Server view : Lightning's Blade

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
10 man Nefarian Kill -Too Easy-Rogue11-02-19122-4940
20,000 Experience A MinuteMage08-11-19384.43295981
21-30 WSG PVP- Corrine_RevisedRogue05-10-091023.809266
3000 Rating BM Hunter PvPHunter11-04-0189-17363
3000 Rating Combat Rogue PvPRogue11-03-15173-50398
A CompilationRogue06-11-234354.674957
A Day in Alterac ValleyMage08-03-191282.064834
A taste of druid IDruid05-03-26464.0015621
A taste of druid IIDruid05-03-311144.1523950
Aftermath Vs. RazorscaleMultiple09-04-25448-1853
Akilesx OBSIDIAN RAGEWarrior06-11-12225-3316
Akilesx showWarrior07-01-204084.556192
Aldy 73-79Paladin09-01-02195-4181
Almost a WarriorRogue07-11-21701.634329
Almost a Warrior (New - Edited with VeRogue07-11-241802.003201
Ambition Downs The Coilfang Matron, LaMultiple08-08-09197-1936
An F, For EffortMage06-04-052404.855598
Archelous 2Warrior09-06-29365-9268
Atkins - Switcher - CraftingWorlds.comMage06-03-11384.7360767
Azeroth Legends pt. 1Hunter06-08-2921-3109
Backspace - 70 vs 70+Rogue09-03-301942.753019
Barman shanker - the farmRogue05-07-31694.4421608
Beth'tilac 10 Man Mage POV HawtnessMage11-06-29392-8512
BIG PLAYSRogue13-02-25265-9561
BlackTemple Movie JudgementMultiple08-05-29583-2689
Buff Hunters kthxbaiHunter06-11-21409-1901
Buffey Vs. LoathebWarrior06-12-01149-1821
Cho'gall Heroic 25Priest11-05-15735-2435
Combat Rogue at Taiwan WoWRogue06-08-30227-2419
Consortium - The Twilight ZonePaladin09-01-151864.502662
Converse Meets WoW - Craftingworlds.coUnknown06-03-11224.8528635
Corrine PVP 2- 30-39Rogue06-06-101853.1010199
Costano 1Mage11-02-08509-3346
Costano 4.1Mage11-05-31151-4091 Style CTFUnknown05-10-171154.5527099 ChangedDruid05-02-071354.75104180 For HonorUnknown05-09-27584.8565172 Not Just Another LUnknown05-04-191704.53308743 Timeless Guild ProUnknown05-05-02814.95154942
Dahis-Transformation. GM Rogue PvPRogue07-01-074194.4842233
Dancing Toll FarmingMage06-07-26192.082572
Datus Mortalis 25 man MalygosHunter09-03-13155-1758
Datus Mortalis vs Lich King 10HWarrior10-08-20552-4471
Datus Mortalis vs Lich King 25N Guild Warrior10-03-14261-9351
Deity - Switcher - CraftingWorldsShaman05-12-13124.84177619
Digital Gangsters Vs. GruulWarlock07-03-2258-3444
DK Solos Onyxia with easeDeathknight08-12-06184-3752
Doomc's Impossible PullsMage08-12-225874.94336010
DoomCaster 2Mage07-12-013374.7085905
Doomcaster 3Mage08-10-147694.82174686
Doomcaster vs Lightning's BladeMage09-01-312954.7738929
Dreadedx Elemental Shaman Vid 2Shaman06-07-102413.418089
Dueling: Combat Rogue vs Frost MageRogue05-10-27564.1017215
Elemental Shaman DreadedxShaman06-05-302763.639205
Elu - Elemental ShamanShaman06-11-08116-1748
End Result vs. Madness of Deathwing (1Mage12-05-291094-5879
Episode 1: I surrenderMultiple05-01-14244.3696995
Episode 2: Why Surrender...Multiple05-01-14214.3660951
Farming Stratholme (Prot Pally) ReduxPaladin08-06-18644.6712823
Fatal Hemo/Sealed Fate PvPRogue06-07-072313.382361
Ferahgo and Dollar 2100+ 2v2Druid08-03-2357-2029
Feyron ArenaPaladin08-09-10195-1625
Firelands Preview PTRPriest11-05-14518-10713
Flakey's Exit Wound IntroductionMage08-10-1416-4241
Flameshock PVP 1Multiple10-03-28537-8283
Frost Mage 4.0.1 Duels PVPMage10-10-22266-6461
Frost Mage PVP 4.0.1Mage10-10-3032-8639
Frost Mage PVP 4.0.1 #2Mage10-11-06264-4503
Frost Mage PVP FootageMage10-10-15533-3224
Glacialus 2, Presence of PyroMage06-07-241974.097325
Glacialus 3 - CombustedMage06-09-181564.5612846
Glacialus 4 - Curtain CallMage06-12-183214.4417233
Glacialus- Frozen FireMage06-05-271754.205487
GM Combat Rogue vs Sulfuras Orc WarrioRogue05-11-01562.0014363
Grand Hustle: Stormwind RaidRogue11-04-10451-12430
Grand Marshal vs High Warlord 1Rogue05-09-29333.2840353
Grand Marshal vs High Warlord 2 (RogueHunter05-10-07803.8735080
Grand Marshal vs High Warlord 3 (RogueRogue05-10-20913.4316400
Halfus 10 Man Mage POVMage11-02-0265-4721
Halfus vs Lolwt (10 man)Mage11-05-0149-2206
Happy Holidays - CraftingWorlds.comUnknown05-12-2484.7976892
Healbot PvPPriest06-12-294461.945645
Hillsbrad RaidRogue05-01-26654.798961
Hospital 1Priest10-03-01341-12269
How to gank your own faction...Warlock06-10-09123.983733
How to get over AB gates for AllianceMage08-02-15243.887173
I just died in your armsUnknown09-10-194-3237
Josef - A step into the ShadowWarlock06-11-25342-1438
Kabaoum - Full Balance PvPDruid07-01-021814.5824899
LB Cascaded Duels Sample VideoUnknown06-09-20434.483610
Legacy Of An ExplorerDruid05-11-142363.502941
Lich King 25m NormalMage10-04-08248-3107
Lightning's Blade's Ahn'Qiraj Cut ScenWarlock06-01-1127-3915
Lightnings Blade Horde Beats Onyxia FIUnknown05-04-11444.7282742
Lima Retribution Paladin pvp Vol.2Paladin07-09-26118-3441
Lima Volume IVPaladin07-11-2470-1468
lol... smite (Part 1)Priest06-12-10252.925643
lol... smite (Part 2)Priest06-12-10733.215466
Lolwut vs Cho'gall (10 man)Mage11-05-27153-3794
Lolwut vs MagmawMage11-07-03766-3496
Lolwut vs. AlysrazorMage11-08-201348-3355
Lolwut vs. Ascendant CouncilMage11-05-17358-2946
Lord Rhyolith 10 Man Mage POV HawtnessMage11-07-0182-6774
LoT Vs. KaWarlock07-09-24118-2115
LS C'Thun KillWarrior06-05-29299-3636
Lvl 1 Gnome RampagePriest06-03-0775-2968
LvL 70 2v2 - bladestorm warriorWarrior10-08-1228-3890
Mage Class 3.0Mage08-10-182164.8473346
Mage SOLOing Onyxia - Lightning's BladMage09-03-14191-2148
Magmaw 10 Man Mage POVMage11-01-07110-4740
Maloriak 10 Mage POVMage11-02-02424-2174
Miannich Warlock - suppression v2Warlock06-12-181101.803264
Mimiron - 10-man Hard ModeMultiple09-06-30307-5967
Ming PTR Video: All 2100+ Opponents!Rogue07-05-044443.01249980
Ming Rank 14 Rogue Story/PVP MovieRogue06-04-194353.7140825
Ming vs Sunken - Clash of Video MakersRogue05-10-01474.4721712
Morrd 29 Twink PvP - Mage - The Art ofMage07-07-242651.6422481
No Short People - Gnome SongMage08-08-1135-3095
Nostalgia 5 man High Warlord Naj'entusMultiple10-08-07423-6789
Oblivion vs Cho'gall (10 man)Multiple11-01-07293-2317
Oblivion vs. Maloriak (25H) Healer POVMultiple11-02-03295-2897
One Warrior's love for his PriestWarrior06-02-1917-3071
Paladin AB PwnagePaladin10-04-04667-5437
Patch 4.2 : Encounter JournalPriest11-05-15380-5943
Premonition vs Halion 10 Heroic - WorlMultiple10-07-04141-4972
Pressure (Hybrid Druid PVE)Druid06-07-1465-4003
Quad PvP Lightning's BladeRogue07-05-031363.154354
Quadpvp 2 Lightnings Blade, Druid stylDruid11-09-22369-3369
Rank 14 Dagger Rogue W/ Dual ZG TrinkeRogue05-12-302064.5482248
Rank 14 Rogue Combat DaggerRogue05-11-102062.8915564
Rank 14 Rogue Fist Combat SpecRogue05-09-24793.8528124
Rank 14 Rogue vs Rank 12 Spinal ReaperRogue05-10-04513.2432892
Rank 14 Sword Rogue (Hemo)Rogue06-02-102303.8589990
Raystigz Arena Tournament 2750 RMPMage11-05-291381-21155
Saqe 2 Frost Mage PvPMage07-06-052384.6467447
Saqe Fire PvpMage07-04-293454.3145803
Sarriz Sucks at PVPMage08-08-21271.094152
Save the Murlocs - OuttakesUnknown05-11-22694.9420367
Save The Murlocs - Part IUnknown05-11-15704.9657452
Save The Murlocs - Part IIUnknown05-11-15714.8828003
Save The Murlocs - Part IIIUnknown05-11-15984.8622560
Save The Murlocs - Part IVUnknown05-11-15644.7922556
Save The Murlocs TrailerUnknown05-11-05244.8936565
SE Vs. GruulMage08-09-0186-2011
Season 8 Arena 5v5 2400+Warlock10-12-05334-19404
Section Eight vs Heroic Chimaeron 10-mShaman11-04-24394-3028
Section Eight vs Heroic Halfus 10manShaman11-05-1372-3282
Section Eight vs Heroic Magmaw 10-manShaman11-04-23118-3324
Section Eight vs Heroic Maloriak 10manShaman11-05-06140-2630
Section Eight vs Lord Rhyolith 10-manShaman11-07-22643-3697
Section Eight vs Majordomo StaghelmShaman11-08-02652-2615
Section Eight vs Ragnaros 10-manShaman11-08-061230-4424
Section Eight vs Shannox 10-manShaman11-07-23483-1960
Sephiroth PvPPaladin08-09-0877-1748
Shannox 10 Man Mage POV HawtnessMage11-06-30483-5135
Shotsauce - Lambknot 2v2Hunter09-02-102532.3515627
Sic Vis of Lightning's Blade first AneMultiple08-07-03158-1770
Sodo Warlock PVPWarlock05-07-092123.104051
Solo Buru the Gorger - AQ 20Druid09-02-0279-5614
Static vs. Void ReaverWarlock07-08-19134-1452
SWAT - 10 Man 3 Drake SartharionPriest09-03-30494-2303
Talfurion 1: Mage PvPMage08-02-224013.813364
Targumin full vicous tier 2 weapon 85Warrior11-06-24154-4196
Team arena 3v3Priest07-06-0548-1467
Team Light-bulb vs NefarianShaman11-04-26139-2794
The Plush Murloc Goes to E3 - CraftingMultiple05-06-215344.9327114
The Tesla CoilMage05-12-082144.729299
The Wrath Of My SoulWarrior07-05-153313.003516
Therapy Vs. SapphironMage09-04-03207-2438
Thufir 2200+ Mage Rogue 2v2 TrailerMage09-08-03102-13936
Tyr's hand: Complete ownage (Part 1)Warrior05-12-12282.162728
Valiona & Theralion Vs Sons of ThunderHunter11-02-04230-4989
Valiona and Theralion vs Lolwt (10 maMage11-05-0491-3294
What's To Come - CraftingWorlds.comUnknown06-03-28404.7945207
Where The Hell is Matt/Sanoe?Rogue07-02-11583.175646
Witch DoctorWarlock07-09-14254.175426
Wizard of Oz TutorialPaladin07-04-211233.884199
WoW for adults!Multiple05-07-14533.83156706
Zeltik Just another pvp film 2Warrior11-05-10191-4873
Zookey the ZerkerMage06-07-251122.954580
Zul'aman Amani Battle BearPriest11-05-15297-4607