Server view : Sentinels

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
25 Man Heroic Blood Prince CouncilWarrior10-05-0495-5923
25 Man Heroic Valithria DreamwalkerWarrior10-05-0263-6100
Acies vs. GruulPaladin07-05-1278-7830
Acies Vs. NightbanePaladin07-05-11157-5786
Aftermath - Warrior & Warlock PvPMultiple08-06-07522-3175
Big Pimpin' WoWMultiple08-03-01292.397007
By Fire Redeemed - Rajaxx WipeHunter07-06-0430-3367
Firelands OuttakesPriest11-08-15463-7067
Firelands25 Man Heroic ShannoxPriest11-08-13567-5337
For Lordaeron - Patch 4.3.XUnknown12-04-29125-7890
Frustrating DC in Raid (Beth'tilac 25 Priest11-08-1399-6564
Heroic Lich King 25 Phase 1Warrior10-08-17424-5215
How to get a mouse in a beer bottleUnknown10-03-188-6074
I've Been EverywhereDeath Knight10-10-0632-43630
Legendary Quest : Delegation Firelord Priest11-08-13178-20824
Lichbane vs MimironPriest09-06-25107-6887
Night School Hi-Q WoW'dUnknown16-02-08336-10548
Out of Character - The Problem of PantRogue10-10-3198-12217
Poetry in Motion: Episode 1 TSG ArenaPaladin11-04-21186-6824
SHAYO 1Paladin10-08-24508-7733
The End of the World As We Know It - CUnknown10-11-03117-59457
The League A TributePriest12-03-28221-8111
The League Vs. XT:002 Deconstructor: HShaman09-06-15229-4300
The Quest for PieWarlock07-10-2871-3195
The Quest for PieWarlock07-10-28712.752633
The World Will TrembleRogue10-11-2854-24811
Toilet TreesRogue10-03-2626-25936
TSM Lord Marrowgar 25 man HardmodeHunter10-09-0644-4942
Warcraft Stories - HeroRogue10-02-04322-21328
Xenu 1Warlock07-08-17284-1984
You Are My PerfectMultiple09-02-07614.205286
Zulisity ( Resto Shaman PVP )Shaman08-05-073231.8314501