Server view : Blackwing Lair

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1000 Gnome March - Legendary After ParMultiple11-01-2167-27829
10man CoF Vs. XT *HARDMODE*Paladin09-07-0159-4812
Aeternum Vale Vs. High King MaulgarWarrior08-05-22289-2895
Anarchy arathiRogue06-12-1636-1756
Berommick Rogue PvPRogue07-06-12107-1542
Blizzcon 2010 ImpressionsUnknown10-11-14595-56816
BWL PvPDruid07-07-0841-1498
Change of Fate Vs. Yogg Saron (prot paPaladin09-06-17104-4060
Crowd Control Vs. Al'arPriest07-07-12368-2383
Crowd Control Vs. Rage WinterchillPriest07-07-19270-4783
Day outside Duro with DomzMage08-07-0188-3794
Defaca PvP Video 1Warrior07-07-122533.946045
Defaca PvP Video 2Warrior07-07-184003.1453074
Defaca PvP Video 3Warrior07-09-071273.755825
Domz Frost Mage PreviewMage08-06-0558-4512
First Down Vashj - The Great Wall(BWL)Multiple08-01-03221-3159
Flawless Victory vs Mimiron Hard mode Multiple09-07-13583-3584
Frater Infinitas Vs. SSCMage08-04-05191-2234
FV vs yogg hard mode 10Warrior09-06-30675-4735
FV Vs. AlgalonWarrior09-08-15431-5480
General Vezax Hardmode 10 ManPriest09-07-0359-4376
Green FuneralHunter09-04-22144-5933
Hanz big noobRogue07-09-12127-2927
Hello, I am the ret (70 retribution paPaladin08-05-14332.8215767
Incredible Warrior Trix Commercial!!!Warrior08-07-01184.4122680
LoD Vs. SW/IFPaladin09-03-18408-1285
Lolret at Heart. Retribution Paladin LPaladin08-07-313213.8618669
My first machinima-KamandinPaladin08-06-27844.104317
Naxx Revisited: Voidwalker tanks Anub'Warrior07-03-271533.3525058
Ninex Solos lethonWarrior07-05-061413.501657
PvP Vid - HunterHunter07-02-271892.133322
Sensation Lost in TranceRogue09-08-31783-11182
Shearly Elitist - Sartharion 3 Drakes Paladin09-02-28323-1754
Shearly Elitist:Yogg-SaronWarlock09-08-0149-5226
Solo Zul'Gurub High Lord ThekalMage10-07-25184-5886
The Craft of War: BLINDUnknown08-12-261984.991382315
The Tale of Fanor the RogueRogue08-10-28773.334557
This is how we Reroll vs. Kael'ThasPriest07-12-1779-2807
This is how we Reroll vs. Lady VashjPriest07-10-2893-2570
This is how we Reroll Vs. LeotherasPriest07-10-3061-2945
Vellanti: Watching the Wolrd Freeze OvMage10-05-1456-6738
WoTLK: How To The NexusDeathknight08-08-23633.1911406
Xovias 2Mage07-05-132073.955066