Server view : Die Todeskrallen

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
2v2 Arena PvP 68 Paladin & 68 HunterPaladin07-02-28161-7996
Ascardia Vs. IllidanWarrior08-03-12302-4025
City Raid Vs. AllianceHunter09-02-25142-4766
Closerangel 3v3 Fun in Arenas #1Deathknight13-08-21249-14188
Closerangel 3v3 Fun in Arenas #2Warlock13-08-21137-17733
Closerangel 3v3 Holy Paladin 5.4.7Paladin14-03-07936-28423
Closerangel 3v3 Lock DK MW Monk HD!Warlock13-07-19572-12017
Closerangel 3v3 Lock War MW Monk HD!Warlock13-07-18475-7916
Closerangel 3v3 Ret is Back - Ret MagePaladin13-12-21405-32268
Closerangel 3v3 Unholy DK Double UhDk Deathknight13-05-08473-7536
Closerangel Ret Ret 2v2Paladin12-11-06257-3207
Closerangel Retribution Overpowerdin 3Paladin13-02-281020-5486
Draconis Equitis Vs. The Assembly of IPaladin09-05-04221-2470
Elemental Shaman 2vs2 2.2k<Shaman09-08-14646-40875
Faction ChampionsPaladin09-09-03245-4565
Feral Druid PvP 3.1 by ShinzoDruid09-05-054252.5671671
Furor Winterfrost by Draconis ExtinctoPaladin08-07-08106-3003
Hafensänger vs. Professor Putricide 25Hunter10-08-13401-5578
Hafensänger Vs. Professor Putricide 25Hunter10-08-13394-4251
Heimat Todeskrallen 2: Orc RogueRogue07-01-175084.8210262
How to get above the horde base 2.4.3Unknown08-07-2169-1740
Hungry as a WolfRogue06-07-14192-4493
Hungry as a Wolf 2 (16/01/34)Rogue06-09-08252-4252
Invidum Todeskrallen SSC RaidMultiple08-04-0634-2746
It's - Oppoi Rang 14 UD RogueRogue06-11-284053.0013781
Kordanor - Neutralize the PainRogue06-11-093994.4520951
Lich King 10man Server First - Die TodDruid10-02-22551-6685
Mornox Warrior PvPWarrior06-12-053244.0217718
Nightwind's Dream (41/03/07) MutilateRogue06-12-311943.6012065
Northend BeastsPaladin09-09-06538-4452
Paladin PvP No 2 by m0psPaladin09-04-206574.1013952
Pos hottest SummerMultiple09-09-2759-5485
Raufgar first hordeside killWarlock07-03-2345-4170
Rise of KatharWarlock08-08-01242.423595
Sartharion 3D Zerg in 1min 9secRogue09-09-0385-7942
Sery #1Mage08-07-143943.786352
Shaman ArtsShaman07-06-205274.0835971
Shinzo II feral/rogue 2100-2300Druid09-07-17253-43492
Shockadin goes ArenaHunter08-07-103093.91205670
Small IntroRogue08-12-2315-6310
Tez-Burning Crusader | Warlock UpdateWarlock07-01-08234.757350
Tiksta - 2 hand PvP Shaman IShaman11-09-0243-6171
Way to Old Zul'GurubUnknown08-07-131291.923663
Wíndzorn Enhancer with 2h is Back.Shaman11-07-1755-7232
X-plorer - The beginningRogue06-09-082044.575349
X-plorer - The Long JourneyRogue06-11-25313-3614
Yisera-1 Enjoy the Silence!Mage09-08-02450-7995
Yvera - Fall of ShaadyHunter07-05-23205-2660
Ævil 1Mage10-09-13443-7034