Server view : Aggramar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
70 twink Feral DruidDruid12-01-13450-7193
Are Warriors Really OP? 5.1 Second WinWarrior13-01-18156-10210
Backside of AQ, Paag diesMage07-01-19131-1834
Bad Bliz.. BadMultiple05-03-30214.367682
Beta from a birds eye viewMage07-01-021113.153998
blade - 3 vs the horde world pvp feat.Warrior13-12-1289-5012
CATACLYSM: Illidan | Level 70'sMage12-08-09184-3628
Chuck Norris Invades IFRogue05-12-2353.843971
Cnucks vs. MoroesMage07-12-1767-1895
Death, Taxes, & PvP (lvl 80 Frost MageMage10-03-14117-5603
DWP - Connections Are More Dangerous TMultiple07-07-10714.9151303
E3 2005 TrailerMultiple05-05-20354.5319270
Earthshaker (shaman)Shaman05-12-06994.095448
Enter The Void - Frostmage PvPMage06-08-022214.54113858
Enter The Void 2 - Voidim, Rank 13Mage06-09-192914.65153413
Enter The Void 3 - Experience. Voidim Mage06-12-052964.6881548
Exalted Order does Heroic: I Choose YoDruid09-07-08131-3720
Exalted Order Vs. Lich King 25Paladin10-03-12144-5195
Exalted Order Vs. MalygosHunter08-12-13158-6602
Exalted Order Vs. NaxxramasHunter08-11-26248-10545
Fire Mage PvP! + AB & EOTS 4.3!Mage12-08-18166-2170
Gou - 5.4 Destruction Warlock PvPWarlock14-09-021151-26189
Grassassin 02Rogue11-11-05251-2902
Greytusks 2.0.1, Warlocks in WoW 2.0Warlock06-12-0462-4579
IronForge Dance PartyWarlock06-12-0437-4627
KillingTime Ony 25Shaman09-12-0942-4036
Larkspur's Priest Epic Quest for BenedPriest05-12-27153-11447
Last week of overpowered druid pvp!Druid07-03-152983.694810
Level 60 killed by 18 human Rouge!Rogue06-10-16133.2181700
Loloh - (PvP Frost) Remembering VoidimMage09-02-123813.659870
Mage Killrate #2Mage05-01-18404.397723
MOP First Impressions/First CommentaryWarrior12-12-27368-3921
No raid since beta?Priest06-11-06644.833102
Nordic by Nature - AggramarMultiple05-08-05244.7810879
Order of the Raven vs Council of ElderHunter13-07-02174-5278
Order of the Raven vs Durumu te ForgotHunter13-08-04408-6986
Order of the Raven vs Ji-KunHunter13-07-17338-3490
Order of the Raven vs MegaeraHunter13-07-16348-86041
Order of the Raven vs TortosHunter13-07-01209-3484
Order of the Raven Vs. BrutallusWarlock08-06-1384-3783
Order of the Raven Vs. FelmystWarlock08-07-16237-3863
Order of the Raven vs. HorridonHunter13-06-15275-3463
Order of the Raven vs. Jin'rokh the BrHunter13-07-01134-3198
Order of the Raven Vs. KalecgosWarlock08-06-0598-3566
Part Time Heroes take on Blood Queen LDruid10-04-2851-5114
PvP against the lot.Paladin06-05-091132.257236
Raiding Nights - Stormwind CityWarlock06-12-0462-4285
Raiding Nights volume 1Warlock06-12-0431-3121
Raiding Nights volume 2Warlock06-12-0429-3117
Raiding Nights volume 3Warlock06-12-0435-3021
Second String Vs. ArchimondeMage08-07-0151-2367
Second String Vs. SupremusMage08-06-0646-1548
Shade of AkamaWarlock08-02-28253-3526
Shinobu - Mage 2's (Halloween Themed)(Mage13-10-22349-21011
Shinobu 1 - Mage PvP 5.4 (Read Desc)Mage13-10-06817-32229
Sp/rogue vs MR random skirmPriest10-01-0446-7990
The GamerMage06-12-11134.5913495
Tribal UIRogue08-09-12142-1705
Vacancy Vs. MorgrimRogue08-02-0334-1727
Warcraft in an ElevatorMultiple08-02-09212.804479
Warrior owning Winter grasp with 14 TiWarrior10-04-10225-8910
World of WoWMultiple06-09-1944.6013002
World of WoW #2Multiple07-02-09304.8331471
WoW 4.2 (Grassassin) 85 Sub Rogue PvPRogue11-07-041103-7760