Server view : Die Arguswacht

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
ADW Vs. SupremusMage08-04-02177-2904
Andu balance Druid PvPDruid06-11-17131-2606
Balius life in darknessRogue07-01-03200-3112
Cobra meets an GMRogue08-08-021534.827399
Duffed I - Disci/Warri 2on2Warrior09-10-19599-68748
Goodbye World of WarcraftMultiple08-09-104184.759381
Jadie - Holy Paladin - BattlegroundPaladin10-07-15171-5500
Let It BurnMage06-09-062743.874810
Leviathan Impera Vs. GruulMultiple08-01-0962-2482
micaeliz: Protection Warrior solo MagtWarrior11-10-25147-8510
MK vs. KalecgosMage08-07-31517-3728
MK Vs. TwinsDruid08-11-12196-4247
Reign of Chaos vs. Anub'Arak 25man nonPriest09-09-07101-6318
Rogue Mage 2v2Mage08-08-141031.274667
Rogues have BoringRogue09-12-15165-4824
Sapere Aude - Utgarde Keep HeroMultiple08-11-25232-6518
Season II incWarrior10-12-17113-5625
The Beauty of Azeroth 720pWarrior11-08-18236-14561