Server view : Lightbringer

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
#CHANGE [WOW PVP]Warrior13-08-26173-7446
3v3, hpaly, arms, elePaladin10-08-20715-12767
5.4 Feral Montage - New Beginnings, NyDruid13-10-07448-16418
Astylee - Searching & finding.Paladin11-04-13331-5758
bigknight again with 2200 after the paWarrior09-09-2742-8277
Born of Ashers VS Void Reaver !Hunter07-07-15207-2846
Born of Ashes Vs. Al'arHunter07-09-05108-2078
Canceled project intro and more(sfx anUnknown09-08-01153-58703
Carpe Noctem vs Professor Putricide (2Deathknight10-05-01295-5034
Carpe Noctem vs Sindragosa (25-player Priest10-04-16257-4638
Carpe Noctem vs The Lich King (10-playDeathknight10-05-13280-4722
Carpe Noctem Vs. MalygosHunter08-12-03426-6820
Carpe Noctem Vs. The SunwellMultiple08-11-10320-3102
Cataclysm Moonkin BattlegroundDruid11-04-15303-7608
Cataclysm PVP 3v3 Moonkin - Disc - RShDruid11-04-12344-10790
Ceebo of the hordeHunter09-07-16322-12036
Ceebo Survival hunterHunter09-01-262273.4724046
Crown of Eternal Winter reviewWarrior13-07-2958-11569
Destrcuction Warlock Vs Halion 10man HWarlock13-09-04271-51756
Destruction Warlock & Balance Druid 2vWarlock13-08-091048-30370
Double Assassanation Rogue ArenaTageRogue13-06-12404-7671
Everywhere I GoUnknown12-07-1358-4028
Faction Champions 10HCShaman09-09-15101-4441
Fluid 2 - Rogue PvPRogue07-12-271994.1558017
Fordrings StoryMage08-02-221434.333714
General VezaxWarlock09-05-27243-3506
Godless vs Flame Leviathan 25 Hard ModPriest09-07-09423-5607
Godless vs Freya 25 Hard ModePriest09-08-26780-8556
Goodbye World of WarcraftPriest11-01-0717-23233
Heigan DancePaladin08-12-30259-1935
Hjerternes FestUnknown08-01-09334.335153
How to play a Marksmanship Hunter - PaUnknown11-03-20296-10600
Independence vs Lich King 25 HeroicWarlock10-11-20479-3901
Intense 3v3 game! (Kitty cleave vs SMPDruid13-09-21168-10416
Klonez and Hugo - Wrath-Ful: 2.2k WarrDruid10-03-27621-26776
Knight Level 60 Warrior PvPWarrior10-03-06113-17282
Koralon 25manShaman09-09-15100-5407
Lvl70 Hunter AntorsHunter08-11-11251-2598
Lythox instagib relniacRogue09-10-0362-5717
Madeon I intro/teaserShaman11-09-1961-4858
Mercenaries, guild birthday partyMultiple07-05-1171-2309
NDA Lightbringer EU vs Al'akir 10man (Hunter11-05-09340-4104
NDA vs Maloriak heroic 10manHunter11-06-22149-5501
NDA vs Nefarian's End 10Multiple11-05-19142-3953
ngp kill hailon 25 manPaladin10-08-1850-5687
Northrend Beasts (25-player heroic)Deathknight09-09-10157-5336
Paprika Vs. AnetheronWarlock08-04-1367-2881
Paprika Vs. ArchimondeWarlock08-05-14281-2699
Paprika Vs. Kaelthas SunstriderWarlock08-03-16145-2846
Pirats of WoW IIIWarlock07-05-26324.2713908
pro warrior 2200 rating 2v2Warrior09-09-1417-8928
Prodigium Vs. Al'ar The Phoenix godPriest08-08-20147-1926
Prodigium Vs. AnetheronPriest08-09-2242-2485
Prodigium Vs. High Warlord Naj'entusPriest08-08-2051-1857
Prodigium Vs. Leothoras the Blind - fiPriest08-08-2165-2481
Prodigium Vs. Lurker BelowPriest08-08-2657-2524
Prodigium Vs. Shade Of Akama - first kPriest08-09-1744-2911
Prodigium Vs. Supremus - first killPriest08-09-11104-3144
Prodigium Vs. Void Reaver - first killPriest08-08-2269-2659
Pure Blooded the Movie trailerMultiple08-01-1225-1822
Rattlegore challenged!Hunter07-01-06133-2576
Revontuli VS Durumuru The Forgotten 10Warlock13-05-28329-8782
Revontuli VS Protectors of Endless ELIWarlock13-05-28323-7525
Revontuli VS Will of the Emperor 10manWarlock13-05-27444-9683
Rise to VengeanceDeathknight10-02-1639-10188
Road to 2200 Episode 1 [A Easy Win Is Warrior13-03-1780-4321
Seducing Vs. General VezaxPriest09-06-07338-5181
The Burning Annihilation trailerUnknown07-05-05154.134776
The DemiseUnknown08-07-10894.96121291
The fall of the Lich King trailer (fanDeathknight10-08-1962-19771
The fall of the Quel'doreiMultiple08-07-24783.753896
The Lament of Ceasefire RPPvPShaman10-07-08115-5478
Top 5: Most annoying things in WOWMage13-08-1283-18061
Ulduar Razorscale 25 manPriest09-04-21156-2376
Ulduar: Freya 10Priest09-06-04393-5788
Wolfz 4.3: Perfect addon guide PvP - EPaladin12-07-30552-5522
World Of Warcraft - Evolution by SurgeUnknown07-11-20724.7357750
World of Warcraft - Unofficial Patch TUnknown07-12-03944.95332326
Wow ShortsWarlock07-04-08194.1410536
Wow Shorts 2Warlock07-04-11173.806346
Wow shorts 4Unknown09-11-11199-35669
Wow Shots 3Unknown08-07-22334.7910828
Yeyo 1 : BeginingsPriest09-06-1410442.6820147