Server view : Khadgar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
19 Shaman pvp (spellpower twink)Shaman08-11-051191.256964
2,2k Holy Priest Arena Gameplay vol. 5Priest13-03-312009-10121
2,3k Holy Priest Arena Gameplay vol. 7Priest13-06-20857-43970
2200+ Holy Priest Arena GameplayPriest12-02-04601-15064
2H enhancement mayhem vol.1Shaman12-07-28186-36373
2H enhancement mayhem vol.2Shaman13-07-28261-65990
2H enhancement mayhem vol.3Shaman13-12-242282-249402
3 boxing DM North Tribute runMultiple07-01-012724.259014
3-Boxing part 2: Clearing ScholomanceMultiple07-01-062604.858560
A burst videoShaman14-02-2867-25476
A Druids Gifts Pt 1Druid06-10-0210-2680
A Few Good Men VS Blood PrincesPriest10-02-1367-3366
A Few Good Men Vs Festergut (10man herPriest10-09-0176-5394
A Few Good Men VS Festergut (10man)Priest10-02-15254-3392
A Few Good Men Vs KoralonPriest09-10-11235-3715
A Few Good Men Vs Northrend BeastsPriest09-10-11732-4519
A Fistful Of References (Slideshow)Unknown10-07-2778-15924
All kind of Pvp Style's ;)Warrior06-11-05489-1894
Andeh - Hunter Epic QuestHunter06-11-14162-3331
Arms Warrior Season 10 ArenaWarrior11-08-06604-37393
Bovine Intervention Vs Festergut 25manHunter10-04-1985-5600
Bovine Intervention Vs. Blood Queen HeHunter10-04-2491-6882
Bunker Co. Protecting your Future, ToMultiple10-12-0650-12248
Cataclysm Trailer 1Unknown10-11-2926-6406
Cataclysm Trailer 2Unknown10-11-28119-5838
Click Boom - Art Attack (Trailer)Priest08-06-191144.7658970
Click Boom - PlatoonPriest08-08-287014.81158498
Click Boom - SFL ShadowPriestPriest09-01-175754.7163567
Click Boom - SPriest & Retribution FunPriest08-11-162554.1025697
Click Boom - Sympathy V2Priest09-01-276974.70168867
Click Boom - Sympathy v3.0Priest09-04-085814.52123537
Click Boom - Whats Bugging You?Priest09-07-13657-79916
Click Boom 3v3 - Hunter Shaman Druid -Hunter08-05-302554.1927235
Click Boom TV - For Casual Eyes Only (Priest08-07-302494.4894513
Click Boom v1.5 - Scrub Fighter 2 TurHunter08-06-073784.7349554
ClickBoom - HeiromaniaPriest10-05-02480-51509
ClickBoom - Incondite [ PvLoL ]Shaman10-10-07587-50573
ClickBoom - Nostalgic SlideshowPriest10-04-22102-20604
ClickBoom - Open Face Arena FunsiesPriest11-02-22424-148834
Covenant Vs. Sartharion3DDruid09-01-11799-5076
Destruction, PvE geared warlock in BGsWarlock09-11-1598-9825
Dualboxing Two Warriors (S14 Arena)Warrior14-01-2390-16212
Enderflow - Halfus 10 man HeroicPriest11-05-01299-6290
Enderflow - Nefarian 10 manPriest11-05-05350-4355
Enderflow vs Lord Rhyolith (10)Priest11-07-10313-6569
Euphoric Vs Ascendant CouncilPriest11-04-26101-3203
Euphoric vs AtramedesPriest11-05-20111-4019
Euphoric vs ChimaeronPriest11-05-22721-4217
Euphoric Vs ChogallPriest11-05-05159-4057
Euphoric vs Halfus - Khadgar EUPriest11-04-1674-3297
Euphoric vs MagmawPriest11-05-2088-3830
Euphoric vs MaloriakPriest11-04-1799-3154
Euphoric Vs Nefarians EndPriest11-06-16136-4991
Euphoric vs OmnitronPriest11-04-17119-2887
Euphoric Vs Valiona and TheralionPriest11-04-2091-3682
Faces of LegionUnknown17-09-05454-5206
Fear on E buttonWarlock07-05-191331.774604
Find FishMonk14-10-0984-11103
Fist Of FuryWarrior06-05-01253-6725
Frost Dk Arena BoostsDeath Knight14-07-0143-17877
Holy Priest Arena Gameplay vol 4Priest13-01-29249-15589
Holy Priest Arena gameplay vol.3Priest12-11-28976-8939
How to FistweaveMonk14-08-13107-10310
How To Shaman!Shaman07-04-09421.158248
Icecrown PreviewUnknown09-12-11311-8990
Isle Of Quel QQ 2 - A Warrior PvLoL MoWarrior08-04-222834.6823000
It's A Clip Dump! PvWut? #1Warrior10-05-31131-32051
Kargath Bladefist killMultiple14-12-22235-5515
Karma VS KalecgosHunter08-09-07106-2211
Khadgar EU - Bad DreamPriest10-01-04135-20132
Khadgar World PvPWarrior07-07-161392.794545
Legacy - The Fall of Cairne: Part IMultiple11-03-22511-58926
LGoH Vs. MagmadarWarlock06-06-2821-2481
MEAN Guild TrailerMultiple10-12-0535-10886
Metrognomes vs Halfus (quickest kill)Multiple11-04-18322-5088
Mysteries of PandariaUnknown12-12-01193-9730
Nynth - Druid Dreamstate/resto PvPDruid08-06-14722.4916703
Omen Pulled to OrgrimmarHunter08-02-104163.824562
Phantas Magoria Vs. C'thunMultiple06-11-1385-3023
Project SPAM - PvPMultiple08-07-162864.6314046
Project SPAM - PvP TrailerMultiple08-05-22313.586566
Prot Warrior PvP: Timeless Strand MayhWarrior16-10-11987-22011
Prot Warrior PvP: Timeless Trollin' 2Warrior17-08-15926-52172
Ragnarok on Void ReaverWarrior08-11-01291-2402
Ring of Valor exploitHunter08-03-25523.0512516
RopeDrink's Tale Of Stealth & TomfooleRogue07-06-051414.8910813
Schnappi Schnappi DevilsaurPriest07-06-03153.407790
Sergeant Teslow - Revenge of the WarriWarrior14-02-19995-11574
Soy 1 - Fire PvPMage15-12-021400-213540
Special Fred!!!Warrior07-10-10302.673530
SPriest 3.1 AB PvP FunPriest09-04-192934.5634088
Stormwind Face to Face with DefeatHunter07-04-1162-1741
Survival hunter / Arena 2 vs 2Hunter09-03-2621-7629
Switcher Hunter to PaladinPaladin08-07-16292.942785
Taurenprîest - 85 Fury Warrior PVP epiWarrior11-02-0475-7170
Team PvP 2v??Warrior07-07-161164.466030
Tears in ICC - Casual 10&25(N) Multi-PUnknown10-05-12482-15954
Teron GorefiendShaman08-03-0245-2353
Thorcleave. Holy priest/retri/elePriest13-05-141786-24443
Timed To Music: Warlords of DraenorUnknown15-08-3078-8432
Tolmo 2Warrior06-10-013664.774703
Tolmo 4Warrior07-03-034804.655219
Tolmo 5Warrior07-05-146624.358717
Tolsx Warrior PvP CataclysmWarrior11-01-1973-4422
Torlimor's Fury Warrior in full Mount Warrior08-02-252034.0332280
Typical Day of MP 2v2 PvLoLPriest11-02-03203-56632
Warrior/Druid Khadgar EU 2v2 ArenaDruid09-11-2566-17228
World of Warcraft Cataclysm - Trailer Unknown11-01-31840-11369
World PvPWarrior06-08-16340-2229