Server view : Eonar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
2 Man Headless HorsemanPriest07-11-01127-7129
2v2 Arena Destruction Warlock and FrosWarlock13-05-25270-11410
3 Man Heroic Shattered Halls ReduxPriest07-10-301273.426663
3.0 PreviewWarrior08-10-09165-8072
3v3 messing aroundPriest11-06-01523-7118
A move for ppl who live to exploreMage07-05-24121-1695
A Proper Goodbye to TBC (Epic Illidan Priest08-11-14210-4177
All Your Zeppelin Are B'long to Us!Multiple06-08-02702.663766
Anub'arak (Trial of the Crusader-25)Priest09-09-18384-4032
Assembly of Iron Heroic TRPriest09-05-05356-1944
Below the beltRogue07-09-251273.755394
Below the beltRogue07-09-285883.7430822
Beta - Druid adventure in durotar and Unknown10-10-1159-4842
Blood DK PvP WoW - Patch 4.0.1 - FeradDeathknight10-10-27258-8848
Blood elves are ***!Priest09-06-3020-4144
Blood elves are gay! Episode 2 Alot ofPriest09-07-0541-5585
Blood Queen Lanathel Heroic 25m ICC - Paladin10-11-09174-4016
BluGamma Feral Druid 5.2 Macro Guide: Druid13-05-2095-4580
Brewfest 2008Warrior08-09-2441-2570
Concilium@Eonar-EU - AzgalorWarrior09-12-03428-3909
Concilium@Eonar-EU - Lord Marrowgar (IPriest09-12-16333-5721
Dickie Vs.OnyxiaPaladin09-07-15149-5239
Double Elemental shaman 2v2Shaman12-06-08605-5655
Drunken Cow WoW 60 Hunter PVPHunter10-11-16486-5198
Early days 3v3 -Warrior11-05-0664-5473
Eclipse Vs. Sartharion & 3 Drakes (10-Shaman09-03-27267-3579
ele-MENTALIST, 2v1 duelsShaman10-06-29176-10344
Emiri - ShadowpriestPriest07-07-26300-2084
Freya Heroic TRPriest09-05-29309-2511
General Vezax flemingardMultiple09-07-18208-3943
High Astromancer Solarian - Warrior POWarrior08-01-1939-3284
How to Get 300% xp PotionWarlock13-05-2682-74909
How to Mage IMage09-04-2271-1563
Infusion RaidMultiple07-04-10139-1568
Kranencleave trailerMultiple11-04-09348-2181
Lock carries my priestWarlock11-05-0939-8362
Lock Priest 2v2Priest11-05-19221-7794
Lock Priest 2v2 Part 2Priest11-05-20230-5471
Lock Priest 2v2 Pt 4Priest11-06-16228-12291
Lock Priest 2v2 pt3Priest11-05-28221-6234
Lord Jaraxxus - Concilium - Eonar-EUPriest09-08-14363-5103
Mort & Tercos part 2: Dangerous life [Multiple07-07-23422.082633
Northrend Beasts (25-man heroic)Priest09-11-27518-4121
Onyxia 25Unknown09-10-28215-3896
Out of RangeDruid08-01-224524.4710713
Out of Range 2: Blood BrothersDruid08-07-212952.6436865
Out of Range 3: To a FriendDruid09-09-21411-35621
Outrage - Cho'Gall Hard mode 10 manPaladin11-05-30211-4818
Patch 4.0.1 Single-Minded Fury DPS andWarrior10-10-3017-16925
Prot Paladin AoE GrindingPaladin06-11-2024-1923
Quick Reputation Guide 5.3 (Very Easy)Warlock13-05-28609-15569
Razorscale Eonar HeroicPriest09-05-01277-2153
Schwinging on Nerds 1Deathknight11-11-1597-8887
Simplification - Live to WinPaladin07-09-02703.582267
Simplification vs. Fathom-Lord KarathrHunter07-08-16220-1759
Simplification Vs. Leotheras the BlindWarlock07-08-22185-1505
Simplification vs. Morogrim TidewalkerWarlock07-07-28210-1512
Snerkpvp teaserMultiple09-04-11663.644505
Soloing the Headless HorsemanPaladin09-10-26533-4382
Teh Climbage of Stormwind in patch 1.1Mage06-07-29142.094635
The Logical Cube Vs. Leotheras the BliMage07-06-02112-2717
Thorim Heroic TRPriest09-05-31412-2114
Voones Destruction Warlock TBC - Duel Warlock11-09-0374-6625
Warrior's ParadiseWarrior09-05-0533-2639
We Raid ItMultiple09-05-0418-1580
What the FoK!!!!Rogue09-08-3166-156082
WRATH Vs. MalygosDruid08-12-05261-7306
WRATH Vs. Sartharion + 3 Drakes HCDruid09-01-20248-6675
XT-002 Deconstructor Eonar TRPriest09-05-05307-1888
Zaarlak PTR RetributionPaladin06-11-2686-2007