Server view : Jaedenar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(SpeedEdit) By Fire Be Purged!Unknown12-04-10823-16156
(SpeedEdit) Chuck GamingUnknown12-07-01688-10593
(SpeedEdit) CrystalholmUnknown12-04-09897-9681
(SpeedEdit) DizideUnknown13-01-16195-32000
(SpeedEdit) ElementalqtUnknown12-04-11462-19421
(SpeedEdit) MageCastUnknown12-05-1459-4358
(SpeedEdit) ShinobiUnknown12-08-31252-7412
1# EU Sinestra 10 manMultiple11-04-05312-27192
2 MAN ThrallPriest08-01-09923.9120801
2v2 Arena - Nereidi&HeyRogue11-02-04158-7719
5 vs 5 2200 Euro ComboMage08-04-295843.2521440
6,8k crit on a Paladin outside BGSMage07-01-0132.5137446
85 Rogue World PvP&Duels 4.0.3 - NereiRogue11-01-19178-3895
Acoman Mage PvP 30-80Mage09-03-222483.954573
Adrastos vs Freya +3Warlock09-08-06212-5916
Adrastos Vs. Anub'Arak 25 hcDruid10-01-05284-4712
Adrastos Vs. Anub'arak 25HCMage09-11-27135-3783
Aenema 4 - Wotlk SucksRogue09-03-01333-2590
aex - AnotherUndeadRogueRogue08-03-052231.644772
Akiya ShadowstepRogue08-01-112984.1311743
Alysrazor 10 man HC Fire Mage PoVMage11-09-10206-5434
Antri Rogue Vs. Rogue DuelsRogue09-04-221472.299731
Awesomesauce vs Atramedes Heroic 10 maPaladin11-03-29411-4023
Baleroc HC 10 man - Mage PoVMage11-09-0486-4866
Battleground Major BuggWarrior08-05-22463.419397
Bendy v.2Mage08-01-172292.893929
BG botsWarrior10-09-09208-4827
Bloodx - The taste for BloodWarrior09-11-12143-8903
Bomshakalaka Robs GuildbankDruid08-06-04361.198511
Border Community vs Halfus WyrmbreakerWarrior10-12-15345-2963
Border Community vs. AtramedesWarrior10-12-30509-2789
Border Community vs. Atramedes 10 HeroWarrior11-03-30313-2979
Border Community vs. ChimaeronWarrior10-12-28312-2333
Border Community vs. Cho'galWarrior11-01-10471-2619
Border Community vs. MagmawWarrior10-12-17459-8225
Border Community vs. Magmaw 10 HeroicWarrior11-03-18157-5461
Border Community vs. NefarianWarrior11-01-21535-2958
Call of TormentUnknown09-06-07310-4227
Cataclysm funny Quest - Alliance - RedWarlock10-09-21139-5823
Circus vs Al'Akir 25 HeroicWarrior11-05-17134-3701
Circus vs. Cho'gall 25 HeroicWarrior11-05-06579-2724
Circus vs. Majordomo 25HWarrior11-08-2498-15339
Circus vs. Nefarian 25 HeroicWarrior11-04-23551-3833
Circus vs. Ragnaros 25 NormalWarrior11-07-06148-4161
Circus vs. Shannox 25 HeroicWarrior11-07-08923-4498
Circus vs. Sinestra 25Warrior11-05-15547-3032
Circus vs. The Gatekeeper 25 HeroicWarrior11-08-2374-4586
Circus vs. Twilight Ascendants 25man HWarrior11-05-27111-12607
Clarity vs Majordomo Staghelm (HEROIC)Shaman11-09-04870-5541
Clarity vs Valiona and Theralion 25manWarrior11-05-25121-4740
Coilwork 2Warlock10-06-02696-7446
Coilwork II TraillerWarlock10-02-1144-5304
Craas 1 - Mojo Madness (3.3.3)Shaman10-11-07393-3753
Cthun first kill Unity JaedenarPaladin11-12-15235-11193
Dimension vs Blood Council HeroicWarlock10-04-04135-4141
Dimension vs Dreamwalker HeroicWarlock10-03-31563-4073
Dimension vs Festergut HardmodeWarlock10-03-28461-4356
Dimension vs Lich King 10manWarlock10-04-06226-5166
Dimension vs Saurfang heroicWarlock10-04-04307-4516
Double Feral / Disc 3v3Druid09-07-31527-30372
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest TributeShaman11-08-30141-4535
Drummino Frost Mage PvPMage07-12-225663.006203
EE EU 2010Warlock13-03-0161-7125
EMC vs Majordomo 10man HCShaman11-09-14396-3716
Epic chair contest in KarazhanRogue07-05-12574.373980
Ezoe Mage PvPMage08-03-173182.687119
Ezoe Mage PvP 2Mage08-06-131982.6818996
Ezoe Mage PvP 3Mage08-10-053863.929065
Fatgirl Dk - PTR 3.2 pvpDeathknight09-08-05171-7028
Fear Tactics 2100+ Warlock Priest HuntMultiple08-03-125633.7511928
Flare EU vs Assembly of Iron(Hard ModeWarrior09-05-22124-3467
Flare EU vs Elegon 25M HCShaman12-11-05687-3077
Flare EU vs Feng the Accursed 25M HeroShaman12-10-17147-2390
Flare EU vs Gara'jal the Spiritbinder Shaman12-10-18480-2695
Flare EU vs Sha of Fear 25M NormalShaman12-11-18913-3344
Flare EU vs Stone Guard 25M HcShaman12-10-18525-3077
Flare EU vs The Spirit Kings 25M HcShaman12-11-10817-2948
Flare vs Algalon25 manDeathknight09-09-13289-5997
Flare vs Anubarak 25 HeroicDeathknight09-11-15251-5169
Flare vs Twin Valkyrs 25man HeroicDeathknight09-11-22186-4741
Flare Vs. Freya +3 25manDeathknight09-09-14301-5172
Flare Vs. Yogg-Saron, Alone In The DarDeathknight09-09-11280-4892
For the Horde Achievement - Not so funDeathknight10-11-14349-4112
Fratelo - Having FunDruid10-05-1375-16897
Freizen - Elemental Mage - World PvPMage08-01-09389-2149
Freya vs Nerve hardmode (10 man)Mage09-05-29844-5528
Frost Death Knight WOTLKDeathknight11-11-24146-5230
FRYko PvP WoW MovieMage11-04-18212-8311
Gladiator Nether DrakeRogue07-06-26603.505376
Hai Hord (4 horde cities conquered durPaladin08-06-117875.0019640
Holy Paladin Arena PrievPaladin09-02-21201-2165
Hooxmeister - The UndisputedWarlock09-09-02344-7839
how a priest can BEmadPriest10-01-05430-5729
How to AV Fatcheeseman styleMage10-09-16216-4309
HOW TO: Ring Out! Achievement in Zul'AMultiple11-05-09185-7160
I Need A Hero: OnyxiaDruid08-10-08134-5589
Iesdi Cataclysm ArenasMage12-07-091525-21132
Inlove - Desease from the past TrailerRogue10-03-3122-4963
Is arcane PvP dead?Mage13-03-15442-98407
Lady Vashj 1st kill by HorizonsDruid07-10-17127-4561
LC vs Halion25Rogue10-08-31219-3368
Maat vs XT-002 Deconstructor 10 ManMage09-04-22367-3037
Majkoh 2Mage07-08-122272.468762
Majordomo 10 Man HC - Mage PoVMage11-09-05144-5459
Massive Vs. High king MaulgarPriest07-02-211534.2312909
Massive Vs. NetherspiteHunter07-02-24126-3577
Maxoiox Destrolock 1Warlock09-07-25858-6259
Metal CrePaladin10-04-01159-6989
Murder Inc StylePaladin07-10-18127-5105
Murian 2700+ Mage/RogueMage10-11-13783-66111
Navision: Arena 2v2 RM 1.8K-2K MMR (WiRogue11-09-04416-8870
Navision: Arena Footage Vol. I (With SRogue11-11-271280-3531
Navision: Arena Footage Vol. II 1.8-2kRogue12-01-16940-2794
Navision: Ret/Rog/Hun 2.2k MMR (With SRogue12-02-02775-5091
Nerve - Firefighter (10)Multiple09-07-13192-3320
Nerve -vs- YoggSaronMultiple09-05-10392-4120
Nevela - The First StepRogue10-04-17414-4878
Nidi 5 , Priest/Shaman/Mage 3vs3Priest09-07-16307-20867
Nukadin 1Paladin09-03-28109-2834
Obnoxiuz 80 Moonkin PvPDruid08-12-24564.648923
Project D Vs. Fathom Lord KarathressWarrior08-02-25149-4051
Project D Vs. The Lurker BelowRogue07-12-25129-3956
Prot pala, disc priest, and frost mageMultiple10-03-06122-4446
Prot Paladin PvPPaladin09-11-15191-25167
Ragnaros 2 Maned (Rogue - Resto ShamanRogue09-02-02146-4609
Rank 1 prot warrior/Frost mageMultiple09-06-2687-24076
Rewn - Hunter/Rogue 2v2Hunter09-05-053574.5626317
Rocksteady Vs. GruulRogue07-03-28264-2689
Rogue WoW movie trailerMultiple08-07-24161.425486
Rz - Rinse and Repeat (TRAILER)Warrior08-01-19272.253829
Sadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs Halfus WDruid11-02-27308-1545
Sathrion - The Dragon KiteHunter07-05-201462.886343
Seven Sins vs Yogg SaronWarrior09-05-29534-3024
Shadov Legacy vs FestergutPaladin10-02-1369-3590
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs AscendaDruid11-03-04751-3062
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs AtramedDruid11-04-19130-2787
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs ChimaerDruid11-04-19546-3172
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs Cho'GalDruid11-02-28124-2405
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs MagmawDruid11-03-08651-2882
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs MaloriaDruid11-04-1988-2418
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs NefariaDruid11-04-19787-4950
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs OmnotroDruid11-03-05104-2949
Shadow Legacy - Jaedenar EU vs ValionaDruid11-03-0389-2706
Shadow Legacy in action: Hyjal SummitMultiple08-04-20455-2029
Shadow Legacy vs Blood PrincesPaladin10-02-1885-4082
Shadow Legacy vs Blood Queen Lana'thelPaladin10-03-1378-4267
Shadow Legacy vs Deathbringer SaurfangPaladin10-01-07331-3459
Shadow Legacy vs Gunship BattlePaladin10-02-1372-3274
Shadow Legacy vs Lady DeathwhisperPaladin10-02-13123-3319
Shadow Legacy vs Lich King 25Paladin10-04-02929-7213
Shadow Legacy vs Lord MarrowgarPaladin10-01-07258-4311
Shadow Legacy vs Professor PutricidePaladin10-02-13125-3000
Shadow Legacy vs RotfacePaladin10-02-1373-3154
Shadow Legacy vs SindragosaPaladin10-03-10498-3584
Shadow Legacy vs Valithria DreamwalkerPaladin10-02-1891-4184
Shadow Legacy Vs. Illidan StormageRogue08-03-14411-1991
Shadow Legacy, Jaedenar EU vs AlysrazoDruid11-07-241397-17981
Shadow Legacy, Jaedenar EU vs Beth'tilDruid11-07-241095-3763
Shadow Legacy, Jaedenar EU vs Lord RhyDruid11-07-24808-4405
Shannox 10 man HC Mage PoVMage11-09-1059-3841
Silky SmoothMultiple08-11-30120-2023
Subt/Assa rogue pvp PepsicaftwRogue11-07-17216-7221
Sufi PvP LvL 70 WarriorWarrior08-01-181872.9712436
SW & IF GANKMage10-05-04249-4046
Sylencer-Final statementMage09-07-22656-18462
Tao Vs. Cairne BloodhoofRogue07-04-2547-2764
Tao Vs. Thrall & Vol'jinRogue07-05-0965-4043
The Alliance guild - Orgrimmar and StoWarrior10-07-13424-4650
The Alliance guild attacks OrgrimmarWarrior11-03-03682-3945
The FirmUnknown07-11-0711-5393
THE MIGHTY DUXXDruid11-08-2265-6897
The Stooges doing CoT: Stratholme timeDruid09-08-24575-7647
The Ultimate Movie 2009Multiple09-06-042251.553471
Thrallmar PwnedRogue07-05-081014.054191
Thyde 3Warrior07-06-192283.753645
Totemic Multiboxing 1Shaman08-08-311283.137966
Totemic Multiboxing 3 (70-80 PvP)Shaman08-12-082084.605536
Trailer: Mojo Madness - Elemental ShamShaman10-10-0422-4043
united Vs. lord jaraxxusMage09-08-14320-6017
Unity Heroic Naxxramas 20 manMage09-01-0332-2654
VildaBrax - Level 1 Kalimdor RaceRogue11-04-05835-4834
VildaBrax vs Atramedes 25 (hc)Deathknight11-03-24406-3263
VildaBrax vs Blood Princes 10 (hc)Druid10-03-05265-4609
VildaBrax vs Blood Queen Lana'thel 10 Druid10-02-27236-7555
VildaBrax vs Blood Queen Lana'thel 10 Druid10-02-28219-3918
VildaBrax vs Blood Queen Lana'thel 25 Druid10-03-24272-5333
VildaBrax vs Chimaeron 25 (hc)Deathknight11-03-05384-3520
VildaBrax vs Conclave of Wind 25 (hc)Deathknight11-06-02341-3587
VildaBrax vs Deathbringer Saurfang 10 Druid10-02-26198-4643
VildaBrax vs Deathbringer Saurfang 25Druid10-03-29271-4380
VildaBrax vs Festergut 10 (hc)Druid10-02-26233-5013
VildaBrax vs Hagara the stormbinder 25Druid12-04-26516-16326
VildaBrax vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25 (hcDeathknight11-02-09297-3490
VildaBrax vs Lady Deathwisper 10 (hc)Druid10-02-26389-3145
VildaBrax vs Lord Marrowgar 10 (hc)Druid10-02-27373-5376
VildaBrax vs Magmaw 25 (hc)Deathknight11-04-01453-3417
VildaBrax vs Maloriak 25 (hc)Deathknight11-02-22517-5284
VildaBrax vs Nefarian (25 man)Deathknight11-02-09457-4233
VildaBrax vs Professor Putricide 10 (hHunter10-03-08284-6395
VildaBrax vs Professor Putricide 10 maDruid10-02-28247-3345
VildaBrax vs Rotface 10 (hc)Druid10-02-27229-4659
VildaBrax vs Shannox 25 manDeathknight11-07-03368-5906
VildaBrax vs Sindragos 10 (hc)Druid10-03-16143-4299
VildaBrax vs Sindragos 25 (hc)Druid10-04-24472-4262
VildaBrax vs Sindragos 25 manDruid10-02-18140-3011
VildaBrax vs Spine of Deathwing 25 (hcDruid12-04-25566-3835
VildaBrax vs The Lich King 10 manDruid10-02-18245-3758
VildaBrax vs Valiona & Theralion 25 maDeathknight11-05-05480-4481
VildaBrax vs Yor'sahj the Unsleeping HPriest12-03-07487-3815
Vildabrax VS. Gara'jal 10 Man HC - HolPaladin12-12-0590-4286
Vit the holy PvP PaladinPaladin07-07-083144.3113123
Wintergrasp Tenacity LvL 80 Warrior PVWarrior10-07-0143-5731
world fastest priest leveling: 1-35 inPriest10-01-17599-8570
world fastest priest leveling: 1-35 inPriest10-01-17598-6933
world fastest priest leveling: 1-35 inPriest10-01-17524-5210
World of Warcraft - Here Without YouUnknown07-05-30273.4116732
Wotlk Arena 2v2/3v3Mage09-08-061181-5241
WotlK Warrior Paladin PvPMultiple08-10-062004.0715730
WotlK Warrior Paladin PvPPaladin08-10-052003.569145
Wow pvp by DthDeathknight10-11-09396-4348
Xm Goes Mid-AirMage10-03-02309-4124
Yogg-Saron Vs. Ma'at + 3 KeepersHunter09-12-10242-3968
Zacharine PvPRogue07-05-112482.694240
Zacharine PvP 2Rogue07-04-071082.253407
Zul'Aman Bear Run - ArmentumMultiple11-05-26687-5395