Server view : Darkspear

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
3v3 "Justin BMhunter" pt.2 - Naethix fWarrior13-01-27937-6688
3V3 RAMPAGE WARRIORS - Naethix ft. EasWarrior12-11-25568-2729
A Tail of two worldsRogue09-09-0477-5851
Another WipeDruid12-04-2395-4269
Anub'Arak 4th Guild on Realm By The SiDruid09-09-19202-2545
Application Declined ICCMultiple10-04-05289-5323
Arms Warrior Bg pvpWarrior09-09-18251-5524
Arms Warrior One Shot Macro | 100k+ CrWarrior13-06-0466-11005
Athene & Killars vs Brain & Jimos in 5Hunter12-10-03112-12636
Awakening of World PvPMultiple08-04-18300-1518
Axiom : 3vs3 arena Rmp vs Shadow, BalaRogue11-12-0894-5154
Axiom: 3vs3 arena Rmp vs Shadow,Frost,Rogue11-12-12132-10677
Bajheera's Army Kitty Crits montageDruid12-02-2937-3783
Bedrock IPriest12-09-22182-3851
Betrayed - Storyline MovieRogue11-10-20110-7013
bladerider - unexpected world pvp epicWarrior13-12-07151-3551
Blood Elf Female Rogue TransmogRogue14-09-0836-5139
Bloodline Champions Teaser Movie ConteUnknown10-08-13257-7692
Ciik meets AVWarrior10-08-05138-3751
Cookie vs X-002 DeconstructorHunter09-08-08248-5023
Creet - on WoWDarkRogue12-04-08103-2492
Dark Omen Vs. Leotheras the BlindShaman08-05-17188-2446
Dark Omen Vs. The Lurker BelowShaman08-05-07274-2226
Defiance Vs. Fathom-Lord KarathressPriest08-05-08145-2515
Defiance Vs. Lady VashjPriest08-06-18375-2280
Destrx vol.1Rogue13-05-020-2065
Deus Vs Cho'Gal 25 manPaladin11-01-07141-3520
Deus Vs Valiona and Theralion 25 ManPaladin11-01-05118-2956
Deus Vs. Illidan StormrageWarrior08-05-22619-4476
Draw 2: LOLstepRogue08-03-123432.509595
Drunken arena actionDeathknight10-11-12125-8337
Dungeon Raiders Vs. Malygos 25 manDruid09-03-23234-4145
Erapower 1 - Total AnnihilationWarrior12-11-30190-2135
Exitium Recruiting MovieMultiple07-07-1390-2606
Faction Champions: By The Silver DragoDruid09-09-0295-3356
Far AwayDruid07-10-2627-2054
Feral Druid Trolling on Arena-TournameDruid14-09-22191-3358
GAMING MONTAGE - Naethix ft. Friends -Warrior13-02-14187-3413
GEnetic 2 Trailer (Gameplay/CommentaryWarrior12-01-1767-2674
Getting in to Ring of Valor in OrgrimmMage09-01-11864.256730
Getting up to the Orgrimmar gateMage09-01-1821-4697
Icecrown Citadel 10: Blood-Queen Lana'Rogue10-05-14281-4933
Icecrown Citadel 10: Lady DeathwhisperDruid10-03-29285-3058
Icecrown Citadel 25: Blood Prince CounDruid10-04-11425-5093
Icecrown Citadel 25: Deathbringer SaurDruid10-04-03301-4972
Icecrown Citadel 25: Festergut & RotfaDruid10-04-10160-5153
Icecrown Citadel 25: Gunship BattleDruid10-03-29417-3240
Instructor Razuvious 25man with 1 prieWarrior09-03-05229-3739
Iron forceWarrior10-05-13341-5605
JoTH Darkspear Vs. PrinceHunter08-05-1977-1565
Journey of a NoobWarrior11-04-2716-5456
Kiot 1-Warrior Arena PvP TeaserWarrior11-11-031145-2985
Lady VashjWarrior08-04-02199-5622
LE IENEN Vs Lady DeathwhisperPriest10-01-0865-5533
Legend Ndn PVP/Story-LinePaladin07-01-081444.257793
LK - Been waiting a long time for thisDeathknight10-11-06941-4173
Lord Jaraxxus: By The Silver DragonsDruid09-09-02122-2979
lvl 18 Paladin wsg patch 3.3Paladin10-02-1497-4184
Machinima - Breath of LifeUnknown14-01-26525-12266
Malygos By The Silver DragonsDruid09-09-21297-3117
Midlifecrisis Goes ICC25HCWarrior10-09-06789-6970
Midnight Vs MaloriakMultiple11-02-1199-1751
Mop arena :Holy Paladin dps!?Rogue12-08-11170-10237
My WorldDruid07-10-2313-1851
Noono pvpMage11-12-0617-2696
Oldschool 49 Twink PvP - ShortyjRogue09-11-16205-6187
ONESHOTTING a PALADIN - Naethix ft. ElWarrior12-11-27248-2269
Onyxia 10 Man. By The Silver DragonsDruid09-10-04152-3646
Orgrimmar chair bugMage11-01-2346-4945
OWNED Swifty & Athene for CharityHunter11-11-06252-128014
PaRaNola: ICC10 Lord Marrowgar EpisodeRogue10-02-15411-4435
Pew vs 2200+ Rogue - ATR -Rogue11-10-2389-2994
Pewbear's Rogue Retirement - Reroll MaMultiple11-11-2291-4132
Phexides 1v2 BeginingWarlock14-03-30575-5555
Play Out Vs. Kel'ThuzadShaman09-01-04184-2285
Play Out Vs. Sartharion25+3Shaman09-01-25207-5030
Play Out Vs. Yogg-SaronShaman09-05-102895.0010761
Prince Kael'Thas SunstriderWarrior08-03-28238-4360
Prot Paladin PvP 3.1Paladin09-07-17254-17349
Protection Leveling in Wow? Why?Warrior12-01-30273-4130
Protection Paladin PvPPaladin09-05-1233-4377
Protection Paladin PvP 2Paladin09-05-12433.313313
Rank 1 US-Cyclone rat flushHunter11-12-14340-67312
Reckless (Darkspear EU) vs. Spine 10H Paladin12-06-12621-3616
Reckless vs Chimaeron 10N (BWD)Paladin11-01-25165-2862
Reckless vs Nefarian 10N (BWD)Paladin11-02-17205-3037
Reckless vs. Al'akir (To4W) 10NPaladin11-02-22160-6875
Reckless vs. Atramedes 10H (BWD)Paladin11-05-04181-3629
Reckless vs. Valiona and Theralion 10NPaladin11-01-13168-2125
Reval (Sv Hunter) farming Horde Drunk!Hunter09-07-18229-10550
Rikimaru - Subtlety Rogue World PvP MoRogue13-12-2379-11247
Riot vs. Lich King 25-manShaman10-04-30166-4617
RMS Ultimate SkillMage09-08-12635-7572
Rogue PvP: Thousandcuts 3Rogue10-11-12239-2681
Ruark Raging 1Mage09-12-21983-8485
Ruark/Murky Raging 2 - AbyssalMage11-06-271399-51275
Scattered Frost Mage PvPMage08-03-213903.084544
Scattered Frost Mage Pvp 2Mage08-11-031803.707298
Scattered Frost Mage pvp 3-09-01-085793.3820636
Season 12 2,4-2,5k RPSRogue13-08-19584-4106
SH Vs. Kel'ThuzadDruid09-02-13191-3224
Shockadin pvpPaladin09-08-23303-9425
Simplified v2 - Hunter PvPHunter11-09-01189-5378
sir pwnalot (gnomes got back)Unknown09-07-1275-10552
Swifty Tutorial vs HuntersWarrior11-05-181701-58772
Swifty vs HuntersWarrior13-04-290-13386
Teachers 80 Rogue PvPRogue09-04-10156-2539
Techno ChickenPaladin11-06-1026-3056
The Antechamber of Ulduar: by The SilvDruid09-09-06371-3834
The Beasts Of Northrend: By The SilverDruid09-08-31170-3102
The Fallen- Storyline/PvP ( TEASER)Mage11-05-2818-3310
The Keepers Of Ulduar Part 1. By The SDruid09-09-27304-3295
The Keepers Of Ulduar Part 2. By The SDruid09-09-19337-3359
The Last Crusade Protadin pvp!Paladin11-03-05466-8321
The Siege of Ulduar: By The Silver DraDruid09-09-05381-3125
The Solution Vs. Hex Lord MalacrasPriest08-04-2679-4334
The Twin Valkyr's: By The Silver DragoDruid09-09-02104-3321
Three Days Grace - RiotShaman09-02-201193.3216834
TRANNY trolls ATHENEHunter11-12-21150-40540
Undataker - MageGnomeRageMage10-04-26761-4381
Valiance Vs. SolarianShaman08-09-19220-1594
Vishion - Storyline movie ~Deathknight11-10-24312-6531
Weres Pvp Subtlety Rogue 85 lvlRogue12-04-14991-5177
Westfall jumping stonePriest11-01-22105-17308
World Of Warcraft - Kaarnage - BG ExtrMage13-05-30173-3677
World of Warcraft Skullslasher Arms WaWarrior12-01-03648-2830
World of Warcraft Skullslasher BG GameWarrior12-01-031001-1926
World of Warcraft Skullslasher High RaWarrior12-01-03172-1803
World of Warcraft- Skullslasher- Arms Warrior12-01-04883-3011
WOTLK compilationMultiple10-04-0990-4623
Wtf WrathfulWarrior10-10-31440-4536
Yogg-Saron 10Shaman09-08-2087-3061
Zargabaath Frost PvPMage11-01-2017-2214
Zerrox - Warrior PvPWarrior13-06-23258-3910
Zerrox - Warrior PvP 2Warrior13-06-23976-3300
Zerrox - wfubbqWarrior13-06-2496-3443
Zerrox 3 - Arena Tournament PvPWarrior13-07-22263-51466
[Wow Machinima] Young & Beautiful cove-13-09-27335-16971