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Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
5.0.4 AoE Loot Guide: Instances Part 1Paladin12-09-11365-3117
Auchindoun [H-PvP] US KalecMage08-06-2046-3966
A Guide to AoE Looting at Level 90Paladin12-11-29355-5114
A Guide to AoE Looting in Pandaria ParPaladin12-10-09231-4916
A Guide to AoE looting Instances Part Paladin12-09-17353-4382
A memorial to VanishRogue10-10-15173-10772
Addiction Vs. Void ReaverMage07-06-29141-2277
Aeya 2Mage08-07-143384.536740
Aeya PvPMage08-04-304523.484174
Alpha/Omega Rogue/MageMage10-08-22624-26182
Cooldowns are your friendRogue11-06-26139-5061
Dream an Emerald DreamUnknown09-09-2433-15453
Ethreal Shard ShufflePaladin12-10-1829-4523
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 10man Holy PPaladin12-10-21134-3679
Greifing Hybrid Healing - Heroic TemplPaladin12-11-23138-4672
Heal the Mages Vs. M'uruMage08-08-04107-3014
Heigan the Unclean 25man Ret Pally SolPaladin12-07-29103-4404
How to make gold off of MoP's releaseHunter12-08-18118-4053
How to Solo Anub'RekhanPaladin12-08-0468-10557
Invictus - UlduarPaladin10-01-07199-5717
Korellon 2 ~ 2200 Paladin / Warrior 2vPaladin08-02-064753.9186056
Pitudo- Ret PvPPaladin09-03-1426-2293
Pre MoP Leveling BoostPaladin12-09-2254-12607
Reckless Ambition vs. BrutallusMage08-10-1576-1916
Reckless Ambition Vs. FelmystMage08-04-1477-1891
Ret Healing Heroic ScholomancePaladin12-10-07250-3445
Ret Healing Stormstout BreweryPaladin12-10-03292-3973
Rogue PvP CollabRogue10-11-02162-5997
Synergos Vs. ArchimondePriest08-02-2788-6185
Synergos Vs. Mother ShahrazPriest08-04-0356-3941
The RL WoW News Episode IUnknown06-08-162584.90125069
The Spirit Kings 10 Man - Holy PaladinPaladin12-10-24191-4778
The Stone Guard - Holy Paladin POVPaladin12-10-23137-4748
Varick - Waiting on WarlordsMultiple14-11-121721-36553
varick 4.5 a sort of farewellRogue13-01-06128-17249
Varick 5 (trailer)Rogue13-08-1921-80189
Varick Vol. 3 MulticlassMultiple12-08-20401-21755
Varick vol. 4 World PvPRogue12-11-04588-23368
Varick vs Psyx (trailer?)Multiple12-05-13203-6092
Varicks 4.3?.X BonanzaRogue13-08-0497-22944
World pvp Vol. 1Multiple11-08-09362-7115
WoW 5.0.4 A Guide to AoE LootingPaladin12-09-03229-8840
WoW 5.0.4 A Guide to AoE LootingPaladin12-09-01229-8891
WoW Gold Christmas Give Away Part 1Paladin12-12-1077-19954
Zervium Ret Paladin PvPPaladin09-05-275952.8513415
Zod -Vanilla-Rogue11-07-1820-7383