Server view : Lothar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(Machinima) Frostmourne, The Blade ThaDeathknight12-11-14122-8210
15k HP & 1300dps rogue :DRogue06-02-16141.8436919
2.0 - Shadow Priests after patch 2.0.1Priest07-01-192554.609843
2min Solo Onyxia - WotLK lv70Paladin08-08-03574.76109180
90% midigation on Bladestorm (Rogue)Rogue09-04-297-1997
Assault on Blackwing LairMultiple06-12-1593-2651
Beer, Beer, BeerPriest05-07-1883.757401
Black Watch Vs. Anub'RakhanRogue06-06-26225-7000
Black Watch Vs. C'ThunRogue06-06-27343-6192
Black Watch Vs. Gothik the Harvester -Multiple06-12-08130-2634
Black Watch Vs. Grand Widow Faerlina -Rogue06-08-0585-3668
Black Watch Vs. Heigan - NaxxramasMage06-11-23143-2288
Black Watch Vs. Instructor RazuviousMage06-06-30129-3651
Black Watch Vs. Loatheb - NaxxramasMultiple06-11-23119-2412
Black Watch Vs. Nefarian - Black Wing Rogue06-08-06535-4720
Black Watch Vs. Patchwerk - NaxxramasMultiple06-08-25158-3228
Black Watch Vs. Princess Huhuran - AhnRogue06-08-06115-3236
Black Watch Vs. Thaddius - NaxxramasMultiple06-10-19149-2524
Black Watch Vs. Twin Emperors - Ahn'QiRogue06-08-06281-2913
BM Arenas 1Hunter07-09-061272.797826
BM Arenas 2Hunter07-09-0656-6840
Brand NEW zones + PvP Weapon skinsRogue06-11-10584.8044548
Damage vs Ascendent CouncilShaman11-02-26430-5722
Damage vs Chimaeron 25Shaman11-02-11339-3647
Damage vs Halfus the Wyrmbreaker 25NShaman11-01-22377-2648
Damage vs Heroic Blood QueenShaman10-11-23318-5289
Damage vs Heroic FestergutShaman10-11-21258-3589
Damage vs Lady Deathwhisper HeroicShaman10-11-21497-4966
Damage vs Lich King 10NShaman10-06-16148-4846
Damage vs Magmaw 25NShaman11-01-14134-2583
Damage vs Maloriak 25Shaman11-02-12430-2982
Damage vs Omnotron 25NShaman11-02-21112-4489
Damage vs Valiona and Theralion 10NShaman11-01-12351-2938
Damage vs Valiona and Theralion 25NShaman11-01-23471-3568
Dead Mines Storm 2.0Mage05-03-15224.0415380
Death Smells FunnyRogue06-10-033262.264644
Death Smells Funny Part 2Rogue06-10-08265-3415
Edge Vs. Rage Winterchill - Mage PerspMage07-12-13134-5469
Ender Vs. 3 drake sarthDeathknight09-01-23159-2649
Evil Dead Vs. LoathebMultiple09-04-08211-3018
Garr DemolishedMage05-04-1988-9341
Graveyard Knights Vs. MagtheridonWarlock08-03-24149-3312
Graveyard Knights Vs. The Lurker BelowWarlock08-04-10248-2783
Heroic LK Solo vs. Neave - Bane of theDeathknight12-09-16579-8760
How to get under RFKRogue06-07-1427-4193
IR VS IllidanMage08-09-23681-2636
Karazhan Mage perspectiveMage08-03-0154-3805
Kindred Chaos Vs. Illidan StormrageWarrior08-06-07326-5324
Kindred Chaos Vs. Lady VashjWarrior08-04-18290-3216
Kindred Chaos Vs. Mother ShahrazWarrior08-04-17138-3366
Kindred Chaos Vs. Reliquary of SoulsWarrior08-04-29193-2915
Lord Kazzak DemolishedMage05-04-19264.1612889
Lothar 10 Priest WSGPriest07-06-01523.978325
Lucifron DemolishedMage05-04-06623.919661
Magmadar DemolishedMage05-04-0683-11476
Misanthropy Vs. AlgalonWarrior09-11-25370-5843
Misanthropy Vs. AlgalonWarrior09-11-25370-6508
Mordum - Into the Belly of the BeastRogue07-08-10434-3481
Myguy The MonstrousHunter07-09-20822.353128
Nilhien 2 - Priest BaitPriest07-07-263674.13105915
Onyxia Slain by Might on LotharMultiple05-04-161871.118205
Our JourneyMage05-08-11374.318789
Outlands' First Zone - Hellfire PeninsRogue06-11-05117-3429
Palodious S2S: Arena MixPaladin12-11-23482-2714
Pouncer 4.2Druid11-11-121019-5255
PvP MultiboxingShaman09-02-141173.5010559
Reeko 5Rogue08-10-05281-3466
Reeko Arena 1Rogue08-07-195523.199956
Reign of Lothar - Festergut and RotfacPaladin10-01-22130-7548
Reign of Lothar - Heroic Anub'arakDruid09-12-07359-5290
Reign of Lothar - The Blood Prince CouPaladin10-01-20303-38845
Ret 2v2 feat resto druidPaladin12-11-11112-5353
Ret Paladin BM hunter 2v2 ( S2S )Paladin12-12-02299-6378
Retadin, BM hunter 2v2 with skype ( S2Paladin12-12-04314-5388
Rogue Tanking Baron Geddon!Rogue06-03-0347-3030
Sartharion 25 / 3 drakes up, Rogue POVRogue09-02-26186-7497
Switch This! 2Multiple07-04-23132.879195
Switch This! 3: SwitchmasUnknown07-12-27262.3511627
Tales of Our Hax: The Lives of Two HaxHunter06-07-07904.602697
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Blood FurnaMultiple09-02-1572-4118
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Forge of SoMultiple10-03-04130-8413
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Gundrak (HeMultiple09-04-28178-8360
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Gundrak (v2Multiple09-05-17186-8121
Team Awesome - Multiboxing H CoS teaseMultiple09-04-0133-4586
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Trial of thMultiple09-09-04363-6969
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Utgarde KeeMultiple09-06-21336-12034
Team Awesome - Multiboxing Vault of ArMultiple10-04-2038-10004
The Day I Met The MageMultiple07-05-06122.834712
Thepriestguy Lothar POV Koorban tstormPriest11-04-0312-6221
This Is Why I Play ProtWarrior10-09-21112-139823
Tosan Tribe - Rogue/Rogue/Shaman 3v3 SRogue11-12-28326-50826
Total Aggression Vs. Twin EmpsWarlock06-11-04324-2255
Tristi PvP Movie 2 - The ReckonningMage07-05-252462.964061
Twin Emps Vs. ToSShaman06-10-2198-2180
Tyranny vs. Muru & EntropiusWarlock09-04-11452-3436
Ulduar: Hodir kill by ReincarnationRogue09-05-08106-4092
Viral Vs. Sindragosa (10 normal)Multiple10-03-07429-4892
Vitalis vs ThrallMultiple06-04-23204-5775
Volcorn Frost PvPMage07-10-16127-3108
World of Warcraft (F2P) Lothar PremadeWarrior13-05-06157-5705
WotLK Robot Quest BugMultiple08-08-111214.6713402
XT-002 Deconstructor - HeartbreakerDeathknight09-07-07384-3897
[World First] Mage Tanks Herioc VioletMage09-05-22471.0012584