaPaladin10-05-18452-30159
Eternal Reign vs Professor Putricide 2Paladin10-03-10461-14121
Eternal Reign vs Saurfang 25H (Ret PoVPaladin10-02-2274-20916
Eternal Reign vs Sindragosa 25H (Ret PPaladin10-03-15456-29395
Eternal Reign Vs. HydrossPaladin07-03-2690-2135
Eternal Reign Vs. MagtheridonPaladin07-03-27314-3734
Eternal Reign Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerPaladin07-04-09308-3273
Eternal Reign Vs. MuruWarrior08-06-17280-5657
Eternal Reign Vs. Satharion + 3 DrakesShaman08-12-08311-11332
Fall of the Lich KingHunter10-07-03215-6997
GBOGG vs YoggMultiple09-07-16245-7073
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 PlayeRogue10-08-24196-17945
How To: Beasts of Northrend 10m - TriaWarrior09-08-09410-9529
How To: Faction ChampionsWarrior09-08-22349-16562
How To: Lord Jaraxxus - ToC 10mWarrior09-08-15304-11341
How To: Twin Valkyrs - ToC 10 manWarrior09-08-29168-16110
Inactive Level 80 Death Knight Season Deathknight10-01-05493-18484
Ironforge is my BattlegroundWarrior08-01-051974.7122293
Legions Vs. Gruul the DragonslayerWarlock07-03-24181-5780
Legions Vs. NightbaneWarlock07-03-301884.085766
Legions Vs. The Lurker BelowWarlock07-05-24334-4838
Lord Marrowgar - Blackwatch - LightbriHunter10-04-30153-4776
Lucid vs Magmaw 10man Rogue PoVRogue11-01-05125-4621
MindControl - Final CutHunter06-06-1152-3908
Mount Hyjal ExplorationRogue10-07-17272-10377
Mulligan - Freya HDWarrior09-08-05304-6419
Mulligan and Chaotic Vengence - FreyaWarrior09-08-04146-4513
Mulligan and Chaotic Vengence - FreyaWarrior09-08-02146-4764
My first 1v2Monk14-07-24156-8339
Omen Vs. The CuratorPaladin07-03-05133-2137
Onyxia in Under Five MinutesHunter09-12-07173-3866
Orb DodgingHunter09-12-17150-6479
Overrated Vs. Lich King 25Hunter10-05-16454-9416
Overrated vs. MagtheridonHunter07-09-29127-2241
Paladin Burst Damage PvP GankfestPaladin07-06-1144-2227
Prince Keleseth tanked by a rogue playRogue10-08-14391-13452
Professor PutricideMage10-02-05115-4328
Ret Pally Solo Headless HorsemanPaladin08-10-222073.5010327
Ret Pally Solo Headless HorsemanPaladin08-10-23207-7348
Rewt's D/E DancePriest08-01-1451-2176
Rogue solo Halls of LightningRogue11-01-21591-27823
Rogue solo Halls of StoneRogue10-11-16140-39283
Ruby Sanctum 10M OverratedHunter10-07-02201-9548
Rucuperate [HD] - Cataclysm Beta CoverRogue10-08-30103-6292
Seelz 2: Season 11 Rogue Arena RM/RMP Rogue12-01-13584-16486
Skooby - 4.0.3 Shadow Priest PvPPriest10-12-06163-23766
Solo attack on the king of SWMage06-10-16191.937351
Songo 1 Brutal Gladiator Warlock 3.0 3Warlock08-11-084654.0516269
Southshore InnDruid05-09-1184.075253
Starcaller - FestergutPriest10-08-0369-7590
The Coalition Kills Heroic Anub'arakHunter09-12-04324-4734
The Coalition Vs. Illidan StormragePriest08-01-26548-2870
The Ironforge CossakMultiple05-02-0994.7630260
Tupan Techno - Heroic Halion (25 PlayeRogue10-07-12275-5659
Tupan Techno - Heroic Lady DeathwhispeRogue10-07-07225-7316
Tupan Techno - The Lich King Heroic (2Multiple10-06-17264-5907
Warcraft Lore Part 1- War of the AncieMage16-06-1440-9665
Whisperzz - Warlock PvPWarlock10-06-1841-4115
World of DishonorablecraftWarrior06-05-271393.3455821
WOTLK Hunter ShowcaseHunter08-09-082214.4422815
WOTLK Hunter Showcase 2Hunter08-09-091044.2095961
WOTLK Hunter Showcase V.3Hunter08-09-161124.5431250
Yet Another Aran WipePriest07-03-21614.002286