Server view : Taerar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
08/16 RogueRogue07-07-251561.175089
Abschuss IncMage11-03-28629-14399
Adema Warrior PvPWarrior08-06-033384.5348873
Ariados 2-Frostmage PvPMage07-08-281182.025649
Ariados-Frostmage PvPMage07-08-121531.004156
Auriaya (Heroic)Druid09-05-01109-2094
Closerangel RETRIBUTION PVERPOWERDIN !Paladin14-10-15899-41287
cRueMeLs BugcraftUnknown07-10-1661-3350
Dabusan - very very very small TeaserUnknown09-09-2846-10214
Dark Passion Icecrown CitadelPriest10-11-241576-6050
Dark Passion vs. ArgalothPriest11-01-0582-4971
Dark Passion vs. Lich KingPriest10-11-03632-5985
Dark Passion vs. Sindragosa ICC 10Priest10-09-19522-5774
Easymode Malygos 10man 6minDruid09-03-14368-5651
Easymode Vs. Sarth3D 10manPaladin09-03-16278-3889
Entropy vs. Algalon (narrated video guDruid09-08-03296-12764
Entropy Vs. Anub'arak (guide)Druid09-09-19443-58964
Entropy Vs. Faction Champions (video gDruid09-08-26171-17603
Entropy Vs. Lord Jaraxxus (guide)Druid09-08-26169-15331
Entropy vs. Northrend Beasts (video guDruid09-08-09314-14230
Entropy Vs. Twin Valkyrs (guide)Druid09-09-02188-18524
Entropy Vs. Yogg-Saron (0 lights)Druid09-08-26339-14696
Epix vs ArchimondeWarlock08-07-22326-2440
exploited Vs. Gluth(25)Multiple09-01-0454-1859
exploited Vs. Thaddius(25)Multiple09-01-03110-1805
Frostmage 70 PvPMage07-10-3025-1962
Genru Elemental Shaman PvP TrailerShaman08-06-0222-4154
Gruul the Dragonkiller defeated by ExcHunter08-04-1469-2655
How to enterPriest07-02-14303.696604
How To Tank In Alterac ValleyWarrior07-10-01702.968719
How To Tank In AV: Commented VerisonWarrior07-10-0473-5263
Inspiration- A Wow MovieUnknown06-09-27534.819548
Jin - Fighter in the Wind Trailer.Rogue06-10-07304.5510642
Jin - Ironforge TonightRogue07-01-04273-2955
Jin - you become a part of me 2on2 AreRogue07-01-043683.313933
Jin -Restless - TrailerRogue07-04-02803.927861
Kenion 1 - The BeginningPaladin07-02-151531.755245
Kuchen goes PvPWarrior07-06-071131.694463
Kuschelbank vs. Sarth 1dPaladin09-03-29489-1646
Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftains - TheUnknown07-08-2729-5909
Lichking 10er - Wipe it outWarrior10-04-28211-6821
Lovely FireMage07-03-242563.5511496
Lurker ( SSC ) Firstkill movie von ExcPaladin08-03-0788-5641
macht DRUCK Brackenspore Mythic CrackdMultiple14-12-19992-9054
Magmaul 10 - easymode EU TaerarPriest11-02-02132-8583
Obscurus Vs. Illidari CouncilPriest07-08-23183-6347
Placeholder Vs. Freya (hard mode)Multiple09-05-18470-7731
Placeholder Vs. The Assembly of Iron (Druid09-05-19317-7589
Placeholder Vs. Yogg-Saron (one light Multiple09-06-14459-15142
Recantion of Brother´s in ArmsPaladin07-12-08301-2450
Rogue / Priest 2v2Multiple08-06-112783.0614772
Shade of AkamaRogue08-02-2435-2036
The Last Journey vs ChromaggusMage10-04-09233-5325
The Lich King 25 Down by KNDeath Knight10-05-07842-7606
The Lurker Below defeated by ExclusiveHunter08-04-14133-2509
The moment they came backMultiple06-10-05714.042713
Valondril 2 MT KarazanPaladin07-09-25127-3804
Vanilla WoW Duels - 60 Restro DruidDruid10-04-0999-10557
Wipe It Out Taerar-EU vs Bloodqueen 25Paladin10-04-1774-4578
Wipe It Out Taerar-EU vs Rotface 25hc Priest10-04-20240-6788
Wipe it Out vs Lichking 10 HeroicPriest10-07-28209-4605